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Navy Charts Show Loop Current Seriously Damaged

  Below charts of navy.mil/global - archive of the 1/32° Global NLOM real-time results shows loop current is damaged.   http://www7320.nrlssc.navy.mil/global_nlom32/navo/arc_list_IASSP1.html           image010 19.jpgimage016 11.jpg   
Left photo
  - December 24th 2009.                                                                  

Right photo
  - December 24th 2010.   http://www7320.nrlssc.navy.mil/global_nlom32/navo/arc_list_IAS.html#201012       2010   2009   2008   2007   2006   2005   2004   2003   image018 10.jpgimage020 5.jpg

Left photo
 - December 24th 2009.                                                                        Right photo  - December 24th 2010.   http://www7320.nrlssc.navy.mil/global_nlom32/navo/arc_list_IASSST.html#2009       2010   2009   2008   2007   2006   2005   2004   2003   image024 5.jpgimage026 4.jpg Left photo - December 24th 2009.                                                                       Right photo  - December 24th 2010.   CCAR Sea Surface Height Database Tampering for June 12, 2010 image001 87.jpgimage002 69.jpgimage003 49.jpgimage004 38.jpg     Mother Nature's SOS distress signals from a Haunting Well.     image006 28.jpgimage008 19.jpg   Beyond Patch-up    Conclusive Evidence Well A Is Not The Well That Blew Up On 20 April - Part 3 Aomd -    "Super Long leakingfissure"   The damage to the Gulf of Mexico can't be repaired, nor is the Creator going to repair it, as he has waited a long time to see his Laws come into play knowing Creation's correct, and the fools that belong to the Luciferian agenda, the Creator cannot be unseated, he is his Laws, and it's these Laws that are the foundation to Creation you all overlooked.   Earthquake Lists M2.5/4.5+ Earthquake list         http://www.iris.edu/dms/seismon.htm image005 34.jpgimage027 2.jpgimage013 12.jpg   B.P. oil disaster has damaged this Planet:  However this time in Creation, Creation removes the sparks of those humans not responsible for what's unfolded in Creation or what's unfolded on Earth when their existence in Creation is threatened by this damage to Planet Earth.   "Those of the Luciferian agenda" thought "they" would never be accountable for "their actions", where now "their accountability" takes "them" out to infinity for standing in defiance to the "Creator and his Creation".      --  as all are accountable through my Invoking of the 2nd Law for "illegal technology on Earth, which everyone so conveniently ignores".  -
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