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Vegetables Dying In Central Florida
From Clark
Hi Jeff...
We live in central Florida near Leesburg in Lake County. As of late, when it rains we notice changes in the otherwise beautiful vegetables we are growing this season...since the beginning of April after Easter on the fourth. This is when the garden got started.
In the last two weeks of June, and maybe a short time before that, we noticed the leaves on our plants were turning brown and drying up. After that we noticed abnormal shapes in the plant's vegetation and even brown areas on the leaves of our plants and holes formed at the inner most part of the brown areas on the peppers and tomatoes. The cucumbers began to set on after blooming prolifically in June, then after the last two rains we have had in June, the little cukes that formed about half and inch long, just turned brown on the vine and shriveled up without developing any further.
We are saddened because we had hoped to help supplement our diets with this healthy vegetable garden. That is until the rains off the Gulf of Mexico destroyed it and we do not feel safe in eating the vegetables now that they have these kinds of problems growing. They may be full of chemicals that are unsafe for consumption and need to be tested in a lab. We have saved samples of the deformed and corroded vegetables. and brown curling leaves.
Included below are some photos of before and after the problems began. Since we started the garden in early April, they are shown first and we took many photos of our beautiful plants as they matured.
Oh, I almost forgot, in the photos are the rashes on the backs of our necks that burn and itch from the rain in the last two weeks of June and since then, too. Also in the photos, a rash that appeared on the front of Ginny's neck that is tender and raw and will not improve much. She is treating it like a heat rash with cornstarch and baby powder to soothe the itching and burning sensation accompanied with it.
Thanks for listening, Jeff. We are so saddened by all the destruction of plants, wildlife and people; here and throughout the United States, that are affected by this horrible oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We appreciate your journalistic involvement by
informing the public of the disastrous effects caused by the chemicals we are forced to be exposed to because of this oily mess settling in from the weather systems across America. Keep up the great job you are doing.
Take care and may God bless us all. We need help through this nightmare unleashed on the unsuspecting populace by a ruthless Industrial Complex and aided by our own Military to help carry out their destruction of America and Americans and our most precious resources - the air we breath, the oceans that give life and our plants that feed us.
Sincerely Your Friends,
Clark and Ginny in Florida
Before photos....
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After photos....
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