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Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose
By Dick Eastman
Spending a small fortune teeing off 119 times in a year at exclusive golf resorts, this is the new Speaker of the House.
The phony Tea Party did its job giving us what would otherwise have been impossible, the continuation of Harry Reid as Senate Majority leader. The Senate also has a new member, Rand "W." Paul. The people were offered three choices, Rockefeller Republican, Rockefeller Democrat or Murdoch Tea Party. All three are Zionist pro-war. All three are obedient slaves of Big Finance.
The nation is overjoyed that Nancy Pelosi, who exemplified cooperation and sharing of power between the among interests she, to the exclusion of all other considerations, always so faithfully served, viz,. the City of London, Israel and Red China. But guess what, despite rhetoric the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, is going to provide exactly the same thing. He voted with Pelosi on all issues relating to unbalanced trade with China where the imbalance favors China and the multinationals who have relocated their industry there. He has voted for thbe influx of cheap foreign labor -- his way of being "pro-small business" and for the downsizing of our pension systems.
People forget that John Boehner helped Newt Gingrich put together the phony Contract with America which was used to hijack the voter revolution of 1994 against Clinton. The issues of the Contract with America -- which Gingrich and Boehner dishonestly insisted was what the revolutionary upset of '94 was all about (voters were actually rebelling against Rockefeller agent Clinton on NAFTA, Waco, Chinagate) -- was merely items of the Rockefeller agenda. And of course when Boehner replaced Tom DeLay after the well-planned destruction of DeLay, Boeher was a major force behind the imposition of Rockefeller education reform through No Child Left Behind. That is how he serves Republican grass-roots who believe the federal government get out of education and leave it to state and local decisionmaking.
Boehner serves as an ex officio member of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence -- in other words, he is part of all of the crimes and high treason of the 21st century.
Never forget that Boehner voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Program declaring that the enumerated powers grant Congress the authority to "purchase assets and equity from financial institutions in order to strengthen its financial sector." And strengthen it he did.
Now John Boehner will again be providing Rockefeller remedies as alternatives to the Rockefeller agenda voters just tried to rebel against. First and foremost is the plan for creating jobs while fighting the deficit. This consists of eliminating all government spending that is not going to war or the servicing of the debt.
Yes, he talks about rolling back Obamacare -- which is really Rockefeller Care -- but with the continuance of Harry Reid as Senate Majority leader thanks to the black-op known as Tea Party phony candidate Sharron Angle, Boehner knows he can talk against Obamacare all he wants, and even lead a majority against it, but that with the Senate still under Reid's leadership nothing can possibly happen.
Obamacare is now the new abortion -- Republicans can run on it now and forever and in fact will run against it now and forever. It will never be repealed -- but it will be streamlined in a way most beneficial to Big Finance and most detrimental to the sick. Boehner has promised to withhold funding for the administration of Obamacare -- so even the services that Obama/Pelosi/Reid had to promise to get this bill for transfer of medical sector wealth to the financial sector enacted will be stopped, so that the bill will be 100 percent a transfer of medical spending to "paying down the deficit."
Because paying down the deficit and getting the tax cuts extended for the super rich is what Boehner is there for.
Of course Boehner will propose and possbily enact things that sound pro-middle class, as long as they don't cost any real money. For example he favors reducing the lowest individual tax rates from 15 percent to 10 percent. However the amount of money made in the lowest bracket is so insignificant an amount, yet the low income people will be so grateful for even this pittance of relief, that this is the perfect proposal to tie to the extension of the tax relief on the billionaires.
So Boehner is for lowering taxes and he is for paying down the trillions of dollars owed to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. The only way to do this is to transmute your medical care into payments to Big Finance and to sell off government assets and to continue donating our military to do the bidding of Rothschild and Rockefeller owned multinational corporations as they grab land and resources around the world.
The media and the candidates were got away with pretending that populists don't exist, that war is not an issue, that repudiation of debt and a new money system and credit system are not possibilities even for mention much less serious consideration.
And so now we have to go through a whole new honeymoon period for the Rockefeller Republicans who just took over the House. When W. Bush left I was sorry to see him go because I knew that Obama would do a lot of damage before people discovered who it is he really is working for. Boehner and the GOP will be the same.
Without House opposition the Obama adminstration is going to start using smart bombs in Yemen, taking out the "pro al Qaeda" leadership after the fake bomb plot.
Boehner promises a "a smaller, less costly, and more accountable government," wihtout telling you "accountable to whom?" He says that "to help our economy get back on track, we have to stop all of the coming tax hikes and cut spending," but never has Boehner proposed clipping the wings of the global Financial Power to whom all of this debt is owed.
Americans have again been cheated. The Tea Party succeeded in knocking out the real pro-middle class republicans and blue-dog democrats who might have given us, occasionally, a tiny populist voice.
I of course blame the people themselves -- those smart enough to know that it has all been a charade to keep populism out of government, yet who did nothing to see to it that popuist voices got heard. It was you who decided that if Murdoch wasn't telling the people what populists were saying that you wouldn't either.
Bottom line: The Tea Party tricked worked and the "divided government" is a deliberate strategy to keep the elite in power so both sides can now blame "deadlock" for the fact that none of the bad stuff will get rolled back and none of the possible good stuff will have a serious chance of succeeding, a built-in excuse giving Boehner plenty of time for more golf.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

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