Nessie or...?
Dear Jeff,
I visit Sightings on a daily basis.
Now there is a web site,, devoted to Nessie that transmits picture frames live from above and below the lake's surface thus letting Internet users monitor for the fabled lake "monster".
Since I discovered this site I have become addicted to viewing through the underwater camera. Night time is the most rewarding time to view as the spotlights attract a lot of fish. This is how I took a few lucky shots of a seeming creature unlike anything I have ever seen. Odds are that it is a known species to those who are familiar with the lake's fauna but why take chances.
Pic1 seems to show the humpack whale-like front view of the creature. Pic2 shows what seems to be the head and front appendages. In Pic3 it seems to have harpooned one of the fish. In Pic4 it seems to have it drawn close to its mouth. If Pic5 shows the same creature I am puzzled as to the angle - what we are viewing.
It is hard for me to estimate the size of the creature as I do not know whether the fish near it are small like stickleback or big like trout. Also the creature's outline is always fuzzy meaning that it is a lot further than the fish.
Best Regards, Mihalis.
Bob Blatsky
I think it's some kind of shrimp or brine or prawn very close to the camera, knocking out the focus, especially since it appears to have prawn-like shape (pic 5) and is crosses in front of close-up fish in pic #2.
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