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Obama, BP Violate Human Rights Article 23
By Deborah Dupre 
The Examiner.com
Returning to work after tropical storm Bonnie, poor people's human rights continue to be violated in the Gulf of Mexico lethal oil and chemical dispersant operation. The Obama administration knows and is condoning these violations.
One former BP worker said that all the workers are sick and that she quit so she can live to care for her children, even if that means unemployment and homelessness. (See: Lean TV Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YuhJsat4z0&feature=related)
Desperate for work, mostly people of color, many undocumented aliens, many prisoners - at least 2,400 workers are destined to suffer and die early due to these abusive conditions.
Of the 30 United Nations Declaration of Human Rights Articles, Article 23 states:
"(1) Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment."
Ex-BP employees report that before signing contracts, they are promised protective gear, only to be denied it once they begin work.
While recently investigating the Gulf events, Wayne Madsen reported that BP has been hiring the poor in Mexico and Jamaica and transporting them through Texas.
Madsen has photographic evidence of illegal alien workers and other low-paid workers not afforded respirators that workers have in more affluent areas of the clean-up project.
On July 14, "WMR witnessed clean-up crews wearing respirators cleaning oil from the shore line of a lagoon in Gulf Shores, Alabama, a neighborhood surrounded by expensive condominiums and vacation rental homes.
"Other beach communities where the median income is not as high have not seen such meticulous cleaning operations that include protection of clean-up workers and the careful deployment of booms."
WKRG recently reported that the NAACP President Ben Jealous sent a letter to BP expressing concerns that minorities helping to clean up the oil spill on the Gulf Coast tend to be assigned tougher and lower paying jobs and re not being provided with protective clothing and masks.
Julianne Hing for ColorLines has reported:
... up on the water's surface, the cleanup effort is being hampered by the many health issues cleanup workers have been dealing with. On top of that, temperatures in the Gulf Coast hit 110 degrees yesterday, prompting fireboats to start spraying water on the oil-slicked surface to combat the toxic fumes that the combined oil and chemical dispersants have created.
If Gulf workers become ill, it is attributed to heat or stress.
Work conditions are so abusive, ex-BP employee Kellie Fellows said on Lean TV (www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YuhJsat4z0&feature=related) that she will face homelessness on the street with their children - and live - rather than die working in the Gulf clean-up project and leave her children without a parent.
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Deborah Dupre', M.Sci., Ed.Sp., QMHP

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