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Help Gulf Evacuees
From Kimberly Dawley
We Have A Problem
If you have not purchased the latest June 21 and May 26 Halfpasthuman.com ALTA web bot reports laying out future predictions, you must. For just a small inkling of some stunning future predictions (many of which are already fact) with regards to the Gulf oil spill, please see: http://rense.com/general91/pred.htm.
Among the predictions for the Continental United States is the chaotic fleeing north of many millions of people from the Gulf who will die in the process beginning as early as August of this year.
Our fascist government is out of control.
Our fascist government is corrupt.
Our fascist government is lying to us.
They lie, and they lie, and they lie, and they lie, and they lie to us.
Our fascist government is broken.
Our economy is in shambles.
Our small businesses and families are bankrupt.
And on, and on, and on, and on.
There is no where to put 20 to 40 million people who will need to evacuate the Gulf, many of whom are destitute.
In the past few days we have received emails from some of these Gulf Coast residents. They want to know what to do. They want to know where to go. But they cannot go. They do not have the resources. They have no where to go. They have no save haven. And we have a fascist government offering them no safe haven. Presumably the majority of the citizens of the United States north and west of the Gulf will offer no safe haven.
Who cares about the Gulf Coast residents? It has nothing to do with where you live, right? Why should they matter? What possibly could you do about them?
These Gulf Coast residents have awakened from a terrible slumber. All their instinctive survival instincts are telling them to flee. But they cannot. Those who evacuate now will have a greater chance at survival.
How many of you have an empty house or a cabin you do not use? How many of you have a camper you do not use, a piece of land where a camper could be placed? How many of you have a spare bedroom or a garage you could empty? How many of you could talk to your city representatives about housing Gulf Coast evacuees in empty stores, warehouses, even foreclosed homes?
How many of you, if you had a chance to speak to one of the Gulf Coast residents on the telephone right now, would still not care? How many of you could refuse to turn away a fellow Christian or a fellow human being for that matter in their time of need? I can assure you their stories are heart breaking. They want to survive. They are fighting to survive. What if it were you or one of your family members down there, one of the Gulf Coast residents?
To help facilitate action on behalf of the Gulf Coast resident evacuees, a Message Board forum has been created at: http://pub47.bravenet.com/forum/3957401277/
Note it is brand new, just started. There are literally no posts yet on it, so check back frequently!
There you can:
MEET A GULF COAST RESIDENT WHO NEEDS ASSISTANCE - This is the category where if you actually are a Gulf Coast resident you can introduce yourself, describe your situation, and ask for assistance. Note if you post contact information, please be careful!
OFFER TO ASSIST A GULF COAST RESIDENT - This the category where if you live far north or west of the Gulf Coast area and would like to assist a Gulf Coast resident(s), you can. Please state HOW you can assist. Note if you leave contact information, please be careful!
GENERAL - This is the category where you can post very general information; suggestions and the like.
We hope this Message Board forum spreads like wildfire. Please spread it via email, post on other internet websites, tell your people about it. For those radio personalities that we know receiving this, please make this viral!
We hope you and your family feel called to assist.
We pray for all the Gulf Coast residents.
With sincerest regards,
A.C. Griffith griff703@hotmail.com
and Kimberly Dawley kimberly.dawley@hotmail.com

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