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Attempts To Silence Independent Gulf Voices Of Truth
By BK Lim, Trisha Springstead, et al

Nothing is what it seems in BP's Mega Oil disaster in the Gulf Of Mexico.

Perhaps it was the 14 Jan political overthrow of authoritarian president Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali who had ruled Tunisia with an iron fist for the last 23 years and the ensuing popular uprising in the Middle East uprising against tyranny, corruption, highhandedness and misrule. Even the world's 10th largest military might could not suppress the civilian uprising which has until today lasted 17 days. President Hosni Mubarak who had a tight control of the Egyptian armed forces is expected to step down any time soon. (He stepped down 2 days after this article was written).

Perhaps the lies and cover-ups of the Gulf Oil Spill disaster are bursting at the seams. Like any cancerous terminal illness, it is no longer possible to cover the lesions and symptoms with "cosmetics".  The only escape hatch is to spin and muddle the pool. With sufficient willful ignorance in the world's populace, the perpetrators of the BP's Mega-oil spill disaster could escape Scott free just like the 911 disaster.  911 served as the main reason for the War on Terror; triggering the Afghan, Iraqi wars, Homeland Security and Patriot Acts etc.

Despite the many "hanging and disturbing" questions, pysops were used to put the blame on innocent parties while the powers behind the disaster reaped enormous economic windfalls from the "fallout" of the disaster. Americans and the world are still paying the real costs. Project 911 disaster was so successful there was no question of an encore which had to be bigger, longer and more devastating to generate even bigger windfall. The world was ripe for climatic changes. Gradual climatic changes are non-destructive and do not generate windfalls for those in the know. Catastrophic climatic changes do.

Project Gulf Disaster

What better way to herald the onset of a global catastrophic climate change by triggering an already precarious world with an apparently accidental mega-disaster? If  Project 911 disaster was planned prior to Bush being elected in 2000, then Project Gulf Disaster must have been planned soon after 911 was successfully executed. It was planned to explode in October of 2009 within the first year of the new president. It would have been the new president's 1011 to further erase persistent doubts that Bush's 911 was preplanned. The details are contained in a book under compilations.

Would they risk the success of Project Gulf Disaster by the growing independent voices of  truth in the  Mega-Oil spill? The answer is NO.

Stamping out the independent voices of truth.

After more than 7 months of trying to stamp out our independent voices of  truth in the BP's mega oil spill without success, the powers behind the Project Gulf Disaster had to act urgently before  the growing masses of  "non-believers in controlled mainstream media" become unmanageable. Whatever their fears, there was definitely a step-up in desperate attempts to silence the independent voices of truth on the BP's Mega Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico at the start of the new year.

The increasing health problems being reported by the gulf victims, scientific findings of higher than expected oil/corexit tainted gulf water, increasing  evidences of a dying gulf and unprecedented occurrence of shallow low magnitude earthquakes are confirming our worst fears on the Mega Oil Spill crisis. While it might have been possible to gag the independent voices of truth and cover the initial consequences of the disaster, a gulf stream that remains dead, mysterious mass deaths of birds and fishes and extreme weather conditions (among other weather abnormalities) would be difficult to spin.

What would happen when Australia realises that their 6 billion dollar flood disaster was no freak catastrophe but part of the chain of tragic events triggered by BP's mega oil spill disaster?

Sounds far-fetched? Not if you understand our logical analyses (compilation in progress) on how the world not only inherited 3 leaking wells through willful negligence, but through incompetence intertwined with vested business interests, fears of job losses, cover-ups and greed, BP had "unwittingly" engineered the world's largest network of faulted-fractured pathways for "natural" oil and gas seeps. Impossible? Then consider this simple basic fact.
Is it possible for oil/gas gushing out of an 9-7/8 inch casing well to stop the massive gulf stream?

Art Berman (a pro-BP apologist) in his attempt to justify a lower estimated flow from  the blown well, reproduced statistics from MMS on more than 8,700 wells drilled in the Gulf of Mexico since 1996.The highest known flow rate per well is approximately 100,000 bpd (barrels per day). See Estimated Oil Flow from the BP Mississippi Canyon Block 252 "Macondo" Well. He nevertheless, omitted the fact that there were 3 leaking wells NOT ONE, when the article was published on 29 June 2010. His most reasonable estimate was 40,000 - 50,000 bpd for one well. With 3 gushing wells, Art Berman's total flow rate would have been 120,000 to 150,000 bpd.

But would 3 vertical columns of oil/ gas at 150,000 bpd be able to stop the mighty gulf stream which moves 30 million cu metres of water per sec or 188.7 million barrels per sec? 150,000 bpd translates to only 0.28 cu.metres per sec (or just 0.000001% of the Gulf Stream flow). No wonder Tony Hayward said the leak was only a tiny drop in the ocean.
Further, if the oil had not been dispersed with Corexit, much of the spill would have streamed to the sea surface and be continually removed from the water column. The surface oil layers would have no significant effect in stopping the largely thermohaline circulation driven gulf-stream flow at 30 million cu metres of water per sec (Wikipedia).

So how did the Gulf Stream die?

The fact that the Gulf Stream flow did stop is proof that a lot more oil and gas did flow out of the reservoirs than officially declared. The amount of oil spilled had to be more (even greater than 150,000 bpd) but not all came out through the wells. The 10inch diameter casing could not accommodate such massive free flows.

By irresponsibly drilling into a known geohazardous gas-hydrate Salt-Geology, for so many months (from Oct 2009 to April 2010) without adequate cement-protection against hydraulic continuity between the gaseous strata, BP had negligently allowed corrosive "brine-gas" fluid to permeate and erode the highly porous, faulted and fractured Salt geology. The additional oil and gas flowing or seeping out of these newly "created" (eroded) pathways to the ocean bottom are far larger than what we can imagine and there are abundant evidences.

Ask yourself these simple questions.

If the "oil leak" had been fully sealed on 15 Sept 2010 as promulgated, what were 4 expensive drilling rigs with 5 wells-drilling capacity and many more supporting vessels doing at the Macondo site? Why were 2 drilling rigs (Development Driller III and Development Enterprise) still at site 3 months later? All these just confirmed the oil and gas had not stopped leaking from the reservoir and neither has the widespread hydrates stopped vaporising into poisonous methane gas. In fact the leakages and vaporisation should be increasing by logical reasoning. The fact that no quantitative surveys are conducted 9 months after the blowout is itself strange and worrying, not only for the gulf residents but the world as well.   

Immediately after the disaster, good-intentioned BP's managers wanted to contain and collect the oil through 3 giant containment domes at 3 spill locations. Does the 3 spill locations jive with the 3 well locations? Why was this sound containment and recovery method canceled at the last minute?

Officially it was the problem of hydrate formation blocking the flow or collection. But insiders' information revealed that the first of the 3 containment domes, was still parked on a clear seabed a km away from the spill area when BP announced on 8 May that the containment efforts had failed due to clogging by formation of hydrates crystals. The significance of this containment effort failure escaped public attention even though it was mentioned in at least 3 of my past articles. Exactly how did hydrates form with no supply of methane gas? If it did, we should be seeing hydrates formation on every piece of equipment on the Macondo seabed. Makes sense, doesn't it?

This BP's mega-oil spill disaster is not referred to as Crime of the Century by Mass Deception for nothing. The dome containment effort did not fail. How could it fail when it was not never deployed over the leaking location?

BP could not allow it to be deployed at any of the "leak locations" as the Rov's cameras would have exposed BP's lies as they were being deployed. You see, the 3 spill locations were actually 3 well locations on the seabed and not 3 leakage points on the 5,000ft riser as reported by the mainstream media. You do not need 3 numbers of multimillion dollar containment domes if the 3 leakages were on the single riser. By cutting off the riser, you get only one Leakage. Elementary isn't it?

Three (3) containment domes were needed because there were 3 leaking wells at 3 different locations on the seabed. Sometimes, the earliest statements and responses of a disaster reveal the naked truths.

How could methane hydrates form within the dome when there was no methane gas flowing through them yet? Like everything else it is not that they did not know but what they could not tell. But what they could not tell was in full frontal view to the whole world; like the "naked emperor with no clothes".

If the containment technology had not been sound, why did BP announced on 20 Sept 2010 (4 months later) its intention to join the Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC) and to make its underwater well containment equipment available to all oil and gas companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico? If the well containment equipment and technology were useable why did BP abandon the containment effort altogether instead of using it to minimise the environmental damage while the relief wells were in progress?

Why allow the oil and gas to gush uncontrollably for so many months before the well was capped or killed? Well A which was drilled to only 5,000ft BML could have been killed as early as May. But a dead well A would have exposed the fact that the largest leak was the undisclosed well S20BC, 720 ft NW of well A. Corexit had to be used to disperse and hide the oil gushing out of the third well. How would it look if Well A was dead and yet the sea was still covered with oil?

That was the primary reason BP was so insistent on using Corexit even after EPA had withdrawn permission for its usage. More environmental friendly alternatives were not considered simply because the real oil gusher (and not well A) would be known in no time.
Question Of Production Of Corexit By Nalco Which Is Associated With Bp And Exxon.

In just 3 months after the Deepwater Horizon exploded on April 20, 2010, BP pumped nearly 2 million gallons of Corexit into the Gulf ofMexico (The Examiner, 25 July 2010). 
The $64 million question is, "If corexit had been banned by UK more than a decade ago, and its adverse effects widely known after the Exxon Valdez spill in 24 March 1989, why would any company find it profitable to continue producing a banned product in such large quantities?"  Even storing such hazardous liquids would be expensive.

How could such toxic dispersant (with no other industrial application) be available in such large quantities so soon after the blowout? Is it not strange for a company known for aggressive cost cutting to have such large quantities of dispersant on standby as if a major oil spill was expected? But did not  BP's safety policy require a relocation of well location if there was a drilling risk? Surely an exploration well cannot be that important it cannot be moved by 500m or even 1 km? Well locations are being moved all the time on perceived drilling risks. That was the primary purpose of geohazards assessment and survey. Most international safety policies (including BP's) employ "Better be safe than sorry" principle. So why would BP choose the expensive and risky option of drilling into trouble rather than the prudent option of a safer location?

Was it just plain business acuteness or pre-disaster rammed up production of Corexit? Many had asked the "profit motive" of a preplanned disaster but neglect to follow through  on the economic windfalls to be reaped if one could accurately forecast the occurrence of a major disaster. 

The Gulf Stream would not have died if Corexit was not used in such large quantities.

If the oil and gas had been collected at the wells instead of the phoney Top-Kill, or even allowed to rise quickly to the surface, the Gulf Stream would not have died. It died because the oil and gas were dispersed and allowed to accumulate within the water column, effectively homogenizing and destroying the thermohaline stratification needed for the gulf stream to circulate. If BP had not used dispersant, the oil would have surfaced, washed ashore and removed from the water column instead accumulating and mixing within the gulf-stream water column.

The rov evidences showed even more gas vents along all the fault lines. On a single 2-hour Rov surveillance tour (deviously labelled as biological survey), the Rov traversed back and forth from Well A to at least 7 gas vents (at 10-15 deg intervals). All the gas vents had been marked with guide ropes and marker buoys. This confirmed BP knew more gases were gushing out of the seabed.

So how much methane vaporised from hydrates due to the warming effect of the hot hydrocarbons and how much light hydrocarbons escaped from the reservoir? The light hydrocarbons probably carried radioactive elements as well. It is impossible to estimate accurately. Minimal estimates arrived at, are quite staggering.

It is the combined effect of dispersed oil, continuous gas-venting along the fault lines and edges of the salt domes over hundreds of sq km and the continual vaporisation of hydrate to gaseous methane that knocked out the gulf-stream. Not the puny gas leak gushing out of well A which mermerised the world for 187 days. The total volume of escaping gas over the whole Macondo prospect would be hundreds of time larger than the total volume of oil leaked out through the wells and fault zones. In our past articles, we had demonstrated the potent sub-seabed erosion of escaping light hydrocarbon and brine (from formation) through the faulted and porous Salt domes. If containment efforts had been used in earnest instead indiscriminate "killing of the zombie wells" the environmental and climatic consequences would have been far less damaging. Rather than reveal the truth about the 3 wells, BP chose to herald the onset of Catastrophic Climate by engineering the world's largest network of faulted-fractured pathways for "natural" oil and gas seeps.

The faster than normal erosion within the formation and sub-seabed, stretching from 18000 ft BSL to the seabed has far-reaching effect;  more drastic than BP had ever anticipated. The abnormal high and speedy depletion of mass which is significantly more pronounced in the upper formation and sub-seabed, has two important consequences.

For millions of years, the south-eastern part of the North American tectonic plate (south-east of the New Madrid Fault line) has been thrusting in a north-easterly direction while the western half of the plate has been moving south along the San Andreas fault line. This is the main reason for the present gulf seabed morphology (one full chapter by itself).

The resultant torsion tension is reflected by the fault pattern illustrated in a previous article BP's Rigs Location & Fault Connection. Besides lateral stresses, vertical stresses also developed between the upper and lower section of the tectonic blocks due to differential slide movement. The abnormal occurrence of shallow (2-3 km depth) and low magnitude earthquakes since the Macondo blowout is the direct consequence of the continual release of these pent-up stress zones. FEMA recently sent out RFI (request for information) to identify vendors for the emergency supply of food rations, various fuels and hydration in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault system for a survivor population of 7 million to be utilised for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations. Is FEMA having privileged information of an impending disaster in the New Madrid Fault area, 9 months after the BP's Mega-oil Spill disaster? 
If the blown-well had not been blocked, the problem would have been easily and safely resolved. But safe recovery was not in BP's best interest; covering their mistakes and bad intentions were.

BP's continued denial and cover-ups had triggered a chain of calamities not only in the US but all over the world starting with abnormally cold and prolonged winter in the Northern Hemisphere, followed by the worst floods in the documented history of northern Australia.

Major volcanic eruptions had worldwide climatic consequences lasting for years. Why would this massive underground eruption and continuous spewing of oil and gas spanning hundreds of sq km for over 9 months be any different?  We choose to be willfully ignorant to our own peril.

Some words of wisdom from Dr Thomas B Manton (TBM), a Gulf Hero who was recently murdered after being framed-up in late 2007. That this could happen shows that Project Gulf Disaster was planned years earlier under broad daylight and right under the public noses.

"Manton was particularly distressed that the U.S. Federal Government allowed BP to completely take charge of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster area, as his experience taught him that the offending oil company should never be given command over the oil spill response."

"BP has done more damage to harm the American homeland than al-Qaeda could ever do."
"We learned very quickly the difference between we Americans, who prefer to contain and collect spilt oil, and the British who preferred the use of dispersant to try to make it disappear in the ocean."

Nine months after the onset of the oil/gas eruptions, the climatic consequences of the Gulf Disaster are starting to show. Fishes, dolphins, whales and birds are dying in masses. There are sound geological reasons for all these observed abnormalities. The people in the oil industry know the reasons but are not telling for fear of their jobs and their lives. The top advocates of truth in this disaster are dead for a number of good reasons; but primarily to serve as a deterrent to those would be whistle-blowers.

Deregulations and "Thou Shalt Not Fail" command.

Meanwhile before the masses start to connect the dots and ask the really difficult questions, the independent voices need to be silenced first. To the detractors who repeatedly pointed out that TBM was arrested more than 2 years before the Gulf Disaster, bear in mind any disaster in planning requires more time than than a routine exploration well. Project Gulf Disaster needed years of planning with the right collaborators in place. It was no coincidence Tony Hayward took over as BP's CEO in early 2007.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-f-kennedy-jr/sex-lies-and-oil-spills_b_564163.html Then, between January and March of 2001, incoming Vice President Dick Cheney conducted secret meetings with over 100 oil industry officials allowing them to draft a wish list of industry demands to be implemented by the oil friendly administration. Cheney also used that time to re-staff the Minerals Management Service with oil industry toadies including a cabal of his Wyoming carbon cronies. In 2003, newly reconstituted Minerals Management Service genuflected to the oil cartel by recommending the removal of the proposed requirement for acoustic switches. The Minerals Management Service's 2003 study concluded that "acoustic systems are not recommended because they tend to be very costly."

It was no coincidence Vice President Dick Cheney started to dismantle and relax stringent offshore regulations as far back as 2003. Even with an outdated (pre-2000) stringent offshore regulations and high HSE standards, minor random accidents and blowouts could still happen. But no way could a long series of "coincidental safety lapses and human mistakes" escalate into a major environmental disaster needed for Project Gulf Disaster. For this to happen, all control "floodgates" must be opened at the right time at the right places without arousing suspicions. Now that would be difficult without a subservient "watchdog" (MMS?) and a cooperative press that asks only the "right" questions.

Deregulations, bottom-line/profitability and "cost-cutting measures" come in handy.

Was it any wonder the door sign at Tony Hayward's office read "What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail"? Was this supposed to push his men to failure? He must have countless problems with professional managers who would have objected to to his seemingly unsafe, risky and reckless exploration management. Surely there would be many truly professional managers who disagreed with the locations of the Macondo wells, who saw the problems ahead and who assessed the drilling risks as they truly saw it. Tony Hayward probably overrode all their concerns with the phrase "we could not fail". It was like saying "Go ahead and jump off the cliff. You will not die". This was by itself a blatant violation of BP's or any international standard HSE policy.

As President of the International Oil Spill Control Corporation, TBM was perceived as a major obstacle to the success of Project Gulf Disaster, if he chose to be uncooperative and to speak out.

TBM needed to be reined with a noose around his neck, in order to secure his cooperation. TBM was tricked into a plea bargain in late May, about a month after the 20 April 2010 blowout. He accepted the plea bargain (with a promise of no jail sentence) so that he could concentrate his effort on the oil spill remediation effort. Now that is a real hero.

He could have fought the court battles to prove his innocence but the victims of the gulf disaster were more important to him. There are good fundamental reasons why TBM's pornography conviction will not hold but being computer illiterate, TBM was convinced it was a Slam Dunk for the prosecution.

Why TBM & Matt Simmons needed to be silenced?

There was never any need to jail or kill TBM even as late as July 2010 since BP was still confident of killing the spewing 3rd well covertly before the first week of August. The relief wells were drilled towards this S20BC well at 18,000ft BML and not Well A. To ensure the "Dog and Pony" show at Well A was convincing even to the strongest skeptics, the relief wells had to intercept and bottom-kill the runaway well first. Nothing was left to chance; certainly not in frontal view of billions of television viewers around the globe.

Relief well C  intercepted the spewing well covertly in early July. Just when success was within grasp, the "relief well-bottom kill" started to falter and did not hold  as predicted by many. Worried their "Grand Phoney Finale" of killing Well A would fall apart and expose their crime of mass deception, BP set out to destroy the credibility of the Gulf Disaster's foremost critic, the Late Matt Simmons. It was no coincidence that The Oil Drum (TOD) published "A critical Examination of Matt Simmons' Claims on the Deepwater Spill" on 29 July2010 for Simmons to be publicly humiliated and severely trashed by his peers in the oil industry.

Just when they thought  the last flame of truth had been snuffed out, the article Why is the BP's Macondo Blowout So Disastrous and Beyond PatchUp was published the following day on 30 July. The article received an unprecedented 6,000% jump in website visits. Why? Because of its accurate depiction of the hazardous Salt geology in explaining the Macondo gas blowout. BP's schills immediately jumped in at all the blog forums to stamp out the "fire" but it was too late.

Shocked by the accuracy of the qualitative geological model and the wide support by proMatt Simmons bloggers, BP thought the counter-attack must have been preplanned based on breached confidential information. To make matters worse, the supposedly killed well (S20BC) started spewing again on 2nd Aug with an abnormal earthquake event at Louisiana. The phony well kill at Well A did not turn out as expected. Thad Allen and BP were at a loss to explain the 40% cement loss  at well A.

How do you lose 200 barrels of cement to the seabed, out of 500 barrels pumped into a dead well 18,000 ft long? Only an open-bottom Well A drilled to only 5,000 ft deep (BML) could explain the severe cement loss to the seabed and BP was desperate to cover this fact.
As a punishment and a deterrent to further breaches, TBM was sentenced to an unduly harsh 15 years jail time on 6 Aug 2010; effectively silencing a totally shocked TBM who had expected only a fine and no jail time from the plea bargain. Two days later the late Matt Simmons was dead in a bath tub.
How could such perfectly timed incidences all be coincidental? No way unless the "Physics of Impossibility" was invoked.  The weeks of silence that followed was taken as a sign that the deterrents (TBM's harsh sentence and Matt Simmons' death) had worked.

Now to silence the remaining Independent Voices Of Truth

Fastforward to January 2011, we see the same pattern of attack. Dr Termotto's article The Gulf Of Mexico Is Dying posted on 1st December, generated tremendous readers' response and rekindled waning public interests on the disaster. Interest on the Gulf disaster started to pick up again after the Christmas and new year holidays following the abnormally cold winter in Europe; disrupting travel and closing airports during this busy travel period.
Some of the key articles posted in Dec 2010 to 13 Feb 2011 are listed below:

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Following the late Matt Simmons' suspicious death in the bathtub on 8 August 2010, everyone in the Independent Voices Of Truth group was constantly reminded of possible infiltrators and threats to their normal lives and computers. BK in particular had experienced several attempts on his life for carrying out his professional duties as a QC consultant in the oil industry. The Oil Mafia is dead serious in protecting their interests and covert operations. Their multibillion game would be up once exposed.

Despite making police reports based on documented evidences in several countries and making several whistle-blower reports to the oil companies, his own employer (Geohazards QC Consultant Firm), the world's largest geohazards contractors and various government departments in the respective countries, no actions or prosecutions were ever taken for the blatant safety abuses, medical and data frauds, corruption, improprieties, infractions, willful negligence and HSE deception. We are not talking about 3rd world countries but first world countries within the top 15 list of the world's least corrupt countries.

The worst offenders are major oil companies like BP; and the offending contractors and consultants are leading companies in their respective fields in the oil industry. It shows how high, far and wide, corrupt oil power had infiltrated into modern society and governments of the world. Without such high level oiled corruption, Project Gulf Disaster could not even be planned, let alone executed with such blatant deception. Modern high speed internet, strategic global coordination and dissemination of distorted truths by mainstream media helped greatly in dowsing the ever-willing to be deceived populace. We are what we eat. Ignorant bliss lasts only as long as the calm before the storm. That storm is pretty near.
The Oil Empire Strikes back

The Oil Empire could not sit back and watch helplessly as the Independent Voices Of Truth Websites gain in popularity while their carefully crafted deceptions got torn apart one by one with each revealing   posting. There were increasing reports of computer breaches by members of the independent group.   After increasing signs of covert retaliations by the Oil Empire, Dr Tom finally managed to secure BK's permission to make public his endangered status in mid January. On 19 Jan during a Rense.com radio interview, Dr Tom publicly discussed BK's fugitive status and life threats. The next day we all received news that Dr Thomas B Manton (TBM) had passed away on 19 Jan 2011 after suffering quietly from extreme head trauma inflicted by a fellow prisoner assailant. He was  warned with death threats if he informed on his assailant.  

Two days later, BK's computer was repeatedly hacked for 2 weeks; forcing BK to move locations and changing IP elusive tactics. Others in the group had also reported computer breaches. Then on 7 Feb, in the midst of the busy Lunar New Year holidays, Dr Tom was publicly slandered just like Late Matt Simmons was prior to his "assassination".  With such concerted attacks on members of the independent group, it could only mean the messages of truth were finally getting out to the concerned public and the   independent voices of truth had to be silenced at all costs.

Our lives are in extreme danger for bringing the truths on the Gulf oil crisis to the world. As we dig deeper into a seemingly "accidental disaster" we find the oil business to be much dirtier than the black gold it craves. After more than 100 years, the oil industry has morphed into a global uncontrollable monster that has the world tightly under its clutch. With each crude oil price hike, the increase in oil pressure pushes out a few more safety catches in the system. As we have seen in BP's Mega-oil spill and the negligent manner in which BP conducted its oil exploration program, safety in form and not in spirit is no safety at all. Sadly, BP is not the only culprit in this greedy pursuit of oily profits by any means.
This is a disaster that need not have happened and should not have happened. But it did happen. There are valuable lessons to be learned but most important of all, this disaster has not ended and the long term health and environmental effects need world attention to force a comprehensive remediation, not just superficial compensation. The hydrocarbons leakage from the deep reservoir and methane vaporisation from the warming effect of that leakage have not stopped yet.

Allowing the culprits of this disaster to get back their life of luxurious yacht sailing while the Gulf victims suffer in silence, is gross injustice of the highest degree. Will the Gulf Disaster go the way of Piper Alpha, Exxon Valdez, Bhopal and countless other environmental disasters; forgotten and ignored, only to be repeated years later? Even as the Gulf Victims suffer, new schemes are being planned. Covert white-collar CRIMES OF MASS DESTRUCTION are unscrupulously profitable and all our laws had not been formulated to deal with this cancer of modern society. Our energy and attention had been overly zapped and focused on the War on Terror, that we the public (the guardian of our children's  freedom, safety and future) lapsed in our duty to notify the "infection" and enemies from within.

Only through the collective efforts of global citizens worldwide, can we avert the next mega disaster; whether man-made or naturally accidental. Even if you do not entirely agree with our analyses, there is no harm in making the oil and other industries safer by practicing HSE in true spirit and not only in form. Increasing offshore regulations without understanding the root problem of industry-wide abuses would only increase cost with no tangible improvement in safeguarding the environment.

An immediate total ban to offshore drilling is not the solution either. Reviewing the abundant offshore data would be the first step to understanding the challenges we face before taking concrete steps to solving the problem.  No amount of sabotage or evil-planning can succeed if everyone of us is civil enough to report willful negligence when we see it. "Willful Blindness" as Bernand Madoff coined it is simply not acceptable. We must all take responsibility for our own environment. We cannot delegate  custody of mother nature to the oil companies. It would be asking the Fox to guard the chicken coop. We must ask questions so tough that no regulators would dare to derelict on their duties to  act promptly and fairly on whistleblowers'  reports of willful negligence. There is no substitution for  Prevention.

The arch-swindler Bernard Madoff could not have bilked thousands of investors of billions of dollars without the "willful blindness" of scores of banks and hedge funds which put their own clients into the fraudster's fake investment business. In his own words "the attitude was sort of -If you're doing something wrong, we don't want to know".  Read more at From his jail cell, Madoff points finger at the banks. This is precisely what BK had been reporting on the malaise affecting the Oil Industry.

The Gulf Disaster was an investment fraud with a technological twist.  The difference; the perpetrators walked free to enjoy their spoils despite the devastating effect because the WORLD IS NOT AWARE.  

This article has been compiled from more than 9 months of research work, feedbacks, insiders' information and communications (emails, voice, radioblogs etc). Its message of Safety in Our Own Hands is sponsored and supported by:

1.  BK LIM - Independent Geohazards Specialist with 30 years of professional experience.
2. Trisha Springstead RN MS, working tirelessly for the Gulf Victims.
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