RODS - Two Amazing
Reports Of Eyewitness Sightings
From Jose Escamilla <>
Note - If you don't know about Jose's incredible discovery of 'RODS' yet, go to: Prepare for a surprise. Below are two emails just received by Jose in which two eyewitnesses describe their direct encounters with what may well be...RODS.
Hello there, I will be brief. In 1985, I was in a damp, dark parking garage going to drink a little brandy in the hallway to keep warm before a 2 mile walk in mid-winter! I'm NOT an alchoholic.
At any rate, I was on the second floor of a three floor parking garage, when I look down, per chance, at a bit of rubbish on the ground: a wet newspaper in plastic, a crumpled paper bag, some bus transfers all wet and crumpled. (This was in Morristown, N.J. by the way) There were known to be a lot of bats and rats in that particular area near that garage and some dumpsters. O.K., don't lose me!
In with that garbage on the floor is what caused me to stick around for not only a double-take, but some prodding around!
Here's what happened next: I see what looks like a slimy, 2 foot long, wet cigar, with a point on one end, flat on the other, and what seems to be, as I look closer, very membraney-type tissue and a hollow center from what I imagined was end-to-end!
I looked at it for a minute, staring carefully as it was so different than anything I had ever seen. It also had what seemed to be, from just below the point and just before the flat part, a long 'fin' which ran along it on both sides. (The fin) was of a lighter, opaque, yet beigeish-brownish, but much lighter than the rest of it.
(The object) was a very dark brown, with a black, veiny membraney, slimy texture to it...which is why I stared at it so hard. It didn't seem like it was someone's trash like the rest, but possibly something alive, but what? ? ?
OK, so next I think to myself I will try to prod at this thing with a stick I saw nearby. As I went to pick it up, this thing moves at least 12-15 feet without anything but a slight 'pop' or 'clap' a 'flap' or 'thtup' type of a sound...loud enough to make me look when I was bending for the stick. Now I see this thing is, like I said, 15 feet away now near a corner under a light!!
I could now see it's lengthwise 'fins' sort of 'undulating,' and with that it went through an opening between floors where you could look outside and which ran along that entire floor. Shwoosh! it went, faster than anything I have ever seen, and if I had blinked, I would have missed it's flight process entirely and would have wondered forever where the heck that thing went...and what it was.
At any rate, until your show, it has been many years since I even gave that event any thought. It took what looked like a 2 foot branch, which for a split second, appeared frozen at a 45^ angle...and then vanished before my eyes!! A pure streak once you see it positioned for flight!!
I believe it is some kind of giant flying snail, or shelless mollusk, from my observation of it. After all, I was with it for about 5 minutes before I saw it leave out the window like that!! It moves swiftly on ground in one fell swoosh!!
I think the way it moves is that it somehow takes the surrounding air and pressurizes it inside of it's long hollow chamber, and then is able to somehow chase it through itself with even more air from outside of itself...sort of like a tube with an inner wall which is able to create some type of 'vortex' type energy to propel itself. A very crude example would be a "Farting Cigar." At any rate, I always knew that I had never seen such a thing before, but I never knew that I wasn't the only one who had seen such a thing!! It always was amazing!
I do remember looking at it and trying to determine whether to touch it or not, even with a stick, because it looked like it was an odd sort of way. It's entire length moved, expanded, gently but noticably. I believe that it was filling it's body with air at that point, as it seemed to give the appearance of a hollow center with some type of lining or wall that it could perhaps fill with air.
It next moved 15 ft. effortlessly, and very strangely, as if it were being pulled by a string in one great pull by somebody, which, at that point, is what I really thought had happened. I thought that somebody was pulling it. At that point I didn't know what to do, so I ran like 20 ft. myself.
It was when I looked back that I saw it in a blink, like a flash, one second there positioned at the 45^ angle, and just hanging there, and then all you could see was a streak. And then my mouth dropped open, I got real quiet, felt real weird, and tried to forget about it.
I do remember thinking that as I was looking at it, and I don't know if it's because it was so weird-looking or not, but it seemed to know what I was going to do before I did it. That was the feeling I got when I stared at it...almost some type of mild paralysis, like it was reading my mind or something? ? ? I felt like it was connecting with me on some spiritual level to say the least. No, not mind reading!!
I know what it was: it was that it had no visible eyes and that even though I was staring at it, and saw no eyes, I felt like I was being watched!!
It was that kind of feeling, Jose!!
Regards, Joseph
I saw what appeared to be a thin branch (1/4 inch diameter, 11-14 inches long) falling from a tall tree. At ten feet above the ground in leveled off and circled back around a fig tree. I said to myself, "Wow, that thing is flying," and ran after it.
It dove toward the ground, and for a while I thought it would land, but it gained altitude and flew over the fence. I watched it maneuver through the woods until it was out of sight.
I can't imagine what it was. There was no evidence of wings at all. It looked like a flying snake. I have not been a believer in UFO's until now. I didn't see a spacecraft, but I did witness something that was flying that I could not identify.
Any ideas about what that could have been? Don't suggest two dragon flies hooked together. It was not that.
Thanks, Leo