Yowie Sighted & Filmed
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(AEDT) A Canberra bushwalker has footage of a large unidentified creature that he believes could be a yowie.
Amateur cameraman Steve Piper captured the mystery animal while filming for a video clip in the Brindabella ranges, south of Canberra.
He says he was filming what he thought was a large kangaroo in a gully, when he realised it was far too big to be a kangaroo.
The bewildered Mr Piper has delivered the footage to a research group investigating possible yowie sightings.
The footage has been touted as the best of its kind since an alleged Bigfoot sighting at Bluff Creek in the United States in 1968.
A researcher, says it is the most conclusive evidence to date that a Bigfoot creature may be roaming the Australian wilderness.
Further investigations will now be carried out in the Brindabellas, where two sightings have been reported in the past century
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