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BP Oil Catastrophe

BP Buys Off Coastal Cities With Unrelated Gear 

Mystery Of New-Found Gulf Oil Revealed - Part 1 - PDF

BP Awarded No-Compete Govt Contracts

BP Sues Halliburton And Transocean Over Gulf Oil Disaster

Rense & Michael Edward - The Gulf Tragedy One Year On  - Vid

3200 Abandoned Gulf Wells In Jeopardy

BP Admits Using Synthetic Microbes In Gulf  - Vid

Has The Oil Really Gone? (NO) - Vid

One Year After Gulf Disaster, BP Bankrolls GOP Leaders

'Mystery' Illness Plagues Oil Spill Crews

MSM Reports Gulf Health At Pre-Spill Levels (Lies)

Louisiana Oil Spill Crews Suffer Mystery Illnesses

Sea Turtles Die, Rot On Beaches Of The Gulf

Gulf Of Mexico Not As Clean As Feds/BP Say

One Year Later - Battle For Gulf Compensation Far From Over

Has BP Really Cleaned Up The Gulf?

BP Money In Gulf Wasted On Concerts, Vehicles & Tasers 


BP Just Bought Land In Mississippi

Gulf Of Mexico Sickness And Death - Vid

Corexit-Poisoned Gulf Cleanup Worker Begs God To Die -Vid

Gag Order On Gulf Dolphin Death Investigation

Blowout Preventer Proven Faulty In Gulf Disaster


Extreme Health Warning For All Gulf Of Mexico Residents - PDF

NASA Confirms Toxic Dispersants DID Rain On Gulf Coast

The Two Faces Of Genetic Engineering

Louisiana Sues BP Oil for $1 Million A Day

Dozens Of Dead Seals Wash Up On New Jersey Shores

New Tape Shows Mass Death, Slime On FL Beach - Vid

BP Directors Takes Bonuses For Year Of Gulf Disaster 

BP Says No Bonuses To Execs Involved In Gulf Disaster (hmm)

NIH Begins Study Of BP Disaster Impact On Residents


Quakes Tied To New Madrid Fault, BP Oil Disaster?

BP Oil Spill Fund Sued For Fraud, Negligence

Oil Rain From BP Disaster Confirmed In Gulf, South

COREXIT - Ingredients Of A Death Potion

Gulf BioTerrorism - A Silent, Deadly Enemy Among Us - Pt 2

US Scientists Study Dolphin Deaths & BP Gulf Disaster

Ex-BP Hired Scientist - How Much Oil Is Really In The Gulf? - Vid

Infant Dolphin Deaths Spiking In Gulf

The Untold Story Of The BP Gulf Oil Disaster - Vid

Shocking Images Prove Bottom Of Gulf Is DEAD

Silencing The Voices Of Truth In The Gulf - PDF

Amazing Insider Information On The BP Gulf Disaster

Sanctioned Bioweapons In The Gulf - Vid

Scientist Exposes BP Oil Lies

Mysterious, Shocking Death Of Top LSU Gulf Scientist


BP Saltdome Rupture? 3.5 Quake Hits FL - Vid

Oil Showing Up In Louisiana Seagull Droppings - Vid

Scientist Finds Gulf Bottom Still Oily And Dead


One Gulf Spill Source Found - Slicks May Be Spreading

Houston Co Takes Responsibilty For Oil Spill Off La

Oil Washing Up On La. Shores Came From Gulf 

Exxon Gets 4th Deepwater Drilling Permit In Gulf 

Latest On New Gulf Oil Leak Coming Up On Louisiana

The Gulf's New Spill - Unidentified Substance

Huge New Leak Near Deepwater Horizon - Skimming Underway

Latest Human, Environmental Damages From BP Gulf Disaster

RARE Bacteria In Blood Similar To Oil-Eating Microbe! 


Attempts To Silence Independent Gulf Voices Of Truth

Gulf BioTerrorism - Silent & Deadly Enemy Among Us - Pt 1

Jesse Ventura's Take On The Gulf Oil Disaster - Vid

Lawyer Pleads For Help For People In The Gulf

BP's Feinberg - His Face And Posture Says It All

You're Being Lied To About The Gulf - Vid

Much More Gas Emitted In Gulf Blowout Than Thought

America, You Are Being Lied To About The Gulf - Vid

The Effects Of Our Toxic Environmental Bio-Terrain On Life

'Coming Clean - From Denial To Detox' - PDF


A Necessary Response To A Recent Internet Article

US Military Buys (Toxic) Gulf Seafood For Troops!

Young Man Paralyzed By BP's Corexit In Gulf? - Vid

Man-Of-War Sting 100s On S Florida Beaches

BP Gulf Disaster Compensation Claims Could Soar

New Orleans Pop 30% Lower Than Before Katrina

Tribute To A Hero Of The BP Gulf Oil Disaster

Permanent Biological Contamination Of The Gulf

Permanent Bio-Genetic Contamination Of The Gulf

Gulf Victim - 'We're Not Getting ANY Help!' - Vid

Gulf Seafood's Safe, Everything's OK, Keep Watching TV...

More Evidence US Military Involved In Gulf Disaster

Dr. Tom Termotto On Dr. Manton's Letter To Obama 

Letter From A Gulf Coast Activist To The People

Louisiana Senator Rips Obama About COREXIT

Dead Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Angelfish In Galveston -  Vid

BP - The Spiller By Dr. Thomas B. Manton 

Proposing An Immediate Solution To The BP Gulf Disaster

Gulf Human Rights Hero Murdered


Gulf Testimonies For Rense Special 'Shattered Gulf' Program  - Vid

Gulf Testimonies On Rense Shattered Gulf Program 2-1-11

BP, Oil Commission Reports Misrepresent Facts, Distort Truth

91,000 Gulf Claims, Just 1 Final BP Payment So Far!

Gulf Chemicals Found In Blood Of Residents - Vid

China Oil Pipeline Disaster! - Photos

Five SERIOUS Unanswered Gulf Oil Spill Questions

Coalition Of Groups Demand COREXIT Use Be Stopped

BP Report Shredded By Industry Expert

Sickened Cleanup Worker Has Boils All Over Her Body - Vid

Gulf Oil Spill Study Omits Toxicity Info

Voices From The Shattered Gulf - 3 hr Rense Special Feb 1st

Awesome World OIl Debriefing By Dr. Steffan Bukhold

'COREXIT Did NOT Degrade...It Did Not Go Away' 

AL State AG Leads 'Massive Case' Against BP

Gulf Tragedy & Media Blackout - What To Do? - Vid

Voices From The Shattered Gulf

Oilgate Heats Up - Misrepresentation Of Oil Spill Estimates

Consolidated Class Action RICO Complaint Against BP

BP Accused By Lawyers Of Breaking Racketeering Law

GMO Oil-Eating Bacteria & Its Mutants in the Gulf

BP Lies, Deceit Leave Gulf Residents 'On Their Knees'


BP Gulf Disaster HERO Railroaded, Murdered In FL Prison

Tiny Amounts Of Oil-Corexit Cocktail Are Poisonous

Censored Gulf News - Oil Mafia Whacking, Gulf Oil Spewing

Gulf Oil Disaster Hero BK Lim Target Of Assassination Attempts

COREXIT - Oil Dispersion Chemical - What Is It?

Synthetic DNA And The Gulf Blue Plague

The Hidden Crisis In The Gulf - 3 Part Video

BK Lim's Gulf Oil Disaster Letter To Congress

The Internet Site Of BK Lim - A True Hero Of Our Times


MMS - Autopsy Report, Unsolved Mysteries, Gulf Targeted

Facts & Errors In The BP & Oil Commission Reports

Gulf Disaster Worsening - Call For REAL Probe

'Man, Look At All That Oil' - Scientist On FL Beach - Vid

Dr. Riki Ott Redeploys To Battle Of The Gulf 

11 Yr Old Tests Positive For Gulf Oil Chemicals

Project Gulf Impact...BP Oil Spill 101 - Pt 1 - Vid

WH Report Says US Govt Shares Blame For Gulf

Louisiana Parish Pres To USCG - Kiss My A..  

BP And The Missing Methane

Inhumanely Treated Gulf Workers Vow No More Silence

BP Cost-Cutting Blamed For 'Avoidable' Disaster

Kindra Arneson Sides With Barefoot Docs Against MMS

BP Comp Czar - Only Half Of The $20b Fund Needed

Another Report Confirms Gulf Seafood Is TOXIC - Vid

Oil Eating Bacteria Now Eating Steel In Gulf? - Vid

Kindra Arnesen, 'BP Spill' And MMS

TSA targets Gulf Filmmakers At SoCal Airport - Vid

America's Gulf - New Report Says It's Dying

BP Will Survive Gulf Oil 'Accident' (how comforting)

America's Gulf Disaster: Accidental Or Deliberate?

Oil Juggernaut Unleashed

Gulf Oil Attorney - 'Safe Seafood' Is A Public Danger

Crude Oil, Corexit And Now Snake Oil To Fix It


Con Men Convince Gulf Residents To Drink Chlorine

The Gulf Of Mexico Is Dying

Gulf Spill Causing Europe's Freeze?

Evidence Shows Corexit Still Being Sprayed In Gulf

Law Firm Challenges Govt OK On Gulf Seafood

Navy Charts Show Loop Current Seriously Damaged

Costner Sued For $52 Million BP Cleanup Deal

EPA Carbon Restrictions Circumvent Congress

Thick Layer of Oil Covers Gulf Floor

BP Gulf Oil Found - On 1,000s Of Sq Miles On Sea Floor

CORNSTARCH Could Have Ended The Gulf Disaster 

Oily Corexit Still Bubbles Ashore - Vid

DOJ Sues BP, Others Over Gulf Oil Disaster

Parents, Do You Know Where Your Shrimp Were? - Vid

Updates - Latest Daily Stories From The Gulf Disaster

Giant 1/8 Mile Oil Glob Washes Ashore - Vid

30 Facts - How Rothschild Bankers Planned The Gulf Disaster

Horowitz & Kane Hit Mainstream Exposing The Illuminati


Jesse Ventura: BP Oil Spill & Depopulation -Video

The Gulf - 'It's Just Dead, Everything's Dead' - Vid

Hero Gulf Doctor Joins Barefoot Docs

Dispersant Spraying Continues - Foam Comes Ashore

Giant Tar Mat Threatens Parts Of Orange Beach

Angels Of Mercy In The Oil Ravaged Gulf

BP Macondo Evidence Shifting From LIHOP To MIHOP

Warning - Gulf Toxins Showing Up In Local Apples?  

Wiki Leaked Common Sense & Gulf Aid Down The Drain

Gulf Criminals Freeze N Europeans To Death

Dispersant Eats Through Water Filters, Fish Gills - Vid

Child's Face Burned After Gulf Water Splash - Vid

Fisherman - 'It's Time For Everyone To Fight' - Vid

BP Weathered Oil More Toxic Than Fresh Crude - Vid

Gulf Now Like Tap Water - No Salt Or Fish Smell - Vid

Gulf Subsea Structures In Seismic Danger Zone?

BP Disaster Far Worse Than Admitted - Vid

Explosive Gulf Oil Special Report - PsyOp Impact

Another Oil Rig Explosion In Gulf

Gulf BP Plague Update

BP Admits Using Synthetic Microbes In Gulf - Vid

The Gulf Of Mexico Is Dying

Gulf Truth Rally 'Against All Odds' - Vid

Conclusive Evidence - BP Well Casing Damaged By Blowout

Gulf Shrimp At Twice FDA Poison Level

BP Sells Assets To Regain Financial Strength

Photos Prove Corexit A Chemical MILITARY Op On US

Gregg Hall Digs Up Oil On 'Clean' Pensacola Beach

Oil. Tar For 100 Yards On Pensacola Beach

BP Pays Millions To Market Gulf Seafood & Tourism

BP's Gulf Operation - Chemical Rape Against Women - Vid

BP Gulf Oil Crisis Commander Dies In Small Plane Crash

Gulf Coast Wants Retirees For Post BP Recovery 

BP Victims Can't Sue If They Take Compensation

Half BP Damages Claims 'Inadequate' - Payout Boss

Dispersants Cause Cell Death, DNA Damage

FSU - 79% Oil Still Sits In Gulf

Proj Gulf Impact - Scientists Paid To Hide Dispersant - Vid

More Shrimpers Reports Body Rashes And Worse

Entire Whale Population At Risk

Shrimp Showing Up With No Shells, Black Gill Disease

Gulf Women Internal Bleeding, Mystery Torso Bruises - Vid

Gulf Children Big Gaping Wounds All Over Feet, Elbows - Vid

Child Gets Kidney, Lung Infections, Hospitalized 3 Times - Vid

Gregg Hall - Oceola Is Crying - Vid

Digging Up Oil With My Hands On Pensacola Beach

1,000s Of Tons Of Tar Picked Up On Pensacola Beach - Vid

Cleanup Worker Told To Stop Finding New Oil - Vid

New MS Policy - If Oil Found NOW It's Oil - Vid

Tar Balls, Oil Plumes On Another FL Beach - Vid

BP Coughs Up $518m For Oil Cleanup Costs

Coast Guard Stops Hutchison Clearing Gulf water

Oil, Gas Leaks Unstopped At Macondo - Vid/Pics

Gulf Humanitarians Beg Silent Sierra Club

More Evidence Points To 2 Wellheads At Macondo

Gulf Town Hall Meeting Do's Aand Don't's

The Case Of The Flying Oil Rigs

Miami Area - Many Large Birds Covered In Oil- Vid

Are We All At Risk? - FL TV News Station Asks - Vid

Official - We'll Never Get All The Oil Off The Beach - Vid

Sierra Club Excludes Gulf Oil Impact On Humans!

New Evidence Links BP To Gulf Health Crisis 

BP Oil Spill Cover-up & 'Cleanup' & Disaster Capitalism

Cleanup Workers Laid Off After OIl Found On Beach - Vid

It Seems The Blown BP Well Had A Hasty Funeral... 

Massive Oil Deposit On Pensacola Beach - Vid

AL Woman's Face, Neck Swollen 3x Normal - Vid

One Gulf Test Shows 173 PPM BP Oil In Water

Lab Finds 193 PPM Oil In Gulf Shrimp - Vid

Deadly Infection Hits BP/Deepwater Safety Mgr - Vid

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Expert On Deepwater Vibrios - Vid

'Darth Vader' Creature Ousting Red Crabs In Gulf - Vid

Kindra - My Body Felt Like It Was Attacking Itself - Vid

BP Worker - Everybody's Getting Brown Spots - Vid

West Sirius Drilling Rig - The Mystery Deepens 

'Tesla' Genius John Hutchison Works To Heal Gulf - Vid

The Consequence Of Oil - Vid

Secret 90 Day Gulf Supply Mobilization Questioned

Economy Will Soon Collapse, Total Devastation - Vid

Cleanup Crew On MS Island Finding More & More Oil - Vid

BP Cleanup Worker - We Were Sprayed While Asleep - Vid

Cleanup Worker - 'Oil Hasn't Even Been Touched' - Vid

TV News - Shrimp Nearly 200ppm Oil In Digestion Tract - Vid

New Gulf Cuisine - BP's Catch Of The Day

Negligence In BP's Shallow Hazards Assessment

A New Deep Drilling Rig At The Macondo

'My Lungs Are Crippled, Toxins In My Blood' - Vid

Toxins Stripped From Rising Oil, Stay Underwater - Vid

Currents WILL Spread Oil Throughout Gulf - Vid

Fishermen - La Bays Filled With Oil

Gulf Family Can't Afford To Eat - Vid

Exclusive - BP Syndrome, Fear, Barefoot Docs' Strategy

For Sale - Untested Gulf Shrimp - Vid

Rain Spreading Flesh-Eating Bacteria In Gulf?

BP, Halliburton, Transocean, Obama All In Gulf Disaster

BP Oil In Now IN The Food Chain - LOOK

Is Atlantis About To Sink Into The Sea Again?

DHS Agents Want Organizer To 'Shut Up' - Vid

Gulf Boat Capt Reports 'Bleeding From Vagina' - Vid

Massive Tar Mats And Oil, Ft Pickens, FL - Vid

Takes Cuffs Off And We Can Clean Oil - Vid

Very Damning Interview With Another Ex BP Worker - Vid

The Gulf Between Us 

BP Can Cheat And Lie But Can't Hide Facts

FL Woman Eats Oysters Find Oil In Them - Vid

Biggest Concern Total Gulf Fisheries Collapse - Vid

BP Admits Oil Buried Under 30'' Of Ground - Vid

Feds Admit Oil Buried Under 14" Of Sand In FL - Vid

BP Officials Considering A New Logo - Vid

Cleanup Worker - Still Years Of Work Left - Vid

'FL Beaches Covered In Tar 6 Feet Under' - Vid

Many Large Fish Washing Up On La Shores - Vid

'Astronomical' Rainwater Toxins AFTER Well Capped - Vid

Confirmed - Oysters Didn't Spawn - Vid

CNN Agrees With Gregg - Oil 6"Below Beach Sand

Upswing In Gulf Cancer Expected - Vid

U South FL Team Finds Oil, Corexit On Beach - Vid

Short Hexane Exposure Causes Nerve Die-Off - Vid

Cancer Specialist On Endocrine Disruptors, Mutagens - Vids

Raining Acid And Denial - Vid 

Call For Pics, Med Docs, Coroner Reports

Fisherman Find Floating Lime Green Liquid - Vid

Oil On Surface Near Desoto Canyon In Gulf - Vid

Mats Of Oil, Tar On Pensacola Beach Today - Vid

Gregg Hall On Lifting Deep Water Drilling Moratorium - Vid

Gulf Human Rights Worker Chemical Bombed - Vid

MS Sand Washing Ashore 'Muriatic Acid Smell' - Vid

NO Chemicial Testing For Corexit In Gulf Seafood - Vid

BP 'Safe' Seafood - Crab Caught Before Disaster - Vid

TN Entertainer Gulf Poisoned - 'East US Depopulation' - Vid

Pancakes Of Tar And Oil - Vid

Navy Suspends Exercises In Gulf Of Mexico - Vid

Fresh Oil Coming Ashore, More Under The Surface - Vid

Knee-Deep In Slime On Destin, FL Beach - Vid

Mystery - Layer Of 'Thin Sheets' Form On Sand - Vid

Obama WH Hid Key Info On Gulf Oil Disaster - Vid

Gulf Plague - A Lethal Dose Of Arsenic & Lies - Pt 3

Navarre Beach Clean Up Workers Digging
Up Tar Mats By Hand After Shovels Taken
- Vid

Columbus Day Navarre Beach Pensacola Beach Oil And Tar Part 1 

BP Cleanup Workers Moved - Body Parts Wash Up

Fed Oil Commission Called 'Damn Liars' - Vid 

Rainwater Tests Show Host Of Heavy Metals - Vid

People Wonder If Coast Is Really 'Clear' - Vid

Coastal Crisis

If Crews Touched Water, Clothes Tossed, Fired - Vid

Ocean, Wildlife, Human Deaths By Oil/Corexit - Vid

Gulf Blue Plague - Arsenic And Old Lies - Pt 3  

Methane Gas, Oil Seeps With All Undersea Drilling

Gulf Blue Plague - Arsenic And Old Lies - Pt 3  

Deepwater Horizon - Drilling Deep, Drilling Dumb

Contractor Talks - Human Body Parts Washed Up  - Vid

EPA: Corexit 'Perfectly Safe', Like A Klondike Bar - Vid

Man Dies Near Hydrogen Sulfide Leak Near N.O. - Vid

Cleanup Workers Ordered To Cover Oil-Filled Holes - Vid

BP Disaster - A Completely Manmade Catatrophe - BK Lim

Arneson Shows Rash - 'We've Been Poisoned' - Vid

Obama Admin Linked To BP Oil Spill Coverup

US Petrochemical-Military Doesn't Want You To See - Vid

Dispersant Spraying Continues In Gulf - Vid

BP $ Pays Travel Writers To Gloss Over FL Oil - Vid

Gulf Disaster Isn't Close To Being 'Over' - Vid

Nothing Alive Above 35 Feet In Depth - Vid

Obama Regime Targets Gulf Rights Defenders

La Officials Under Military Dictatorship - Vid

Huge Gulf Oil Plume Seems Headed To Shallows - Vid

Update On Four Key Gulf Researchers' Health

BP's Tragic Impact Upon Life In The GOM - Vid

Oil, Dispersant Permanently Changed AK Coastal Areas - Vid

Sick? Burning? Bleeding? Dying? Call A Shrink.

Navy Plans To Massacre Millions Ocean Animals - Vid 

BP Sprays Dispersant On Workers At Night - Vid

Beach Is Black, Oozing Sheen In Ocean Springs - Pics

40-Fold Increase In Carcinogenic Compounds Found In Gulf

BP Now Educating Students About Dispersants! 

Inside Ochsner Hospital With Poisoned Gulf Activists 

Gulf Fish Already Showing Mutated Fins, Gills - Vid

Serious Health Problems Strike Aid Groups - Vid

Kindra Arneson Very Ill With Staph - Vid

Things Worsening - 'No One Is Doing Anything' - Vid

30% Gulf Residents Suffering Health Problems - Vid

Project Gulf Impact Four Sickened By Corexit - Vid

3 Mexican States Sue BP Over Gulf Disaster 

Grotesque Gulf US Human Rights Violations Spotlighted

More Flesh-Eating Bacteria In Gulf - 12 Yr Old Dies

Six In Gulf Die After Water-Seafood Contact - Vid

Microbes Modified To Eat Oil Better - Also People - Vid

Corexit/Oil Mix Mutating Bacteria In Gulf

Which Well Did BP Really Kill? Is It Really Dead?

Many Sea Birds Dead Near Pensacola - Vid

Gulf Residents Dying Without Aid

Scuba Divers Report 'Brown Film' 4 Miles Out - Vid

Biologist - Oil To Wash Up At Least 20 Yrs - Vid

Lawsuit Charges Feds w/Manipulating Oil Estimates

No Oysters - MS Says Not Oil, Fishermen Say BS - Vid

Well-Known Fisherman Threatened With Arrest - Vid

Snorkeler Finds Submerged Oil Just Offshore - Vid

Eating Gulf Seafood Poses LONG TERM Health Risks

Outrageous Scandal Of Failure To Test Dead Fish - Vid

FDA Collected Only ONE Shrimp Off Louisiana - Vid

Scientists Find Areas In Gulf With ZERO Oxygen - Vid

Unknown Species Of Dead Fish Being Found - Vid

State Biologist - Massive Fish Kills 'Not A Concern' - Vid

BP Crewman Diagnosed With Benzene Poisoning - Vid

Urgent Call From Gulf - More Doctors Needed

Gulf Disaster May Be A 'World Killing' Event

BP Says Oil Gone - Fires Hundreds Of Cleanup Workers - Vid

Could Corexit Morph Bacteria Into Pandemic Forms? - Vid

BP Relief Well Intersects, Bottom Kills Blown Well

Are Oil-Eating Microbes Affecting Humans? - Vid

Clean Up Workers Getting Sicker - Vid

Gulf Fish Kill Running Into Millions - Vid

'Dead Fish Floating Up Everywhere' - Vid

More Dead Fish Wash Up - This Time New Jersey!

40 Million Gallons Of Dispersant Used In Gulf - Vid

Hurricanes Steered Away From Gulf By Undersea Cables?

BP Hiding Missing Oil - Vid

Feds Threaten FL Man Not To Dig On Beach! - Vid 

French TV Report On The Current Gulf Condition - Vid

Entire La. Communities Vomiting, Passing Blood

Feds Try CONFISCATING More Samples From Gulf - Vid

New Barrier Technology Can Stop Oil Damage - Vid

Entire Communities Of People Vomiting Blood - Vid

Jamail - Many Gulf Lives Will Be Lost - Vid

BP Hiring 300 Oil Cleanup Workers In Keys

Pensacola Beach Buckets Of Tar And Oil - Vid

Oil To 2" Thick Up To 70 Mi Of BP Wellhead - Vid

Black Bubbles Still Seep From Wellhead - Vid

Prof - Notes On Dispersant Taken By DHS - Vid

Fish Kill So Thick, Looks Like Gravel Road - Vid

BP Yanks 13 Live Vid Feeds - Just 4 Left - Vid

The Woman With The Black Briefcase - Vid

Pcola Gregg Poisoned From Gulf Disaster - Vid

Gulf Residents Show More And More Toxicity

To The 11 Rig Workers Who Died On April 20, 2010

Gulf Evacuees Flee For Health And Safety

Dahr Jamail - Diary Of BP Dispersant Damage

BP Oil Disaster - Geology Of The Gulf -  Vid

Kindra New Report On Toxic Gulf - Vid

BP's Blown Well Illusion Veil Is Now Being Pierced

1,000s On Gulf Sick - Human Health Hit Hard 

BP's Flawed Bathymetry Set Stage For Disaster

Gulf Blood Tests Called Volatile Solvents Profile

Gulf Intended To Be A Giant Algae Farm?

Mystery 'Black Algae' (Oil Sludge) On Gulf Beaches

Gulf Residents Blood Tests - Benzene, Hydrocarbons - Vid

Forensic Analysis Of BP's Bathymetric Chart

Up To 90% Gulf Oysters Dead In One Reef Sample

Gulf Coast Communities 'Fracturing' Forecast

Oil Rig Fire Yields New Gulf Pollution Fears 

BP Disaster Costs Hit $8 Billion 

All Gulf Coast Harbors Are Now Toxic

Story Of New Rig Explosion Changing Fast - Vid

New Oil Rig Explosion In Gulf 

Mile Long Oil Slick Seen After New Rig Explosion

Gulf Loop Current Dead, Gulf Stream Dying - Pics

PAHs, Heavy Metals, Arsenic In Gulf Resident's Blood

Which Well Are They 'Killing'?

The Well Head Is BENT - Vid

Feds Talk Of 'Extreme Fragility' Of Pipe In Well - Vid

Black Bobs...But Feds Deny ANY Leaking At Well - Vid

Hurricane Earl Becomes A Major Hurricane

FL Family Has 50.3 PPM Of Corexit's 2-butoxyethanol 

Evidence Points To DIFFERENT Well Being Capped

100s Black Blobs Now Leaking From 'Capped' Well - Vid

Feds Delay 3 More Days 'Safety Parameters Exceeded' - Vid

The Gulf Blue Plague Is Evolving - Part 2

EPA Deceit - Corexit Screening At 750 PPM! - Vid

66 PPM Of Corexit Found At FL, AL Border - Vid

ROV Tapes White Chunks Flying Upward - Vid

US Senate Effectively Blocks Investigation Of BP

Current Hurricane Satellite Image

Memo Shows BP Engineer Misread Well Pressure 

Temporary Cap To Be Removed From Well

BP To Retrieve Failed BOP 

Huge Oil-Corexit Plumes, Fish Kill Coverup - Pics

BP Mercenaries Now Applying Corexit At Night

A Poor Appetite For Gulf Seafood

Core Exit, Evacuations And Agenda 21

More Corexit-Linked 'Floating Sand' In Gulf - Pics

Most Oil Yet In Sand - Infant Crawls In Toxic Puddle - Vid

Lifting BOP May Result In Resumed Oil Leak - Vid

More BP Outrages Revealed

'Blue Flu' Spreading All Over Gulf Region

Massive Increase In Patients In Gulf Clinics - Vid

Sickness Spreading Among Gulf Residents - Vid

Millions Poisoned By BP Gulf Disaster

BP Thugs Threaten Scientists Who Find Corexit 

Fishermen Use Sonar To Locate Masses Of Oil - Vid

Safety Valve Wrongly Plumbed On Rig - BP Executive

Corexit Found In Orange Beach, AL Waters - Vid

BP Gulf Oil's Walking Dead - Vid

'We're Seeing More Dispersant Than Ever Before'

BP Only Recovered 10% Of The Spill At MOST

Sea Life Trying to Escape Toxic Gulf

Oil Still Leaking From 'Capped' BP Well - Vid

The Missing 3rd Well That Blew In The Macondo

ROV - Black Blobs Flowing From Cement Plug - Vid

Black Liquid Gushing From Capping Stack - Vid

Underwater 'River' Of Oil (Death) Found In Gulf

May Take DECADES For The Oil, Corexit To Surface

Overhead View Of Cloudy Capping Stack, Bop - Vid

Feds Delay BOP Removal - 'Diagnostics Needed' - Vid

Clouds Surrounding Capping Stack, BOP - Vid

Feds Now Say 3 Pipes Stuck In Top Of Well - Vid  

BP Pulls 3500' Of Drill Pipe From 5000' Cement Plug - Vid

Rep Markey Credits ROV Watchers In Pressuring BP - Vid

Oil In Oyster Bayou, La. - Vid

Oil Ravaged Beach In Ocean Springs, Ms - Vid

Fort Pickens, Pensacola Beach, Oil And Tar - Vid

Storms Can Aerosolize Gulf Oil And Spread It Far - Vid

All 8 Tests Find Submerged Oil Off MS Coast - Vid

FDA NOT Testing For Seafood Mercury, Heavy Metals

More Evidence Formation Collapsed Around Well - Vid

MSM Talks About Collapsed Formation Doomsday - Vid

Oil In Gulf 'VERY Resistant' To Bio-Degradation - Vid

Feds Admit NOT Testing Seafood From OILED Areas - Vid

Feds Not Including Methane In Gulf Calculations! - Vid

Obama, BP Trying To Stop Claims Of Gulf Residents

Seepage Where Well Head Meets Sea Floor - Vid

Grim News - Invisible Plumes, Bleaker Estimates

Feds Testing Wrong Oil - Not From Well Head - Vid

NOAA Forced To Admit  75% Oil Still In Gulf - Vid

More Mystery Shrouds BP Blown Well

Fishermen Forced To Release BP From Liability - Vid

Formation Collapsed At Bottom Of Well Bore? - Vid

Feds Delay Relief Well Until Mid September

Sea Floor Seepage Near Unknown Structure - Vid

Oil With Dispersants More Toxic Than Just Oil - Vid

22 Mi Oil Plume Forces NOAA Retreat On Gulf

Oil IS Radioactive - Vid

Oil - We'll Never Run Out

Feds Concerned About 'Vital Signs' Of Blown Well - Vid

Navy Chief Shocked By Amount Of Oil In Water - Vid

Powerful, Constant Seepage From Sea Floor - Vids

Non-Stop Plumes Coming From Sea Floor - Vid

Violent Seepage From Sea Floor - Vid

Toxic Oil Levels Found In Key Gulf Breeding Zone

USF Scientists - Oil Damage To Critical Marine Life

Blown Well May Not Be Permanently Killed For Weeks

Has Yet Another BP/Fed Fraud Been Perpetrated?

Scientists Rage Over Disappearing Oil Act Scam - Vid

Gulf Sub-Surface Oil Heads East, May Surface - Vid

Feds - Remove BOP Or Wait For New System - Vid

New Reports On Lasting Effects Of Gulf Oil - Vid

Tests Show Gap In Well Column, Loss Of Pressure - Vid

Shrimpers Find Buried Oil On Sea Floor - Vid

Seafloor Cracking Open - Vid

Obama's Swim In The Gulf - Fact Or Fiction?

Fish Kills Up And Down The East Coast - Vid

The Now Toxic Gulf Of Mexico - Vid

Deep Sea Creatures 'Congregating On The Surface'

MS Sierra Club Chief - Disaster Far From Over

Feds Delay Relief Well Over 'Stability' Issues - Vid

Cancer Risk Increases As Oil Breaks Down - Vid

Feds Rely On BP To Report Sea Bed Anomalies! - Vid

Children Now Swimming In Brown Ocean Waters - Vid

Submerged Oil Turns White Beaches Brown - Vid

Diagrams Of The Sinking Of Deepwater Horizon

White Chunks From New Seabed Location - Vid

Underwater Oil/Corexit Plumes Hit Beaches - Vid

Feds Worried About Risk Of Well Head Blowout - Vid

ANOTHER BOP May Be Added To Well Head - Vid

Even Larger Plumes Coming From Sea Floor - Vid 

Even The Birds Won't Eat These Dead Fish - Vid

We Found The Missing BP Oil & Corexit-Filled Crabs - Vid

Another Cleanup Worker Sprayed, Leg Swells - Vid

BP, Allen Babble-Speak - Situation Clear As Mud

Another OIl Well Blowout In La - 300' Geyser

Lots More OIl And Tar Wash Up On Gulf Shores - Vid

Massive Fish Kills In Many Places - Vids

DC Newsman Suspended - Reported BP Obama $ - Vid

BP Oil Disaster - Worst Effects Yet To Come

Non-Stop Black Seepage From Nearby Sea Bed - Vid

Methane Hydrates (?) Seepage Growing - Vid

Black Blobs Now Streaming From Sea Floor - Vid

New Leaking Pipe On BOP - Vid

The Gulf Blue Plague Is Evolving

BP Nears Deal To Continue Drilling Gulf

America's Gulf Of Mexico - A Toxic Crime Scene

BP's Insidious Coverup And Propaganda 

Did The CIA Assassinate Matt Sivmmons?

Very Large Gas Bubble From Sea Floor - Vid

Bad Weather Delays BP Well Kill

Iowa Acid Rain - Pt 2 - Fluorescent Orange Slime - Vid

Methane Clouds Coming Out Of Sea Floor - Vid

Feds Say 'Testing' Bubbles From Sea Floor - Vid

New Oil Hits MS Marsh After BP Well Cap - Vid

Land Surveyor Proves Simmons Right - Well Sham

RIP Matt Simmons - Died For The Truth - Vid

Was Simmons Removed Because Of This? - Vid

Now They Say Simmons Drowned In A Hot Tub

BP Basher, Oil Expert Matt Simmons 'Dies Suddenly'

Oil Disaster Mysteries Solved - Simmons Right - Vids

BP's Biggest Lie - A Tale Of TWO Wells - Vid

Simmons - 'We've Now Killed The Gulf Of Mexico' - Vid

What BP & The US Govt Don't Want You To Know - Vid

Seafloor 'Bursting' With Bizarre Anomalies - Vid

BP Confirms Blown Well Plug Worked

BP Relief Well 7 Days From Intercept

BP Sued Over Use Of Dispersants

40% BP Cement Leaked Out Broken Casing - Vid

Thick, Black Oil Bubbles Out Of La. Ground - Vid

Fast Moving Seeps Found In New Location - Vid

Allen Mentions Second Relief Well - Vid

Explosive Sea Flloor Seeps Revealed - Vid

BP To Drill Oil Disaster Site Again?

BP Rig Wreck 'Could Be Crime Scene'

New Fast-Moving Seepage Found - Vid

Allen - 'Well Not Sealed Until Bottom Kill' - Vid

Big Argument - Was Drill Pipe Still Intact? - Vid

Seeps Increase - 'Probably Methane Hydrates' - Vid

How Did Five Million Barrels Of Oil Vanish?

White House Accused Of Spinning Gulf Report

Blown Well Images And Shattered Geology

EPA Pays Lockheed To Still Spray Dispersants' - pdf

Relief Well Rupture Hidden During 'Static Kill' - Vid

Did BP Really Cap The Blown-Out Well? - Vid'

Was Simmons Right? - BP Lied About Capping Well?

Tests Suggest Corexit On AL Beaches 

Missing BP Oil Appears To Be Welling Up - Vid

BP Completes Cementing Well From Top

1,000s Dead Fish Ashore In MS - Crisis Rolls On - Vid

Sat Photos Show BP Oil Covering 12,000 Sq Miles

NOAA - Oil Contaminated Fish 'Safe To Eat' - Vid

BP Cleanup Lies Being Protected - Vid

Humans, Wildlife Are Guinea Pigs In Gulf 'Kill Zone'

Gulf Crabs Found Full Of Some Black Substance - Vid

New Seeps From Pipe Valve Near Sea Floor - Vid

Oil Disaster Mysteries Solved - Simmons Right - Vids

More Lies From BP Whore Scientist

Black Steaks Near Leaking BOP - Vid

45% Of Oil In Undersea Plumes, Not Going Away - Vid

BP Claims Victory - As Seeps Continue

BP Claims Static Kill Has Plugged Blown Well

BP - Static Kill Has Successfully Plugged Well

Vid Of BOP Shows Largest Leaks Yet - Vid

Environmental & Health Impacts Of The Gulf Disaster

BP Gets $10bn Suit Over Texas City 'Chemical Leak'

BP Claims 75% Oil 'Eliminated' (huh?) 

Amazing - Seabed To Explode With Methane? - Vid

Leakage And Chunk Blown Off! - Vid

CNN Reports Final Static Kill Underway - Vid

Oil, Gas, Mud Plumes Mean A Rupture - Vid

BP ROV Footage Looped - Vid

Info Louisiana Quake, New Madrid Fault Line

BP Puts Corexit Toxicity Blame On Allen And EPA - Vid

BP Admits Leak In Cap System - Static Kill Delayed - Vid

How Media Hides Facts About Toxic Corexit - Vid

See The Geology & Why Blowout Is Beyond Repair

Radical Drops In Gulf Oxygen Levels On The Gulf

BP Now Says Static Kill Is Really Just A TEST - Vid

Could BP 'Static Kill' Trigger Gulf Earthquakes? - Vid

EPA Finds Oil/Dispersant Mix Highly Toxic - Vid

Corexit Destroying Eco-System Reported By MSM - Vid 

BP Says Corexit 'Safer Than Dish Soap' (!!!) - Vid

Corexit Operations Still In Progress - Vid

BP Offers 1-Time Payouts To Stem Lawsuits

BP Exec 'Absolutely' Would Eat Gulf Seafood

Did Oil Leaving Underground Causes Louisiana Quake?

BP Toxic Dispersants Brings Yet More Trouble

Most Intense Sea Floor Burst Near Well Yet - Vid

Massive Underwater Oil Plumes Stall Gulf Loop Current 

BP Double KIll Shot Could Start Monday Night

Grand Isle Town Hall Meeting Part 2 - Vid

More Accounts Of Corexit Aftermath

Legislators Peeved - BP Overdid Dispersants

No BP Payments To Seafood Industry - Vid 

Coast Guard Routinely OK'd Use Of Corexit

New Questions Arise About Dispersants In Gulf

New Bursts Coming From Gulf Sea Floor - Vid

Many Outraged At Fed Claims Of 'Vanishing Oil'

Grand Isle Town Meeting - The Ugly Oil Trulth - Vid

Gulf Victims Coughing Blood And Other Horrors

BP 'Never Expected' Well To Have Integrity - Vid

1,000s In Gulf Suffering Misdiagnosed Skin Lesions

Evidence Oil & Corexit Getting Into Food Chain 

Corexit Now In Blue Crab Larvae FL To TX - Vid

Mystery Black Blobs Rising From Sea Floor - Vid

BP Blown Well 'Constantly Leaking Oil' - Vid

Bubbles At Wellhead - BOP Clearly Leaning - Vid

ROV Stealthily Cleans Leaking Oil Off BOP - Vid

BP Cuts Feed To Hide Wellhead Activity - Vid

Bubbles At Wellhead - BOP Clearly Leaning - Vid

Relief Well Side Walls Collapse - Vid

ROV Tapes Black Oil Storm On Sea Floor - Vid

'Thad Allen Is In Denial' - Vid

Toxic Acid Rain In Iowa - Vid

Toxic Rain Killing Plants Wisconsin - Vid

'Barefoot Doctors' Work To Save Gulf Lives

North Alabama - Toxic Rain Or Heat Wave? - Vid

Fed Less Certain Why Well Pressure So Low - Vid

Reporter Locates Large Amt Undersea Oil - Vid

Feds 'Not Sure' Reopening Well Needed - Vid

'Spillionaires' Cleaning Up On BP Disaster - Vid

Are BP, Feds Pulling Out Early From Gulf? - Vid

Feds Don't Know Where Undersea Oil Is - Vid

Oil Disaster Toll On Gulf Beaches

Gulf Oil Disaster Destroying Lives And History - Vid

Pelosi Blocks Oil Spill Investigation

Gulf Oil Rain In Houston - Vid

New Spill In The Gulf Spews Oil - Vid

BP Corexit Rain In Ft Worth - Vid

'Public Can't Take Truth About Dispersants' - Vid

Well Integrity Worries - Pressure Is 'So Low' - Vid

Feds Now Only 'Optimistic' About Relief Wells - Vid

BP Kill Attempt Back Up Plan - Vid - Vid

Ancient Volcanic Dome Source Most Oil Plumes

Lab Tested Gulf Water Samples 'Very Toxic' - Vid

Rense & Icke On BP Gulf Oil Disaster - Vid

Where Has All The Oil Gone?

Oil Used As Pretext For Corexit?

Surface Oil Said Biodegrading Quickly

Oil Movement 'Consistent With Ocean Currents' - Vid

Oil Spill Epidemic

Kalamazoo MI Oil Accident SOAKS Wildlife - Vid

BP Blown Well 'Kill' Plan Delayed

'All That Oil Is Sitting Underwater' - Vid

Huge Subsea Gulf Oil Plumes 

When Does The 99% Of The Oil Rise To Surface? - Vid

Oil Spewing From Well Near La. Marsh

Growing Health Crisis In The Gulf

Obama, BP Violate Human Rights Article 23

BP's Hayward Gets Immediate £600,000 Pension

Gulf Methane Bubble Extinction Level Event Debunked

'Static Kill' Effort Next On The List

Ethanol Sales Jump In Gulf Areas

Louisiana Locals Still Fish Despite His Toxic Risk

Photoshopped BP Oil Disaster Pics Found

Surface Oil Breaking Up On Gulf Surface - Vid

BP Disaster - Enough Is Enough - Vid

Geochemist - Gulf Rains Bring Down Loads Of 'Junk'

Work On Blown Well Resumes After Storm

Hayward Said Discussing Leaving BP

At Least 6 Methane Seeps SW Of BP Blowout

US Refugee Humanitarian Crisis - Day 100

Enormous Sub Sea Gulf Oil Plumes From BP Well

Bonnie Drops Toxic BP Rain - More Plants Dying

Gulf Storm Bonnie Nears Blowout Zone

Relief Well Drilling Ship Returning To Site

Feds Try To Blame 'Seepage' On Different Well - Vid

More Evidence BP Chemicals Harmful, Can Kill Humans - Vid

BP's Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell Policy

Hatred Of Iran  & 'WMD' Scam In BP Oil Disaster? - Vid

Deepwater Alarms Off To Help Workers Sleep

Who Really Owns BP? - Interesting Answers - Vid

BP Nuke Option - Mega-Disaster For Gulf Of Mexico

Mass Gulf Oil Plumes Confirmed From BP Well

Projected Path Of Tropical Storm Bonnie

'Hurricane Will Leave Oil Everywhere' - Vid

CNN 'Hopes' Cap Will Hold Thru 'Bonnie' - Vid

'Bonnie' Brings State Of Emergency At BP Site

Health Hazards In Gulf Warrant Evacuations

People Bleeding internaly, Millions Poisoned - EPA Source

Corexit Tied To 'Dengue Fever' In Florida?

Another Oil Rig Leaking In Gulf - Vid

Simmons - Gulf Cleanup Will Cost $1 Trillion - Vid

Doomsday Methane Bubble Rupture?

Chris Landau's Oil Disaster Solutions - Vid

BP Cap Is On OLD Well - Coordinates Prove It - Vid

Gulf Current Broken - World Climate Change Possible - PDF

BP Fakes Another Oil Disaster Photo

Sr EPA Analyst - Govt A Sock Puppet For BP Coverup

Hatred Of Iran And 'WMD' Scam In BP Oil Disaster? - Vid

Weather Causes BP To Stop Relief Well Drilling

Second Oil Well Leaking In Gulf - 'Smaller Than First'

Five Leaks In And Around BP Well

Relief Well May Reach Target By Weekend

Gulf Current Broken - World Climate Change Possible - PDF - PDF

Gulf Cleanup Threatened By Tropical Storms

ROV Goes Thru Clouds Of Gas, Oil (2:45-3:00) - Vid 

Why Did BP Photoshop Its Command Center?

Scientists Call On Obama To Stop Dispersants

Operator Says BP Call Center A Diversion - Vid

BP's Photoshopped Command Cntr - Latest Deception

Laundau - Geology Destroyed - Cap Won't Stop Sea Floor Leaks - Vid

BP Photoshops Crisis Command Center

US Gov Fears Macondo Well Collapse

US Official - Leaks Not Linked To BP Blowout

BP Mulls Using Mud To Block Well

Tuesday Overall Summary

ROV Views Of Sea Floor Leaks - Vid

Ex-BP Cleanup Worker - 'Interrogation' Upon Dismissal

Media Stops Mentioning Sea Floor Leaks! - Vid

Drilling Moratorium Devastates Gulf Economy

BP Plan To Swindle The 'Small People'

Oil Disaster To Cost 17,000 Jobs (at least)

Methane Expert Says Gulf Sea Water Flammable!

'Mini Earthquake' Could Rip Well Wide Open

Shell Ex-CEO - WH Doubts Integrity Of Well Casing - Vid

Feds Worried Of Sand Buildup In Oil Column - Vid

TWO Methane Leaks In Sea Floor Confirmed - Vid

Is BP Well Cap A Hoax?

Simmons - BP Cap Is A Fraud - It's Another Well!

BP Confirms 2nd Leak Of Methane 'Miles Away'

Time To Remove The Well Cap And FAST

'Methane Is Bubbling Through The Strata' - Vid

BP Cleanup Costs $4bn As It Plans Final Well Kill 

US Orders BP To Report On Seep And 'Anomalies'

ROV Shows 'Mystery Bursts' On Sea Floor - Vid

Engineers Find Seeping Methane Near Blown Well - Vid

AP Says May Be Leaking Methane - Vid

Seep Confirmed At Well Site - Vid

Water Sample Ignites In Test - Methane Or Corexit? - Vid

Bubbling Seepl No Yet Tested For Methane, Oil

Seep Found Near Blown Out Well

A Closer Look At Methane Seeps

Badly Damaged Louisiana Garden Plants - Vid

Toxic Rain Hits Kentucky - Vid 

Update - Toxic Oil Rain In Iowa? - Vid

Shrimping For BP Tar Balls - Vid

Toxic Rain In Germany? Plants Dying - Vid

Gulf Water Samples Show Toxic Oil, More - Vid

Pressure At The Wellhead...What It Really Means

COREXIT A BioWeapon? - Shrimpers Bleeding - Vid

BP Had Failed BOP Modified In China

BP To Keep Well Sealed Until Killing It

Update - Toxic Rain In Florida - Vid

Holes Burned in Leaves In S Louisiana - Vid

Where Does The Cleaned Up Oil Go? - Vid

Giant Oil Skimmer Unusable Due to Dispersants

Gulf Seafloor Collapsing On 7-17 - Vids

Well Cap Causing Seabed To Leak - Engineer

Risk Of Global Climate Change From BP Disaster

Testing The Gulf Water - Results Not Good

ROV Finds Seep In Sea Floor Near Well - Vid

More Tests Needed On Well And New Cap

Landau - BP Cap Will Not Stop Leak From Ocean Floor - Vid 

Suit - Firefighters Flooded Rig, Sunk It, Caused Disaster

Over  80 Treated For Suspected Oil Illnesses In AL

BP Buys Up Gulf Scientists For Legal Defense

BP And Scientists Perplexed By Well Puzzle - Vid

BP Well Pressure Test - 'Cause For Deep Concern' - Vid

Cavnar - 'This Well Can't Be Shut For Long' - Vid

Well Has Weak Points At 9,000 And 17,000 Feet - Vid

Congress Can't 'PUBLICLY Disclose' Well Integrity - Vid

Gas And Oil Now Erupting From The Sea Floor? - Vid

Landau - BP Cap Will Not Stop Leak From Ocean Floor - Vid 

Cmdr Allen Says New Cap Is A Temporary Measure -  Vid

Sea Floor Leaks Overcome ROV Survey? - Vid

Simmons - BP Covering Up Massive Hole Miles Away - Vid

Expert Suspects BP Ulterior Motive Behind New Cap - Vid

BP Dispersant Likened To Agent Orange

Loop Current Now Running Right Over BP Blowout - Vid

Pressure Tests On Well Head And Cap Underway - Vid

Oil Rain On Foliage In Texas - Days 1 And 2 - Vid

ROV Shows Oil Coming From Cracks In Sea Floor - Vid

More Burned, Dying Plants In Florida

BP Says Cap Has Stopped Oil Leaking Into Gul

BP Says Test Temporarily Shut Off All Oil - Vid

Evidence BP Dumps Fake Sand On Beach - Vid 

NOAA Admits Gulf Seafood Not Tested - Vid

420 To 840 MILLION Gallons Of Oil From Well So Far

BP Says Cap Repaired - Test To Start Again

Leak Stops Tests On BP Oil Gusher Cap

BP Begins Testing New Cap On Blown Well

Preparations For Well Pressure/Integrity Test Underway - Vid

Feds Stop Well Integrity Test - Chaos Reigns

Is BP Readying A Nuke 'Super Weapon' For The Gulf?

Well Integrity Test - Where Did That Come From? 

Ex-Bp Spill Cleanup Worker On 'Safety' - Vid

Weird Methane Bubbles In Slow Motion - Vid

A Methane Bomb Could End Life As We Know It - Vid

BP Oil Pipe Can't Be Capped - Bill Nye

How The BP Gulf Disaster Could Kill Millions

Toxic Rain In East Texas - Vid

Toxic Rain In Palm Bay, FL? - Vid

Madsen - Ecocide Turns Gulf Into Gulf Of Death

Silenced Scientists Are Breaking Their Silence - Vid

BP 'Very Pleased' - Vid

Sacrificing Your Health To The Oil Volcano

BP Slick, Destruction Of Barataria Way Of Life

Work On Both Relief Wells Stopped - BP Worried - Vid

Oil Slicks Off FL Coast Now Visible From Space

BP Testing Delayed On Gulf Oil Well Cap Fix

Corexit Kiling Florida Plants, Wildlife - Vid

The Truth About The BP Oil Crisis?

Oil Disaster Update - Hopedale, LA - Vid

BP Seismic Survey - Gas Pockets Huge Concern 

Oil Gushes - Cap Efforts, Relief Wells Suddenly Halted

Oil Volcano Keeps Surging As Cap Test Delayed

Coast Guard Drops Ban On Reporters, Photographers

MSNBC Reporting Corexit Is Killing Cleanup Workers - Vid

Dire Realities Of The Gulf Methane Predicament

Sailors Poisoned Of Pt. Charlotte, FL

Will The Oil Disaster Bring Down The Obama Administration?

CNN Explains New BP Well Cap - Vid

Pristine Island East Of Grand Isle Destroyed - Vid

Fired BP Contractor Tells All - Vid

BP To Test New Cap Today

Rarely Published Photos Of The Gulf Disaster (encore)

New Cap - Downhole Damage Could Cause Blowout - Vid

Structural Integrity Issues With The Wellbore Casing - Vid

How The New Cap Works

Loop Current Now Running Right Over BP Blowout - Vid

What the BP Disaster Really Means For America

Deep Water Drilling Ban Renewed By US 

Video Shows New Cap On Leaking BP Gulf Well

New Cap Going On Well Head - Vid

NALCO Corexit Label Warnings Information - Vid

Latest Photo Gallery Of Oil Disaster

Gulf Crisis - Military Moving In, People Move Out - Vid

Psychopaths In The Gulf

Are Apocalyptic Events Closing In On Us?

Depression, Abuse, Suicide - Gulf Wives Face Hell

Low Tide Oil Devastation Near Grand Isle - Vid

Oil Covers Beach In Hancock County, MS - Vid

Oil In Marshes Even Covering Alligators - Vid

How Many Cleanup Workers Are Getting Sick? - Vid

Feds Block Local Authorities From Cleanup - Vid

Navy Blimp To Assist With Oil Cleanup

Some Oil Spill Developments On Sunday

Update - 15th Floor View Miami Oil Patches On Ocean - Pics

Gulf Oil Spill Reach Is Far Past The Beach

Oil Blowout - Game-Changer Of The Millennium

Methane, Climate And Gulf Dead Zones

Gulf Residents Being Treated Like 'Lab Rats' - Vid 

Gulf Residents Seeing Growing Violent Crime - Vid

BP Oil Flows Unrestrained Into Gulf - Vid

BP Claims Cap Progress As Oil Spews Freely

Film Maker Claims Evacuation Is Imminent - Vid

Relief Well Expert - No Doubt About Stopping Blowout

Madsen - Schlumberger Disaster Warning Ignored By BP

BP Oil Disaster - Arsenic Levels Rise Around Gulf

Even 'Hot Girls' Outraged At BP Oil Disaster - Vid

Has BP Triggered A World-Killing Event?

Death Of The Gulf - Part 1 - Vid

Death Of The Gulf - Part 2 - Vid

Blowout Turned Loose For New Cap Effort

Frozen Oil On The Containment Cap - Vid

Doc Doesn't Know Why 1500 Cleanup Workers Sick - Vid

NJ Beach Oil And Tar Balls Update - Vid

Pensacola Beach Waters Fizzing - Vid

FEMA - If Storm, Oily Water Will Cover Homes - Vid

Patches Of Oily Sheen Near Miami - Vid

BP, Coast Guard - Mystery 2nd Pipe In BOP - Vid

BP To Try To Put New Cap On Blown Well

Two Weekend Operations Could Boost Collection

BP Disaster - A Matter Of National Security?

Tar Balls On Coco Beach & Canaveral On FL EAST Side - Vid

Internal Bleeding In Shrimpers Exposed To Corexit - Vid

Illness Or Injury In Over 1,500 Oil Cleanup Workers - Vid

Toxic Rain In Miami, Plants & Trees Dying - Vid

Tar Balls Washing Up On East Coast Of Florida - Vid

Oil Reaches Miami Beaches - Vid

Tar Balls In Surf Ft Walton Beach, FL - Vid

Corexit Ingredients - Pics

Grim Aerial Footage Of Deepwater Ground Zero - Vid

BP Gulf Disaster - An Extraordinary Failure Of Govt

Relief Well Timing Depends On Oil's Spread

Did OIL Kill The Animals Washing Up On Beaches?

Scammers Take Full Advantage Of Oil Disaster

Long Beach, MS Ocean Looks Like Cooking Oil - Vid

Deadly Downpour 'Oily Film' In ND - Large Fish Kill

Restaurants Serving Untested (Corexit) Seafood - Vid

Tar Balls Rolling Ashore Near Daytona Beach - Pics

128 BP Cleanup Workers Sickened - Warned - Vid

Ex-Shell CEO - 50-50 Chance For Relief Wells

Oil Situation Page - Updated Continually

Half Past Human March 2010 Predictions Of Oil Disaster

Free MP3 - Lindsay Williams - Oil Disaster Update

Is The Gulf Disaster Related To AR Quake Cluster?

US Navy Evacuates Gulf

Operate To Failure - The Catastrophe Of The Millennium

BP Aims To Fix Oil Volcano By 'End Of July'

Jindal Plan Criticized By Feds, Scientists

Millions Of Migrating Birds Head Toward Gulf Oil...

John Clark's Spin On The BP Crisis

Gulf Oil Toxic Gas Risks To Humans - Vid

Survival Guide To Gasses Released In The Gulf - Vid

BP Worker Taken In Ambulance - Journalist Bullied - Vid

Kindra Arnesen On Worst Case BP Blowout Scenario - Vid

Another Look - Oil Shown Erupting From Sea Floor - Vid

They Must Be Hiding Something Real Big

Lungs Burn In Louisiana Even With Respirators - Vid

Corexit Dispersant Is Decimating The Gulf - Vid

Gulf Oil/Water Analysis Results - VERY Toxic - Vid

Oil Now In Lake Ponchartrain

BP Oil Damage Costs Rise To $33 Billion

Why Did US Refuse Dutch Oil Cleanup Offer?

27,000 Abandoned, Capped Wells In Gulf

4 Dead In Last 10 Days After Gulf Beach Swimming

Gulf Water Swimming Can Cause Respiratory FAILURE

Massive Tar Ball Comes Ashore In NE Texas

BP Will Have Just One Chance With Relief Well

What Happens If Relief Wells Fail? (nukes)

BP Propaganda - Two Sides Of The Coin - Vid

BP Collapse Could Crash Financial Markets

Heavy Winds, High Surf Affecting Gulf Cleanup - Vid

All Gulf States Now Affected By Oil In Water 

Oil Raises Arsenic Levels In The Ocean

Vegetables Dying In Central Florida - Photos

Uniformed Cops On BP Payroll? Enter The ACLU 

Ixtoc Gulf Platform Blowout 30 Years Later

Acid, Toxic Rain In Texas - Compilation - Vid

Oilgeddon, The Beginning Of The End - Searing Satire

Voices From Grand Isle Louisiana - Vid

Oil Or Chemical Rain In SC - Update - Vid - Vid

Toxicologist's Warning On Oil Dispersants - Vid

Oily Beach Sand Removed, 'Yellowish Sand' Returned - Vid

Rains Burning Holes In Ohio Plants, Flowers - Vid

Low Oxygen Forces Sharks, Fish Right To Surf Line - Vid

BP Oil - Now Acid Rain In Sanford, FL - Vid

Superb Oz 60 Minutes On Oil Disaster -  Pt 1 - Vid

Superb Oz 60 Minutes On Oil Disaster - Pt 2 - Vid

BP Oil Disaster Spill Surpasses $3 Billion

High Gulf Seas Hamper Tests Of 'Superskimmer'

Want To Get Out Of The Gulf? Here's Help

Most Gulf Dead Zone Is From Farm/Factory Toxins

Military On Panama City Beach July 4 - Vid

Oil Now In Lake Pontchartrain - Vid

Burned, Dead Whale Image Vanishing From Media - Pic

How Much Oil Has BP Drilled Into? Try THIS On...

BP Admits Failing To Use Industry Risk Tests

Shocking New Pictures Of BP Blowout Disaster

Baby Dolphin Found Dead in Hillsborogh Bay!

Goldman Sachs Is Part Owner Of Corexit

Orange Pensacola Beach Sand Proves Coverup - Vid

Heavy Equip Works Pensacola Sands At Night - Vid

DHS, BP, Cops Work Hand-In-Hand

Oily Orange Mousse Foam In Pensacola Surf - Vid

The True Dimensions Of The Visible Parts Of Oil -  Vid

Can Zeolite Help Save Gulf Lives?

Alex's Tail Spin Continues - Vid

Rethinking The Mass Evacuation Of The Gulf Coast

Several Possible Hurricane/Tropical Storm Areas Being Watched

Hurricane Alex's Tail Looks To Be Forming New System

Confirmed BP Oil Now Up Entire East Coast Of FL

BP Hiding The Big Leak - Vid

Nuke The BP Oil Leak Say Physicists

Felony Charges, Fines For Reporting In Oil Zone

Most Of The Oil Is Underwater - Vid

Completely Out Of Control - Oil Disaster Flyover - Vid

Pensacola Oil That Will Never Be Cleaned Up - Vid

FEMA Tampa Bay Area Evacuation Plans Are False

Interactive Maps Of Gulf Oil Disaster Response

Valdez Disaster And Aftermath Compared To Gulf

BP Admits Alex Is Driving Oil Onto US Coast

'Move Out Of There Immediately!'

Russians Suggest Nuking The BP Blowout

Oil Found INSIDE Gulf Crab Larvae - Vid

Not Enough Money To Pay All Claims Against BP

NOAA Analysis Of BP Disaster On Environment

Mental Health Crisis Brewing In La. - Experts

1st Amendment, Free Press Suspended Near Oil - Vid

Military Men Moving Own Families Now

Much Of So. La (Dead Zone)To Be Evacuated - Madsen

Alex May Reform Into New Storm In The Gulf

Gulf Oil In Ditch Water - Bladenboro NC - Vid

Strange (Poisonous?) Clouds Over Florida - Vid

Gulf Beach Swimmers Report Illness

Oil Pushed Into More Gulf Wetland By Alex

Evidence BP Bringing White Sand To Cover Oil - Vid

Alex Interrupts Oil Efforts - Huge Skimmer Arrives

Biologists Find Big Dead Zones Around Blowout

Tainted Ex BP Chief Browne Gets Whitehall Post

BP Shares Soar On Takeover Talk

Alex Batters Texas Coast - Flooding Expected

Oil Spill Becomes Disgustingly Partisan

FEMA Prepares For Hurricane Alex Landfall

BP Cleanup Workers Face Exxon Valdez Fate?

Treachery In The Gulf 

Methane's Hidden Impact In Gulf Oil Disaster

Gulf Methane Levels Sky High - NOAA Hiding Truth

Waves From Alex Nearly Stop Cleanup Efforts

Hurricane Alex Pushes More Oil Onto Beaches

Latest NOAA View Of Alex In The Gulf

6.2 Mex Quake Where Alex And Darby Merge

Gulf Oil Disaster Myths Debunked - Photo Story

BP Controls Medical Care Access For Cleanup Workers

Astonishing Amount Of Oil, Gas Under The Gulf

Joe Vialls - Russia Proves Peak Oil A Complete Scam

Wildlife Experts To Move Thousands Of Turtle Eggs

BP Turns To Backup Plan To Plug Well 

One Third Of Gulf Now Closed To Fishing

COREXIT Eating Through Boats In The Gulf - Vid

Oil-Coated Ships Poison N.O. Drinking Water - Vid

Costner Cleanup Device Performs Well

 'And The Sea Shall Turn To Blood'...

Emergency Medicine Docs Treat Gulf Oil Syndrome

 Alex Trying To Decide What To Do In The Gulf - Vid

Salbuchi - The Oil Well From Hell - Part 1 - Vid

Salbuchi - The Oil Well From Hell - Part 2 - Vid   

Superb Oz 60 Minutes On Oil Disaster -  Pt 1 - Vid

Superb Oz 60 Minutes On Oil Disaster - Pt 2 - Vid

Unprecedented Fish Die-Off In Jacksonville, FL

Evergreen/CIA Corexit Suspected In Wide Crop Damage

Help Gulf Evacuees

BP Oil Covers Whales And Dolphins - Vid

TV Report Shows 'Rivers Of Oil' In Gulf - Vid

Extraordinary Forecast And Analysis Of Gulf Oil Eruption - pdf

Is Alex Beginning To Throw Oil On Gulf Shores?

EPA Opening FL Decontamination Stns - 400 Seek Care

Mysterious Illness Plagues Oil Cleanup Workers

Gulf Oil Disaster On Pensacola Beach - 22 Pics

AL State Cops Moonlight As BP Guards

BP Builds Instant 'City' For 1,500 Cleanup Workers - Vid

Can Florida Panhandle Bays Be Saved?

Tar Balls Spread To Panama City Beach

'Alex' Not Heading Toward Blowout At Moment

Oil Efforts Ramp Up As Storm Nears

FL Resort Hotels Nearly Empty In Many Areas

Could Toxic Storm Make Beach Towns Uninhabitable?

BP Blocks Media Access - America Divided - Vid

Image Of Oil Spewing Enthralls, Repels

No Skimmers Anywhere As Oil Floods Mississippi Waters

Panama City FL - People Vomiting, Respiratory Illnesses

Corexit Suspected In Widespread Gulf Crop Damage  

Hurricanes - Plans To Pull Boats From Blowout Site

Satellite View Of Incoming Gulf Tropical Storm

In 1903, Cabalist Banker Prophesied Gulf Apocalypse

Effects Of Oil, Gasses On Health Not Close To Known Yet

Toxic Oil Rain Hysteria Fueled By Internet Hoaxer

Gulf Coast Toxicity Syndrome

Tropical Storm Heads For Gulf Oil Disaster

BP Accused Of Killing Endangered Sea Turtles

Tropical Storm Could Let Oil Flow Unchecked

Very Little Spent On Oil Cleanup Technology

Mystery - Crops, Trees Dying Over The Mid-South 

Tropical Depression Forms In The Caribbean

Oil 6 Inches Under The Sand At Pensacola

'It's Getting Worse...And More Difficult For Journalists'

BP Shares Slump Futher As Hurricane Fears Rise

More Oil Washing Ashore All The Time

Obama To Blame For Suicide Of Gulf Boat Capt?

Contractors To Ignore Workers Pay Claim Frauds

Surf On Pensacola Beach 'Boiling Like Acid' - Vid

Simmons - 'Going To Have To Evacuate The Gulf States'

Plans In Place To Evacuate Tampa Bay Area

Oil-Covered Baby Dolphin Carried To Shore Dies

Methane Tsunamis PossibleFrom Gulf Gas Explosions

'The Whole Casing System Is Deteriorating' - Shell Oil Ex-CEO

Oil Assault On Pensacola's White Beaches - Vid

LA. Mom - 'We Mean Nothing To BP Or The Govt' - Vid

Lie Of 'Peak Oil' Postponed...Again

NOAA - Undersea Oil Plumes Came From BP Well

Methane In Gulf Waters 1 Million Times Normal

Madsen - Obama Knew About BP's 35,000 Foot Well Bore

BP Reinstalls Siphoning Cap On Blown Well

If The Methane From The Gulf Explodes - Vid

It Is Raining OIL In Louisiana - Streets Covered - Vid

Gassed In The Gulf - Benzene, New Gulf War Syndrome

Listen Free MP3 - Tim Rifat On The Oil Disaster - MP3

EVERYONE Should Avoid All Oil Afflicted Areas - CDC

New Illness Dubbed 'TILT' Hits Oil Cleanup Workers

BP Uses Dispersant While Toxicity Tests Stall

8 Tons Of Oil Spill Waste Cleared Off FL Beach

Gulf Boat Capt Commits Suicide Over Oil Disaster 

Black Oil Soaks 9 Miles Of White Pensacola Beach

More Oil Gushes Into Gulf After Problem With Cap

Agatha To Cover Florida With Deadly Fumes? - Vid

Very Strong Hurricane Season Predicted For Gulf - Vid

BP Accused Of Lying To Congress

Gulf Oil Catastrophe - Epic Lies And Deceit

Worker Claim Well Leaking Weeks Before Explosion

Hayward Will Get £10.8m Pension If He Quits

BP Oil Gusher Twice Original Estimate? (at least)

Gigantic PSI - BP Admits Well Could Blow If Capped

Big Worries That The Well Casing Will Fail (already has?)

BP Sues Anadarko Over Cleanup Costs

Oil Rig Safety Outsourced To Marshall Islands

Obama Limits BP Liability (big surprise)

BP To Dump All North Sea Assets To Cut Costs 

GOP Ad Slams Obama's Dithering Over Disaster - Vid

BP Boss Hayward Takes His Yacht Out Racing - Pics

BP Toxic Rain Could Destroy North America  - Vid

Toxic Gulf Rain Already Destroying US Crops - Vid

BP Execs, US Regulators Bushwhacked All Life

Industry Insider - Oil Is As Plentiful As Water

BP Blown Well Could Blast For Two Years

Oil Capture System Running Near Capacity

Partner Blames 'Reckless' BP For Disaster

In 1903, Cabalist Banker Prophesied Gulf Apocalypse

BP North Sea Venture With Iran Hit By US Ban

Outrageous - Radioactive US Oil Fields - Vid

Gulf Oil Showing Radiation In New Test

Urgent - Radioactive Oil From BP Blowout!

Geiger Counter Results On Gulf Oil - Vid

BP Workers Burn Sea Turtles Like Ocean Trash - Vid

How The BP Disaster Could Kill Millions

Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Material In N. Am Oil Fields - pdf

Simmons - 125,000 bbl A Day Now - Nuke Is Only Option - Vid

Martial Law And The BP Disaster - Vid

For BP, $20 Billion Is Negligible

The Gulf Methane Time-Bomb

BP Must Stop Using Toxic Dispersant NOW

Huge Amount Of Methane Now In Gulf

Years Of Toxic Rain From BP Dispersants For US 

Disposal Of BP Tainted Sludge In Gulf Landfills 

How They Burn The Oil - Vid

Gulf Oil Blowout Flow May Last 30 Years - Vid

Jeff Rense - Hay Used On 1969 Santa Barbara Spill - Pics

2 US Farmers Solve Gulf Oil Clean Up Crisis - Vid

BP Chief 'Failed To Answer Questions'

'I Don't Recall' Hayward Tells Congress

BP Oil Disaster Could Cost $100bn

Russia's Medvedev Fears BP's 'Annihilation'

Joe Barton - Republican Who Apologized To BP

Years Of Toxic Rain From BP Dispersants For US 

Disposal Of BP Tainted Sludge In Gulf Landfills 

Cracks Show BP Was Battling Gulf Well Last Feb

BP Sending Toxic Waste To Landfills 

Call For Gulf Oil Disaster Emergency Summit

How They Burn The Oil - Vid

BP Allegedly Hiding Clean-Up Worker Illnesses

More Dirty Details From BP Mole

BP To Fire Workers For Using Own Protection?

Proof Bp Not Properly Training Workers - Vid

1989 Alaska Oil Spill Cleanup Workers Illness

New Orleans $5m Anti-Brit Campaign - Paid By BP

Cuba Braces To Contend With Surging Oil

Why Obama Should Be Thanking BP

BP Chrm Apologizes For Calling Americans 'Small'

BP Says It's Sorry - Promises $20 Billion For Gulf

BP Death Clouds Already Onshore - Benzene 3400 PPB!

50 Mile Oil Patch Nears Florida Keys

BP Says It's Sorry - Promises $20 Billion For Gulf

 Oil May Hit North Carolina Beaches Any Day

Sea Life Flees Oil - Gathers Near Shore

Ocean Currents Likely To Take Oil To Atlantic - Vid

ROV Shows Oil Coming From Cracks In Sea Floor - Vid

Blowout A Much Longer Term Problem - Overview

Obama Demands Action From BP Execs

Gulf Beaches Update

Death Rain? Blackberry Plants Dying In Panama City, FL

Tony Blair To Save World As New BP Chairman

BP Cleared To Start Burning Small Amounts Of Oil

BP Bosses Buy Costner Equipment To Filter Oil

Barky Conjures Up New Bogeymen As Needed

Oil Companies Under Attack

Brazil Faces Similar Deep Water Drilling Risks

Gulf Oil Disaster - A Trillion Dollar Corporate Crime

ExxonMobil Chief Says They Couldn't Have Stopped Blowout

More Oil Seeping From Cracks In Seabed - Vid

BP Deceit - The Film They Don't Want You To See - Vid

BP Engineer - Doomed Rig A 'Nightmare Well'

BP Ignores All Inventors, Deploys Costner's Device

Oil Execs Tell House Blowout Just An 'Aberration' (huh?)

BP Faces $34 Billion In Fines

BP Shares RISE Despite Big Fitch Downgrade

Obama Blathers About 'Clean Energy Policy'

Blowout Not 911 - Obama WH New Depths Of Stupidity

Obama Using Blowout To Revive Cap & Trade

Tarballs, Oil Threaten Inland Waters, Pensacola Harbor

One Ton Oil Tarball Recovered In The Gulf

BP Death Clouds Already Onshore - Benzene 3400 PPB!

NOAA - Oil Plume Is Now Heading To The FL Keys

Proof US Knew In 1979 Corexit Was Dangerous

Oil Blowout May Not Be Stopped Until Christmas

BP - New Plan To Speed Up Containment

BP Oil Spill Costs Hit $1.6 Billion

Rage May Turn Oil Tragedy To Political Nightmare

US Refused Britain's Offer To Help Clean Up Oil

Canada Suspends Deepwater Drilling Licenses

What The Despersant Corexit Does To Humans

Robert Reich - Obama Should Take BP's US Operations

The Gulf Oil Disaster - The Guilty Parties

Obama Urged To 'Punish' BP With $100bn Action

Obama Faces BP Attacks Backlash In The US

Coast Guard Chief Attacks BP Cleanup Failure

Coast Guard Orders BP To Stop The Blowout

BP Censoring Media & Destroying Evidence

BP Official Admits Deep Damage - Game Over

BP Blocking Media Access To Workers - Vid

What Animals Tell Us About The Oil Volcano

Caribbean Islands Fear Oil Will Hit Beaches

BP Clean Up Cost Could Total $6 Billion

'BP Oil Disaster Ruined My Life' - Louisiana Shrimp King 

Doomsday? - Did 'Top Kill' Cause Undersea Blowouts? - Vid

Pensacola Closes Marina As Oil Breaches Bay

Scientists Find Dead Large Zones In Gulf

With New Look, Oil Flow Numbers Look Worse

New BP Corporate Logos

Slow Motion Oil Tragedy Unfolding For Marine Life

Florida Hoteliers Urged To Sue BP

New Estimates DOUBLE The Oil From The Blowout

Toxic Gas Concentrations Said Coming From The Blowout

Gulf Oil Blowout 'Could Go Years' If Not Dealt With

BP's 'Crack In The World'? - Vid

BP PR Paid Rahm Emmanuel's Rent For Five Years

Oil Volcano Pressure Too Strong For Containment

WH Gives BP 72 Hrs To Come Up With New Plan 

Oil Tanker Sent To Increase Collection Capacity

Corexit Sprayed By BP Tops One Million Gallons

Scary - Crops, Trees, Flowers Dying In MS - Vid

Benzene Exposure In The Gulf Of Mexico Blowout

Anger Over Obama Gulf Oil Drilling Ban 

BP Nightmare Causes FL Swimming Ban

BP Accused Of Coverup 

BP Shares Plummet - US May Stop Dividends

There Are Flames In The Oil And Gas Volcano -Vid

CEO Hayward To UK - Chairman Svanberg To US

BP Suffers In Credit As Default Swaps Soar

Cameron To Discuss BP Crisis With Obama 

UK Pols Attack Obama 'Anti-British' Rhetoric

Second Gulf Well Blowout Confirmed

Deepwater Drilling Companies Pull Up Stakes In Gulf

More BP Bald-Faced Lies

Diving Into The Gulf Oil Spill - Vid

Journalist Scuba Dives Gulf - Can Only See Oil

'BP Lied From Day One - We Could Have Stopped Oil'

BP 'Manipulating Search Results' On Google 

BP Disaster Fears - Norway Bans Drilling

Obama Popularity Sinks Over Handling Of Oil Disaster

Decline In Oil Consumption Largest Since 1982

Two More Gulf Leaks?

Two More Major Gulf Leaks?

BP Blowout May Be Ejecting 100,000 Barrels A Day

Oil Crisis Shows Obama Total Lack Of Leadership

Mass Crop, Vegetation Killer Still A Mystery - Vid

Disaster In 50th Day - Obama Wants 'Ass To Kick'

Police Protection For BP Boss Hayward Family

Obama - BP Chief 'Wouldn't Be Working For Me'

BP Suffers $1bn Setback In Siberia

Oil Volcano - Looming Environmental Mega-Disaster

Confirmed - Oil Pouring From Multiple Seabed Cracks

BP Tries To Increase Oil Capture From Well

BP - Oil Cap Is Working - Wildlife Continues Dying

BP's Deepwater Horizon Costs Hit $1.25bn

MS Gov - Press Coverage More Damaging Than Oil Slick

 Many Federal Judges In Gulf States Have Oil Ties

BP Chief Hayward Won't Quit Over Disaster

Blowout Cap Under Closest Watch On Second Day

Corexit Is Killing The Gulf - Pt 1 - Vid

Corexit Is Killing The Gulf - Pt 2 - Vid

Dispersant$ Real Reason Oil Still Flows In Gulf

Supertankers Could Clean Oil - BP Won't Listen

Oil Moves On To More Once-Pristine Gulf Beaches

Oil Clumps Hit FL Beaches - Tourism Threatened

Oil Still Flowing From Blowout Despite Cap On Well

Half Past Human March 2010 Predictions Of Oil Disaster

Observations About Pressure At 5,000' And Beyond

Visualizing The BP Oil Disaster

BP Chief Sold $2 Million In Shares March 17

Blowout - What We Know, Don't Know, Will Never Know

Crude Still Spewing Friday Morning

Oil Collection By New Well Cap Still Unknown

Cap Placed On Blowout Wellhead

BP Fits Partial Fix Cap On Blown Well

Oil To Reach Barents Sea In 100 Days?

BP Cuts Live Feed After Blowout Explosion On 5-25 - Vid

BP & Feds Suppressed The Scope Of The Blowout

BP Cuts Pipe - Prepares To Lower Cap Onto It

Gulf Of Mexico Oil Slick Closes In On FL

An Exxon Valdez Every Four Days - Vid

BP Gives Up Diamond Saw - Back To Robot Arm

BP Oil Volcano 'May Last Until Christmas'

Goldman Sold 44% Of Its BP Stock 3 Wks Before Blowout

Saw Trying To Cut Blowout Pipe Gets Stuck

BP Blames Fishermen's Illnesses On 'Food Poisoning' (!)

Feds Open Criminal Probe Of Gulf Oil Blowout

BP And Hayward Fight For Their Survival

BP Share Price Collapse Hitting Pensions

BP Paying Fishermen Up To $3000 A Day!

US Military Rejects Call To Take Control Of Oil

BP Clashes With Scientists Over Deep Oil Pollution

BP Oil Volcano - Death And Devastation Just Starting

BP Shares Plunge 20% In One Day

Schlumberger Leave Rig Just Before Blowout?

Partial Confirmation Schlumberger Left Before Blowout

Goldman Reveals It DID Short Gulf Of Mexico

BP Admits Oil Could Flow For Months (years?)

There Was 'Nobody In Charge'

US Readies For Oil Worst As Best Hope Fails

Oil Rig Disaster Puts Thousands Of Jobs At Risk

Political Friendships Being Tested In Louisiana

Entrepreneurs Aim To Cash In On Crisis

Temporary Oil Flow Increase Of 20% Possible

Gulf Oil 'Spill'? What A LIE - Vid 

Expert - 'Nuking Oil Leak 'Only Thing We Can Do'

Tide Of Rage Swamping BP After Top Kill Fails 

Bacteria Can Clean Up The Oil In Six Weeks - Vid

Oil Creates Huge Undersea Dead Zones

What Was Halliburton's Role In Oil Disaster?

BP Top Kill Fails

Third Oil Gusher Found

Live Blowout Vid - Is 'Top Kill' Working? - No Chance - Cam

Corexit Is Killing The Gull - Part 1 - Vid

Corexit Is Killing The Gull - Part 2 - Vid

A Remarkable Alternative For Oil Spills - Vid

Jeff Rense - Hay Used On 1969 Santa Barbara Spill - Pics

A Counter Initiative To The Gulf Oil Catastrophe

Oil Threatens Eastern US With 'Total Destruction'

Third Giant Underwater Oil Plume Discovered

No End In Sight As Oil Disaster HIts 40th Day

BP Offers Few Details On 'Top KIll' Status

Gulf Oil A Public Health Risk Say Scientists

Fresh Questions About Oil Dispersion Chemicals

Oil Blowout Cam Now Internet Sensation

How BP Engineered The 'Accident'

It Is Raining Oil In Florida

Why Did SWAT Teams Go To ALL Gulf Rigs? - Vid

Why BP Refuses To Stop Using Chemical Dispersants

Oil Flow Stopped - For Now

Obama To 'Take Charge' Of Oil Disaster 

What BP Doesn't Want You To See - Vid

BP Used Cheaper Casing To Save Money

Oil Volcano Blowout Coverup Conspiracy

Another HUGE Oil Volcano Blowout 5 Miles Away? - Vid

BP's 'Top Kill' Slows Blowout - Will It Hold?

BP 'Live Feed' Just A Vid Short Loop?

BP 'Top Kill' Outcome Unknown

Orrin Hatch Appeases The Oil Volcano Gods

Falsified Oil Rig Inspections & Other Improprieties

Gulf Clean-Up Boats Pulled - Crews Suffer Health Probs

24 Hrs Before BP Will Know If Top Kill Worked

Oil Rig Explosion April 20 Is An Occult Date

BP ­ Beyond Prosecution?

Enormous Benzene Threat Now Facing Gulf Residents - pdf

Rig Engineers Knew Well Could Blowout

The Oil Blowout - What Really Can Be Done

BP Chief Hayward Fighting To Save His Job

BP Faces Extra $60bn In Legal Costs

BP Blowout Inquiry Points To Multiple Safety Failings

Oil Leak Could Have Been Sealed In 8 Hrs

BP Cuts Live Vid After Massive New Oil Eruption Begins

24 Miles Of Louisiana Is Destroyed - Everything Is Dead

Explosions And Sea Floor Collapse At Blowout?

Video Stills Of New Oil Explosion & Sea Floor Collapse

WH - Undoubtedly The Wort Oil Disaster Ever For US

Gulf States Prepare To Seize Control Of Botched Clean Up

BP Recovering 40% Less Oil Than Claimed

WH Orders BP To Cut Use Of Dispersant By Half

Oil Spill In Singapore Strait After Ships Collide

Disaster Must Be Catalyst For Change Says Cousteau

Brown Pelicans Dying In Masses From Oil

Coast Guard - BP Must Remain In Charge

Hundreds Of Brown Pelicans Dead On Gulf Beaches

BP Refuses EPA Order To Stop Toxic Oil Dispersant

Oil Brings Death In Ocean From Top To Bottom

BP Faces Calls For Boycott Of Its US Products

BP Faces Removal From Clean Up Operation

Oil Blowout Clean Costs Now About Half A Billion 

Palin A Big Supporter Of Offshore Drilling

Cleaning Oil-Soaked Wetlands May Be Impossible

Similar Disaster Could Occur Iin Arctic This Year

CBS Threatened With Arrest For Taping The Oil Blowout!

How Kennedy Might Have Handled BP

BP And The WH - Oil Lies, Deceit, Coverup

BP Blowout Preventer Patent Said Worst Ever

BP Calls In Costner's $26m Vacuum Cleaners

Stand Up To BP Says Brockovich

Active Oil Rigs In The Gulf - Wow

Gulf Oil Blowout Effects To Reach Europe, Arctic

Dispersants Make Fishermen, Cleanup Workers Ill

Gulf Oil Volcano Health Hazards

BP Denies Coverup - Oil Keeps Gushing

Scientists Accuse Obama Of Blowout Negligence 

Photo Of Oil Moving To Caribbean & Atlantic Ocean

Coast Guard Under 'BP's Rules' 

Blowout Leak Continues WITH Tube Inserted - New Vid

White House Covers Up Giant, Menacing Oil Blob

Gulf Of Mexico Won't Stop Shell Drilling In Alaska

Atlantic Coast Now Under Threat As Oil Spreads

US Government Extends No Fishing Zone

BP Still Insists Oil 'Spill' 'Very Modest'

Blowlout - Less Toxic Dispersants Lose Out - Why? 

Blowlout - Less Toxic Dispersants Lose Out - Why? 

Blowout Leak Continues WITH Tube Inserted - New Vid

Ocean Currents May Push Oil Into Atlantic

Fears Slick Will Hit The Florida Keys

Hurricanes Could Hamper Clean Up

BP Faces Civil And Criminal Investigation

Gas Leak 3000 Times Worse Than Oil

Oil Disaster To Shut Down 19% Gulf Fishing

Scientists Watch For Signs Of Spreading Oil Spill

Most Oil Still Not Near Strong Ocean Current

Washington - Industry Complicity Behind The Gulf Disaster

BP's Platform Versus Young John Shaw's

Worry That Oil Spreading Into Major Ocean Current

BP Siphon Plan Underway - Political Pressure Grows

Massive Gulf Dead Zone - Oxygen Depleted

A Remarkable Alternative For Oil Spills - Vid

BP's Tube Catches 'Some' Oil From Blowout

Blowout Oil To Hit Gulf Steam Soon

BP's Try To Siphon Oil From Blowout Is Working

Scientists Find Gigantic Unreported Underwater Oil Cloud 

Giant Oil Plume BELOW Visible Surface Slick

The Real Oil Disaster Might Be Lurking Underwater

Deep Underwater Toxic Chemical Dispersants Raise Fears 

BP Said Using Gulf As Underwater Toxic Testing Ground

Jeff Rense - Hay Used On 1969 Santa Barbara Spill - Pics

2 US Farmers Solve Gulf Oil Clean Up Crisis - Vid

Stunning Gulf Oil Disaster Photos

Volcano Of Oil Erupting - Worse And Worse

Vital Data Went Down With Oil Rig Says Owner

US Allowed Drilling Without Required Permits'

Gulf Oil Disaster - Trigger Of US Economic Collapse?

BP Oil Cleanup Costs Up To $33 Million A Day

Marine Scientists Ocean Floor Video Of Oil Blowout

First Underwater Video Of Oil Gusher Released - Vid

Size Of Oil Gulf Of Mexico Blowout Vastly Underestimated

BP CEO - Amount Of Leaked Oil 'Tiny' (Gulf Is Big)

Jeff Rense - Hay Used On 1969 Santa Barbara Spill - Pics

2 US Farmers Solve Gulf Oil Clean Up Crisis - Vid

Vital Data Went Down With Oil Rig Says Owner

US Allowed Drilling Without Required Permits'

BP Oil Cleanup Costs Up To $33 Million A Day

Marine Scientists Ocean Floor Video Of Oil Blowout

First Underwater Video Of Oil Gusher Released - Vid

Size Of Oil Gulf Of Mexico Blowout Vastly Underestimated

BP CEO - Amount Of Leaked Oil 'Tiny' (Gulf Is Big)

Views Of Massive Oil Blowout On The Ocean - Vid 

ABC News Refused Entry To Oil Disaster Command Cntr

Oil Rig Workers Forced To Sign Papers Not To Talk 

RFK Jr - Sex, Lies, & Oil Spills

BP Disaster Will Hit Oil Production For Decades 

As Oil Nears Shore, Businessess Fear Devastation - Vid

BP's Crude Politics & Looming Enviro Mega-Disaster

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