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Warning - Gulf Toxins
Showing Up In Local Apples?  

Posted By Gnostic
Rumor Mill News
This is one for the Books...
My wife and I went shopping yesterday and I bought these wonderful looking apples. They were called Breaburn Apples. Well tonight I took my first bite and was I in for a shock of my life...
The apples tasted fine but had a horrible odor to them from the meat of the apple... I mean absolute stringent odor... I immediately recognized the smell, it was petroleum oil... Even as I write this the petroleum is in my mouth and somewhat burning my throat, and yet the part of the apple I ate, tasted fine...
I looked at my wife and said, I have to wonder if these apples were grown near the Gulf via that terrible oil spill, so I checked into Breaburn and sure enough they are grown off the Bayou of Houston Texas...
One only has to wonder how many other food products were tainted like this via this horrible spill. I am going to go to our local grocery store tomorrow and warn them of this, it is absolutely disgusting... not to mention dangerous and deadly...
Be forewarned
Mary Sparrowdancer
This is why I have been urging people to grow ALL of their own fruit in their own yards, or at least in pots and tubs if they don't have yards, or have local people with yards grow food locally. Grow your own apples, grow your own fruit - and I would suggest acquiring a taste for bitter fruit such as black currants and gooseberries, which were outlawed in the US shortly after gov't/chemical workers discovered the truth about vitamin C in the early 1900s. Both Currants and Gooseberries have exceptional levels of natural vitamin C - the chemical version of C does not.
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