NY Psychic Parrot
Is 'Staggering'
Says Scientist


A New York woman claims to have a psychic parrot which knows exactly what visitors are thinking.
Aimee Morgana says N'Kisi passes every telepathy test she is given by using her 555 word vocabulary to comment on people's thoughts.
Ms Morgana sits in one room looking at images while N'Kisi is in an other - when a photo of a bouquet is shown the bird screams "That's a picture of flowers!" a telephone earns the response "What'cha doin' on the phone".
Former Cambridge scientist Dr Rupert Sheldrake has carried out a test using 70 images and found the parrot got it right 32 times, he said: "You'd only expect 5.2 hits like this to occur by chance. This was staggering."
The claims have been tested by a Mail on Sunday journalist who was shocked to see that the parrot 'knew' she had earlier been talking about a friend's dead pet - the parrot commented "Remember the cat?"
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