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Gulf Oil Catastrophe -  Epic Lies And Deceit
©By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri 
For the past two months, I have been following closely the heart-wrenching ecological unraveling of the entire Gulf of Mexico from the initial explosion on the 50-mile offshore oil rig on April 20 and the ensuing massive toxicity. Even before the explosion, there is enough evidence (even from the New York Times) to show that this was more than an accident. Insiders sold shares before April 20. Poor-to-no management. Warnings from those on site that went unheeded. The list goes on and on. With a well this deep, on a geologically unstable seabed, there was no precaution. No emergency plans. No care. No solid science. Just an accident waiting to happen. More likely it was no accident. Just another False Flag to distract us from all the financial theft and economic Depression, while another illegal war is planned. Greed trumps safety.
Nothing has been done --except to hide the real and unfolding news from everyone: To let a private and foreign corporation make decisions on our safety. To keep the media away, while BP's CEO goes out yachting. To have private mercenaries police public beaches and threaten citizens. This is not just business as usual, it is criminal. The collusion and epic lies and deceit are already in evidence. The magnitude of what is unfolding will affect our entire planet! Ours is a closed loop. What happens in the oceans, or our already contaminated air, does not stay stationary. The toxins travel on currents and winds; and, eventually, it all does circumnavigate our entire globe. This is a given.
The toxic Corexit 9500 dispersants have been known since 1979 to be deadly. Millions of tons have so poisoned the Gulf that there are already dead zones, thousands of mammals and sea creatures are dead; birds are covered in poisonous crude oil and dispersants and dying; and the marshes and beaches poisoned. The entire ecosystem is under siege! These poisons are merging with the crude oil to create a deadly brew that is even now raining down on some areas (as the toxicity is taken up into the air). On top of that, there is no SAFE clean-upjust more contamination for the poor and unprotected workers (who have been warned not to talk to the media) whose lives and businesses have been deliberately destroyed. People are already sick; but it is not being reported. This is the same scenario as happened to the clean-up crews after September 11. Transparency? Why are we all not shutting this nightmare down? It can be done peacefully. BOYCOTT all BP products. If they go bankrupt after poisoning everything, WE taxpayers will wind up footing their bill. Jut like with the ExxonValdez catastrophe, or Bhopal. DON'T WE GET IT? We must demand accountability from officials.
I write this as a catastrophe survivor. I write this knowing that with every US catastrophe, there is not one single person in charge, in ANY capacity, who will tell us the truth, who will step up to the plate, be honest, look out for our well being and safety. It is NOT the way corporate business is run. It is not the way this wrecked government runs, because government (on local, state, and federal levels) is run today as a corporate concern. They have corporate "personhood" ­a legal fiction that has destroyed so much of our environment. "We, the people" do not figure into this. What does figure into this are greed, lies, and massive deceit. A corporation's bottom line (be it Big Pharma, chemical companies, or the banksters who are looting everything we have) is profit --at all costs. We are all expendable for their bottom line. Our well being or our safety are not part of this equation.
In October 2003, southern California was hit with a 1-million-acre FIRESTORM that traveled all over San Diego County, then over the border into Mexico, and then up to Orange County (south of Los Angeles). This epic nightmare consisted of 14 arsons and raged out-of-control for almost an entire month! In some areas, there were 400-foot walls of flame that were 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit. These fires were deliberately set, and then greatly exacerbated over the next three-and-a-half weeks by negligence and firefighting that actually made things far worse. In particular, in our neighborhood of 2,000, our own volunteer firefighters protected and saved it, only then to have CDF [California Department of Forestry] firefighters (sic) come and deliberately torch our neighborhood.
The more the fires raged and the longer they continued, the more money firefighters were paid. Despite investigations and legal help, it was all covered up. Our volunteer firemen were threatened when they discovered what really had happened. A so-called "Blue Ribbon Commission" white-washed the entire nightmare. People died. Children died. When it is arson, this means these deaths were murder. Human life means nothing to these malevolent people. No one has ever been held accountable. Since this catastrophic event, seven of my friends have died from post-FIRESTORM illnesses, including cancer.
Even after the 14 fires were put out, and we were "allowed back home" to NOTHING but ash and hot earth, nothing was done to help us. More than $9.4 million was allocated supposedly to help survivors. Instead, the money went to hire staff to count dead bodies and destroyed buildings and cars; to hire staff for wasted paper work. FEMA [Federal Emergency Mis-Management] did everything to make the recovery almost impossible. The so-called "government recovery programs" for us amounted to deception, while we were in trauma.
The insurance companies played big-time games and frequently refused to honor their contractual commitments. Many of us had to take them to court, because they refused to honor their legal responsibilities. With my "guaranteed-replacement" insurance policy, and never having had a claim, I was unprepared for the long-term legal battle that ensued. I did not think I would have to be shoveling ash that was knee-deep, with only 5 days of help, over seven-and-a-half months. This is how corporate business is done. Not to help anyone in extremis. Not to aid the elderly or small children. Not to help families who had nothing! We waited on long lines for hours for a stinking, worthless card that said: "Please HELP. Firestorm." It meant absolutely NOTHING! THERE WAS NO HELP. Not from local, state, or federal officials. The governor refused to return my calls. The mayors did the same thing. A fire chief lied to me when I asked a direct question. When you are declared a "Federal Disaster Area" in this country, this literally means: "tough, you are on your own. There will be NO help from any public officials.
However, even with all the loss of life, and chaos, and long-term disruption of our lives, there was also the massive destruction of our beautiful state parks. Hundreds of thousands of trees are now skeletons. There was a loss of 98 percent of our forests' animals and birds! This is no typo! 98 percent! Nature was destroyed! Biologists and botanists told us that it would take 150 or more years for the entire ecosystem to "recover." While I was shoveling ash on my property, I was constantly picking up charred animal and bird bones (large and small). The wreckage, the enormity of what happened to us, has never left me. But people who have not experienced a catastrophy, or some other life-changing event, do not comprehend what it means to lose everything: to look around at what had been my neighborhood, my home, and see and smell nothing but burn and ash. It wrenches a person! Our lives and the county-wide destruction were not some Hollywood DVD. This is beyond what most people can cope with or truly understand. It's better to be in denial, or wrapped up in one's own "bubble," rather than deal with the gargantuan consequences of such devastation. It strikes one's heart and soul so deeplyjust to keep going day in and day out, while public lies surround our destroyed routines.
I was the caretaker on my property. I took it as a sacred trust that I would do everything I could to take the very best care of this magical spot that was my home for almost 25 years. It was a sacred trust, and I did it with much joy: planting trees and flowers and bulbs. Creating a vegetable, fruit, and herb garden was the best therapy. I often said: "By tending my garden, I tended my heart." My students often came up to discuss botany, Nature, and art. Then it was all deliberately taken away from us. It was NOT a natural event. It was not an act of Nature."
This is what is now happening in the Gulf states. This is the modus operandi in these broken, no-longer-united states. The corruption is vast and endemic. A police state has taken over by stealth. It hides just under the surface waiting to pounce and take most of us unaware. The media (now down to six corporations, instead of 88) is compliant. Our Constitution is in shreds. Instead, we have bread and circus, while we face our accelerated corrupt Roman decline ­and it is now far worse than the days of Nero or Caligula. The façade is fast crumbling.
What will happen with the mix of deadly Chemtrails combining with toxic crude oil and dispersants? There are already indications with this type of rain that plants are dying. How will the methane, benzene, hydrogen sulfide, and other poisonous gases interact with Chemtrails? How will our entire North American population respond to this additional massive toxicity when there is already evidence of chemical brain injury to millions of citizens who have been sprayed illegally with Chemtrails for the past twelve or more years?(1) Millions of citizens are already ill from the high level of pollution (caused by deliberate environmental deregulation) that envelops us. Obviously, it does not matter, because we are all expendable. When people died in our southern California FIRESTORM, or were murdered by mercenary troops after Hurricane Katrina, it was never reported. The environmental destruction, no matter how massive, is irrelevant to those in charge. So, this Gulf of Mexico tragedy is another theme-and-variation to bring grave harm to potentially the entire North American continent or beyond. Are there any people left who can tell the truth?
This is a planned effort that brings death and destruction on a global level that we have never seen before. This is no accident. From discussions I've had with scientists, this toxic brew is heading up the Atlantic seaboard as far as New Jersey and New York, and also heading to Cuba. How long will it take to reach Europe? Will that be covered up, too?
Last month, when I interviewed the brilliant and independent polymer chemist, Dr. Michael Castle, he was already warning of the toxicity of the crude oil gases.(2) Now, it is greatly compounded. I believe we have a very small window, before the scenario far surpasses our FIRESTORM or Hurricane Katrina.
As Jane Burgermeister wrote yesterday: "Enough!"(3) We must wake up before everyone is illegally carted off to some FEMA relocation prison in the UN trucks waiting in Florida. This is what happened during World War II when the Japanese were illegally incarcerated in the US.
What kind of quality of life will there be for my students and precious small grandchildren, then? Really, there is the bigger picture: What kind of quality of life will there be for anyone? The malevolence is now off the scale. It is time we thought "outside of the box." This epic tragedy does not have to continue.
Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is author of the highly acclaimed book, "The Uterine Crisis."
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