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How Much Oil Has BP
Drilled Into? Try THIS On...

From Richard Wilcox 

Mount Everest has a volume of approximately 365 cubic miles from sea level to the summit.
A cubic mile would hold 1.101117147 10 to the 12th gallons of liquid.
Thus: 11,011,171,470,000 gallons x 365 = 4,019,077,586,550,000
That is, according to a report from Wayne Madsen that the oil cavern that the BP rig tapped into is the size of Mt. Everest, we are looking at a whooping: FOUR QUADRILLION gallons of friggin' oil that could be released into the ocean.
According to a geophysicist we know, "average annual spillage from natural seeps and normal human activities is 380 million gallons annually." Not sure the how much of that is natural seepage and how much from human pollution, but it is small compared to four quadrillion, or even four hundred billion gallons, released in a fairly short period.
Please check my math and let me know if I have made some gigantic mistake, thank you.
And have a nice day.
BP Sludge, working to make the world a better place. In association with MonSatan, genetically modified food for your non future.

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