Sathya Sai Baba: The Good,
The Bad, And The Ugly
David Wilcock
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Regarding the shock and horror that many are feeling after learning of the alleged misdeeds of Satya Sai Baba, the following document on my website is a vital resource for understanding negative spiritual entities and how they operate. According to this extremely credible ET source, undergoing questioning by physicist Dr. Don Elkins, the negative entities surrounding us at this time are originating from the star system of Orion. Reading this article is of absolute importance in understanding how a very possibly positive entity such as the young Satya Sai Baba could have been overtaken by negative forces. If the reader is impatient then it is best to start directly with section number 43, "The Great Choice: to Serve Others or Self."
This same source is extremely highly regarded by Dr. Scott Mandelker, a recent guest on your program who Jeff called "one of the most remarkable people to address the ET issue in a long time." I recently transcribed his Aug. 26, 2000 appearance on the show, and he discussed these negative entities on-air with Jeff in part of the program, specifically in regard to the abduction phenomenon:
Peace and Truth be with you -
- David Wilcock
The Two Consciousnesses Within Sai Baba
From J.Chiappalone
Hello Jeff
I wish to comment on the article you have posted with the heading : Sathya Sai Baba: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
Indeed, Truth is stranger than fiction.
I have been to India on a number of occasions and met with Sai Baba. I have witnessed his miracle-making and listened to accusations about his behaviour since the early 1980s.
Unless one understands exactly what was going on there, one judges in ignorance. That is what the article has done.
The paradox noted by locals, even from early days with Sai, was that he appeared to have 2 different personalities.
The Truth is that the body was being used by 2 different consciousnesses.
One was the Divine Consciousness of Sai which healed, performed miracles, gave wonderful discourses and helped people immensely.
The other was - and is - an evil consciousness called Lanta. This is the one who does demonic things such as cheating people, falsifying "miracles" - in such a way as to get caught so that he can destroy the faith of people in the supernatural - engages in demonic, illicit sexual activity, etc.
Shortly after Amitakh and I saw him in India for the last time, the Theomorphic Sai consciousness left the body permanently. Since that time, the evil, and therefore demonic, consciousness of Lanta has been in the body full time.
I wrote this information in my book "Making Sense of the Madness", first published in 1986, in Victoria, Australia. As this can be verified, any spurious charge that I am making this up, in order to defend Sai, can be easily dismissed.
Anyone with any degree of perceptive ability could see that, in fact, two different beings were using the same body called Sai. Of course, to understand what was going on it would have helped to know about the duality of body and consciousness, the concept of good and evil and the concept of transient walk-ins. etc.
The theomorphic consciousness made the body manifest a kind face, with gentleness, purity and wisdom in the features.
Lanta, the evil consciousness, manifested a dark sullen countenance, a darkened aura, and an expression of untrustworthiness.
Regarding the "miracles": They do happen. The Real Sai does perform them. I agree that the evil one would have cheated in the way described in the article to which I am referring. But I also know that the Real Sai did manifest apports in what our lower minds call a miraculous way.
When Amitakh and I were there waiting to have a final chat about the work of Clearing of this Planet, in preparation for its eventual total destruction, and the destruction of all Evil - a work in which Sai, like
Haidiyakhan Babaji is intimately and intensely involved - he produced a
crystal ball approximately 6 inches in diameter from thin air for some Brazilian visitors. It weighed quite some pounds. He had a flowing gown with very large sleeves in which he could hide nothing. He could certainly not keep that crystal ball hidden between his fingers, until it was time to present it, I assure you.
Well, the writer of the article draws on personal experience and so do I. The most astounding incident is probably the one I wrote about in one of my newsletters some time ago. Sai often visits Amitakh and I. Before a particularly dangerous trip overseas, to fight Reptilians, he physically paid us a visit in Far North Queensland - he simply materialized - in order to discuss our trip. He then "created" a ring for me, as protection, to wear on the journey. I was not to begin wearing it until I landed in the USA however.
We flew to the USA and on the very first night, at 3 am, in a locked motel room, I was stirred from my sleep by none other than Sai. We chatted and then he asked where the protective ring was. My mind flashed to my bedside table! I had left it there!
"That is partly why I've come here tonight", he said. With that, he materialized another ring, and as he handed it to me it was extremely hot, so much so that it left a mild burn on my palm. I wear this ring on my finger to this day.
Indeed, Truth is stranger than fiction.
I hope these explanations and anecdotes help those who wish to be helped and who wish to know the Truth in its entirety, not in self-serving patches.
Joseph Chiappalone
Calvin Cunningham
There are magicians a dime a dozen that can produce whole bowling balls from thin air and smash a table top with them, with people gathered around watching from every angle. Such cheap manifestation theatrics have been used for centuries by so-called 'swami's' to dazzle idiotic westerners bent on seeing something truly supernatural. Let's see Baba whatever (take your pick, there's so many of them I can't keep track) manifest so much as a pumpkin seed under controlled conditions with James Randi present. It won't happen. Uri Gheller couldn't/wouldn't do it... and this phony is not going to turn out to be "the real deal" either.
And talk about lame excuses for his misdeeds! Two 'consciousnesses' using his body? Where is taking responsibility for being evil? It just doesn't exist anymore. There's always some excuse, especially for people who want to weild power, or people who want to keep certain evil people in power; be they establishment or counter-culture. What crap!
From Nancy Irwin
Hello Jeff...
So, Calvin Cunningham, it is one thing to disagree with someone and it is quite another thing to arrogantly and viciously attack Dr. Chiappalone's experiences with Sai Baba. From what basis do you negatively Judge and ridicule his experiences?
If you are so knowledgeable about swami's and their activities over the centuries, "cheap manifestation theatrics", as you called it, can you prove that there weren't two different consciousnesses using that body of Sai Baba? Show me where it says that only one consciousness inhabits a body at a time.
The last thing I would like to ask Calvin, where in Dr. Chiappalone's comments does he make Any Excuses for the evil consciousness called Lanta?

From Margaret Facchini
Dear Jeff,
I am writing to you in response to the Sai Baba article that you have posted recently, and the response by Dr Joseph Chiappalone.
Seven years ago, I read the book "Making Sense Of The Madness" by Dr JSC, and I remember vividly the comments he made regarding Sai Baba and the evil being Lanta that now uses the body that the True Sai Baba once used. I also know that the book was published some seven years earlier than I read it. I have read much of Dr C's writings, if not all of it, and I must say there is no one whom makes more sense to me. By the very fact of how much sense Dr C makes to myself and many others over the years and the actual events that have come to pass many, many years after he wrote about them, and to all those to have followed him closely, that which he writes about Sai Baba becomes so much more credible.
I have read the various testimonials by many of those who were followers of Sai Baba over the years and I was always struck by the dichotomy of the two contrasting personalities that they have witnessed. This certainly correlates very closely with what Dr C has said.
There is one more point I wish to mention regarding further comments about Dr C's, letter posted on your website. I have always been keenly aware that there always two types of responses to Dr C; those that agree whole heartedly with what he writes, and those that have an incredible instant dislike for him.
Therefore, I am not surprised to see that the response to his letter re: Sai Baba has drawn comments such as "crap", nonsense etc... However those that respond in such a way never seem to back up their statements with any logical or rational explanations, certainly not a fraction of the wealth of knowledge that Dr C provides.
Jeff, I respect totally the right of all individuals to follow their own beliefs and free will, however the mounting evidence and facts that are now coming together, especially on your website, support totally the possibility of different consciousnesses using the same body. For example all the child shootings and murders, the sudden unexplained and violent behaviour of those whom friends and family have always known as quiet, polite and harmless people.
As always, your radio shows and website are a wonderful source of information.
All the best,
Melbourne, Australia
September 30 2000
I have read the things on your website and on many other places besides. None of these stories provide evidence, they are just hearsay. Would you like your reputation to be destroyed by mere gossip?
There is one possibility which explains the numerous stories going around about Sai Baba and sexual abuse which no one seems to have thought of.
It is surely relevant that these stories are only just now starting to get out after all, Baba is SEVENTY FOUR years old. There are literally tens of thousands of stories about the good actions of Sai Baba. I used to wonder why we never heard any negative stories about him. After all, since there is organized evil on this planet, which is involved heavily in the occult etc., Sai Baba is the kind of person that they would want to attack. His positive effect on so many people,s lives is huge.
It is possible that all of the people who have created these stories are victims of mind control by the bad guys,.
I felt that there might be trouble for Sai Baba down the track when I read "Divine Memories of Sathya Sai by Diana Baskin. Diana Baskin is the daughter of a swiss banker and an Italian aristocrat. She lived with Baba for 10 years. It was she and her husband who told Baron Rothschild about Sai Baba, which caused him to go and see Baba. But Baba ignored the Baron completely. Instead Baba chose to see a group of very poor Nepalese. I doubted that someone as "important as Baron Rothschild took kindly to this type of treatment. I felt that it would be just like a Rothschild to start brewing some kind of revenge.
An important new book "Secret, Don,t Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism by Carla Emery ( gives many stories, some from court proceedings, which prove that the bad guys, can easily get 10% of the population to do anything they want, purely through hypnosis. In opposite to what most people believe, it is relatively easy to get these people to perform unethical actions, including murder, prostititution and robbing banks through hypnosis. This is without the extreme mind control techniques described in books like "Trans Formation of America. And if you think that you can never be hypnotized, think again! According to Carla Emergy, the more intelligent a person, the more likely it is that they can be hypnotized.
One piece of evidence in favour of Sai Baba is the fact that the people who are spreading these bad stories get some of their facts wrong. The miracles ARE real. The proof? No one else could afford to produce the things that Sai Baba has produced! I have met people who have rings made by Sai Baba. They had the rings valued the jewelers could not put a price on such perfect, and such huge diamonds. Recently there was a video made by an English TV company. They interviewed one of the top, if not the top, pianist in England. He has played for the Queen etc. On the video the pianist said that he also had his ring valued, and the jeweler said that it was real. Anyone who thinks that the tons of gold and jewels Baba has manifested for people, are fake, is not considering the facts. He made these things for many of the wealthy people of India a land full of gold and jewels. These people know the difference between real gold and fake gold. If the gold and jewels were fake, you would have heard about it long before now.
Stephanie Relfe
B.Sc. (Syd.)

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