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What Animals Tell Us About The Oil Volcano
By George Paxinos
Several weeks ago, a couple weeks after the oil catastrophe in the Gulf, a friend in Huntsville, Alabama, told me on the phone that her Airedale dog was acting strangely. He is going on 12 years old, and she has had dogs all her life, so she knows their every mood :
One bright early morning, she went out into her back yard while her dog was there taking care of his morning business. She said there was a strange smell on the air, "sort of like chemicals", that she had never smelt before.
Puzzled, she went back into the house. To her astonishment, instead of lying out under a shady tree or in the lee of the house, as he is wont to do, her dog followed her back in. Several times during the course of that day, he wanted out, but as soon after she let him into the yard again, he wanted back in. He would not stay outdoors anymore.
Then she noticed that her neighbour's Labrador was extremely nervous. He has to stay outside, and he seemed not to know what to do anymore. He was wandering about from place to place, and would not settle down. He used to come to the dividing fence to touch noses with her dog and they'd converse in doggy-talk, but neither seemed to want that anymore, either.
She visited another neighbour, and that neighbour's cat also did not want to stay out in the yard anymore, either. During the day, she wants out, is let out, then immediately wants back in again.
My friend is puzzled, the more-so, that her dog, now voluntarily house-bound, keeps raising his head to sniff the air, as though he can smell something she cannot.
She asks herself if these pets are all catching the tang of the oil spill, and perhaps, more especially, the toxic chemicals sprayed to try and disperse it, all those many miles inland from that poor tainted coastline, and if it presages a disaster-in-the-making, that, if and when it gets to humans, might result in a mass-migration from the Gulf Coast ?
Certainly, a year or two ago, The "Time Monks", Clif High and Igor,
described their predictions from their Web-Bots program, that there would be a mass migration of population to above the 40th or, later, the 50th parallel, but I think that was timed for 2009, and it is now 2010. Could it be they interpreted it as a year -- or two ? -- too early, and that it is about to come upon the Southern States now ?
As this altered behaviour of pets is so strange, I thought I'd write this article to Jeff Rense and perhaps other readers might contribute their own observations to possible changes in the way their own pets are acting, too ?

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