Bizarre 'Spider Web'(?) Fall
Covers Woman's Property

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'Spiderwebs' Are Commonly Found After UFO Sightings - A Product Of Ionization Around Craft
From Kurt F. Beswick
I'll be completely frank with you, and I'm dead serious when I say this: The spidersilk-like substance in your yard is a byproduct of a massive ionization field which was more than likely generated by a UFO. The droning sound you heard is a result of the EM (electromagnetic) field that is generated by UFO's as part of their propulsion system.
This is not an uncommon thing to be seen both during and after UFO sightings. Look around on the internet a little and you will immediately find dozens and dozens of reports from eyewitnesses of seeing this exact same thing. They are microfilament fibers that are produced when the atmosphere around the surface of a craft is ionized.
I can't explain the actual process of how they are formed, but I have to reference a book I have at home by Dr. Paul Hill, ex-Chief Scientist Manager at NASA's Langley Research Center. His book, "Unconventional Flying Objects" is the absolute Holy Grail of UFO research. Everything, including these silk-like byproducts, is explained in great detail in his book. It's so precise, accurate and believeable that I'm really quite suprised the US Government hasn't removed it from the shelves. Please take a moment to read the following synopsis if you have a chance:
It's too bad you weren't out in your yard when this was occurring, you'd have quite a bit more to take pictures of than just this white silky stuff. I'm a private researcher/ufologist and artist. I've been researching cases and consulting with various MUFON branches in a number of different states for the last 7 years. I will try to remember to pull that book when I get home and I'll be able to give you the exact step by step process of how this material is formed, or you can do yourself a favor and actually get a copy for yourself to read. It's very technical and includes a great deal of math, engineering principles and physics, but is well worth the read.
I hope I have shed some light on this mystery for you.
Best Regards,
Kurt F. Beswick
Oculus Graphic Design
Angel hair comment
From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
From UFO UpDates - Toronto
Dear Rusty,
I haven't hearded of 'Angel Hair' for years. It used to be very popular in the 60's and 70's. We translated your note to Spanish and placed it on a few Spanish Lists. Here is one response:
The strange "apparatus" (UFO) made diverse maneuvers in the field and soon it disappeared at great speed. This took place in the winter of 1979 in the countryside of Uriburu, province of Pampas, in Argentina. The following morning, the ones in charge of that rural estate crossed the zone where the" the apparatus "had flow and found what they described like" great amount of spiderwebs". At that time, they did not disclose the experience until later time.
Two months later, we arrived at that zone and find absolutely nothing. Some witnesses declared that they did not say anything before to avoid problems with mass media, but assured us that in that zone, "it was very frequent", specially to see "apparatuses" (UFOs) at night. In our region, it is the only case that we could called "Angel Hair", since we do not have registry of similar events. Lamentably there is no photograph, but as a description, this is a wide open field, apt for cereal farming, with some small natural lagoons.
Source: Quique & Mario from La Pampa, Argentina. placed in CEUFO List (in Spanish).
Very truly yours,
Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center (Español)
Miami UFO Reporter (English)
Depredador de Sangre(Español)
Hemo Predator (English)
Patagrande -Bigfoot- (Español)

From A. Hebert
The web-like patches in the photos linked to this story remind me of tent caterpillers so common in various states. Spiders are not the only creatures that make webs - caterpillers also make various web-like structures.
One caterpiller called the "tent caterpiller" lives in groups within a silken tent. One type of tent caterpiller, the Fall Webworm, appears about this time of year throughout the United States and Canada. "The first generation of caterpillars start to feed sometime in mid-spring to early summer. After feeding, they pupate in the soil and a second generation of webworms will be observed during August or September." A picture of one of these "tent" structures may be found at: "".
While living in Louisiana years ago, I observed hundreds of caterpillers dropping from the trees and building web-tents everywhere. They don't just built their "tents" in trees. Sometimes drought or other extreme weather conditions may upset the normal balance of these insects and they may display behaviors not observed in previous years.
The first person one should consult to analyse these web-like substances would be an entomologist. It seems more likely something on the ground is caused by something on or near the ground than something that might fly over. That's the first place I'd begin if I was serious about finding the truth.
A. Hebert
Jeff, I have just put on a webpage about ten photos of some mysterious spiderweb stuff that I woke up to this morning. Events that led up to this are leaning toward contrail connected.
Last night I heard a "Droning" sound for about an hour. My dog went out and came in and was sick. I had a very severe sinus attack. This morning, my yard was literally "Covered " with this stuff. I did get samples and am now trying to find a lab that will analyze them.
You can see the pictures at
Thank you
Retha Rutherford (Rusty) or
From Retha Rutherford
Hi: LOL...not likely. I have seen the tent catepillars. This stuff was NOT them. I have sent two samples of the stuff to two separate labs and will inform you when I get the results back. There are a couple reasons why I think This stiff was dropped from the air. One, I heard a "droning" sound . Went out to look but could not see a plane. Two, My dog went out right after that and came in and threw up immediately some strange yellow foamy stuff. Three I experienced a very severe sinus attack after I went out with the dog. Four, If this is "Normal spiders" why have I not seen it before since I have been here since 1994? Five , When I went the 7 miles into town right after taking the pictures there were none in evidence the whole way to town. Only one or two small patches of it which was close to my house. Why only in my Yard? Six, When trying to collect the samples of the stuff it turned to a clear goo somewhat like the slimy stuff you see when you cut Okra . These are the things which make me believe this stuff was not normal by any means.

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