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Bonnie Drops Toxic BP Rain - More Plants Dying
By Juliyanna
Early this morning here in the Florida Keys we got some rain from tropical storm Bonnie that passed just a little North of Key Largo Florida, it was not a real heavy rain just short and light.
The pictures below are of my Jasmine plant and the way it became about 2 hours or so after the rain from the tropical storm.
This plant was a healthy young plant that I have been taking good care of now for the last year and a half from when it was a small baby about 18 inches feet tall. With good care, this beautiful plant has grown to the height now of about 5 ft 8 inches tall. I have been waiting patiently for this plant to bloom with its beautiful fragrant flowers and about 2 weeks ago here was the bloom I had been waiting for. Beautiful red Jasmine...
After the rain today, these are the results from the rain on its leaves. Some leaves just crumbled and fell off on the ground. One that you will see on the tree has a huge burned brown spot and then there is this white stuff on the other leaves as well.
The other trees in my yard do not have this, so it appears the more exotic tender plants get damaged much easier.
The rain from tropical storm Bonnie was water the storm absorbed in the Caribbean sea as she came through that area as well as a short trip across the Atlantic on the Florida Straits side across where the Gulf stream flows. So, if this is what is causing tender plants to burn and die in the Florida keys from the rain water coming from those areas of the ocean then...this clearly demonstrates that all these areas must now be contaminated with the toxic chemicals, oil and whatever else is flowing out through the Gulf of Mexico into the Gulf stream and now into the Atlantic & Carribean Sea.
The 'authorities' tell us these which waters are still 'safe' and that we can still swim safely in them and catch fish and eat. I no longer believe them and this is definitely something to think about before we let the rains in these areas get on us or eat the seafood caught in those waters.
Here are the pictures...see for yourself.
Burned leaf after rain.....
Burned leaf with white stuff from rain....
Flowers sagging and falling off...burn on leaves
Burned leaf and drooping flowers. There were no heavy winds here to do this to the flowers and make the stalk bend like this...all we received was some light rain.

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