Bigfoot Sighting Reported In Westmoreland County, PA
From Stan Gordon <>
On June 10, 2000, Eric Altman, Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, received an e-mail from a woman who claimed to have seen a Bigfoot the day before. At approximately 7 A.M. on June 9, the witness was traveling east on Route 30 between Jeannette and Greensburg, Pennsylvania in Westmoreland County when the observation reportedly occurred. The lady had left her home early that morning and was enroute to her job. She had slowed down to look at a car that was for sale and was looking towards the right side. Seconds later her attention was drawn to a large dark manlike creature, which was standing on a back road which was surrounded by woods.
While the observation only lasted about 15-20 seconds, the witness saw the creature cross the road, and enter into a nearby wooded area. The woman estimated that the creature stood about 6-7 feet tall, and weighed approximately 300-400 pounds. The witness states that she slammed on her brakes as soon as she saw the creature, but it could no longer be seen. The lady was so upset after the observation, that she pulled off the road. She later continued onto work but didn't tell anyone about what she had seen. She said that she was disturbed all day as a result of her experience, but waited until she got home to tell her daughter about what she had observed. The witness and her daughter discussed the possibility of reporting the encounter, but they didn't want to call the police. The witness located Eric through his web site.
Eric contacted me soon after he received the sighting report. On June 13, Eric and I met the witness and conducted an interview with her. We also accompanied the woman to the scene of the sighting so that we could get a better understanding of what had occurred. Eric had also invited another Bigfoot witness whom he is familiar with to accompany us. During the interview more information about the incident came forward.
The woman indicated that she was driving slowly along Route 30 at approximately 20-25 miles per hour. When the witness noticed the creature, it was approximately 300 feet away. It was standing sideways in a "hunched position" on the back road, looking west towards the woods ahead. As the witness watched, the creature turned it's head and looked towards the highway, then took two or three long strides and stepped into the thick woods where it was lost from sight. The woman stated that the creature was manlike and covered with long black hair. While no facial features could be determined, the head seemed somewhat oval in shape, and there was very little neck apparent. There was hair hanging down from the chin, and the hair appeared thinner on the arms. The arms hung down at the sides of the creature, and they appeared long, and extended down to almost the knees.
The chest area appeared larger than the area around the abdomen. The physical detail which stood out to the witness, was that the legs appeared extremely long in comparison to the rest of the body. The legs were thin and covered with hair. After the interview, we went to the location of the sighting. Eric's friend made a good subject for the witness to compare with, in regard to the size of the creature. This gentleman is about 6'2" tall, and weighs about 325 pounds. Eric and the witness and I, stayed near the top of the hill towards the highway, while this man went down the road to stand at the approximate spot where the creature reportedly stood. The witness was amazed when she realized that this man looked small in comparison to the creature. She now estimates that the creature would have been around 8 feet tall. The witness says that she is reluctant to tell others about her sighting. This lady never believed in such accounts until she had her own encounter.
Additional Notes:
Eric and some of his associates looked over the area in the vicinity of where the creature was seen for any signs of tracks or other physical evidence. It is my understanding that nothing conclusive was found. During the 1970's and 1980's, I investigated numerous Bigfoot sightings within a few miles of where this observation reportedly took place.
Stan Gordon
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