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BP ­ Beyond Prosecution?
By Jim Kirwan
British Petroleum ought not to be 'Beyond Prosecution' and yet that appears to be exactly what the 'BP' stands for. The political failure to look back twenty years ago into the Exxon-Valdez oil spill that enabled the massive failures throughout the Deepwater Horizon blowout.
That failure-to-prosecute then is what is keeping criminal prosecutions in the Gulf off-the-table now. This failure to act, or even to appear to act now, makes it impossible to do what the entirely criminal establishment normally always does. Namely, to demand that we 'not play the blame game and look only to the future'. But this time it is clear to everyone, even to those behind this crime that we cannot look forward yet because the criminality has only just begun to unfold.
To understand the balance that has been shattered by Deep Water Horizon you only need to grasp the fact of how the wave actions in the oceans of the world have always completed their function. The waves rise and fall in answer to the winds and currents that exist around the planet. This 'state' is not something can ever remain fixed because this is the way that the oceans of the world have been breathing since the planet became habitable by humans. The events set in motion by the detonation of Deep Water Horizon has begun a process that could begin to end the viability of the oceans along with all the life that has depended upon their stability for millions of years. (1)
This devastating failures surrounding Deep Water Horizon are now entering the second month; with both the government and the oil companies having completely wasted all the time between the blowout and today. The resulting damage to the Gulf, to the Gulf-Stream and to the food chain, as well as to the aquatic life amid the oceans and along all the coastlines which this crime will directly affect, as the true scale of this obscenity finally begins to become known. Once this corruption makes its way into the Gulf Stream that encircles the earth through the oceans of the world-only then will the true scale of this colossal crime become apparent.
With the above in-mind; this criminal-disaster is now just waiting for the beginning of the Hurricane Season. Once that begins the oil-drenched waters of the Gulf of Mexico will create massive new problems from acid rain to raining oil along with the watery walls of oil which will inundate the coastal regions and will finish off whatever might still remain today of those areas that were never truly protected by the government or the oil giants from the ravages of this crime, that will continue to punish us in every aspect of our neglect for the welfare of nature or for the lives of the people of this planet.
If we were serious about this, in any respect, then the public would have immediately demanded the head of the EPA chief and everyone else associated with the obviously criminally-liable procedures that were used to allow this crime to happen in the first place. Instead the government has attempted to protect BP, Halliburton and the others involved in this aspect of the continuing-murder of our way-of-life.
The financial cost alone of this crime will begin at over a trillion dollars and no one can know how much this outrage will end up costing once everything is factored into to the price of the lawlessness which this will cost us all in the end. This crime is too important to be left to politicians and lobbyists to solve. The people who were in charge when the blowout occurred should have been fired within twenty-four hours of the explosions: Yet they are still there, still making the half-hearted failed gestures that have only prolonged a real response and enabled so much more permanent damage to go unchallenged.
There are literally hundreds of other Deep Water Horizons out there just waiting to add more failures to this nightmare, and yet no one in authority has made any move to limit any potential repeat of this criminal act. Here is the Atlantis Oil & Gas Production Platform also located in the Gulf of Mexico; it is the deepest moored oil and gas facility in the world. Will "Atlantis" repeat what became of its namesake, and if so at what cost to the world?
The oil giants are quite literally standing astride the commercial world as officially UNTOUCHABLE outlaws that are holding our entire lives hostage to their profits and their unquenchably callous greed. It is way past time that the public began to force this government to act to defend not just the public but the planet from these Robber-Barons of the New Millennium.
If we fail to demand an open and complete criminal-prosecution of these outlaws that have been legally and monetarily responsible for all the damage they have willfully caused then we shall become no longer victims but we will become a major part of the problem itself: Co-conspirators in the ongoing murder of the planet and the impending destruction of the human race. If you disagree with the nature of that charge then factor in what we have allowed so far.
We have allowed these same lawless giants to cut and to burn the rainforests of the world; those rainforest were the lungs of the planets' air-filtration system. We have allowed the 'energy companies' to remove the tops of our mountains and to pollute the fresh water streams below them ­ with no concern at all for what this damage has done to the ecosystems on the land. We have allowed the creation and mining of the oil in the tar sands in Canada which is creating yet another toxic stew whose repercussions will be felt for decades if not centuries to come. And these events are only some of what was done in the name of the 'energy policy' that Cheney set in motion in his first massively-secret-act as VP under the dictator George Bush Jr. We have been lied to over and over again, and those lies have taken us to the very edge of the abyss that we must now face.
Thirty-nine percent of BP's oil is sold to this country; which is part of the power that we are being blackmailed with to allow them to continue to exist. People have been reluctant to act because of their own self-interest and in many cases their own livelihood is literally at stake. Yet the one thing that we have NEVER DONE is to hold those in charge responsible for any of the crimes committed against us since 911. We can foresee some of what will happen if we demand that action be taken-what we do not know is just how final the outcome will be, if we do not DEMAND that everyone associated with these crimes against the world be held to account.
Why not take the plunge and at least insure that this can never happen again; The world itself is actually at risk here, and all our continued failures are finally surfacing in this malevolent crime against everything that makes life possible anywhere on earth! If you're not part of the solution then you're part of the problem or as George Carlin so beautifully put it:
"The owners of this country know the truth, it's called the American Dream cause you have to be asleep to believe it." (2)
2) George Carlin ~ Owners of the Country ­ video
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