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Toxic Gas Concentrations Said
Coming From The Blowout

Note - These figures and this information remains unconfirmed but comes from several different sources and is worth considering.  It is hoped that independent citizens will gather air samples and send them to labs...probably foreign labs are best...to get them analyzed.
Toxic and carcinogenic gasses being released from the BP wellhead area into the gulf and into the atmosphere:
Benzene (a severe carcinogen) is said to be measuring at 3,000 parts per billion (ppb).  The 'safe' levels are said to be 0-4 PPB.
Hydrogen Sulfide is showing up at 1,200 ppb with 5-10 ppb considered 'permissible.'
Methylene Chloride appearing a 3,000-3,400 ppb with  0-61 ppb said to be 'safe.'
Vanadium (highly toxic) is present in quantities not yet specified
Right before the explosion happened the drilling foreman said that the well must not be turned off since the relief valve was damaged (warped). He was told that it would be too costly to replace it and the well had to be activated.
The blowout well pressure is very high at about 20,000 to 70,000 psi, the highest pressure yet of any offshore oil well drilled.
So far all methods used to stop it have failed.  US government is now considering using a nuclear device to stop it but some experts are concerned this could cause other much more serious problems, such as a large plate fracture, cracking into a magma bubble, etc.
And add to this the huge amount of toxic chemicals used to supposedly help disperse the oil, and you have quite a toxic mix of chemicals many of which are evaporative aerosols which can be (and probably already have been)  blown inland.
Major evacuation plans with martial law enforced by Northcom have been drawn up and will be activated should the government believe this becomes necessary.
Politicians inside the beltway have been briefed and 'President' Obama and his aides are not being honest with what they know about this crisis.
One thing seems certain at this time: the BP gulf oil gusher will not be stopped soon. And if a relief well is drilled - and if it works - it will take at least until late august or early fall to be completed.
If a nuclear bomb is used in an attempt to stop the blowout, it will have to be inserted into position through a special cross drilled well, which will take a significant amount of time to accomplish.  Again, the risks of a nuclear explosion are of great concern to a number of scientists.
There is a major mass media blackout of most of the information above and some experts have been threatened not talk about what they know.

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