'This Isn't My Goatsucker!' -
Farmer Says Skeletons
Were Switched
From Diario La Prensa de Nicaragua
Owner alleges skeleton was swapped for that of a dog.
"That animal was switched around at the university," claimed Jorge Luis Talavera, who a week ago opened fire against the alleged Chupacabas on his property, San Lorenzo, in the jurisdiction of Malpaisillo.
Jorge Luis Talavera's reaction followed disclosures by UNAN specialists that the skeleton allegedly belonging to the mythic Chupacabras was that of a domestic dog.
Talavera claims that there are several pieces of evidence [to prove] that the skeleton was indeed changed at the UNAN-Leon's laboratory. The first of these is that "the skeleton is complete, although I kept a piece of its front leg". He also claims that the bones turned from a dark color to a lighter one, the teeth turned from pink to white, and from 22 teeth that he counted there are now 40 as well as "more skin on the legs".
On Monday, Talavera will report to the university's Medical Campus to claim the skeleton and return it to Malpaisillo. "They offered to return it even aftery saying that they would not, that they were going to keep it in the municipality because even thought it may have been a dog, it was an uncommon one, given that it fed on blood," he fumed.
He added that he is willing to turn it over to international researchers for a better analysis of the animal's remains, given the fact that local residents are dissatisfied with the UNAN results.
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Chupacabra Study Leaves Questions Unanswered
By Clarisa Altamirano and Maricely Linarte--Correspondents Diario La Prensa de Nicaragua (Nicaragua) 9-3-00
* Dissatisfaction in Malpasillo with University Conclusions * Jorge Luis Talavera, the beast's slayer, claims "researchers left many questions unanswered, such as the cause of death and why it fed on blood" * For Sor Hidalgo, the experts' testimony left serious gaps, such as the question of why an ordinary dog engaged in a random act [of violence] such as draining the blood of 12 sheep in a single night and leaving them uneated, unlike any other wild animal *
LEON.- Leonel Navarro, mayor of Malpasillo, and Sister Paula Hidalgo were not satisfired by the scientific results of the UNAN research laboratory, which established that the alleged Chupacabras skeleton was indeed that of a dog.
Such a conclusion was reached after having perfomed an anatomic and morphological appraisal and comparison of the specimen's bone structure, said university authorities.
However, for Sol Hidalgo, the experts' statment leaves several gaps, such as [the unanswered question] of why a common dog engaged in random acts of violence such as draining the blood of 12 sheep in a single night and leaving them uneaten, unlike any other wild animal.
Furthermore, Jorge Luis Talavera, who shot the beast, claims that "the researchers left many questions unanswered, such as the cause of death and why it fed on blood."
Talavera says that from the day that the skeleton was found, there were no renewed sheep attacks in the area, in spite of the fact that the remaining three animals have prowled the region.
VIcechancellor and research coordinator Dr. Edmundo Torres explained that the study conducted was purely scientific and proper of a serious university and scientific institution, and that they have no interest in concealing the truth.
He added that the canids (zoological branch which includes dogs) are solitary hunters who catch their prey thanks to their speed and on certain occasions to their endurance. Experience and learning are also very important. Canids are highly adaptable and spread over 12 branches and 34 species which included coyotes, dogs, foxes, etc. and can reach speeds of up to 75 km/hour., he explained.
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