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A Counter Initiative To The Gulf Oil Catastrophe
By Gary Jacobucci

A television program (Breaking Bad) recently featured a man sitting at a bar watching CNN news. While he is watching, another man comes in and sits down in the same vicinity. The man watching the news programs says to the new arrival "They found water on Mars; they don't exactly know what to do with that information, but hey, they found it." The other man, a scientist, says to him "Well, actually they can theoretically separate the hydrogen from the oxygen and process that into having fuel for mass space flights; ostensively turning Mars into a giant gas station. We live in an amazing time."

While this technology was presented as theoretical science, this technology (of course) is decades old.

In the 80s, Stan Meyer demonstrated hydrogen from water to the world and figured he could convert every car in the U.S. to run on water for about $1,500 a vehicle. After unveiled his technology in England, a group of scientists followed him back to his shop in the U.S. and returned to England saying that his invention was the most important discovery of the twentieth century. Meyer was featured on several news programs before his demise.

Water Car Inventor Killed... Full Story


More recently, Genepax and John Kansas were featured on MSM news programs only to be replaced by the sound of crickets as they became passing sound bytes.

Japanese Water Powered Car


John Kansas Turns Salt Water In To Fuel


The question is, with nearly 7 billion people on the planet, can we manifest the water engine in the public sector as an open source technology ­ as an idea whose time has come?

Surely there are those among us that have access to the mechanics of this technology, can see that we are being driven off a cliff by the powers that be and can leak this technology into the public domain.

While every sector of human endeavor is under the same suppressive, dysfunctional pattern of control, the energy sector is in our face at the moment in the form of the Gulf catastrophe, and a counter measure in the form of a water engine coming to light would be poignant.

No doubt the patents for this technology are already in place, but it will never be revealed as an American invention until it is put out into the public sector as open source and replicated by people all over the world.

If countries like Argentina, Russian and Iran want to do something to show their true colors to the world and to the international (financial) power brokers that render everything dysfunctional, this would be the way to do it at this moment in history.

I've written Adrian Salbuchi asking him to see what he can do with his contacts and connections in Argentina.

I realize that with Iran, it's a Catch-22 in that the wealth of their nation comes from oil, and a policy of Mutually Assured Destruction is seen as the practical defensive strategy, but someone has to take the offensive in this M.A.D. world.

And then there's Russia, of whom Edgar Casey said "Russia will become beacons of hope for the world." This would be as good a time as any to become that beacon.

This isn't over-unity or rocket science; this is simply supplying hydrogen from water to a combustion engine, but this in itself might be enough to break the stranglehold of control that self-proclaimed oligarchs have on this planet.  Let's get it done together.

- Gary Jacobucci

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