Chupacabras Reported
In Tierra del Fuego -
Hundreds Of Dead Animals
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After a media-imposed hiatus, news of the Chupacabras's further exploits has re-entered the popular awareness. Chile has been spared this time as the strange creature sets its sights on Tierra del Fuego--the southernmost point of the Americas.
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SOURCE "La Prensa Austral" newspaper DATE June 9, 2000
Over a hundred dead animals and dozens wounded found during in Tierra del Fuego in recent days
* No traces of the responsible parties. * Strange sheep deaths in Tierra del Fuego * Case occuring on the premises is repeating itself in various sectors of the provicnce
The alarm was raised by rancher Jose Levill Rios, who said that dozens of agonizing sheep had been found 15 kilometers away from Porvenir, showing signs of having been attacked by some kind of animal. The strange thing about the case was that the search produced no traces which pointed to the passage of dogs, foxes or pumas. "Furthermore," Levill noted, "it is unlikely that one of these animals may have done such a massive attack in so little time."
Knowledge of the situation came about on June 6, 2000, when the watchman of the "La Fuegina" cattle lands engaged in his customary reconnoitering of the premises in the early morning hours and came across 100 animals (60 of the dead) scattered across the vast expanse of terrain. The manager of the "La Fuegina" ranch stated that the SAG (Livestock and Agricultural Service) has not yet been advised of the event, nor have the Carabineros (State Police). He is hoping to do so once he has toured his premises and can find some traces leading to the responsible parties.
Levill's losses are in excess of one million pesos, given the fact that these were breeding sheep. Likewise, he expressed his concern that his 600 remaining animals could suffer a similar fate on the premises. The case affecting this cattle rancher is not unique. It was learned yesterday that sheep attacks were reported in the San Antonio sector on the way to the Fuentes Martinez airport, where the number of dead animals is in excess of 40.
** In the year 1999 **
It was in mid-July last year when a Fuegian cattle rancher claimed that a pack of wild dogs savaged 30 of his sheep, and also requested that the authorities take urgent measures to combat said animals. Atilio Calcutta Violic pointed out in said instance that the pack of dogs killed 30 sheep: "First I found 24 of them, and another 6 turned up later in very bad shape. All of these animals were of the highest quality and of excellent genetic stock." He added that for years he had been the victim of such events and that unfortunately, he had been unable to curb them, since whenever measures for the elimination of wild dogs come about, the animals' owners or the SPCA immediately turn up to take action.
SOURCE: "La Prensa Austral" (newspaper) Punta Arenas, Chile DATE: Saturday, June 10, 2000
Operations Begin After Report Of 100 Sheep Deaths In Tierra Del Fuego
* Carabineros only found the remains of one sheep
The necropsy (autopsy) of the animals found slain under strange conditions in Tierra del Fuego appars to be the main alternative which would enable the discovery of their cause of death. The Regional Chief of the Livestock and Agricultural Service (SAG) in Porvenir, Mr. Julio Gomez, indicated that cattle rancher Jose Levill did not make a formal complaint to the SAG regarding the alleged deaths of a hundred sheep--a claim that was made to the media.
He added that he learned of the situation through third parties and that on the other hand, cattle ranchers Atilio Calcutta and Marino Mimica, who claimed having lost 22 and 4 animals respectively, did contact him. Neither one made a formal complaint to the SAG and limited themselves to stating the situation which occurred. In Julio Gomez's opinion, the suprising sheep deaths were exclusively due to the actions of wild dog packs which wander around Porvenir in large numbers and stray from the urban perimeter in search of food. He indicated that the existence of these stray dogs represents a significant problem for the commune and that affected parties must take responsiblity.
While clarifying that his intention is not to doubt the statements made by Jose Levill--to the effect that some one hundred animals died on his property--the Regional Chief of SAG in Porvenir was surprised at the high number of dead sheep. In this regard, he considered puma attacks unlikely as a source of cattle losses, since these animals are not native to Tierra del Fuego. He indicated that the only predator in the Fuegian province is the grey fox, which is able to eat the entirety of its kill after an attack., but it would be unlikely that a few foxes could have attacked a hundred sheep.
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