John The Baptist's Cave - And Head? - Believed Found
 Bigfoot Buttocks Imprint Strongest Evidence Yet
 A Different Nostradamus Prophecy Might Fit George Bush, Jr
 'Champ' Seen On Lake Champlain 16 Times In 2000 - Mystery Remains
 The Star Of Bethlehem Remains An Enigma 
 Arthur Clarke's Uncanny Predictions
 Marjor Part Of Bermuda Triangle Mystery May Be Solved
 NY Psychic Parrot Is 'Staggering' Says Scientist
 Britons Claim To See Host Of Angels
 New Theory On Pyramid Alignment
 'Chupacabra' Skull Subjected To Scientific Scrutiny
 Chilling Tales At Castle - Guide Tells Of Ghostly Footsteps
 School Suspends Girl For Casting Spell - Makes Teacher Ill 
 The Homesick Ghost 

 Research Continues Into Bigfoot 'Body Imprint' Cast
 Soul-Searching Doctors Find Life After Death
 New Wave Of Exorcisms Expected
 Philadelphia Experiment - What They Didn't Want You To Know
 Tests Show Shroud Of Turin Much Older Than Carbon-14 Date
 14 Researchers Make Unprecendented Bigfoot Discovery
 Real-Life Psychic Sleuths In UK
 Sai Baba Charged With Fraud, Sexual Offenses
 The Secrets Of Alexandria
 Was Jules Verne A Prophet?
 Chupacabra Attacks In Chile - Over 800 Animals Now Dead
 Virgin Mary Said To Appear Again At Monastery In Egypt
 Pictures Of Nessie? Underwater Nessie-Cam Reveals Strange Shape
 Bizarre 'Spider Web' (?) Fall Covers Woman's Property - Photos
 To Make A Demonic Movie You Need The Holy Hardware
 Chicago Archdiocese Appoints Full-Time Exorcist
 Does The Bible Predict A Coming Nuclear Holocaust?
 Did Time Speed Up 35 Years Ago? - 1965 Article By Brad Steiger
 'Wolfman' Terrorizes Town In Northern Argentina
 Easter Island - Land Of Giants Remains Mysterious
 Bigfoot Sighting Reported In Westmoreland County, PA
 New Colorado Bigfoot Sightings - Footprint Photos
 EXCLUSIVE - Major Bigfoot Sighting In Southern Oregon
 Chupacabras Reported In Tierra del Fuego - Hundreds Of Dead Animals
 Washington Forestry Manager Has Eyewitness Bigfoot Encounter
 Research Team Spiritedly Pursues The Paranormal
 Why Jeff Rense And Brad SteigerDon't Like Ouija Boards!
 'A Whitewash' - Fatima Center On Vatican's Version Of Third Prophecy
 Florida 'Skunk Ape' Said Caught On Video
 Ghosts Invade And Terrorize Kenyan Schools
 Fatima Third Secret A Forgery Reports Forensic Lab
 12' Tall Bigfoot Seen By Four Workers And Officer In Maryland

 USS Hornet - Staff And Visitors Report Seeing And Hearing Strange Things
 Ouija Board Spooks Inmates - Priest With Holy Water Needed
 'Chupacabra' Corpse In Nicaragua 'Just A Dog'?
 Autopsied Chupacabra Cadaver Said Not Same As One In First Photos
 Latest 'Chupacabra' Details And Photos
 'Chupacabra' Corpse In Nicaragua 'Just A Dog'?
 Photos & Article On A Chupacabras Recently Killed in Nicaragua
 Chileans Say US Took Custody Of Captured Chupacabras
 'This Isn't My Goatsucker!' - Farmer Says Skeletons Were Switched
 Devil Defeats The Pope In Vatican Exorcism Battle
 Yowie Sighted And Filmed Near Canberra, Australia
 The Mystery Of The Thunderbird
  'Nessie' Voices Recorded (?) Might Be Relative Of Walrus?
  Remote Viewing, Are We Confused Yet?
  2,000 Year Old Greek Computer Calculated Motions Of Stars And Planets
  Report Of Chupacabra 'Eggs' Now Part Of The Mystery
  Chileans Say US Took Custody Of Captured Chupacabras
   Is The Chupacabra A 'Thinking' Animal?
  Chupas Strike Again In Chile - 3 Said Captured And Turned Over To US

  Yowies Are Also Candy In Oz
  Did The Vatican Reveal The FULL Fatima Propehcy?
  Chupacabras Attack More Farms In Chile
  BC's Lake Monster 'Ogopogo' Now Has A Price On His Head
  New Bigfoot Sighting In Wisconsin
  David Icke Blasts 'Robot Radical Fascist' Efforts To Silence Him
  David Icke Drawing Heavy Fire - Getting Too Close To The Truth?
  Scores Of RODS Videotaped Over Japan - See For Yourself
   Photo Of One Of Jose's 'Rods' Flying On Mars?
   The Amazing Splitting Of Van Tassel's 'Giant Rock' - A Prophecy Fulfilled?
   Contactee Van Tassel's 'Giant Rock' In Mojave Desert Breaks Apart
   For These Ghost Hunters...It's All In The Ectoplasm 
  Ouija Board Warning - Don't Open The Door To Strangers...
  Reports From Real-Life Haunted Houses
   Amazing Historic Bigfoot Encounters In British Columbia
    Bigfoot Burial Ground Identified In Ohio?
   Scotland's Nessie Sighted By Texas Couple Via Live Netcam
   RODS - Two Amazing Reports Of Eyewitness Sightings
   Bigfoot Community Living In Ohio Forest Say Locals
   Another Impressive Bigfoot Sighting - Marion, W.VA - April 26, 1999

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