Report Of Chupacabra
'Eggs' Now Part Of The Mystery
From Scott Corrales <>
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Dear Friends,
Puerto Rican researcher Lucy Guzman of forwarded me the following information, which she in turn received from Chilean investigator Patricio Borlone Rojas. The contents of the message were compelling in the light fo the current turmoil concerning the possible "capture" of a Chupacabras-type entity. However, skeptics will dismiss it as just another FOAF (Friend of a Friend) tale. You be the judge.
Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology
"Tonite, at around 22:30 hours Chilean time, I spoke with my friend Miguel O. by phone from his location in a northern city (I've kept his surname secret at his own request). He told me the following anecdote, which was experienced by a nephew of his who is currently engaged in military service at Calama, precisely in the location where the Chupacabras' activity is taking place.
"A few nights ago (reference is made to a night between May 9th and 11th) while standing guard with his regiment, he had the chance to see a specimen of the so-called Chupacabra and immediately advised his superior. The strange creature took prodigious leaps and bounds and at one point gave the impression of floating in the air (might it have something similar to wings?). He describes it as standing some 1.20 meters tall, half-hairy and somewhat hunched over, but no further details were made out due to the darkness of the night. A patrol was subsequently sent out to capture it and nothing further was heard until a few days later.
The most surprising thing is that the patrol returned with several "eggs" found at the location where the creatures were taken by surprise. He further adds that the patrol managed to kill two and capture one, and that the carcasses were subsequently removed by NASA personnel from the area
The most extraordinary point of this tale is the emergence of a new player, the "eggs" -- do we now change our manner of thinking about how these evil entities or creatures go about reproduction? The true answer is in the hands of those who handle the information on the subject. Why can't the truth be told once and for all?
-- Patricio Borlone Rojas
Translation (c) 2000. Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Very special thanks to Lucy Guzman.

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