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Oil To Reach Barents Sea In 100 Days?
Oil to reach the Barents Sea in 100 days, the Bering Straits in 145 days, join
the Kuro Siwo current in 163 days, hit Canada in
190 days and San Francisco in 289 days.

By Dick Eastman
A prediction...and another recommendation...
Once the oil enters the Gulf Stream it will be carried up the coast, but it will not touch New York because of the Labrador Current which flows south hugging the coast will provide a barrier. The oil will be carried northeast becoming part of the North Atlantic Drift where it will eastward through the Barents Sea, which it will reach in approximately 100 days, westward until it exists the Arctic Ocean through the Bering Straits in about 150 days as part of the Oyashio Current where west winds with join it to the Kuro Siwo current in perhaps 175 days where it will reach the Pacific Northwest after 200 days and become part of the California Current traveling down the California coast, reaching San Francisco after 225 days. Here the oil will cause havoc as the it pollutes fisheries, mixing with the cold upwelling waters that have made these regions so rich in sea protein for mankind.
225 Days for Oil from the Gulf of Mexico to Reach San Francisco
There is a way to stop further pollution before shutting down the venting well pipes. Send down large empty compacted blimp size bags which can be filled with oil and allowed to drift in the sea until disposal can be arranged. The bags would simply encase the effluent crude, preventing it from mixing with the water around it. Blimp size bags could drift anywhere and be harvested when convenient without doing serious damage to surrounding sea life "up current."
The pressure from the well would be sufficient to fill the bags against the very great but still less great pressure of the surrounding water. The bags could be manufacured quickly -- factories around the world could be put to work building them to specifications. To inflate they would not need a tight fit at the broken well head.
They would float like clouds of oil encased in a skin of non-porous material.
The idea is free. If you know anyone powerful in Eliteworld, show this to them. You never know, he may actually be one of those who really wants to stop the disaster. Anything is possible.
Fill up bags with the gas and oil. Let them float freely. If the right materials can be found perhaps two or three could open to contain the quantity of a sub-super tanker -- but even if it took 10 or 20 it would still be worth it.
Of course no idea gets by a corportion lawyer -- and no Rothschild thinks for himself. And so millions will suffer.
One more thing. I think it is noteworthy that the British elite who own BP also own valuable properties in Jamaica and other West Indies and Caribbean Sea tropical paradises. The currents from the oil-polluted gulf will not move south into their waters, as currents east and west of Cuba flow north. These islands have always been their pirate bases. Now people in the Eastern US who want to swim in the Ocean again are going to have to sail to Jamaica or the Dominican for clean beaches and living marine fauna.
P.S. Don't listen to those clown ACTS on late night TALK radio. I heard Coast to Coast last night -- struggling with insomnia - and could not believe the stupidity of the deception being perpetrated by host and guest.
The problems we are facing have nothing to do with the presence or absence of sun-spots. That is just the latest CIA disinformation filtered through Jim Noorey and Art Bell types to keep you from talking about the ROTHSCHILDS, ISRAELIS, DUAL-CITIZENSHIP ZIONIST JEWS, MASONS AND THE TRIAD PRINCELINGS OF RED CHINA.
In the 1880s, economist Stanley Jevons presented the theory that business cycles were caused by sunspots affecting wheat production.
Even then, any theory is acceptable but the conspiracy thesis. If you have been listening to Noorey regularly, no wonder you can't think or decide upon a rational course of action.
To think they spent the entire night talking about the sun's influence and nothing about the greatest crimes ever committed in the history of the world.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.

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