Bigfoot Community Living
In Ohio Forest Say Locals
By Kirsten Stanley
Staff Writer
Portsmouth Times (Ohio)
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The legend of Bigfoot has been told for centureis, but some local residents have come forward to say it is more than a legend in Scioto County. According to them, Bigfoot is alive and lurking in the Shawnee Forest.
Dallas Gilbert said he has seen Bigfoot, smelled Bigfoot and has even been lifted off the ground by Bigfoot.
"I have seen the creature nine times," Gilbert said. "I have been in situations that have nearly scared me to death."
Gilbert has numerous videos and pictures showing what he believes is proof of a local Bigfoot community. Although he will not discuss the exact location -for fear of Bigfoot's safety- Gilbert said he has seen where Bigfoot calls home.
"There are places where you can see territorial markings and snaps that the creature has made in the trees," Gilbert said. "There are even canopies and bows made of trees for him to sleep under."
A burial stone with the impression of Bigfoot is another piece of evidence Gilbert points to as proof the creature exists.
"It looks like a tombstone almost," Gilbert said. "You can see the outlines of the creature's eyes, head and his teeth.
Gilbert said the stone could represent a burial site for a Bigfoot creature or creatures. Although Gilbert claims he has discussed his findings with a primatologist in Columbus, he would not give the expert's name or what she said about his alleged discovery.
"There's nothing else like in in the world, from what I know," Gilbert said.
Wayne Burton is Gilbert's Bigfoot-hunting partner and also said he believes the creature exists. He first saw Bigfoot in 1978 and has seen the creature several other times, he said.
"We realize that it's a hard thing to believe if you haven't seen it," Burton said. "There are a lot of skeptics out there, so we want to prove to people that Bigfoot does exist in Scioto County."
According to Burton, he has nearly been attacked by the creature during one of his expeditions. Bigfoot charged and came within 20 feet of him, he said.
"I turned around and Bigfoot was gruntin', growlin' and carrying' on," Burton said. "It was a scary, scary thing."
Although Burton and Gilbert are excited about their alleged discovery, Shawnee Forest officials are not so enthused.
"We have had no confirmed sightings of Bigfoot out here," said Ben Hamilton, assistant manager of Shawnee Forest. "There has been no concrete proof that anything exists like that here."
Hamilton said he has seen Gilbert's pictures, but still is not convinced the photos show any type of Bigfoot creature.
"No one has proven that there are such things as Bigfoot," Hamilton said, "let alone one in the Shawnee Forest."