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New Barrier Technology Can Stop Oil Damage - Vid
From Karl Schwarz
Hello Jeff,
By now it's worldwide common knowledge that BP and DC bungled and lied their way through the Gulf disaster. Everyone has seen the horrible videos and photos of the virtual non-response to the crisis. It is one thing to have a bad oil spill, quite another to kill off one of the world's major bodies of water which will take decades or generations to heal. The damage inland is another story entirely and is impacting all forms of life.
The US seems to love those essentially useless puny orange booms used in vain to try to stop small or big disasters. Getting big orders of those to address state or national disasters all depends on what lobbyist they hire to get the emergency response contract.
That is a pretty shallow way of responding to a disaster or even doing business, but such is America in these times.
There are four videos at this link of this incredible system being deployed.
The photo below shows the new Danish technology. The company is called NoFloods and their 'dams' work. There is flooding on the other side of that "boom". This is their website: www.nofloods.com
Their US representative contacted everyone regarding a response to the BP disaster (let us call it what it is, it is not an oil spill) and no one was interested. One state refused a free demo to protect an area of beach.
This new 'dam' is much more durable than anything else available and gets the job done...but for some reason neither the Feds nor the affected states were or are interested. The company has no lobbyist in DC.
We are working on a new type of nanoplastic that would make these larger dykes virtually indestructible.
Makes one wonder, did the refusal to deploy this breakthrough product stem from the fact that it isn't made in the US?

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