Chileans Say US
Took Custody Of
Captured Chupacabras
By Joseph Trainor <>
Editor - UFO Roundup Vol 5, No 23

Chile Government Asks
Clarification Of NASA/Chupacabras Links
Translation (c) 2000. Institute of Hispanic Ufology With thanks to Scott Corrales From Diaro El Sur-Concepcion - Chile
SANTIAGO (EFE)- Chilean space researchers announced yesterday that they will ask their government, through the Ministry of Defense, to investigate the alleged responsibility of NASA, the United States space agency, in the manifestations of the so-called "Chupacabras" which has caused the deaths of hundreds of domestic animals in this country.
The "ufologists" pointed out in their press conference that accounts indicating NASA scientists lost control of at least three "genetic experiments" in Chile are growing. Said specimens would be the ones that massacred a variety of animal species in several regions.
A number of animals turned up dead for the first time in Calama and its environs last April, rendered completely bloodless and without having been devoured by the enigmatic predator. Similar killings later took place throughout other southern locations in the country.
"Many persons agree that they have seen a kind of ape or mandrill with human features but with very large eyes, who moves very quickly and in a zigzagging manner," stated Cristian Riffo, director of the "Ovnivision" group. According to this researcher, an animal of these characteristics was hunted by the chilean military in the vicinity of the Radomiro Tomic mine near Calama, an operation in which one soldier allegedly died.
For this reason, Riffo stated that they would visit the Ministry of Defense tomorrow to demand a clarification of these accounts. They will also ask the Army to explain if accounts of the death of a soldier duirng the capture of one of these genetic monsters is indeed true.
Residents of Calama, a city in northern Chile, claim that NASA took custody of the three Chupacabras reportedly captured by the Chilean army two weeks ago.
According to reports obtained by Marcial Campos Maza, a reporter for Chile's EFE new service, Chilean troops captured the three creatures in the desert near the Radomiro Tomic mine north of Calama. During the pursuit, a firefight ensued in which one Chilean soldier was reportedly killed.
The three creatures--a male, a female and a child-- were held at the regiment's barracks for several hours. Then a NASA team reportedly arrived by helicopter to take custody of them.
Some residents of Calama, however, claimed that that the Chupacabras were "creations" of NASA.
"'The gringos had at least three genetic experiments run away from them, and they've only been able to capture two of them,' said Dagoberto Corante, a Chilean architect."
"Residents of Calama and nearby communities continued to blame NASA, the U.S. space agency, for the apparitions and attacks of the mysterious Chupacabras, which has killed man farm animals in the region and in other parts of Chile. Several dozen goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits and other animals turned up dead in northern Calama and its environs during late April (2000)--their bodies completely exsanguinated (drained of blood--J.T.) and un-devoured by the mysterious predator."
Stories continue to spread of "the Chupacabras' alleged destructiveness and their ability of leaping 3-meter (10-foot) tall walls, its ability to walk unmolested among dogs, while police and volunteers who have set out after it find only scattered footprints in this area of desert terrain 1,500 kilometers (900 miles) north of" Santiago de Chile, the national capital.
"According to Dagoberto Corante, one such creature was captured by elements of a local (army) regiment in an operation that resulted in the death of one soldier, but the (Chilean) military have allegedly refused to discuss the matter."
"'It was said that the captured animal was kept all day at at the regiment's barracks until NASA experts arrived to take it away.' said Corante, who is well-known and respected in the area where the Chupacabra feasted on blood and spread fear among the population."
"'On the day that the event transpired, the military even closed the (Calama) airport for several hours to enable the landing of a helicopter conveying American scientists,' he added, 'although no one is quite sure why they had to close down an airport in order for a helicopter to function--those are devices able to land anywhere, and the fact has given rise to much speculation.'"
(Editor's Comment: Obviously the "secret team" wanted to arrive unobserved. Helicopters landing in public always draw a crowd.)
"Mario Ramos, a respected resident of San Pedro de Atacama, where he owns a butcher shop, largely agrees with Corante's story and concerns, and while he doesn't care to discuss the subject, agreed that a soldier had indeed perished during the Chupacabra's capture."
Scott Corrales, author of the books Chupacabras and Other Mysteries and Forbidden Mexico is not so sure that NASA performed the retrieval. He writes, "The fact is that a number of (USA) agencies (take your pick--S.C.) shield themselves behind NASA's glowing reputation overseas to conduct covert ops.
If a bunch of military men turn up in the back country of any South American nation, they're more than likely to find themselves pinned down by unfriendly fire. If they swap their cammo for lab coats and say NASA, everyone will say, 'Oh, NASA! The guys who put us on the Moon. Right this way.'" (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria Coluchi para esa historia.)
(Editor's Comment: I just can't see NASA administrator Dan Goldin as a Boris Karloff-type mad scientist cooking up monsters in the lab. I'm wondering if these creatures had anything to do with the UFO crash in northern Argentina weeks ago. Welcome to Varginha 2. I wonder what's on the menu tonight at Camp Condon. Army-issue tuna-and-noodles!? Maybe it will taste better with some ketchup on it.)

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