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More Burned, Dying Plants In Florida
We are extremely grateful to Dee for these sad and tragic photos and background information. -ed
Jeff - I live 30 miles north of the Okeechobee Lake in Florida.
Well, I saw that video you posted today from the guy who lives in Palm Bay, Florida.
Two weeks ago, we had a lot of rain here. I had gone out and checked my garden, and I noticed the Palmetto plants (same plants in that video) I had exhibited those exact same burn spots!
At the time, I was telling myself, 'Maybe I just never noticed it before', and thought it was 'just what palmettos do when they die.'
Plus, I just thought I was being paranoid, until I saw that video today!
Jeff, not only do I have those same exact spots on my Palmetto plants (which are so hardy), my corn plants, healthy October Maple tree and tomato plants, all have those same spots! The corn plants (that are just starting to have cobs on them), have the weirdest looks of all. OMG, I can't believe this is really happening. Something is very wrong. My tomato plants were doing great a few wks ago. 4 ft high, with lots of blossoms. Well now they look like they need water, droopy, spotted, and they never produced fruit! First time this ever happened. I have tomatoes every year. My beautiful rose bushes are dying and have spots, not the mold spots u usually see, these are different. I know it's unusually hot, but still. We've had lots of rain, everything should be healthy.
I was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer last March so I don't have long on this poor earth. My family and I can't leave, even if we could, where can you run Jeff? Won't this spread where ever the winds go? I read your articles everyday and stay informed, but with every passing day, I worry more and more for my family, friends, pets. I'm scared for my family, many of whom reside in Florida.
Thank you for taking the time to read my email, I know how busy you are, working hard to get the truth out isn't easy. I pray for you. The work you do, as scary as it may be, is so appreciated. Without you Jeff, we'd be in the dark. God bless you, dear.
God help us all.

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