The Amazing Splitting
Of Van Tassel's 'Giant Rock'
- A Prophecy Fulfilled?
By Royce
On February 23, 2000, The High Desert Star newspaper reported that the world s largest, freestanding boulder broke into two pieces. A third of it broke off, exposing a gleaming white granite interior.
The Giant Rock is famous in Native American culture, since it and the surrounding land are Holy Ground. It was the place where the northern and southern tribes met each year. Native Americans call the Giant Rock The Great Stone. And to them, the Great Stone symbolizes the Great Spirit.
In times past, tribal ceremonies at this site often lasted up to three days. During the ceremonies, none of the ordinary citizens of the tribe were allowed to be near the Rock; instead, they had to camp a mile or so away from the proceedings. On the North side of the Rock is the Sign of the Scorpion, purportedly put there by an Indian chief . To the Indians, the sign signifies a good place According to reports; it is the only official Native American sign on the Giant Rock. No other markings were permitted. At the Giant Rock, the chiefs would commune with the spirits of the "Rock People" who prophesized that one day the Mother would split open and a new era would begin. Many see the recent splitting of the rock as a prophesy fulfilled.
In his book, "The Secret of the Beloved Disciple," James Twyman wrote extensively about two important and contemporary Shamans active in the Southern Calif. area: Shri Naath Devi and Fr. John, a priest from LA.
Twyman reported that on 19 and 20 February 2000, Shri Naath Devi gathered fellow healers to meditate near Giant Rock. She said that Native people had stopped holding ceremonies in the area and that violent upheavals would occur. She went on to say that if the Mother accepted the scheduled prayers, then the Giant rock would split at the side, relieving pressure on the Earth s tectonic plates. If the prayers were not accepted, then Giant Rock would split directly down the middle. Keep in mind that the Giant Rock had not moved for millions of years. Nonetheless, the next morning the boulder hadn t simply cracked; rather, an entire third of it broke off. Twyman reports that Devi interpreted the splitting of the Rock as a positive sign that indicated that the Mother had opened her arms to mankind.
To UFO researchers, Giant Rock is significant for other reasons. It was the home and workplace of the enigmatic George Van Tassel. Van Tassel allegedly made contact with extraterrestrials and was tutored by them on a variety of subjects, including human, cellular rejuvenation. And that led to the building of a structure called the Integratron.
After arriving in California from Ohio in 1930, Van Tassel, age 20, lived with an uncle who owned an automobile repair shop in Southern California. One day during that period, he met Frank Critzer, a down and out prospector who needed to have his Essex car repaired. Van Tassel found the prospector to be an engaging fellow and the two of them soon became friends. Owing to Critzer s financial difficulties, Van Tassel agreed to repair the car for free. Critzer was even allowed to sleep at the garage while repairs were made to his car.
Van Tassel s largess didn t end there: He gave Critzer a trunk full of canned goods along with $30., which, as Van Tassel put it, was a lot of money then. In return, Critzer promised to include Van Tassel and the uncle in any mining claims he might make in the future.
A year later, Critzer mailed a map to Van Tassel showing how to get to Great Rock, the place Critzer was living. Map in hand, Van Tassel set out to visit his friend. Van Tassel was surprised to find that Critzer had dug under the Great Rock in order to have a place to live. He had made a kind of cave for himself. It should be noted that Critzer was, technically, nothing more than a squatter, since he was living on government land.
According to Van Tassel, the idea of making a cave was a good one. In the summer the maximum temperature under the Rock is 80 degrees F. In the winter, the temperature is a minimum of 50 degrees F. In contrast, the temperature outside the cave swings between 25 degrees F to 115 degrees F.
The Giant Rock covers 5800 Sq. ft. of ground and is 7 stories high. The rooms that Critzer dug were no more than a total of 400 sq. ft.
During WWII, Critzer ran afoul of the government and was accused of stealing dynamite and later of being an enemy spy. Conflicting stories about this colorful character abound. But whatever the truth, a confrontation with the police resulted in his death in August of 1942. Interestingly, Van Tassel claims the prospector was an "advanced thinker" who researched innovative methods of manufacturing plastic. However details of that matter are sketchy.
Van Tassel continued to visit the Rock. And he reported that he and his wife even vacationed there. Van Tassel related that in 1945, he made an application to the Bureau of Land Management to lease the property. In 1947, George Van Tassel quit his job at a Lockeed aircraft plant and moved his family to the Mojave Desert, near Landers, California. He then leased four square miles of land surrounding Giant Rock from the government.
The area was covered with decomposed granite making it a natural site for a small airport. And Van Tassel, in fact, created one Giant Rock Airport--which he operated from 1947 until 1975.
In 1953, he started holding weekly meditations in the rooms under the Giant Rock these meditations he said led to contact with extraterrestrial beings. He first contacted them in August of that year. As Van Tassel tells the story, a ship from Venus landed. The occupants of the ship invited him onboard where they taught him the principals of cell rejuvenation and that those teachings led to the creation of the Integratron. The Integratron was designed to help carry out the cell rejuvenation process.
The family held many UFO conventions at Giant Rock, and thousands visited. In 1959 alone, 11,000 people visited his site. Throughout his life Van Tassel kept busy writing books about time travel and rejuvenation.
Van Tassel died in 1978. After his death, operations there were discontinued. Eventually the facilities were vandalized, causing the Bureau of Land Management to demolish most of what remained.
However, the Integratron still stands and is maintained by a group that offers it for tours and other exhibitions.
The Integratron stands 38 feet high, is domed-shaped and has a 50-foot diameter, non-metallic framework. According to Van Tassel, the location of the structure was vital to its function. A complex formula involving the earth s magnetic field and the position of the Great Pyramid in Egypt and Giant Rock provided Tassel with the correct coordinates. Tassel spent 18 years constructing it.


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