Did The Vatican
Reveal The FULL
Fatima Propehcy?
From Stan and Holly Deyo
The long-awaited "Third Secret of Fatima" was revealed yesterday at the close of a ceremony to beatify two of the three children to whom the vision was given in 1917. More than 500,000 people gathered for the ceremony and to hear the 83-year-old mystery unveiled.
And the mystery was? That an assassination attempt would be made on the Pope which they said was fulfilled 19 years ago.
This may indeed be a part of the Fatima secret, but it's doubtful if it is everything. It simply doesn't add up. The Vatican has been well aware of the furor surrounding the Secret for decades. Many people have wanted to know what it held, yearned for it, yet there was nothing but silence.
It's not that assassination is not despicable. It is, but it hardly merits "lips-sealed" 19 years after the fact especially since the Pope survived the attempt.
Twice now Kathleen Keating has been interviewed on Art Bell. Recently deceased Father Malachi Martin was a guest on Art Bell numerous occasions. Ms. Keating revealed that she had spoken with Malachi Martin and shared the same information during their interviews. BOTH revealed on air that (this is paraphrased) "the Fatima secret was the worst thing you could ever imagine and then go way beyond that".
Here is an excerpt about Fatima from her first interview with Art Bell:
Art - Did you speak Father Martin about the third secret of Fatima?
Kathleen - Only in vagaries, and in verifying information that I had, because he was sworn to oath that he would not reveal it. We did intimate enough details that you got a good idea
Art - Do you recall his saying it would be the worst that you could imagine?
Kathleen - Right, and then some.
Art - And then some? And it's worse than that?
Kathleen - It is. It is enough to drive the strongest person nuts.
Art - How close to all of this do you think we are now?
Kathleen - I think you're going see part of it happening within a year or two.
Art - Within a year or two?
Kathleen - Within a year or two, if not sooner. From what I've been told, the mechanism is in place, and it is moving.
This interview is posted on her web site. The second interview which discusses the Third Secret of Fatima a little further is soon to be posted. Again we reiterate, what is hinted here does not sound like assassination.
Kathleen Keating, author of "The Final Warning" was Art's guest, I think on February 20th and again on April 12th of this year. Her interviews were riveting as were Malachi Martin's. Both of these people, especially Kathleen, were up front that the famed secret stated the next Pope will be the False Prophet or the AntiPope as Catholics refer to him. For those not familiar with Revelation, this is not the same as the Antichrist, but in simple terms, he is the figure who does much to corrupt the church and facilitates the numbering system for the Antichrist.
Ms. Keating, as well as others like Tom Gaughan in his book "Countdown to Armageddon and Beyond" (ISBN: 0-646-36041-8) both state that it is highly likely Pope John Paul II may be "helped along into the next world" either through murder or that he will be declared dead or incapacitated when it is not so. This is to hurry along the next Pope's, anti Pope's, instatement. Comments were also made that the Pope has many enemies and that he has had a very difficult time with those around him in the Vatican that oppose his traditional teachings.
Though this information may be startling, even unbelievable to some, it agrees with what Stan was quietly told about the Third Secret of Fatima in 1975 by a Jesuit priest. The priest had been in the Vatican when Pope John XXIII read the secret aloud and fainted on the spot. During one of the interviews with Malachi Martin, Stan faxed into Art a message stating what he had been told by the Jesuit about the secret and Malachi Martin confirmed its veracity on-air.
When questioned why the last of the Fatima vision had been withheld from the world and Catholics in particular, Ms Keating answered the reason was two-fold:
1. it might have shaken the faith of Catholics so severely that they would have fallen away from the church many years ago.
2. no one wants to assist the Antichrist in any shape or form
With the Pope in frail health at best, we may be on the brink of worse trouble than we have even seen should the next Pope be the False Prophet.
The Pope during the ceremony yesterday beatified two of the three children who died shortly after receiving the vision.
With enemies all around Pope John Paul II, he may have been pressured too severely to NOT reveal the full extent of the Third Secret of Fatima. IF it is true that the next Pope will be the AntiPope or False Prophet, then surely that person already wields great power within the Vatican and does not want his hand shown as his best armor is deceit.
Very possibly the flimsy secret revealed yesterday was delayed 19 years after its fulfillment when the last remaining child who received the vision is herself a frail old woman of 93 and living in a convent. It is doubtful that she could or would confirm or deny the truth of what we heard yesterday since she has been cloistered since 1929.
We share this commentary with you not to shake anyone's faith, but rather to ask you to consider if any of this makes sense to you and to be on the alert lest you be deceived.
With affection, Holly and Stan


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