Is The Chupacabra A
'Thinking' Animal?
From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo <>
From UFO UpDates-Toronto <>
Baquedano, Chile May 30, 2000
(Baquedano is a small town, 18 miles north of Antofagasta, at the north part of Chile)
37 year-old Evelyn Esbry went to the bathroom and heard some noises outside. It was at 6 o clock in the morning and she went out to her back yard to investigate.
Her home is next to the "El Rutero" restaurant, the same place where, two weeks before, Chupacabras killed 9 rabbits, leaving them bloodless, and some foot prints that match others in the same region.
Something jumped at her back, the woman turned around and came face to face with a strange animal. She felt paralysed in front of this horrible entity. Later, she described it as being full of dark hair, 4.10 feet tall, with large, oval luminous orange eyes and a large snout.
With the commotion, Evelyn fell unconscious. Her husband Walter Allaga did not hear any noise but went to look for her, when she did not return to the bedroom, finding her in the ground. He called for help from local paramedic Rodolfo Gonzalez. After first-aid, and in state of shock, she was taken to the Antofagasta Regional Hospital emergency room. There they found marks in her back, hands and in one side of her neck. Parts of her clothing were torn. She was given a sedative and sent home.
At first, still in shock, she refused to elaborate on her encounter but last week she started giving details. The most important and new detail is, that when she turned around and face the Chupacabra, it sent her a telepathic order: "Do not scream for help". After hearing that, she fainted.
Evelyn Esbry's is not the only case. Paramedic Rodolfo Gonzalez said he received, two weeks earlier, another call from Sierra Gorda (between Baquedano and Calama). There, he gave first aid to a couple that faced a Chupacabra while in their car. The Chupacabra ordered the girl to open the car door and to step out. She started unlocking the door but, in that moment, realized what she was doing and re-locked the door, asking her friend to drive away. Her friend, could not move his legs but was able to start the motor and when he turned the lights on, the entity disappeared in the dark of the night. The young couple wish to remained anonymous.
These two reports make us think that the Chupacabra is not an animal but a "thinking entity". We want to point out numerous reports of intense UFOs sightings in the area. Many reports of strong light from the sky, illuminating whole towns at night. Most Chilean ufologists now think there's some connection between UFOs and the Chupacabras. Now, they reject the lab genetic manipulations hypotheses. Can we create a thinking animal, able to give telepathic orders to a human being? That's the question.
This new fact puts humanity in jeopardy.
We thank our source in Calama, Jaime Ferrer for this report.
Also, we want to point out that our source in Santiago, Patricio Borlone, confirmed that the two large containers with the NASA logo arrived in Santiago on May 12 from Miami. One cargo Boeing 767, Flight #501 of Lan-Chile Airline, arrived at Arturo Merino Airport in Santiago de Chile, at 6:27 A.M.. The second Boeing 767, Flight #503, arrived at 7:05 A.M.. Immediatly the containers were placed on special Flight #474, Cargo Boeing 737, of the local AVANT Airline, departing on a direct flight to Calama, at 8:00 A.M. of the same day.
From Calama, we're informed that two live Chupacabras were placed inside the containers and the AVANT plane departed for an unknown destination in the afternoon.
From Miami, Florida. Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center (Español)
Miami UFO Reporter (English)
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