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Panama City FL - People Vomiting, Respiratory Illnesses
Panama City Beach, FL -- People are sick with vomiting, stomach illness, upper respatory. Air smells like oil. Thunderstorms bring highly volatile clouds with much aberrant lightening. Plants are dying. Seeds from plants are not germinating.
We have to move in order to protect our health and safety. Most have lost everything.
Mary Sparrowdancer
That is an unsigned comment in a list of comments from unknown people. I am in Tallahassee, FL, just to the east of Panama City. I would like to report that there is no oil in the daily afternoon rains here. I catch rainwater to use on my garden. If it was raining oil, I'd be able to see signs of it. The plants are not dying here, nor are they "spotted" with some mysterious disease. In fact, my garden is quite lush this year and bearing lots of great food.
I'm not suffering from any sort of headache or respiratory disease despite my spending lots of time outside.  As far as "seeds not germinating," I just planted Poona Kheera cucumber seeds (cuke from India), and they came up in three days. My Armenian Yard Long cukes came up within five days. All within the past week.
Here is a map of florida

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