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Oil Blowout - Game-Changer Of The Millennium
By concernedcitizensofflorida
The Gulf Oil Spill has proven to be the most consequential environmental catastrophe of the modern era, and yet it has not even come on shore much except for the sullied patches of LA coastline that we watch on the evening news. The documentary BLACK WAVE quite poignantly illustrates that, with an oil spill, the most serious effects are felt for years, and even decades later. This illuminating retrospective over the last 20 years in the wake of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Alaska presents a graphic portrayal of the tearing of the social fabric, and the many dimensions of societal breakdown due to the unrelenting environmental degradation of that terrible disaster.
The great people of Louisiana are already aware of what is right around the corner. Their candid and emotional interviews reveal a sense of foreboding that is too raw and heartfelt to escape the video cameras. Deep down inside they know that their way of life is gone forever; their coastal culture has been wiped out. However, they are a resilient and battle-hardened people who will no doubt find a way for themselves somewhere else in this great country. They inspired us in the aftermath of Katrina, as they do now. And we wish them all the best as they pick up the pieces of their lives and homes and businesses to start over.
The Game Changer that we speak of is not the one wreaking havoc on the Louisiana coastal community however. From April 20th onward, for example, the economic and financial calculus of the State of Florida has been altered irrevocably in a most profound and fundamental way. City, county and state governments have already changed the way they do business in light of the many huge changes that are coming down the pike. Tourism, the number one industry in Florida, is already taking a big hit, and the black wave hasn't even hit yet. When tourism is down, all of the cottages industries and collateral businesses inevitably start to shudder themselves. Obviously state tax revenue is drying up, and therefore budgets are shrinking faster than a glacier hit by global warming.
The political calculus of Florida is likewise going through tectonic shifts, especially in the environmental arena. Simply put, if any politician is not a true environmentalist within a few months time, he or she is history. Let us restate this soon-to-be fact of life in Florida. If you aren't a genuine tree hugger fairly soon, you never will be, and therefore there will no longer be a place for you in leadership, anywhere in the Gulf States. In light of the ecological carnage taking place in real time in our beloved Gulf, no one can afford to hang out a shingle that offers any solutions but those that are aligned with true preservation and conservation of the planet Earth. Whoever fails to wear, and burnish, their newfound environmental credentials with pride and enthusiasm, will not stack up with those of us who will no longer tolerate anything less than Native American values.
However, even this is not the Game Changer of which we speak. You see, there has been an age-old conflict going on for millennia that looks like this. There are the takers and the caretakers according to our esteemed James Michener's CENTENNIAL. The takers ­ we know who they were, and who they are today. Their MO, as well as the path of destruction that they always leave in their wake, is all too obvious even to the most obtuse among us. The caretakers are likewise well known by their good deeds, common sense and ability to effectively utilize their God-given faculty of human reason. They are often persecuted for simply doing what is right and noble and true. Sometimes they're even prosecuted for taking a courageous stand against the status quo. How menacing one, single tree-hugger can be!
Herein lies the real megilla. We are speaking to every level of wanton disregard and cavalier exploitation of Earth's resources. Many have yet to realize that there is a finite limit to what you can take. At some point one must begin to give back, as well as take care of what one has been given. The Gulf Oil Spill is a perfect example of where a whole civilization has been sucking the lifeblood of Mother Earth with no end in sight. The push to drain every economically feasible oil field on earth has become so relentless that the current state of affairs ­ the largest oil spill in recorded history, as well as the greatest man-made environmental disaster in our hemisphere - was a foregone conclusion to an entire age. So here we are with no choice but to sit in the stink of a century of planet abuse.
What we see here is a Gordian knot that must be un-knotted, and even that does not guarantee us a rosy future. Truly we have hit the proverbial wall with no place left to go but to the Divine for guidance. It is high time that we asked Spirit to enlighten and inform us during these times of great flux and earth-shattering change. As for the solutions that might work on the ground, or rather in the water ­ deep undersea at the depth of 5000 feet ­ there is only one answer. That's right, there is only ONE answer.
Until there is true surrender to the Higher Power, this well will not be tamed. Until we submit to a higher understanding, this gusher will not be capped. Oh, they may temporarily plug it, but a permanent solution will remain elusive. You see, this is the Game Changer of all time, and BP and the US Federal Government do not yet even appear to have a clue.
Let us repeat ourselves for the sake of this message sinking into someone's noggin. The Gulf will continue to fill up with oil, with no end in sight, until the attitude of superiority at BP is finally reined in. Likewise, gobs of oil will wash up on Gulf State shorelines, until the culture of arrogance of the US Federal Government is put in check.
Keep in mind that upwards of 50% of the oil and gas from the Gulf serves to fuel the US and UK war-making machines. What better way for Mother Earth to bring this ongoing, senseless slaughter to a halt than by going right to where it hurts the most - OIL. Wake up, and smell the VOC's, America, before you asphyxiate on some of the most dangerous chemical fumes Mother Nature has to offer. When hurricane season goes into full tilt, then you have the prospect of oil slicks on land as well. Not a very pleasant summer in the Southeast, we dare say. And all because the US Federal Government gave the green light to BP to conduct dangerously experimental and extremely risky deep earth oil drilling to feed a war policy that is as unconscionable as it is repugnant.
Which brings us to one of the most serious aspects of this Game Changer of 'em all. As this kind of apocalyptic event tends to do, the change agents that have been unleashed will make their marks over a fairly long period of time though they will move very fast, and their effects will be felt quite strongly and in quite unexpected ways and places. Remember, "He comes like a thief in the night", so get ready for an awesome roller coaster ride.
Historically, the major earth changes and calamities usually spare the rich and famous, the wealthy and landed gentry, and those who wield great influence and are powerful in the mundane spheres of life. Well, many of these individuals (and families) live somewhere between Stuart and Key West on the east coast of Florida, and between Clearwater and Naples on the west coast. Well, guess what, depending on the future behavior of the loop current, the number and ferocity of Gulf of Mexico hurricanes, and the frequency of undersea earthquakes and volcanoes, we can expect the white sandy beaches of Florida to be under assault for decades to come.
Therefore, the most expensive coastline in the world will sit in a limbo of sorts. The greatest concentration of wealth ­ trillions of dollars in residential and commercial real estate ­ sits in the state of abeyance while the Gulf periodically and unpredictably regurgitates oil, dispersants and dead marine life. We wonder if this RE can ever be sold at even a fraction of their pre-2010 values. Imagine owning a $40 million beachfront property that never knows when these contaminants, chemicals, and corpses are going to come ashore. Not a pretty picture.
However, there is an upside. And it is this. We have a Clash of the Titans in the making. And it is this conflict that will facilitate the process of global transformation that would be hard to effectuate in any other way. Who are these titans? We have the largest oil and gas corporations on earth bumping up against the richest people on earth. Quite a spectacle, and guaranteed to produce an outcome of epic proportions.
Of course , there are many others conflicts heating up like BP vs BO, the State of Louisiana vs the US Federal Government & British Petroleum (BJ vs BO & BP) and Everyone vs the EPA. Let's not forget the one that's been festering for the past 235 years between the USA and the UK, as this one demands a swift and thorough resolution if the US is to finally let go of Her status as a de facto colony . However, it will be the unseen, unheard internecine feuds like the one between BP and her industry brothers and sisters that really takes the platforms down for good. When you're the skunk at the picnic, even your best friends will do everything in their power to decisively eliminate the odor, source and all.
Now here's the poetic justice piece. Many of these South Florida residents are the beneficiaries of multi-generational revenue streams that have been produced by various trusts, blocks of stock ownership, interlocking directorships and the perks that go with them, as well as many other extremely profitable financial instruments that are tied directly, and indirectly, to the spoils of the Oil & Gas Industry which have inexorably accrued for well over a century. That's a LOT of accumulated wealth. And much of it is domiciled, and manifests in the form of countless multifarious commercial and business interests throughout South Florida.
As the karmic slack significantly tightens throughout the final years of the Mayan calendar, so does karmic payback on both sides of this equation. Voila, we are about to witness the final battle of the Clash of these Titans. As we experience the final death throes of the Anglo-Americam juggernaut, the very same tactics and strategy that the rich and powerful have always employed with awesome effect will now be theirs to experience. It's called divide and conquer working itself up the financial/economic food chain of the planet to the very pinnacle of worldly power. The proverbial snake consuming its own body is perhaps the best word picture that illustrates what happens when corrupt, crony, corporate capitalism devours itself.
Please know that there is a very shiny silver lining in this dark oily cloud. We speak of the upcoming transition away from the hydrocarbon fuel paradigm. And toward a clean and green energy platform that is truly sustainable and renewable. With a global population fast approaching 7 billion humanoids, the planet can hardly tolerate any type of energy source that is not environmentally friendly and ecologically sound. It is that simple. Unfortunately, humankind was not willing to receive the message in any other way but by an all out catastrophe ­ Armageddon style.
Perhaps the human race will now wake up to the fact that there is a conscious being under their feet. That there are many other living beings who have a right to exactly what human beings have a right to. We hope and pray that the American consciousness expands into an awareness of otherness and respect for all life, especially the human life in other nations that are seemingly foreign to them. The future will not allow anything less if humanity hopes to survive. And for some of us, to actually thrive as the planet Herself transitions through 4th density on the way to "A New Earth".
Dr. Tom Termotto, National Coordinator Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (International Citizens' Initiative) Tallahassee, FL OilSpillSolution@comcast.net

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