Time Is Flying Faster Than Ever
The Mystery Of 1965
By Brad Steiger
I first met Col. Arthur J. Burks (U.S. Marine Corps, Retired), a popular author/lecturer in the metaphysical field, in February 1972 when we were among the speakers at the Aquarian Age International Conference in Honolulu. In my research throughout the U.S. and Canada, I had heard many psychic-sensitives express their belief that in 1965 "something clicked" whereby everything advanced and Time suddenly accelerated in pace. One evening, as Col. Burks and I were discussing related matters, I asked him his thoughts regarding the increased and accelerated vibratory rate of time:
Col. Burks: This is a peculiar thing,and I think a number of people have taken note of it. In February and March, 1965, I began to get little ideas from people who came in for study. They could come in with the notion that things were moving faster. I came to the conclusion that about February or March 1965, it was as if each person in the world had started to take a step forward--and stepped across a period of years from 1965 to 1995. Since everybody did it, few people noticed it. And it became evident in the studies I did for people that even Spirit was taken by surprise.
After a period of time, I found a reading by Edgar Cayce, who said in 1912 that there would be a collapse of time, some interference with time, that would cover a period of years near the end of the century. It seemed to me that these words of Cayce offered some sort of confirmation on this giant move ahead.
Steiger: You're saying, then, that in 1965 everyone took a step into the future.
Col. Burks: Everybody stepped across thirty years on the spiritual plane. It is confusing, because in spirit there is no time. I've noticed another strange thing. When I made a prediction before 1965, I would be within a couple of days of being right on target. But now I have discovered--and I hear that other [psychic-sensitives] have, too--that a prediction will work out all right, but it will be realized faster than predicted. If I say something will work out in June, it may happen in February. In other words, everything seems to be stepped up.

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