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The Spike Protein mRNA
BioWeapon Genocide

Must Viewing And Reading

Study Shows Pfizer Moderna MRNA Shots Are Toxic
To Heart Muscle Cells - McCullough Reveals More
Very Bad News About The Hearts Of All The Injected

Still Don’t Understand? Walter Chestnut’s Astonishing
Compilation Of Research Showing The Myriad Ways
The Spike Protein Injures And Kills - Still Think This Is
Just ‘A Flu’ And Shedding Isn’t A Life & Death Problem?

Jeff & Erica - FLCCC Finally Takes Firm Stand On
Life And Death Issue Of Shedding On The Unvaxed

Jeff & Erica - How The Body Destroys Itself After
Even One Injection - Dr. Michael Palmer

Dr. Michael Palmer Says mRNA Shots Are Designed
To Kill - Explains How Your T-Lymphocites Attack Cells
Wherever There is mRNA & Spike - These Lymphocites
Ravage Blood Vessels, The Brain, Heart And All Infested
Organs - Your Own Immune System Kills You - Whether
From Shots Or Shedding, mRNA & Spike Will Destroy You

Dr. Peter McCullough Warns About The WHO
World Sovereignty Plot And The Growing Number
Of Ways Hearts Are Being Damaged By 'Vaccines'

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Peter McCullough Lays It Out
Straight And Much More

Jeff & Erica - Shedding...How 'They' Planned To Take Out
The Vax Refusers - Special Guest: Shedding-Injured Lori

Shedding Victim Stories Pour In

Jeff & Erica - Shedding And The Vax Injured
Are Getting Worse By The Day

Jeff & Erica - How Accessible Are Many Of
The Alt News Big Name Anti-Vaxxers?

Turbo cancers Utterly Unstoppable
Testicular Cancers Are Exploding

Jeff & Erica - So, What Do We Do Next?

Half of All young men who got myocarditis
after the jab now have permanent heart damage

Crispr Cas9 Rewrites Basic Blueprint of Humanity

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Nurse Anne - Horrors In
US Hospitals Getting Worse - Many More Are Dying

Jeff & Erica - Border Invaders Bringing Diseases
And The Terrible Injuries Even 1 Shot Can Cause

Jeff & Erica - Countless Millions Have Been Killed
By The BioWeapon - Dr. Ryan Cole Latest

Turbo Cancer Takes Brilliant, 25 Yr Old World Great
Soprano, Patricia Janeckova - A Beautiful Tribute

Makis - Untreatable Turbo Breast Cancer Kills
Young Soprano - Covid 19 BioWeapon ‘Vaccine'

Makis - Turbo Lung Cancer Destroying Young People

Jeff & Erica - Why Nicotine Is NOT Helpful Against Covid
& The 'Vax' - Prof Angus Dalgleish On Exploding Cancers

For Those Who Believe The Nicotine Bullsh*t
Read Carefully - This Is REAL Science

Jeff & Erica - The Big Nicotine Hustle...The Latest Fake
Spike 'Cure' Pushed By Venom King, Ardis - Much More

Masks Help Fight Covid Shedding - Scientists Want People To Wear Them Again - So Do We

Jeff & Erica - Turbo Cancer Explosion - Dr. William Makis

Jeff & Erica - The Astonishing Untruths Of
An mRNA Nobel Prize Winner

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Mike Yeadon - We Are Facing Extinction

Dr. Mike Yeadon tells The Truth - The Injections
Were Designed, Deployed To Injure, Maim And Kill

Alleged Bluetooth-MAC Addresses Being Picked Up
On Cell phones. From The Vaxed, Even Vaxed Cemetery
Tenants, are nonsense. Here Is Another Explanation
To Help Put This Subject To Rest... (From Social Media)

In Case You Missed This - Dr. Arne Burkhardt
Shows How The Spike Protein Is Actually
Replacing Sperm - ‘Vaxed’ Men Are Sterile

Got Vax? Diving Sperm Counts, Deadly Ejaculate

1000 Peer-Reviewed Articles On Covid
BioWeapon Injuries - Absolute Proof

Jeff & Erica - Huge Public Uptake Of The New 'Vax'
150 Shots A Day At One Rite Aid - Much More

Jeff & Erica - Jurassic Park Earth - Got Your New
'Vax' Yet? - Kelly Sue's Horrible Injection Injuries
And Yuval Harari Says The End Of History Is Here

Huge 2020 Covid BioWeapon Predictive Programming

Yuval Noah Harari - The End Of Human History

Kelly Sue’s Horrible Vax Injuries

Elon Musk Posts Video Revealing The Failure Of Covid 'Vaccinations'

X-Files Predictive Programming Of The
’Spartan Virus’ - Scully Lays It Out - Video

Who’s Behind Covid? Brave Citizen Lays It
Out At A County Health And Human Services
Committee Meeting - A Must Watch - FACTS

Jeff & Erica - The Die-Off Of Force-Jabbed Nurses
Is Growing Fast - The Buckhaults Controversy

Jeff & Erica - Sad, Shocking New 'Vaccine' Rollout
Despite Vast Deaths And Injuries, Americans Are
Lining Up For The New Injections - Mass Suicide

Jeff & Erica - Incredible List Of CIA Mind And Body
Control Patents - Dermatologist Seeing Dreadful
Things In Patients - Dr Makis On Turbo Cancers

Dr Karen DeVore - Dermatologist Start 8:50
What She Is Seeing Is Stunning here

Dr. Makis - No Research Being Done On Turbo Cancers
Doctors & Cancer Researchers Afraid To Speak Up - Docs
Willfully Ignoring Vax Injured - These Are NEW Cancers

Dr. Makis - Turbo Cancer Horrors - Start At 6:10
Teachers Being Decimated With Turbo Cancers

Dr William Makis - Transplant Industry
Destroyed By Major organs that are crawling
with spike when transplanted

McCullough - No one should take another shot
covid vaccines are not safe for human use

Jeff & Erica - 'Get Your New Vax' Lies By NY Gov
Hochul And CDC's Cohen - The Rockefeller Covenant

Jeff & Erica - Dr Vaughn & Dr Kory On Huge Clot
Explosion - Dr Yeadon Says Covid Tests Worthless

Dr Carrie Madej's Plane Crash Fables Exposed!
Official FAA & 911 Recordings Prove Madej Lied
Repeatedly About The Crash, 911 Dispatcher And
Boyfriend Pilot - What Else Has She Lied About?

Dr. Mahaffey Blasts Dr. Madej Over Her Treatment
Of Man Who Died After Hydrogen Peroxide Injection
Given by Dr. Madej - Dr. Mahaffey Also Said The
Infamous ‘Hydra’ Slides Presented By Madej Were
Bogus And That She Was Threatened Online After
Confronting Madej About Them

Jana Suto's Recount Of Her Father's Wrongful
Death After Receiving Dr. Madej's Treatment
Start At 4:20

Teachers Are Being Annihilated With Stage 4
Cancers After Forced Covid BioWeapon Shots

A Closer Look Into How The Spike Protein Causes
Myocarditis & Blood Clotting After The BioWeapon
Is Injected (And How Shed-Transmitted Spikes Do
The Same In The UN-Injected)

CDC Admits 120,000 American Children
'DIED SUDDENLY' after COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’
Roll-Out - Murder Is Murder

Experts Estimate Over 20 Million Already Dead
From COVID-19 BioWeapon Injections And Over
...And We Feel These Are Conservative Numbers)

Jeff & Erica - Those New 'Boosters' Are Now Available
What Will They REALLY Do? - Much More

Jeff & Erica - Mike Yeadon Reveals His Knowledge Of
Who's In Control, RFK Jr Conundrum, Turbo Cancers

Important (REAL) Spike Detox Data - Dr. Robin Rose
Start Video At 2:00:30 - Presentation Lasts 25 Minutes

A Closer Look Into How The Spike Protein Causes
Myocarditis & Blood Clotting After The BioWeapon
Is Injected (And How Shed-Transmitted Spikes Do
The Same In The UN-Injected)

Jeff & Erica - House Subcommittee Goes After Fauci,
HHS Boss Becerra - McCullough On Long Covid Duration

McCullough On Deaths, Clots, Blood Destruction
And Much More Two YEARS After The Injections!

Nick Szabo's 1993 Essay 'Green Goo -
Life in the Era of Humane Genocide'

Jeff & Erica - Covid Virus And Spike Harm Your
Body For 2 Years After You 'Recover' From Covid
Antibiotic Canceling Genes In The BioWeapon

Study author Doctor - You may Have Gotten Over Covid
And Forgotten About it - "But Covid Didn’t Forget About
You...It Is Still Wreaking Havoc in Your Body"

Astonishing Proof of mRNA Genocide! Comparing
Overall England Death Rates According to Vax Status

Jeff & Erica - Covid (Pirola Variant?) Spreading Fast
In Hospital ERs - Insidious Evil Of The Spike Protein

Expiration Dates For Billions Of Vaxed Nearing

Jeff & Erica - Don't EVER Take Boosters - Covid Surge
In Hospital ERs, ICUs - Cokehead Insider Spills IgG4

Proof of DARPA SKIN-PENETRATING Nanoparticles
Carrying Chimeric Spike Proteins And More -
We've Been Warning About This Tech For Years

Jeff & Erica - How Spike Causes SADS In Pilots And
Why You Should NEVER Take A Booster - Stillwagon

Dr. Kevin Stillwagon On Injected Pilots And The
Great Dangers Facing The Flying Public

Dr. Kevin Stillwagon Explains Why You Should NEVER
Take A Booster Shot - Excellent Visual Explanation

How The BioWeapon Stops Pilot Hearts - Huge Danger
Of Pilots (And Everyone) Dropping Dead From Often
ASYMPTOMATIC Myocarditis - How The Booster Kills

Jeff & Erica - MMS-CDS Wars Continue - Lots Of Facts

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Tenpenny's Position On Returning Covid
Tyranny - Chinese Woman Contaminates Grocery Store Food?

The Amazing Medical, Biological Physics Of N95
Masks - How They Work On Tiniest Particles - Video

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Goodyear On Turbo Cancer Explosion,
Dr. Parks On Protein Programming & Woman Shedding Victim

Think Twice Before Consuming CDS-MMS As It Is
A Broad, Powerful, Indiscriminate Oxidizing Bleach
That Damages Blood, Liver, Kidneys And Thyroid…
And Has Led To Deaths

Jeff & Erica - DoD Pfizer BioWeapon Causing Turbo
Cancers And The Injected Are Being Used As Gain
Of Function Vessels

mRNA ‘Vaccines' Have Caused Irreversible
Heart Damage to BILLIONS of People - These
Lives Have Likely been Severely Shortened

NO, You Can’t Overdose on Ivermectin
- Dr Pierre Kory

FDA approved 24 drugs in 2022 based
on a SINGLE study - You Don’t Matter

Russia Publicly Accuses US Deep State and Big
Pharma of Deliberate COVID Pandemic to take
over the world - Watch Video, He’s correct

Jeff & Erica - Potentially Fatal Dangers Of MMS-CDS
...Think Before You Drink!

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Dr. Roger Hodkinson
Novavax As A Booster? - Much More

Jeff & Erica - Dr Chris Shoemaker - 50% Myocarditis
Death Rate At 5 Yrs 75% By 10 Yrs - Vaxed Family
Members Getting Cancer And MAST Cell Activation
Syndrome Explained

Report - Nearly 120,000 young adults, children
Murdered By COVID BioWeapon shots - There
Are MANY More Deaths Not Admitted To

Jeff & Erica - The Brutal Attacks On Hard Science
Continue - More Crucial Warnings On Shedding -
Mast Cell Activation Explained

As We've Been Warning For Over 2.5 Years, Shedding
Is Real And Can Be Deadly - Revisiting Our 2021
Coverage, Here's An Encore Of One Of The Early
Videos We Featured...Warning About Shedding

Just How Small Is A Nano Particle? When Your
Favorite Alt News Guru Is Ranting On About
'Self-Assembling Nanotech' Being Seen With
Their Darkfield Microscopes, Keep This One
Minute Video In Mind - Nano Can Only Be Seen
With A Scanning Electron Microscope! Period

Jeff & Erica - Shedding Is Intensifying - Much More

mRNA COVID jabs Proven To spread from ‘Vaxed’
To The ‘Unvaxed' via AEROSOLS - As We’ve Said
For 2 and 1/2 years, Shedding Is Transferring The
BioWeapon To The Unjabbed - You’re Not Safe

Spike Protein Induced Cardio-Toxicity - Potential
Tsunami of Severe Cardiac Issues Over The Next
20+ Years - (How About the Next Five Years…)

Jeff & Erica - X-Files Predictive Programming Of
Virus Causing Thick Blood & Heart Attacks
(Season 2, #17 'End Game') And Anthony Patch
Stunning 2014 Predictions, Gates Death Panels

Jeff And Erica - More Young People Being Found Dead
At Home - More Personality Changes - WHO World Vax
Passport Enslavement - Dr. Sucharet Bhakdi Video

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Nurse Anne - Hospital Horrors
Get Worse As The Cascade Of The Dying Intensifies

Chinese Communist (CCP) Bosses Discuss Covid
‘Vaccine’ Impact On The Future Of The US - Top
Guy - ‘Everyone Who Took The ‘Vaccine’ Is Dead’
This Was Two Years Ago - We Are On Track

Iron - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Why do people’s personalities suddenly change
following COVID BioWeapon Injections?

Jeff & Erica - Covid Chronicles Multiple Updates

Bombshell Study That Found 74% of COVID
BioWeapon Injection Autopsy Deaths Were
Caused by The Shot Is Censored by Lancet

COVID-19 Vaccines And Boosters
Were Never Made With mRNA

Grotesque Experiments Mad Scientists Around
The Globe Are Conducting On Human Cells Are
Absolutely Sickening (Snyder)

Jeff & Erica - Huge Numbers Of Myocarditis
And Heart Attacks Among The Injected

Jeff & Erica - Cautions About Live
Blood Analysis And Using EDTA

We've Been Intensely Warning About Shedding
For 2.5 Years Now - McCullough Climbs Aboard
And Talks About Shedding Of MRNA & Spike

Niacin - The Powerhouse Vitamin
You’re Not Hearing About

Jeff & Erica - How The Spike Turns The Body Against
Itself And Dr. Peter McCullough On Clots And Clotting

Jeff & Erica - Dynamite Summary By Dr. Peter McCullough
Of Our Warnings For The Last 2 and 1/2 years

Dr. Peter McCullough on mRNA Caused Turbo
Cancers And The Horrific Damages Of The Spike
Protein...As We've Said For Over 2.5 Years - Video

Critical 2020 Paper Showing SARS CoV-2
Is An Ethnically Targeted BioWeapon

RFK Jr - ‘We’ve Spent Hundreds Of Millions
Of Dollars On Ethnically-Targeted Microbes’
...These Are BioWeapons And RFK Jr Is Correct

Jeff & Erica - Brevard Co. GOP Demands End Of Covid
mRNA Injections - Vanden Bossche's Final Video Warning

Jeff & Erica - The BioWeapon Destroys 97% Of
Pregnancies And Ends Most Reproduction - More

Jeff & Erica - There Are 40 TRILLION mRNA Instruction
Molecules In Each BioWeapon Injection - Much More

Did Robert Malone Have Foreknowledge Of The
Pandemic? His 2020 Paper Suggests YES

Jeff & Erica - Stunning Development In How The Immune
System Reacts To Spike - Iron Dangers And Many
Hospitals Are Overwhelmed

New Classen Paper - Possible Treatments For
COVID Vaccine-Induced Prion Disease

Jeff & Erica - New Lancet Paper Pulled - Revealed
74% Of Autopsies Found Covid Jabs Caused Death
CA MD Loses Practice, License For Telling 'Vax' Truth

Lancet Study on Covid Vaccine Autopsies
Finds 74% Deaths Caused by Vaccine…Study
is Removed Within 24 Hours To Hide Results

Jeff & Erica - Again, We Explain How Terrible The Blood Of The Vaxed Is With A Shocking Video And More

Shocker - Fully Vaxed Man Comes Home From Surgery
Sees His Wound Open Up And Spew Huge Clots! How
Can The Human Heart And Body Function With This Kind
Of Destroyed, Sludge Blood Filling The Bloodstream?

Jeff & Erica - CDS, MMS And Oxidative Stress Dangers
Explained - The Alt News World Of Hucksters And

Jeff & Erica - Amyloidosis...No Longer
Talked About Much - Deadlier Than Ever

Jeff & Erica - People Viciously Pushing LGBTQ+ Agenda,
Cautions Of CDS-MMS Use - EDTA Use Consequences
New, Personal Stories Of Shedding Damage, And More

Jeff & Erica - A Walk Around The Neighborhood, And
A Final Word On Graphene In Dental Anesthetics

Letterhead Declaration Proving Dental
Anesthetics Do NOT Contain Any Graphene Or
Graphene Derivatives Or Any Nanoparticles, LNPs,
Hydrogels Or Any Other Technology, Payload Or
Ingredient Not Needed For Their Function

World-Renowned Pathologist, Dr Ryan Cole
The Tsunami Of Turbo Cancers - Video

Uric Acid Crystals In The Blood

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Burkhardt's Studies...Sex Can Now Kill
Are Thermograph's Advisable? - Special Guest Nurse Anne

Dr. Arne Burkhardt - Spike Is Completely
Replacing Sperm In Males - Vaxed Men
Can Potentially Kill Women Via Sex - Video

Diana West On Malone's 'Defamation' Lawsuits Against
The Breggins And Jane Ruby - Includes Many Concerning
Quotes By Dr. Malone

Ambulance Driver's Absolutely Staggering
Report On Cancer EXPLOSION - Video

Jeff & Erica - Dr Ryan Cole On Explosion Of
Turbo Cancer, Live Blood Images,
RFK Jr On Ethno-Specific BioWeapons

Jeff & Erica - Pfizer Documents Indicate
Projections Are Genuine And On Schedule - Much More

Remember Austrian Journalist Jane Burgermeister?
She Forecast The WHO And Globalists Using A
BioWeapon Pandemic To Take World Control
And Reduce Global Population - Video

1987 Portentous Oz Add Bringing Our VAIDS
Bowling Ball Analogy To Life - Video

Jeff & Erica - BioWeapon Mass Murder, Black Blood And
Amyloid Fibrils In The Vaxed And New John O'Looney

As We Have Reported For A LONG Time - The SV40 DNA
Was Planted In The BioWeapon Injections - This DNA (Not
The Whole Virus) Is Oncogenic…CANCER

Helping De-Spike The Human Body - Dr Paul Marik

Dr. Paul Marik - 'Shedding Is REAL'

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Paul Marik Speaks Out On
Shedding And Dr. Robert Malone On VAIDS

Jeff & Erica - Death Tsunami Gathering Strength &
Graphene In Dental Local Pain Killers? - No, The
Real Danger Is The Dentist Breathing And Shedding
Into your Nose And Face

Jeff & Erica - More Airline Pilots Suddenly Dead,
Mental And Emotional Brain Damage Of The Vaxed

600,000 Americans Per Year Are Dying From
COVID Shots Says Top Insurance Analyst
(We Feel This Is Very Conservative)

Pilot Deaths - Four Fully-Vaxed Singapore Airlines
Pilots Died Suddenly In May 2023

Jeff & Erica - The Dreadful Truth About 5G And
How Some People Can Sense The Vaxed

Jeff & Erica - The Loss Of Legendary Pathologist
Dr. Arne Burkhardt & A Dr Ryan Cole World Update

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Arne Burkhardt Has Passed Away
One Of TheGreatest Scientists Working On The Effects
Of The BioWeapon And Its Sterilization Of Humanity

Jeff & Erica - Naomi Wolfe On Pfizer's Genocide
And The Horrors Of Invaders Taking over NYC

Jeff & Erica - Australian Doctors And MSM Suddenly
Hail Ivermectin As A Miracle Cure!

Jamie Foxx's blood clot caused by jab,
Edward James Olmos has throat cancer,
Melanie Griffith may have skin cancer,
YouTuber Hank Green has Hodgkin's Cancer,
And Clint Black cancels show - More Deaths
Ahead For BioWeapon Injected Celebrities

Jeff & Erica - How The BioWeapon Disables The Body's
Symptom Generating 'Alarm' System - Why People Can
Be Dying Of Cancer (Etc) And Not Have A Clue

How The BioWeapon Disables The Body’s Symptom
Generating ‘Alarm’ System - Why People Can Be Dying
Of Cancer (etc) And Not Have A Clue - Jeff & Erica
...A Rense Video

The Spike Protein and SADS - Evidence of the
Brainstem Demyelination-Destruction Hypothesis

Jeff & Erica - More On Little-Known DNA Plasmids

7 More Top Level Athletes Hit With Cancer
And Heart Attacks - All Felt Perfectly Fine
Do you Finally See The BioWeapon 'Time Delay'?
The Body's Symptomology Reflex Is Shut Down
100s Of Millions Are Likely Dying And Don't Know!

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Nurse Anne On
The Catastrophic Fallout From The BioWeapon
Injections - Cancers, Strokes, Heart Attacks,
Kidney Failure Exploding In New York Hospitals

Bacterial Plasmid in the CoVid Jabs explained

Don’t Fall For This Despicable, Murderous Propaganda
Ever Again - These MSM lies Are Satanic Fear Porn

'Warp Speed' Trump Can't Win Unless He Disavows
His 'Beautiful Vaccine' BioWeapon And Asks For
Forgiveness From The Dead And Dying - Rense Video

Jeff & Erica - The War On Ivermectin And Studies
Show EMFs Can Vastly Increase Mold Toxicity

Jeff & Erica - The Shedding Death Of Dr. Rashid Buttar

Jeff & Erica - Dr. David Martin To EU Parliament - CV Is A
BioWeapon And Greatest Crime Against Humanity In History

When The DOD First Publicly Went Into The
Taxpayer-Funded BioWeapons Business -
See 1970 Congressional Testimony And Request
For Money To Build HIV Style Weapon Here

Jeff & Erica - H5N1 Hits Two In UK And Multiple Updates

Jeff & Erica - If Was ALL Planned...Many Years Ago

BioWeapon Genocide Victim Video Channel

Jeff & Erica - Dr Mike Yeadon On The Coming CBDC
And How It Means The End Of Freedom In Many Ways

spike proteins From Covid BioWeapon Injections
persist in brain tissue, potentially causing long
term brain damage

Ex-Pfizer VP Yeadon - CV Injection Push
A ‘SupraNational Operation’ Intended To
‘Maim And Kill Deliberately’

Jeff & Erica - The Unrestricted Biological,
GeoPolitical, Health, Social And Cultural
Attack On America

Jeff & Erica - Ed Down On About 30 Million US
Vax Casualties And Mike Yeadon Warns The World

Yeadon - 'Crime Is Not Health - We're In The Middle
Of The Biggest Crime In History...Intended To Control
And Remove Your Freedom And Will Involve The Killing
Of Millions, If Not Billions, Of People - It's Long Planned'

Covid Compliance, Control, 15 Minute Ghettos
and CBDCs - MEP Christine Anderson - Video

Oz People Fiercely Savaged And Slaughtered
By The Spike BioWeapon - Excess deaths at
record highs - diabetes and dementia Soaring

The Spike Protein and Chronic Stress -
The Key Behind Observed Accelerated Aging?

Jeff & Erica - Covid Chronicles Update - Powerful
John O’Looney Appearance Via Video

Jeff & Erica - More Bad News About The
'Ingredients' In The BioWeapon Injections

Jeff & Erica - Covid Chronicles Update

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Bernard Grover On
BioWeapon Deaths In Indonesia And More

Jeff & Erica - The Disinfo Pit Gets Deeper All The Time

CIA's Involvement in the Covid Genocide

Jeff & Erica - Strong Indications Avian Flu
Will Be Next Plandemic

Jeff & Erica - George Webb's Thoughts On Malone
And The Breggins - Much More

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Cindy -
3 Harrowing Shedding Encounters

Jeff & Erica - Tsunami Of BioWeapon Illness
Growing All The Time & Naomi Wolfe (Video)

Jeff & Erica - Latest On The Covid
BioWeapon Massacre

Jeff & Erica - The Endless Grief Of Myocarditis
And Mercola On GM And Safe Foods

Jeff & Erika - More Evidences Masks Do Work And
The Truth About mRNA Vax To Be Given Cattle, Pigs

Jeff & Erica Mask-Wearing Suggestions Validated
...Masks Give The UnVaxed Some Protection

Jeff & Erica - The Living Matrix Field Theory -
A New Kind Of Medicine?

'Universe 25' - The Trap Behind '15 Minute Cities'

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Roger Hodkinson - More

Doomed Mice Utopia Of 'Universe 25' (Explained)
(animated explanation)

2009 Flu Was A Dress Rehearsal For Covid - Watch

Jeff & Erica - The Universe 25 Experiment And Modifying
The Human Microbiome

Dr. Tenpenny - There Is No ‘DETOXING’ From
This Gene Altering BioWeapon Injection And
'Med Beds' Are A Farce...

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi - 'I Have Absolute
Faith mRNA Injections Will Kill You' - And Shedding

Dr. Bhakdi - 'I Have Absolute Faith mRNA
Vaccines Will Kill You'

Jeff & Erica - DNA Plasmids - Major Discovery Found In
The Synthetic Hyper-Deadly BioWeapon 'Vaccinations'

Dr. Speaks About The DNA Plasmids In BioWeapon
Injections (Mono & Bi-Valent) That Will Take Over
The Microbiome Bacteria And Begin Plasmid mRNA
Replication which will Insure Endless Spike Creation

Jeff & Erica - More Warnings…From Iron Supplements
To Vitamin D3 Overdosing To Pet Flea And Tick Poisons

Jeff & Erica - Dr. David Martin Speaks Big Truths
More Examples Of How Denial Is King Among
The Vaxed Masses

Dr David Martin - 'It’s Much Worse Than You Think'
Martin Has A Full Grasp Of The BioWeapon Genocide

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Nurse Anne
Hospital Horrors Grow

Jeff & Erica - More Reports Of Dead Pets From
Shedding - The HeartGard Conundrum, Pet ‘Food'
And Much More

Jeff & Erica - An Extraordinary Overview Of The
DoD And Pentagon's 'Kill Box' For Humanity

Katherine Watt on DOD-Pentagram 'Kill Box’
Aimed At All Of Humanity - Video

Peace Without Poison
‘Justification’ For Mass Genocide

Ute Krüger MD Breast Cancer Specialist Reveals
Increase in Cancers and Occurrences of 'Turbo
Cancers' After Covid 'Vaccines' (BioWeapons)

Jeff & Erica - mRNA Replicates 19 Months After Injection!
Dr. Chetty In Trouble In SA - And Transhuman Nuttiness

Jeff & Erica - Grim Reality Of Shedding Still
Being Ignored

Jeff & Erica - The Graphene PsyOp Continues
And The Flush Niacin Technique

Scott Adams - Anti-Vaxxers Win

Jeff & Erica - Sad News About Shedding Killing Pet Dogs
Entire Litters Of Puppies Dead - Breeders Begin To See Danger

Professional Muscle Massage Therapist Virtually
Destroyed By Her Patients Shedding On Her

Jeff & Erica - Smells Of The Vaxed - Many Are Putrefying

Jeff & Erica - Stunning Example Of Shedding & Guest Nurse Anne

Jeff & Erica - More And More Serious Shedding
Injuries Reported

Jeff & Erica - More Doctors Demand The (BioWeapon)
Injections Be Stopped Immediately - Dioxin 'Cures'! - More

Jeff & Erica - Still More Proof The Vaxed Are Shedding

Study - mRNA Stays In The Blood After 28 Days
...More Proof Of Spike AND mRNA Shedding
Does The mRNA Replicate? - Dr. John Campbell

Vaxed Blood is Contaminated with Free
Floating mRNA - Deadly Blood

Secret Pfizer Documents & New Studies prove
COVID ‘Vaccine Shedding’ is occurring with
deadly consequences

Jeff & Erica - World's First Program Explaining HOW
Unbound IRON Caused By The Spike Protein Destroys
Life - And Trump's Mystery 'CovFeFe' Tweet Of 5-31-17
Note - Deep State Cut This Broadcast Off At 27 Minutes

Jeff & Erica - World's First Broadcast Explanation
Of Deadly Prion Triggered Amyloidosis & Amyloid
Clots And Plaques - A Horrific Revelation - Stunning

Jeff & Erica - World's First Program Revealing Who
REALLY Owns The BioWeapon 'Vaccines' - Force-
Released Pfizer Docs Show It's A DOD WEAPON!

As We've Said, Masks Work, So Take That Margin
Of Safety and Use It - Scientists Warn ‘Not Wearing
Masks’ Is Causing ‘Sudden’ Rise in Heart Attacks

Dr. Arne Burkhardt, Pathologist, Found Absolutely
ZERO Sperm In Two BioWeapon Victims - The Shots
Are Both Mass Killers And Sterilizing Agents - Vid

Jeff & Erica - War On Ivermectin,
WHO Readying Many New Vaccines

Deadly Vaxed Skies - 'Almost Every Day I Get Calls
From Pilots with Cardiac Issues or Neurological
Dysfunction’ - Video

WHO Says ‘We Must Prepare’ For H5N1 Bird Flu
Pandemic - Wants To Update Pandemic Treaty To
Forcibly Vaccinate Countries At Their Own Will

Bird flu 'may mutate to kill more than
50% of humans'

Feds Begin Testing Avian Flu Vax On Poultry
Won’t Tell Anything About Type Of ‘Vaccine’
...You can BET it's an mRNA formatted shot
(Just Like The Human Version To Follow)

Jeff & Erica - H5N1 Next Plandemic?, Heavy Metal
'Chelation', Spike From The 'Vax', John O'Looney Pt 2

John O'Looney - An Extraordinary Conversation

Jeff & Erica - Spike Proteins As Radioactive
Particles And Special Guest Betty Martini

Dr. Daniel Nagase - The Jabbed When Sick Shed More

Spike Protein And Radiation Injury Similarities

How The Spike Protein Is Driving Cancer

Jeff & Erica - Shedding Getting Worse, Thermography,
Dr Bhakdi And Thailand Suit, John O'Looney New Video

Jeff & Erica - Poornima Says There Is No Spike
Protein And There Is No Shedding! - Nagase
Explains How Spike Can Stop Heart Beating

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Nurse Anne - Major Hospitals
Are Overloaded, Understaffed And Imploding, More

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Bhakti Warning - J&E Begin
Their Third Year Of Programs, Much More

Jeff & Erica - Drumbeat Of The Sick And Dying Gets Louder

Jeff & Erica - Veritas Pfizer Video 'Sting' Storm,
Deadly NY Vax Legislation And Much More

The Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2 is ‘Delivered’
to All Organs via the Endothelium and Induces
Systemic Nonsense mRNA Translations Resulting
in Hyperaccelerated Aging

New Controversial Paper by J. Bart Classen
on the Covid Bioweapon And Its Controllers

Bill Gates Concludes MRNA Shots Serve No
Benefit To Anyone! - Warns Of 'Next Pandemic'

Jeff & Erica - Shedding Is Worsening...Decision Time

The Great Graphene PsyOp
The Art Of Misdirection

Jeff & Erica - How Unvaxed Invaders Are Replacing
Vaxed Americans - And Much More

Jeff & Erica - Covid Chronicles With Special Guest
Nurse Anne...Hospitals The On Verge Of Collapse

Jeff & Erica - Life Insurance Companies Scheming To Not
Pay For Vaxed Deaths! BC Store Bars Vaxed Customers

The FAA has very quietly tacitly admitted
that the EKGs of pilots are no longer normal
We should be concerned...Very Concerned

Jeff & Erica - Shedding...The Final Act?

Jeff & Erica - Covid Chronicles...104 F BioWeapon
Corpses & More Stunning Cases Of Shedding Deaths

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi Says We Are
Facing 'The End' And More Shockers About Shedding

Jeff & Erica - BioWeapon Injured And Dying Are Being
Inhumanly Ignored By Friends, Family, Complicit Doctors, Etc

Sasha Latypova Again Reveals How The Pentagon
(DOD) Was Thoroughly Behind The Covid Kill Shots

Genocide Sudden Death Compilation
Warning Extremely Graphic Scenes

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Pierre Kory On Hamlin Injury, Tera Hertz
Wands And His Opinion Of The MSM 'News' Media

Two more studies confirm mRNA-jabbed
people have highest risk of getting covid

Turbo Cancers Exploding In UK (And US)
New Video Of Top UK Doctor

Billy 'Gates of Hell' Spike Amyloid Beef,
Dairy And Chicken Meals

Dr. Bhakdi And Dr. Burkhardt - Killer Lymphocites
Pervading All Major Organs Of The Body Attacking
The Spike And mRNA Causing Mass Inflammation

Jeff & Erica - Professional Tow Operator Update On Vaxidents

Jeff & Erica - How T-Cells Destroy The Bodies
Of The Vaxed - More Human Stories

As We Said Long Ago - Internal ’Third Degree Burns’
The Spike Protein ‘BURNS' The Endothelium (And
Cells Everywhere They Come Into Contact With)

Jeff & Erica - Coughing, Spiked People Everywhere

Jeff & Erica - How The Spike Can Cause The Vaxed To
Die Suddenly - The Spike Creates Micro-Clotting In The
Brain Stem, Destroying The Autonomic Nerve System
Instructions Ordering The Heart To Beat - Instant Death

Jeff & Erica - Dr Ryan Cole Says There Is NO Graphene
Oxide Or 'Self- Assembling Nano Chips' In Vax Vials... 'No, Nada, Zip, None!'

Dr. Ryan Cole Says There Is Absolutely ZERO
Graphene Oxide In The BioWeapon Vax Viles
Start Viewing At 44:00 - Excellent Interview

Covid BioWeapon Injections Are Like ‘Chemical
Frontal Lobotomies’ Causing People To Experience
Major Psychological Personality Abnormalities

Dr Mike Yeadon - The Type Of People Who Created
This Spike Protein BioWeapon Are 'People Who
Would Worship Satan, They Are Not Normal People'

'Vax' Makers Did NOT Prove Their Engineered
Spike Protein Is Safe - Dr. Robert Malone - Vid

Jeff & Erica - The BioWeapon 'Vaccine' Catastrophe
Of Christmas 2022 - The Human Cost

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Pierre Kory Destroys Tera Hertz 'Magic'
Wand, Says Patients Injured, Warns NEVER Use It

Dr Pierre Kory issues stern warning about the
Tera Hertz Wand - Start at 1:11:45 - Listen

Is The Magic Wand is a Death Ray? Hard Science
In PubMed Peer-Reviewed Paper - The Effect Of
Microwave Radiation On The Human Cell Genome

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Nurse Anne - Hospitals Are Nearly Full

Jeff & Erica - More Research On Tera Hertz Wands

Video shows why you should ALWAYS close the
lid before you flush the toilet - Countless Smaller
Aerosol Droplets Don’t Even Show In This Video

Spike proteins cause lymphocytes to
'chew a hole in the aorta' warns Dr. Cole

Jeff & Erica - Nurse Anne And More Questions About
The MLM Propelled 'Terra Hertz Wand' - Why Are Some
Of Its Critics Being So Viciously Attacked?

Tera Hertz Wands - 'For decades now,
no one's succeeded in building a consumer
device that can transmit terahertz waves'
So What Is REALLY Being Emitted By These Wands?

Photo - Amyloid Material Drained From Man's Abdomen

The TeraHertz Wand Hype - Is There Danger? - Buyer Beware

Hard Science Questioning Wisdom Of Using
ANY Tera Hertz Device On The Human Body

Jeff & Erica - Self-Service Kiosks, Keypads, Keyboards,
Etc, Crawling With Spike, mRNA And Deadly Bacteria

Pharma Insider Latypova Reveals Irrefutable
Evidence Of Conspiracy To Commit Mass Murder
By The US DoD HHS And Pharma Cartel Via The
CV BioWeapon Injections In New Presentation

Jeff & Erica - Worldwide Spreading Of Spike And mRNA
From China To Oz To The US And EU - Masses Are Dying

Dr. Bhakdi - On Massive Premeditated Murder
Via The Covid ‘Vaccines’ - BioWeapons Slaughter

Lion In The Wild Or Huge Animal Park Starts Turning
Round And Round 'Looking At Something' And Then
Goes To The Ground In Full Seizure And Seems Dead
Is The Global Genocide To Remove Animals, Too?

Jeff & Erica - Beware Of Covid Hucksters, Hoaxers

Jeff & Erica - Proof Of mRNA AND Spike Shedding
And An Overview Of Many Basics Of Vax Death

Albert Bourla - Neck-Breathing Like A Reptile

Jeff & Erica - The Controllers Are Releasing The Truth
About The Vaxed Shedding & Spreading Both Spike

Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole Brilliantly Lays The
Spike Protein's Wickedly Ferocious Truth - Watch
Video, Begins At 29:51 - This Is What We've Been
Reporting And Building For Over Year - Superb

McCullough Confirms mRNA AND Spike Are Shedding
From The Vaxed TO The Unvaxed - Great Danger

Dr Ryan Cole - ’They’ KNEW About The mRNA-
Spike Protein Catastrophe All Along - Placentas
Now Full Of Spike Protein, Inflammation, Calcified

Jeff & Erica - The DOD BioWeapon Injection ('Covid
Vaccine') Deaths & Life-Crushing Injuries Are Exploding

Don’t Forget - The ‘Covid Vaccine' BioWeapon Is
Entirely A DOD Product - Sasha Latypova

Cancer Skyrocketing Since People Were
Coerced Into Injecting The mRNA BioWeapons
MANY Already Being Diagnosed With Stage Four!

Jeff & Erica - Billions Are Suffering And Dying
- The Human Cost

Jeff & Erica - The Dark & Deadly Side Of Iron - Pt 1

Jeff & Erica - Myo And Pericarditis Pandemic - Pt 2

Jeff & Erica - Nurse Anne, 700 Bed Hospital Horrors - Pt 3

Jeff & Erica - Dr Campbell On Excess Deaths And
Dr Thorpe On Mass Fetal Deaths And Still Births

The Amazing Truth About Ivermectin

Jeff & Erica - 'They' Have Already Planned
The Next Deadly Scamdemic - Dr. John Campbell

Jeff & Erica - Gift Of Death By Blood Transfusion
& Soaring Cancer Explosion Among The Vaxed

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Alim On Spike Protein Shedding,
The BioWeapon Cancer Explosion And More

Patti Bartsch, PhD - You say you started having
problems since THIS happened?

Jeff & Erica - 'Black Hairy Tongue’, Aldehydes,
Iron And The Smells Of The Vaxed, More - Pt 1

Jeff & Erica - Nurse Anne, Hospital Horrors,
Unbound Iron Causing Severe Problems - Pt 2

Sucharit Bhakdi explains how mRNA
spikes damage And Destroy the brain

Dr. Paul Marik - 'The Spike Protein Is Probably
One of-The Most Toxic Proteins The Human
Body Has Ever Seen’ - Video

‘They’re Doing It Again!’ - Funeral Director
John O’Looney On The Deadly UK Flu Jabs

Jeff & Erica - Warning About The Flu ‘Vax’,
Iron Damage And Second Hand Shedding

Jeff & Erica - The Spike Protein And Mass Murder

Jeff & Erica - Nurse Anne Returns,
More Hospital Horror Stories

Extensive Analyses By German Scientists Shows
NO Graphene Oxide In The BioWeapon Vials

Jeff & Erica - Shedding And The Holidays
- What To Do?

Jeff & Erica - Massive Deep State Efforts
Underway To Confuse The Sheep About
The BioWeapon Death Avalanche

New Study - ‘Iron Induces Chronic Heart Failure’
As We’ve Said, Unbound Iron Is A BIG Player

Disinfo Wars - La Cuckoo Columna Blames Graphene
Oxide For Most Everything The Spike Protein Does!
Never Mind Scientists Can’t Find Any GO In Vials

Atty Todd Callender Says Cesium-137 is in the Shots
Where’s The Proof? C-134 & C-137 Have Been
Dumped On Us For Over 10 Yrs From Fukushima!

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi - Gene Altering mRNA Vax
Tech To Be New Platform For ALL Vaccines

Dr. Ryan Cole - How Some Vaxed Got Lucky

Jeff & Erica - The New DoD BioWeapon
Disinformation War To Confuse The Masses

Dr. Bhakdi - The (DOD Bioweapon) ‘Vaccine’
Is Destroying The Hearts And Brains of
Billions of People Right Now - Watch

Jeff & Erica - The Govt's New, Intense War On Ivermectin
And The Continuing Lies About Graphene Oxide

Jeff & Erica - Forget The Graphene Fraud - Take
Shedding Extremely Seriously And Protect Yourselves

Jeff & Erica - New Disinformation Scam To Claim
The Spike Protein Doesn't Exist And The Effort To
Discredit Shedding As Posing A Real Danger

WARNING - Graphic Images Of The Suddenly Dead
These Clips Show What Jeff & Erica Have Been
Warning About For Nearly Two Years - NO SHOTS!

Jeff & Erica - CDC Final Vote 15-0 To Make The DOD
BioWeapon A Mandatory Childhood (6 Months And Up)
'Vaccine' & Trump's Mysterious 'CovFeFe' Tweet In 2017

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Nurse Anne - Exploding
Super Cancers And More Hospital Horrors

Dr. Ryan Cole - The Vaxed Can Quite Possibly
Produce Spike Protein Which Will Kill Them
For At least A YEAR After A BioWeapon Injection
Spike Is Being Found In Most All Deaths Of Vaxed

Jeff & Erica - With Special Guest Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Jeff & Erica - How The BioWeapon Injections Are
Changing The Now Often Lifeless Masses

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Nurse Anne With
More Astonishing Hospital Stories - Don't Go In!

Jeff & Erica - More On The The Poor Quality Control in
The Manufacture Of The DOD's BioWeapon 'Vaccines'

Jeff & Erica - BLOCKBUSTER!
Who REALLY Owns The 'Vaccines'?

Jeff & Erica - There Is NO Graphene Oxide In The
'Vax' - Fraud Exposed By Extensive German Study

Jeff & Erica - Trying To Save The 20% - The 80% Are Fading

Jeff & Erica - Guest Nurse Anne - Hospital Horrors
From Amyloid Lies To Spike-Laden Organ Transplant

Read This - Hundreds Of Thousands Of Fully
Vaxed Dying Weekly - Official Govt Statistics

Covid ‘vaccines' have already killed 20 million
people and injured over 2 billion worldwide
...These are Likely Conservative Numbers

Jeff & Erica - How The Spike Injections Kill - Pt 1

Jeff & Erica - BioWeapon Human Suffering & Death - Pt 2

UK Funeral Director, John O'Looney, has it nailed
Start Listening At 9:00

Jeff & Erica - The Fight To Save The 20%
...Shedding And Smells Update

Jeff & Ericka - New John O'Looney Video
Pulls No Punches And More

The Vaccine Scientist Spreading
Vaccine Misinformation

Jeff & Erica - Trying To Save The Unvaxed & Luciferase

Examples Of Luciferase - Video 1

Examples Of Luciferase - Video 2

Smells Of The Vaxed Explained
VOCs, Aldehydes And Decay

Dr David Martin Agrees - This Is Mass Murder And
That All Those Involved In Administering The Shots
Are, At The Least, Accessories To Mass Murder

Jeff & Erica - Trying To Save Some Of The 20%
Unvaxed That Shedding Was Designed To Kill Off

Jeff & Erica - Exploding Spike Protein Killer Cancers
And 100% Fatal Creutzfeld-Jacob (CJD) Hitting Millions

Dr. Ryan Cole - The Wicked, PROVEN Cancer-Causing
Ability Of The BioWeapon Spike Protein - Video

Dr Jessica Rose - Prion Disease (CJD) Exploding
In The Brain After BioWeapon Injections - No Cure,
100% Fatality Rate - Video

La Quinta Columna Revises Its Statement
On Shedding And Transmission

Jeff & Erica - More Proof Of Shedding Devastation

Jeff & Erica - Breakthrough...Why And How
The Vaxed Are Emitting Smells And Odors

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Peter Breggin...The Strange
Behaviors Of Dr. Robert Malone - Listen

Jeff & Erica - It Seems AIDS In The Vaxed Is
Transmissible To The Unvaxed Leading To
Conditions Like Shingles & Cancer - Bad News

Jeff & Erica - Increased Shedding & Doctors Profiting On Fear

Jeff & Erica - Shedding Is Getting WORSE - Beware

mRNA Spike BioWeapon Injections Are The Gifts
That Keep On Giving - Zoster Photos

Dr. McCullough explains how the new ‘bivalent’
Moderna boosters have NOT been tested in humans
At All! - Video

Utter Insanity Coming Soon...Moderna's 6-in1
'Super Jab’...Flu, Covid And RSV Combined

As Jeff & Erica Have Been Warning About For
Nearly Two Years...Shedding Is 100% Real,
Extremely Dangerous And Must Be Taken
Very Seriously...

Confidential Pfizer COVID Vaccine Documents
state ‘Shedding’ is possible via ‘Skin-to-Skin
Contact’ & ‘Breathing the same Air’ and can
cause ‘Menstrual Disruption’ & ‘Miscarriage’

09-02-22 - HR2 - Jeff & Erica - Dr. James Giordano...
The Battlefield of the Brain

09-02-22 - HR3 - Jeff & Erica - Hidden Spike Horrors
Going On All Around US

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest 'Linda' A Natural
Healer Who Can Identify The Vaxed On Sight

Jeff & Erica - More Stories Of How The
Deadly Spike Kills Without Mercy

Rudolf Steiner - 'In The Future, We Will
Eliminate The Soul With Medicine'

Newly published study by Seneff & McCullough
‘SARS CoV-2 Spike Protein in the Pathogenesis
of Prion-like Diseases'

Whitney Webb's piece on CIA-linked biotech
company ‘Resilience' - Moderna’s new, Exclusive
mRNA Manufacturer - Producer

Jeff & Erica - The Immense, Hidden Number Of People
Whose Lives Have Been Ruined By The BioWeapon Shots

Dr. Meryl Nass Debunks SARS-CoV-2
'Virus Isn't Real' Bullsh*t

Jeff & Erica With Special Guest Jon Wood On The
Covid Remdesivir Death Factories Called ‘Hospitals’

Jeff & Erica - Rising Death Tsunami Of The Vaxed,
Carefully Hidden By The Complicit MSM - More

Jeff & Erica - Shedding Sickness, Post Vax Carnage,
And Monkeypox-Covid Combination 'Vaccine'

Jeff & Erica - CRISPR Is A Bad Idea - Potential
Side Effects Are Incalculable - More Genetic
Modifications Coming Soon - And Those Virus
Denying Sellouts And Profiteers

Jeff & Erica - New Moderna Booster Approved
In England...And Much More

Jeff & Erica - Media Frauds And Phonies Hustling
Supplements To The Sick & Frightened - Much More

Jeff & Erica - Shedding Induced Porphyria, Monkeypox,
Stealth Adapted Covid Virus, Enormous Amyloid Clot
Surgically Pulled From A Beating Heart - Stunning Video

See Surgeons Remove An Enormous Amyloid Clot
From A Beating Heart - Courtesy of the BioWeapon

Evidence the vaccines shed other toxic
materials besides Spike Protein - Pt1

Evidence the vaccines shed other toxic
materials besides Spike Protein - Pt2

Bhakdi's Newest Warning, Monkeypox Vax
'Shortage', New Potentially Fatal Virus In China,
Manufacturer's Evidence Of Shedding

Jeff & Erica - 'Cindy' Explains How She Was Spiked
By A Relative And How She Is Dealing With It

Jeff & Erica - Exploding Cancers, Spike-Caused Neuro
Damages Getting Worse And Worse - As Is Shedding

Dr. Chris Shaw - Spike-Caused Neurological Disorders
Are Only Just Getting Started - 'People I Know Can No
Longer Navigate, Are Unable To Walk, Can No Longer Do Mathematics'

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest 'Sheri' (Unvaxed)
Tells Her Horrible Shedding Story - More

Jeff & Erica - The Ever-Increasing Dangers
Of Shedding From The Vaxed - Extremely Serious

Jeff & Erica - Monkey Business Update - The New Vax
Sweepstakes Are Underway - Pets Are Dying Of Spike

Dr. Meryl Nass on Monkeypox

Dr Meryl Nass assesses the NovaVax ‘vaccine'

VACCIDENTS - US traffic fatalities Skyrocket
across the board in 2020 and 2021 – reaching
The highest level in decades

Jeff & Erica - The Monkeypox Vaccine Hustle
...Why They Are A Very Bad Idea - Much More

Funeral Director John O'Looney On Soaring
Baby Murders And Funerals - Video

Jeff & Erica - Monkeypox Is Now Fully In Play

Dr. Meryl Nass on Monkeypox

The Infamous Monkeypox Tabletop Timetable
...Right On Schedule

The 'Child Monkeypox Explosion' Will Reveal
the Extent of the Pedophilia Epidemic in The US

Prof Dolores Cahill Warns That Everyone Who Has
Taken Even One Injection Will Die In 3-5 Years

Jeff & Erica - Monkeypox, Malone Unloads On Fauci, Birx

Young Woman Gets Sick When
Anywhere NEAR The Vaxed - Video

Jennifer's Journey - Woman Severely Harmed
By Shedding - Video

Jeff & Erica - Finally, One Doctor Tells It Straight
As We've Been Doing Here For A Long, Long Time

Jeff & Erica - Yeadon Says It's Easy To Poison An
Entire Population Without Them Knowing - More
Doctors Warns About Permanent Gene Changes
From The BioWeapons, Much More

Spike Protein Syndrome is sweeping US
as deadly disorders are springing up out of
nowhere Following COVID Dead Injections

Ex-Pfizer R&D Executive Mike Yeadon
Explains Why 'gene transfection’ platforms
were used for the CoVid Vaccines...

FDA Colluded With Moderna to Bypass COVID
Vaccine Safety Standards, Documents Reveal

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Robert Malone(v) Says Fauci
Is Deep State, John O'Looney(v) Talks About
Baby Deaths, And Live Blood In The Unvaxed

Covid BioWeapon Deaths Ravage Neighborhood
Including Couple Who Died On Sofa Watching TV

Jeff & Erica - Dr. David Martin (Video), 84% Excess Mortality
In Millennials (25-44), More Stunning BioWeapon Death Reports

Dr. David Martin On The Bioweapon - Video

Jeff & Erica - Harrowing And Grim Stories
Of The UNvaxed Being Shed Upon

Man Begs Parents Not To Inject BioWeapon
Death Shot Into Toddler And Infant

Jeff & Erica - Vaxxidents And More - Special Guest Ann,
A Victim Of Three Vaxed Driver Accidents In Last Year

Jeff & Erica - Smells, Serious Behavioral Changes In Many
Of The Vaxed And Severe Shedding Results - & Ann Part 2

Smells, Serious Behavioral Changes In Many Of
The Vaxed And Severe Shedding Results

Jeff & Erica - Vaxed Smells, Cancer Explosions, Severely
Injured Oz Nurse Forced To Take The Deadly Injection...
The Inexorable Progress Of The BioWeapon Catastrophe

John O'Looney Finds Amyloid Clots In Young
BioWeapon Victim's Heart - People Are Being
'Rubberized' With Amyloids - Video

Vax-Injured Oz Nurse Describes Horrible
Tactics Used By Her Employer To Force Injections

Dr. Ryan Cole - Doctors All Over The World
Are Seeing Very Strange Things...

Jeff & Erica - Monkey Pox Vaccine Deployment,
Omicron Specific Boosters, And Shedding Stories

Jeff & Erica - Pfizer Horror To Double Strength Of Its
Covid BioWeapon - Yeadon Says Spike Protein Was
Chosen Knowing It Would Kill And Harm People

Dr. Mike Yeadon - All Four Big Pharma Covid ‘Vax’
Makers Are Guilty Of 'Collusion And Malfeasance'
By Picking The Spike Protein 'On Purpose, Knowing
That It Would Hurt You’ - Video

Pfizer To Double The Dose For Their Next Round
Of Covid Boosters!! Good Luck To All - Video

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Spells Out Certainty Of Spike
Protein And mRNA Shedding On The Unvaxed
- Big Drop In EU Vehicle Traffic - Many Vaxed
Looking 10 Yrs Older

Jeff & Erica - Adults Dropping Dead Of SADS
Hideous Walensky Announces Open Season
On Infants And Toddlers With BioWeapon Shots
Parents Already Injecting Their Children
More Human Injury Reports

Dr Alim In An Excellent Explanation Of How Shedding
And Transmission Are Achieved By The Spike Protein
...Exactly As We Have Been Reporting

Jeff & Erica - Is Graphene Back? Can It Cause
Protein Misfolding?

Jeff & Erica - Mass Murder Of Our Babies And Toddlers
And Dr. Richard Fleming 'Setting The Record Straight'

Sam Dodson's statement to the FDA regarding
the Bioweapon Injections for 6 month to 5 yr olds

Update On Dr Carrie Madej’s Description Of Her
Near Fatal Plane Crash - With Professional Jet
Pilot Commentary

Dr. Russell Blaylock MD - Update On The Lack Of
Safety Studies On These BioWeapon 'Vaccines' - Video

Swedish Study finds mRNA COVID ‘Vaccines'
enter liver and then alter DNA – Possibly
Causing Catastrophic DNA Damage

Jeff & Erica - UK's John O'Looney On The Avalanche
Of Thrombotic Deaths - Hospitals Falling Apart

Jeff & Erica - Grieving Mothers Talk About What The
Death Shots Did To Their Children - Novavax OK'd

CCP Video Said Verified - 'All Americans Who
Took The Shots Are Going To Die'

Jeff & Erica - Amyloids And Very Suspicious Monkey Pox

Albert Bourla…Neck Breathing Like A Reptile

Genocide Planning For Oil And Gas Company
Employees Who Took The BioWeapon Injection

Airborne Prions Make A 100% Fatal Sniff
Of Mad Cow, Alzheimers, CJD, Etc

Jeff & Erica - Vaxxidents With Special Guest, Justin
And More On Terrible Shedding Events And Reports

Jeff & Erica - The Human Suffering Of
The BioWeapon Victims - Part 1

Jeff & Erica - The Human Suffering Of
The BioWeapon Victims - Part 2

Infectious, Fatal Prion Disease In Deer Known As
CWD (Mad Cow) Is Commonly Spread To Other Deer,
Moose and Elk, Etc - See Prion Life Cycle Graphic

Jeff & Erica - Prion Update And The Next Misdirection
In The Spike Genocide - Urine 'Therapy' - Never Mind
Urine Carries Spike Generated Prions!

Jeff & Erica-Monkeypox Or Monkey Business?
205 NewSPIKE Protein Vaccines In Trials!
Several Doctors Talk & More

Jeff & Erica - Explanation Of Deadly Amyloidosis
And Amyloid Clots - A Revelation Of The Dangers

Jeff & Erica - Monkey Pox Update - Evusheld
Monoclonal Antibodies For The Immune
Compromised - Amyloidosis And Plaques

Jeff & Erica - Amyloidosis Recap And
The Mystery Of Monkeypox Global Spread

Jeff & Erica - Why You Must Understand
Amyloidosis And Amyloid Plaques

Amyloid Fibrils...Over 30 Types Exist - Video

New Study from Sweden Confirms Systemic
'Amyloidosis' caused by SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein

Jeff & Erica - MonkeyPox, Malone On Heart
Damages To The Vaxed, CJD Horror

Gates And Fauci Caught Funding Gain Of
Function Experiments On Bird Flu That Could
Turn It In To The Next Deadly Pandemic

Dr. Blaylock - Covid Update, What Is The TRUTH?

Coincidence? Never! A Monkeypox Outbreak Is
Another 'War Game' Exercise Taken Straight from
The Globalist Playbook - See It All Right Here

What is the Covid truth? By Dr Russell Blaylock

Medical Regulators believe Adenoviruses used
in AstraZeneca & J&J COVID Vaccines are to
blame for rise in deadly Hepatitis among Children

Jeff & Erica - How The Vax Maimed And Injured Are Being
Hidden And Censored - Special Guest Is Moderna-Injured
Dr. Joel Wallskog MD

Jeff & Erica - AIDS Is Spreading And Underlying The
Huge Spread Of Some Form Of Severe Flu-Like Illness

Yeadon Says Injecting Billions With ‘Covid Vax’
Is A ‘Crime Against Humanity’ - May Be An ELE

Pew Survey Finds COVID Has Virtually
Disappeared as a Major Concern In US
…Vax AIDS Is Taking Over And The Effort
To Blame It On HIV Surges - BaaBaa Sheep

US Hits Grim Milestone Of '1 Million COVID
Deaths’ - People Often Died Of Relabeled Flu
Treated With Deadly Remdesivir Or From
Forced Killer BioWeapon Injections - There
May Be 15 million Dead And 200 Million Dying

Covid BioWeapon Injections To Bring Avalanche
Of Neuro Diseases (Prions) - As We’ve Said,
An Enormous VAIDS Massacre Is Underway,
Perhaps Million Americans Already Murdered

Jeff & Erica - Prions, Chimeric Viruses, AIDS - Pt 1

Jeff & Erica - Prions, Chimeric Viruses, AIDS - Pt 2

Dr. Chetty Was First To Expose The Spike As The
Most Deadly Pathogen Mankind Has Ever Created

Jeff & Erica - UnVaxed Senior Care Crisis,
Special Guests...Nurse Ann & Mike

Jeff & Erika - Most All US Vaxed Are Developing AIDS
And Bill Gates Describes How To Sneak Altered mRNA
'Vaccines' (BioWeapons) Past FDA Regulators

Official US Govt data suggests Fully Vaxed
Americans are developing AIDS - Obviously

Gates Says The Code In mRNA Vaccines
Can Be Updated w/o Regulators Noticing

Jeff & Erica - Paxlovid Failures And Why Deadly Children's
Hepatitis Is Increasing...And Much More

Jeff & Erica - Multiple Updates On The
Covid BioWeapon Injection Genocide

Scientists Attempting To Design 'Self-Spreading'
Vaccines That Can Jump From Vaccinated To
Unvaccinated Populations

Jeff & Erica - Shedding By The Vaxed Formally Proven

Shocking Visible Proof How Masks WORK - Look

Mystery Of Unvaxed Children With Severe Liver
Damage Solved - Were Breastfed By Vaxed Mothers

Anthony Patch 2014 - Rabies, Zombies, Flu
Shots & Third Strand DNA

Doctor Describes Terrible Adverse Reactions to
COVID BioWeapon Injections He Has Encountered

Energy Healers And Reflexologists See 'Death'
Signatures In Their Vaxed Patients - NO Energy
Fields, No Auras Left

Jeff & Erica - Vanden Bossche Forecasts New, Highly
Infectious Treatment-Resistant Covid Variants - The
Amazing Predictions Of Anthony Patch

Jeff & Erica - Masks, Airborne AIDS, Airborne
Prions Tsunami Of Death Surges - 1993 MIT
Paper Describes Using Synthetic Biology
For Mass Population Control

31 Year Old ‘Healthy' Vaxed Female
Tests HIV+ At A Routine Doctors Visit

Nick Szabo - 'Life In The Era Of Humane
Genocide’ - MIT 1993 - How Synthetic
Biology Will Be Used To Reduce Population

Geert Vanden Bossche - Covid Super Variants
Due To BioWeapons Are On The Way

Anthony Patch - Incredibly Prescient Video Predicts
Epidemic Of Rabies In Humans, Deadly ‘Flu’ Shots
And Third Strand DNA - Watch

Results Of Immune System Destruction Exploding

Dr Luc Montagnier - 16 Shocking Cases Of CJD
Appear Right After Taking The BioWeapon Injections

1967 Paper ‘History Of Surgical Masks’

Jeff & Erica - To Mask Or Not - The Difference
Between The N-95 And The KN-95 Masks -
Testimonial Of Professional Healer Getting Spiked
n Small Treatment Room With Poor Ventilation
And What She Did To Fix It & Recover

Jeff & Erica - Dr Ryan Cole On The Explosion Of Cancers
Airborne AIDS - How The BioWeapon Destroys Interferon
In The Cells - Natural Healers Freak Out...'See' Vaxed
Patients As Being 'Dead'

Dire consequences of impaired Interferon production Caused by the Covid mRNA 'vaccine'

SARS-Cov-2 Kills T-Cells, Just Like HIV

Oz Govt Agency Recommends Kill Shots Can Be
Administered 'Opportunistically' (!) While Patients
Are Under Anesthesia For ANY Surgical Procedures

Dr. Lev Zelenko's Response To The
King Cobra Snake Venom Scam

American Airlines Pilot Bob Snow Whose
Heart Stopped Minutes After Landing Speaks
About His Forced BioWeapon Injection And
How It Has Destroyed His Life - Video

Dr Ardis Throws Beef Stew Under The Bus Over Their
'Documentary' About King Cobra Venom Supposedly
Being In Tap Water - Says Beef Stew 'Blew It Up As
The Big Story' In Their Documentary 'Watch The Water'

Confidential Pfizer Document Suggests ‘Covid
Vaccine Shedding’ Is Totally Real

Bhakdi-Burkhardt Pathology Results Show 93%
of People Who Died After Being Vaxed Were
Killed by the BioWeapon Injection

One More Flush...The 'King Cobra Venom’ In Your
Tap Water Farce - More Novavax Craziness - And
Why So Much Less Traffic On Many Of Our Streets

'Watch The Water' Actors Are Backpedaling
And Into Damage Control - The REAL Source
Of Snake Venom From The Covid BioWeapon - Listen

Dr. Pierre Kory, Earliest Advocate Of Ivermectin,
Shreds The Ardis-Peters-Ruby ‘Watch The Water’
Venom Hysteria - ‘Venom' Peptides Are Actually
Produced By The Human Body During Infections

2017 Paper Showing Phospholipase A2 ‘Snake Venom’
Is Native To The Human Body And Naturally-Elevated
During Infection

Italian Paper #1 Showing Bacteria From Critically-Ill
Covid Patients Replicate The SARS-CoV-2 Virus,
Producing Toxic ‘Venomous' Peptides - May 2021

Italian Paper #2 Showing 31 Bacterially-Generated
Toxic ‘Venomous' Peptides In The Blood And Body
Fluids Of Critically-Ill Covid Patients - July 2021

Italian Researchers - Vaccines Won't Work Because
SARS-CoV-2 Is Also Entering Your Bacteria 3-15-21

Toxin-Like Peptides In Plasma, Urine And Fecal
Samples From COVID-19 Patients 7-8-21

Modifying The Human MicroBiome
(From The BioWeapons Handbook)

Jeff & Erica - Snake Venom In Your Tap Water...
Or The Latest Disinformation PsyOp?

‘Watch the Water’ - Right on the Remdesivir
But The Snake Venom Theory Is a 'Big Stretch'

Dr. Meryl Nass Wisely Urges Great Caution
Regarding 'Watch The Water' Because Snake
Venom Is NOT The Problem

The Snake Venom Peptide Sequence In The Spike
Protein Is NOT A NEW DISCOVERY - It Was Known
About A Year Ago - See Craig Pardekooper's
Paper 'The Serpent's Bite' From July 4, 2021 Here...

New paper by Harald Kautz-Vella And Nadin Kira
Alex exposes the Covid transhumanist agenda

Dr. Michael Yeadon Exposes The Covid Lies

Jeff & Erica - H5N1...Is The Next Pandemic Here?
China Reports 19 Human Cases Of H5N6 Bird Flu
And More Novavax INSANITY…People Flying
Internationally To Get Novavax - Even To India!

Reiner Fuellmich - They are trying to kill us,
to reduce the population by 80% - Video

Dr Vernon Coleman - The Great Reset
Is Further Along Than You Can Imagine

How The Synthetic Spike Protein Sterilizes
All Women Who Have Taken Or Will Take
The BioWeapon Injections

Jeff & Erica - People Deceived By Novavax And
What It Really Is - Malone On The New AIDS -
UK Warning And Horrible Video On Synthetic Hearts

Staggering Video Telling Kids Not To Worry
If They Die Of A Heart Attack - Synthetic Hearts
Are On The Way - This Is Particularly Odious

Horrible UK Booklet For Kids Telling Them
Massive Heart Damage Is A Normal Result Of Vax

16 Cases Of A New Form Of CJD Prion Disease
Showed Up In An Average Of Only 11 Days And
2 Of 16 Showed Symptoms Just ONE DAY Later!

Jeff & Erica - CJD And Prion Explosion - 16 People
Get CJD Mad Cow Even 1 Day After BioWeapon
Injection - Bhakdi Says Spike Can Change 'Entire
Personalities' - BEWARE! Both SKIN CONTACT
And EXHALATION Will Transfer Vax And Spike
Protein To The Unvaxed

Dr Luc Montagnier's Final Blockbuster Paper (Preprint)
Sixteen cases of CJD declared a FEW DAYS after
COVID-19 'vaccine' (BioWeapon) Injection

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi - Astonishing New Data On
What The BioWeapon Does To Some People -
'The Whole Personality Changes'!

Jeff & Erica - Spike Proteins, Prions, Shedding And
Transmission Worsening, How To Try To Stay Safe

Will Transfer Vax And Spike Protein To The Unvaxed

The PCR Test Can Kill You – and Can Be Used
to Vax You - As We Have Warned Over And Over

Everyone Has AIDS! Canada Putting HIV Test
Sites Across Nation - AIDS is from the BioWeapon
‘Vaccine’ Spike Protein...Not HIV

Jeff & Erica - More On The Growing Danger Of
Spike Generated CJD Prion Disease, The Micro
Clotting Cause Of 'Long Covid’…And Much More

Jeff & Erica - The Alarming Unfolding Novavax Story
The EVIL Spike Protein Creating AIDS In The Vaxed
And Update On The Spike CJD Prion Horror Explosion

Jeff & Erica - The Incredible Diversity Of Death
Caused By The Spike Protein

The Many Ways The Spike Protein
Annihilates Human Life

Reports from morticians and embalmers
regarding abnormal clots Soaring

A Remarkable Survey Of Mass Mind Control Being
Used On The Masses - Heart Attacks, Strokes And
The Evil, Lying, Fraud Of The ClotShot Media - Video

John Stockton's List of 100s of vaxed athletes
who have dropped DEAD on the field

1100% increase in US military deaths - Genocide
Of The US Military Is Working Right On Schedule

Jeff & Erica - Tinnitus And Other Neurological Injuries
After One Year Of Being Vaxed - NovaVax - Spike
Protein As A Binary Weapon

Jeff & Erika - NovaVax, VAIDs, AIDS And HIV

Jeff & Erica - Novavax Spike Protein-ONLY 'Vax'
Presents Enormous Risks - Latest On Those Who
Are Leading The PsyOp That No Viruses Exist

Dr. Chetty On The Lab-Engineered Spike Protein
...'The most Elaborate, Well-Engineered, Well-
Thought Out Toxins Ever Produced By Man'

Jeff & Erica - Two Different Kinds Of Blood Clots
...The Spike Clots And Normal Clots With Ryan Cole
Plus The Amazing Claim Of 35% Blood Saturation

Dr Ryan Cole On The Mystery Spike Clots

Jeff & Erica - The Truth About The Novavax Injection
And Dissolving Pills To Track You And Make Sure You
Take Your Medicine

Jeff & Erica - BioWeapon Injections Destroying Women's
Reproductive Ability, More Virus Denier Lunacy And Much More

Dr Vernon Coleman - ‘It’s time to arrest the
guilty Doctors who gave the covid-19 Vaccines’

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Richard Fleming - Viruses, The
BioWeapon Known As Covid-19 & The Kill Shots

Dr Zelenko On Israeli Funeral Directors Seeing A
10x Increase Civilian Deaths...'They Have AIDS'

Jeff & Erica - Maybe 30 Pentagon-Built Deadly Bio
Weapon Labs In Ukraine, Why? - BioWeapon 'Vax'
Spike Protein Micro-Clotting Killing Human Tissue

Jeff & Erica - HIV Scam Gets Closer Spike Protein Is
Killing The Body Piece By Piece - Death By BioWeapon

Dr. Chetty's New Warning - We Will
See Things Never Seen Before

Moderna BioWeapons Destroying Future Fertility
Of Baby Girls - Mass Sterilization Revealed

Whistleblower 2020 Showed Hidden Sterilization
Ingredients In The Deadly BioWeapon Shots

Watch Moderna CEO Stefan Bancel squirm as he
is pressed to explain the discovery of a PATENTED
cancer gene sequence in the SARS-COV-2 virus

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Nurse Anne - US Hospital
Healthcare On Brink Of Collapse - ICUs And ERs Are
Overwhelmed With Vaxed Victims

Jeff & Erica - Shedding And 'Bringers Of Truth'

Jeff & Erica - Helping Virus Deniers Find Their Wits

Over A Dozen US Biolabs In Ukraine Targeted
By Russian Forces - Proof US Using Ukraine
For Mass Death BioWeapons Development

Jeff & Erica - The Great 'There Is No Virus'
PsyOp And The Coming HIV Plandemic

Proof Of DOD Being Funded For BioWeapon
Development 1970 House Hearing Request For
Money To Create HIV-AIDS - Read For Yourself

Luc Montagnier - 'They Are Not Vaccines, They
Are Poisons’...Speech To Luxembourg Parliament

Jeff & Erica - The Fake 'HIV AIDS' Scam To Hide The
Vax Caused AIDS Nightmare - The EMF Radiation
Weapons Use By Black Clad Cops To Cook Peaceful
Canberra Civilians

The Fake HIV AIDS Scam To Coverup The
Vax Caused AIDS Nightmare
- See The EMF
Radiation Maiming And Burning Devices
The Oz Government Used On Its Own People

- Self-Spreading Vaccines - The Mystery Of
BioWeapon URA-3665 Solved?
- Why Would
Rational People Gather By The Thousands
In One Place? LRAD? Transfer Of Spike And
mRNA? Remember The Sick At Bard's Fest?

Jeff & Erica - Black Ops Cops Maim 100s Of Peaceful Anti
Mandate Protestors With EMF Microwave Weapons

Jeff & Erica with Special Guest Nurse Anne

The Covid-19 Vaccines Cause AIDS
...Here’s All The Evidence

‘Vax' (BioWeapon) Kills Another Young Father
His Heart Was Turned To Complete Scar Tissue
In A Matter Of Months

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Cliff Mickelson -
Stunning New Images Of Complex 'Nanotech'
Devices Found In NZ Pfizer 'Comirnaty' Vials

Still Photos - What Are These Things?

Jeff & Erica - HIV Worry Explodes in UK - Get Your
Tests Now! Moderna mRNA HIV Vax Trials Already
Underway With 57 Participants In Four US Cities

LOOK! - Johns Hopkins Confirms You Can
Be Vaccinated with a PCR Swab Test Without
Your Permission Or Knowing It - NO TESTS!

Jeff & Erica - Shedding Worsening And The Stunning
Dynamics Of The Spike Protein And What It Does

'We Are At The End Days Here’
Ex BlackRock Exec Edward Dowd
Watch This Video At Least Twice

Spike protein Blocks The p53 tumor
suppressor Gene at the nuclear level for
Months after the treatment - With NO 'OFF' switch

Expert Says 5G Phones Are A Fraud
Look At The Video And You Decide

Jeff & Erica - Car Crash Victim Describes How
He Woke Up In Hospital Covid Final Care Mode
Hear His Full Story - Incentivized Covid Murder
In US Hospitals? Beware!

Richie from Boston - 'They' Are In Total Control
And Won't Be Stopped - Don't Be Fooled When
They Drop Their Burnt-Out Covid Narrative -
They have Dozens More Things On The Shelf

Jeff & Erica - Former Cell Boss Explains 5G And Covid
Link 2 Years Ago - Novavax - Richie From Boston And
Two Women Talk About The PLAN And The Protocols
Of The Learned Elders Of Zion

Child Massacre - COVID BioWeapon Shots
Cause ‘Irreparable’ Damage to Kids’ Brains,
Heart and Other Organs - MASS MURDER

New HIV strain found in the Netherlands
Highly infectious variant makes people ill
twice as quick - (As We Predicted)

Jeff & Erica - Malone Defends Gates, Worldwide BioWeapon Deaths Surge, Deadly Lipid Nanos In CV 'Vaccines' - New John O'Looney Video - Our First Year Weekly Program Anniversary!

Links - Malone Defends Gates - Covid Is a Jewish
- Photo Of Just A Few Of The Super Wealthy
Big Pharma Jews
- New John O'Looney Warning Video
- Moderna SM-102 'Vaccine’ Lipid Nano Particles Safety
Sheet Warnings

Malone on Gates - 'He has systematically
monopolized global response to infectious
disease' - The 'Criticism' That Isn't A Criticism!

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Ryan Cole On The Exploding
Super Cancers Among The Vaxed And The Ever
Worsening Danger Of Shedding & Transmission

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Nurse Anne With More
Astonishing Horrors In NY Big City Hospitals, Clots
And Cancers In Babies And Surging Mass Death

Funeral Director John O'Looney - On Massive
Vaccine Thrombosis Deaths Up As 600% - Vid

Dr. Bob Malone's Wife, Jill's, Favorite Influencers!
Bill And Melinda Gates, Trudeau, Branson, And
Tony Robbins (Communists And Billionaires)

First Degree Murder - Remdesivir is Being
Used to 'Kill Us'

COVID vaccines and pregnancy - 172,000
spontaneous abortions MURDERS due to Vax

Jeff & Erica - China Scientists Warn of Potential 'High
Fatality & Transmission Rate' of Coronavirus NeoCoV
discovered in South Africa - And Much More

Stephanie Seneff PhD - How The Covid BioWeapon
Shots Suppress Your Immune System

Jeff & Erica - Who Is Running The World? New Novavax
Due Out Under EUA Soon, Two New Dangerous Pills To
'Fight Covid'
- Heavily Pro-Vax FLURONA Video Out

Jeff & Erica - Are Brucellosis And/Or Mycoplasma
Masquerading As The Omicron Variant?

Dr Paul Marik MD - Professor Of Medicine
States That Ivermectin Is Safer Than Tylenol

Jeff & Erica - John O'Looney's First Video After Escaping
Hospital And Obvious Attempts To Murder Him - Listen

Nobel Laureate Montagnier Warns Doctors -
'Vaccines are Not for Killing, They are for Shielding'
This One Is A BioWeapon...NOT A Vaccine - Vid

Jeff & Erica - The Covid Narrative Is Falling Apart?
Are Cats And Dogs Being Affected By 'The Virus'?
And Much More Important Information...

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Ann Blake Tracey
Why Are Doctors Prescribing SSRIs For Covid?

MIT scientist Seneff warns of neurodegenerative
diseases in young people from mRNAs - Vid

Jeff & Erica - A Hemorrhagic Virus Loose In China?
What's Making People Sick In The US Right Now?
Malone On The WEF, Gates And The 'Government'

Jeff & Erica - Nurse Anne...Supreme Court And
The Collapsing American Health Care System

The Near TOTAL Control Of The Alt Media And
Massive Social Engineering Going On 24/7 As
WEF And GAVI Puppets Spew Chaos And Fear

Shocking - More Machines (?) And Synthetic
Devices Found In Blood After Being Vaxed - Photos

Another Stunning Example Of Post 'Vax'
Super Cancer

Jeff & Erica - Dr Chetty...'Spike Protein Is One Of The
Most Contrived Toxins or Poisons Man Has Ever Made'
- Dr. Bhakdi...The 'Vaccines' Are Killing The Young,
The Old And Our Children - And Some Nose 'Schwabs'
Are Contaminated With Radiation

(See Video...HERE)

Nose Swabs Contaminated With Radiation

Dr Mike Yeadon - The variability in serious
Injuries From The Kill Shot Is 'The Calibration
Of A Killing Weapon'

Jeff & Erica - The Failed Attempt To Murder John
O'Looney...And Dr. Robert Malone Warns Of Ebola
Like Hemorrhagic Fever Super Virus

Jeff & Erica - The 'Rapid Test' Scam And A Stunning
German Publication On The Failing Immune Systems
Of The Vaxed, And Much More

Jeff & Erica - The Real Dr. Robert Malone - Great
Die-Off Euthanasia Suicides And A New Pfizer
BioWeapon Mystery Protein Found...Larger Than
The Spike - What Does It Do?

Dr. Michael Palmer-Catherine Austin Fitts
Interview - Understanding Medical And
Economic COVID Motives

Dr. Robert Malone Warns Of 'Ebola-Like
Hemorrhagic Fever' Super Virus In China
Caused By Mutations Due To Mass Vax

Massive 145 Country Study Shows Sharp
INCREASE of Transmission and DEATH After
Introduction of COVID BioWeapon Injections

Nanofiber swabs processed in environmental toxins
were tested with Human Embryonic Kidney cells in
study co-authored by National Strategic Research
Institute and the University of Nebraska

JAMA Article - A National Strategy for the 'New
Normal' of Life With COVID And What

Mike Yeadon - Mass Murder With Vaccine,
Passports And Boosters Designed to Crush
The planet's Human population - Video

Dr. Robert Malone - Dark Vaccine Wizard

There's something VERY wrong with
Dr. Robert W. Malone!

How to tell if someone famous died
from the BioWeapon Injection

Jeff & Erica - Top Covid Stories - New German
Study Shows Vaxed Have Already Lost 87% Of
Immune Systems And Will All Have AIDS Soon

Interesting - Dr. Robert Malone Called For
'Very Active Surveillance, Tracing, Testing'

Jeff & Erica - John O'Looney Hit With Severe Illness
Somehow Escapes Hospital And Is Expected To Live

Jeff & Erica - Bahkdi's Latest Bombshell Video And Big
Oil & Gas Planning To Replace ALL Vaxed Employees
By 2025...And More

Dr. Tenpenny is advising people to get
mentally And spiritually prepared for
millions of dead Children…Watch

RFK Jr Explains Why Pfizer And Moderna
MUST Inject Children With Their BioWeapons!

Pfizer BioWeapon Discovered to Contain A New
Mystery Protein, physically larger that the Spike!

Dr. Pierre Gilbert In 1995 - 'Mandatory Vaccination
Will Make It Possible To Control People'

Engineered Protein Crystals Make Cells Magnetic

Jeff & Erica - Nurse Anne Pt 2 - Life And Death In
Big Hospitals - 'Black Blood' In The Vaxed And How
Many Patients Are Being Pushed To Euthanasia

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Never More Brilliant, Lays The
Utter Truth Out - Autopsies Prove Vax BioWeapon
Caused Autoimmune Attacks And Death

Jeff & Erica - Absolute Visual Proof How The BioWeapon
Destroys The Blood And Circulation - Photos Video

Here Are The Stories And Links Talked About

Jeff & Erica - Nurse Anne Update On Life And Death
In Major Hospitals

Jeff & Erica - The Way The Covid Game Is Played
And Increasing Evidence Of Immune System Collapse

Dr Vernon Coleman – 'Pfizer is the most
thoroughly evil company ever created'

Jeff & Erica - Degenerative Changes In Blood Of The
Vaxed Showing Disturbing Growth Of Bacterial And
Fungal Pathogens

Videos - Dr. Charles Hoffe On The Deluge Of Micro Clots
Following The Covid BioWeapon Injection
- Dr Armin
Koroknay Analyzes The Rapid Thickening Of Blood
After BioWeapon Injections
- Dr. Suzanne Humphries
Dark Field Microscope Live Blood Analysis Videos Were
Made At 4000x And Appear To Show Proliferating Bacteria
And Likely Aggressive Fungus In The Blood Of The Vaxed

- This Patient Took The Pfizer Injection 4 Months Earlier
And Has Suffered Neurological And Cardiovascular
Problems Ever Since - Last Video In This Group Is
'How Invasive Fungal Infections Spread In Blood' - Watch

Jeff & Erica - A New Infection Is Racing All
Over US (Not Delta, Not Omicron) Chimeric Flu?

Jeff & Erica - How The Covid BioWeapon Masters Are
Playing The Masses - One Phony 'Threat' After Another

Why Most Of The Jabbed Will Die Early
By Dr. Vernon Colman - Video

Operation Extermination - The Plan to Decimate
the Human Immune System with a Lab-Created
Synthetic BioWeapon - It's all WELL Underway Now

Virologist Vanden Bossche Warns of 'Collapse
of Our Health System' Due to Complications
from COVID Vaccines (BioWeapon Kill Shots
Which DESTROY The Human Immune System)

Jeff & Erica - Stories Of Horrible Injuries
Of Vaxed BioWeapon Victims

‘Top’ COVID (Killer Drug) Remdesivir recalled
for the first time, READ IMMEDIATELY

New study from Poland shows spike protein
accumulates in the bone marrow, damaging
stem cells, causing blood disorders & cancers

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Russell Blaylock And The Hidden Danger
Of Deadly Spike Protein Micro-Clotting - And The Raging
New BioWeapon Cancer Pandemic

More Examples Of Explosive BioWeapon Cancers!

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Russell Blaylock On The BioWeapon
Injection And Latest On The Graphene Oxide Flap

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Russell Blaylock On The BioWeapon Injection - Pt 2

Dr Vernon Coleman – 'We finally have evidence
that authorities knew administering the Covid
Vaccine would be Murder'

Jeff & Erica - UK Mortician John O'Looney's Newest
Commentary And An Update On Shedding Dangers

Jeff & Erica - 'Nurse Anne' Returns For Another
Shocking Look Inside A Major US Hospital

Jeff & Erica - How The mRNA And Adenovirus
BioWeapons Destroy The Human Immune System
People Are Now Dying Of All Sorts Of Diseases

Dr. Ryan Cole On The Destruction
Of The Human Immune System And
The Resulting Surge In MANY diseases

Eugenicist Bill Gates is Signaling the Arrival
of a Next Plandemic - 'Angel of Death' Smallpox
Biden Bought Billions Of Smallpox Drugs In

Jeff & Erica - The Satanic BioWeapon Is Killing
More All The Time...More Than You Think -Does
The CCP Have An Antidote? Video Says Yes

Zelenko 'Leaks' Secret Ingredient In His New
Z Stack Formula which He Says Will Stop
Small Pox - Start At 24:00

Jeff & Erica - Excellent Update On The Diabolical
Spike Protein And The Probability Of Digestive
Bacteria ALSO Being Infected

Dr. David Martin Exposes The Names And Faces
Of Those People Who Are Killing Humanity - Video

Jeff & Erica With Special Guest 'Anne'...A Career
Professional Nurse Explaining The Severe Vax Injuries
Suddenly Appearing In Hospitals In The Past 6 Weeks

Jeff & Erica On The BioWeapon Destruction Of Planet Earth

Jeff & Erica Khan - RNA Created As A BioWeapon
And Dr. David Martin - 'A BioWeapon Engineered For
The Post Extinction Of Humanity' - Get It?

Dr. David Martin - Treasonous Acts - Full Video

Jeff &Erica Khan - SARS-CoV-2 Shown To Infect Digestive
Bacteria - SA Dr. Chetty Describes The Covid BioWeapon

Brilliant South African Doctor, Shankara Chetty, Explains
What Is Going On Now With DEVASTATING Accuracy
And Tells How The Slow Kill In Being Used - WATCH

UK Funeral Director John O'Looney Delivers
New Warning And Update On The Increasing
Death Wave - Watch

Dr Tenpenny And Dr Palevsky Lay It On The
Line Perfectly, No Punches Pulled - Watch

5-11 Year Olds Begin To Be Given BioWeapon Kill
Shots - Many Deaths, Injuries Expected Next - Vid

Warning...Graphic Video - Vaxed Woman Manages
To Remove HUGE Clot From Her Nose - Video

Internet Ads Claiming Anti Depressant SSRIs
'Reduce' Severe Covid Disease Symptoms
Luvox And Prozac Actually Being Pushed - Watch

Dr. Richard Fleming - COVID Kill Shots
Deplete Oxygen From Red Blood Cells

Vaccine Mandates - What Are My Options?

Truth-telling, Anti-BioWeapon 'Vaccine' Physician,
Dr Lee Merritt, defamed & smeared by Vile, Lowlife
Communist NPR - Read & Learn

Jeff & Erica Khan - The Contrived 'Happy Hydra' Story
Is Falling Apart - The REAL Nano Contaminants In The
Vax And Pfizer Ads Tell 5 Yr Olds They Will Develop
SuperPowers By Taking Their BioWeapon Injection

Immune Systems Of Vaxed Are Deteriorating
At The rate of about 5% Per Week - Watch

Jeff & Erica Khan - Italian Paper On Possible SARS Cov-2
Viral Infection Of Intestinal Bacteria Discussed

Covid Test 'Schwabs' Found Contaminated With
Aluminium, Silicon and Dangerous Chemicals

The BioWeapon Cancer Atrocity - Like clockwork,
most vaxed will lose immune function by Christmas
and start growing accelerated CANCER tumors that
will kill them over next 10 yrs - SuperCancers Are Here

Icke - If You Support Vax Mandates You're A Fascist
And An Idiot - At Least Be Honest With Yourself

Covid Care Nurse Says ALL Covid Deaths She's
Seen Are Vax-Induced -She Says Everything
Is A LIE - Watch This

Video Proof - Pfizer Vax Attacks Human Blood
Creating Clots - See The 'Filth & Garbage' In Vax
...Presented By Dr Richard Fleming PhD MD JD

Jeff & Erica Khan - Dr. Robert Fleming Validates
Everything Erica Khan Has Been Saying About
Contaminants In The BioWeapon 'Vaccines'

Jeff & Erica Khan - Happy Hydra And Vax Shedding Update

Woman Predicted Covid Pandemic And
Deadly 'Vaccine' Back In 2019 - Watch

Jeff Talks With Dr. Peter McCullough, MD

Dr. Carrie Madej Places Reputation On
Hydras Being In The Vax Vials - Video

Download Covid BioWeapon Religious
Exemption Forms Here! Save This Page

Heroic Dr. Peter McCullough - Cancelled For
Telling The Truth - Covid Testimony - Part 1

Heroic Dr. Peter McCullough - The 'Vaccines'
Are Killing People - Covid Testimony - Part 2

Jeff & Erica Khan - Latest On The 'Hydra' In The
BioWeapon Controversy And Dr. Robert Malone
Says The More Vax The Better - Shocker

Living organisms in Moderna, J&J shots,
graphene oxide and Merck's new 'anti-viral'
pills (Contaminants or Intentional?) photos

Here's How Lord Fauci And Gates Pulled Off The
Covid Genocide And Enslavement Of Humanity

As We Stated, The Explosion Of SuperCancers
Triggered By The Injected BioWeapons Is Here
Reports Of Kaposi's Sarcoma Are Now Surfacing

Planned Parenthood's documented blueprint for
destroying humanity comes to fruition over last
50 years, culminating with COVID BioWeapon

Icke - Flu Being Primed To Hide BioWeapon Deaths

Interview with lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich on
the Corona Pandemic Fraud - Start At 11:00

Malone Says The Vaxed Are 'Super Spreaders'

Dr. Lee Merritt talks about the Vax Kill Shot
as A depopulation tool - Watch

Jeff & Erica Khan - The 'Things' Found In The BioWeapon
Vials And Blood The BioWeapon Has Turned To Sludge

Tenpenny Reports 'America Front Lines Doctors' Are
Actually Telling Callers To 'Just Go Take The Shot'!
...This Is Stupefying And Incredible To Hear - At 47:00

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - Hospitals Are Now Kill
Factories And Doctors Are Murderers

SA Doctor Finds Foreign Particles, Black Matter
And Particles Moving Mechanically In Vaxed Blood

Finally An Article Describing What We Have
Been Presenting Since Last SPRING - The
Emergence of Deadly Chimeric Viruses

New Brave Doctor Reveals How FDA And
CDC Are Hiding Truth On Covid Vaccines
More Sickening Insider Information - Watch

Why Did Gates And GAVI Say Marburg Will Be
The Next Virus We Will All Have To Deal With?
'They' Already Have Made A PCR Test For It And
The (Killer) Ricin Vax Is Already Set To Use!

UK Funeral Director John O'Looney Updated Warning

UK Funeral Director John O'Looney Blows Whistle On Covid

UK Funeral Director John O'Looney talks
With Reiner Fuelmich

'We're in the middle of a major biological catastrophe'
...COVID expert Dr Peter McCullough

Jeff & Erica Khan - How The Vax Destroys The Blood
Just Like It Was Designed To Do - Dr. Malone Says
Vaxed People Are The Big Danger - Madej On 'Live'
Organisms In The Vax Fluid...The Hydra Mystery

Dr Armin Koroknay - Frightful Analysis Of
The Blood Of Recently Vaxed People - Video

Jeff & Erica Khan - Vax SuperCancers Explodel And
Dr. Sean Brooks Statement Of Doom To School Board

Dr Sean Brooks - Getting Vaxed Will Cause Your Death

UK Funeral Director John O'Looney Updated Warning

Jeff & Erica Khan - Explosion Of Super Cancers
And Fatal Clotting Among The Vaxed Everywhere 

Jeff & Erica Khan - Dr Ryan Cole (Video) On The Raging 
Deadly Cancer Outbreak Among The Vaxed 

Pandemic Baby Has No Irises...The Eyes Are Black - Vid

One Month Old Baby Breastfeeds From Pfizer
Vaxed Mother Has Black Eyes, Skin Lesions 
And Actual Holes In Its Body - Vax

Look What Came Out Of A Recently VAXED 
Patient's Lungs - String Of Attached Clots... 
Still Think Those Shots Are A 'Vaccine'?

Horrific Clots Come Out Of VAXED Dialysis 
Patient When Tubes Are Removed

Dr Who Has Been Analyzing Blood For 30yrs
Shocked By Viewing Vaxed Blood - Start 4:00

Jeff & Erica Khan - Our Bard's Fest Warning
Was Correct Tenpenny And Over 35 Sick
And One Dead Remdesivir Hospital Murders
And The Amazing Effectiveness Of Ivermectin

Don't Believe Shedding Is Real? LOOK!
Live Blood Analysis - Virtually Destroyed Blood
From Simply Being Around Vaxed People

'Medical Analyst' Karen Kingston...Unvaxed 
At Risk From Vaxed In Coming Dark Winter

Jeff & Erica Khan - Project Veritas Part 2 
- FDA Economist Wants To Use Blow Darts
On Unvaxed More Actors Dropping Dead 

Jeff & Erica Khan - HHS Nurse Blows Whistle On
Fraud Vax - Says They Are 'Full Of Sh*T 
People Are Being Murdered 

Plaque Protocol - Removing BioFilms 
From The Body

Jeff & Erica Khan - Cumbre Vieja Yellow Alert  
And UK Funeral Director Blows Entire Covid 
Fraud Pandemic Wide Open - Pt 1 

Jeff & Erica Khan - Cumbre Vieja Yellow Alert  
And UK Funeral Director Blows Entire Covid 
Fraud Pandemic Wide Open - Pt 2 

Important - Dr Carrie Madej In Newest Interview On
What She Saw IN Moderna Vax Under Microscope 
Including Immortal LIVING Hydra Being Injected In 
Human Being - This Is Monstrously, Satanically Evil

Jeff & Erica Khan - Resolving The Issue 
Of HIV In The Vax 

Jeff & Erica Khan - Australian Vax Tyranny  
And Harald Kautz Vella, Joe Imbriano And 
Barry Trower 

Ardis - Documents You MUST Have To Save Yourself 
From Covid Death In A Hospital - Showing NIH Allows 
The Use Of Ivermectin For Covid - Start At 6:10

Here Is The NIH.Gov Remdesivir-Ivermectin Table
Showing Ivermectin Is Fully Allowable To Treat All
Covid Cases In All American Hospitals
Print This Out And Take To The Hospital!

CMS.Gov Chart Shows How Hospitals Are Being 
Paid-Bribed To Use Deadly Remdesivir On People 
And Get $39,000 For Putting A Patient On A Vent!
Print This Out And Take To The Hospital!

Videos Of 'Black Eye' Babies Being Born 9 
Months After Mothers Took The Covid Kill Shots

Jeff & Erica Khan - Internet 'News' Sites 
Running Wild With Graphene Oxide Abetted 
By 'Borrowed' Research From La Quinta Columna
- The Mass Mind Control Now Unleashed 
On Americans With 'Get The Shot' Thoughts  

Setting The Record Straight - Watch

Young Woman Takes Kill Shot - Clots Form Inside
Her Mouth And Likely All Through Her Body - Watch

Jeff & Erica Khan - The Incredible Forecasts
Of Anthony Patch - How People Are Changed
Instantly By The Kill Shot 
Dr Charles Hoffe, Heroic Canadian Doctor

How Graphene Affects The Misfolding
Of Human Prion Proteins - Brain Death 

Dr Charles Hoffe Explains The Vax Horror &
What Happened To Him For Speaking Out
ESSENTIAL To Watch - Even If In Sections
Please Share This - Hoffe Is Incredible

Jeff & Erica Khan - The Bitter Truth Of What's Coming
From Dr Palevsky And Anthropologist Br Alexis Bugnolo

David Oates Explains How He Was Spiked
By Being At A Family Birthday Party And Was
Terribly Ill For Nearly 2 Days - Listen

As We've Been Saying For Months
Clif High Also Now Thinks 'Thoughts' May Be Being
Pushed Into Peoples Conscious Minds Telling Them
To Go Ahead & 'Take The Shot' - 14 Min Watch

Shocker - La Quinta Finds Graphene Oxide And
Billions Or Trillions Of Moving Nano Bots Totally
Permeating The liquid In FLU VAX - Look At This!

Software that manages the times at which 5G
antennas are Scheduled To Emit radiation
Triggering Frequencies Which Affect Graphene

Jeff & Erica Khan - Cancers Breaking Out In Vaxed
People, Spike Proteins, Radiation From Graphene Oxide,
And A Remarkable Covid Presentation In Barbados

WATCH How Blood Clots Almost IMMEDIATELY
After Taking The Vax - Blood Won't Even Come
Out In A Needle For A Test !

Self-Assembling Graphene Oxide Nanotech Now Found
Also In Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty Vax - Video Shows
Self-Assembling Specks, Crystalline Networks Forming

Proof First Pfizer Patent Application For Spike Protein
Was Filed 21 Yrs Ago! - Each synthetic mRNA shot
contains 15 BILLION nanoparticles (nano lipids) of
Graphene Oxide - They Knew Everything - Genocide

Dr Tenpenny - Pfizer Whistleblower Claims To
Have Documentation That Their Vax Killed Over
200,000 Americans in less than a week - Watch

ESSENTIAL VIDEO - Don't Take The Kill Shot
This Must Be Watched by Everyone Immediately

Graphene Oxide Is Toxic To Human blood

Jeff & Erica Khan - The Covid Vax Dead Often
Show Radiation Poisoning - Programming Cells,
Mind And Memory Control

Jeff & Erica Khan - The Vax War On Children
And Dr Ryan Cole

Jeff & Erica Khan - Ionizing Radiation, 5G
And Graphene Oxide

Alarming study confirms vaxers will face
Horrific, catastrophic Antibody Dependent
Enhancement (ADE) injuries and deaths

Dr. Fleming - mRNA DNA Kill Shots Are Self
Replicating And turn people into spike protein
factories Drowning Them In endless bioweapons
...Until Death To They Part

Watch Pfizer CEO Bourla Talk About How
Incredibly Safe His Company’s Kill Shots Are

Watch Moderna CMO Tal Zaks Tell How The
Talmud Figures In To His Company's Kill Shots

US to Recommend Booster Shots for Most
Americans 8 Months After Second Dose
...Mass Murder And Genocide Ramps Up

Latest Dr Tenpenny, Dr Palevsky Video Not Happy
One - More Dire Information And Efforts To Smear
And Defame Dr. Tenpenny Discussed - Watch

Dr. Zev Zelenko - Warns Of Global Genocide
Of Billions By Vax - This The Worst Threat To
Humanity In History - 3 Kinds Of Death Rates:
Shot To 3 Mos, 3 Mos To 3 Yrs, & Thereafter

Dr Judy Mikovits And The Top 10 BIGGEST LIES
about Covid-19

Disney-Style Cartoon 'Wear A Mask' Being Shown
To Children In School - Disgusting

Dr. Mike Yeadon, Ex-Pfizer VP latest message
The Spike Protein Will Cause Your Blood To Clot
Your govt Lying To You For The Last 18 Months

Dr. Fleming - Covid Is An Engineered BioWeapon
That Colonizes The Body With Toxic, Deadly
Spike Proteins

Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole's Summary Of The
Severe Damage The Vax And Spike Protein Do
To The Brain And Major Organs Of The Body

Dr. Ryan Cole's Images Showing How The Spike Protein
Decimates The Body's Major Organs And Circulatory

Jeff & Erica Khan - Older Vaxed People Are
Shutting Down And Literally Dropping Dead

Jeff & Erica Khan - More Doctors Are Stepping
Forward With The Truth - Listen And Share

Hawaii Health Professional Reveals That MANY
More Are Dying From The ‘Vax' Than The 'Virus'
'It's TOTAL Fraud On Every Level' For Money - Watch

Dr. Lee Merritt - 'Covid Is Not A Disease - It Is A
Takedown, An Act Of War' - A BioWeapon Kill
Shot Global Attack On Human Kind - Watch

How Phony Covid Fear Videos Were Used as
Psych Weapons to Bring America to Her Knees

Does the Virus Exist? Over 40 Countries Cannot
Isolate It - 'Biggest Fraud in Medical History'

Dr. Dan Stock Destroys Entire COVID Con At His Local
School Board Meeting - We Suggest You Play This Video
...Even Just The Audio...At Your Next Board Meeting

brilliant doctor Vladimir Zelenko talks to
israeli politicians And health minister
about The Deadly vaccine Dangers

Outrageous Disinformation Article about
the Spike Protein - Lies, Lies, Lies

Mass Psychosis - How an Entire Population
Becomes MENTALLY ILL - How It Was Done

ESSENTIAL VIDEO - Don't Take The Kill Shot
This Needs To Be Watched by Everyone Immediately

Jeff & Erica Khan - Dr. Bryan Ardis...Remdesivir
Is A Fatal Drug Used To Kill Huge Numbers Of
‘Covid’ Patients - Listen And Learn, Facts Are Facts

Dr. Bryan Ardis - We Are Witnessing The Intentional
Medical Genocide Of Humanity - Watch

Jeff & Erica Khan - The Gruesome Price The Unvaxed
Are Paying Simply Be Being Near A Vaxed Person

Micro Clots Literally Creating 'Stiff' Hearts At Death

Death By Clot - Chest Compression Bleed Out Horror

Un-Vaxed Showing DEADLY Clots, Shedding Signs
After Simply Being Near The Vaxed - DANGER

Dr. Charles Hoffe - Patients Showing Micro-Clots
Within ONE WEEK Of Receiving Kill Shots - Watch

Advice For Those MANDATED To Take The Shots
Your Rights To Fully-Informed Consent

Vegans May Be Exempt from Compulsory
Vaccines, Law Firm Claims

Download Covid 'Vaccine' Religious
Exemption Documents Here

Dr. Charles Hoffe - Patients Showing Micro-Clots
Within ONE WEEK Of Receiving Kill Shots - Watch

Senior MIT Research Scientist Stephanie Seneff
The Long-Lasting Effects Of The Spike Protein

Graphene Oxide Hydrogel - Injecting Synthetic
mRNA Into Every Cell Of The Body

Anthony Patch - The 'Mark' Of The Beast System
And Communicating With Another Dimension...
Super Computers Are Almost Sentient - Watch

Ex Pfizer Employee Confirms Toxic Graphene Oxide
And Other Poisons Are in The 'Vaccines' - How Much
Can They Put In People Before They Die? - Watch

Encore - Dr Byram Bridle - Deadly Toxicity Of Spike Proteins

Anesthesiologist Dr. Ted Noel Shows What A
Joke Masks Are And How They DON'T WORK
Either Breathing In OR Out - Watch

Jeff & Erica Khan - Cutting Edge Data On Radioactive
Isotopes and Resulting Radiation Damage to The Vaxed,
5 Doctors Excerpt...Tenpenny Has Earned A Vacation

Belgian PM caught faking the vax jab - There is
NO NEEDLE, Nurse has no gloves - This Same Kind
Of Fakery, Or Plain Saline, Are Just A Couple Of The
Tricks Elite Use To Fake Taking KILL SHOTS - Watch

Watch Graphene Self-Assemble Under Mild
Electric Current In Petri dish - INCREDIBLE

Graphene Is A Primary Component Of The Kill Shots
Watch It Come ALIVE When A Smart Phone Is Turned On
Emitting Frequencies Right Next To It - Creepy As Hell

Dr. Zelenko - 'Stay Away From The Poison Death Shot
And Hang The Bastards Who Started This Plague'
'The Real Weapon Is Global Fear & Child Sacrifice'

Still Don't Believe Magnetic Nanodevices Are being
Injected into at least some of Those Who Tragically
Take the Shots? Watch this...

Jeff & Erica Khan - Dr David Martin Says Vax
Is Obviously An Agent Of Death, Mass Murder
And Planned Genocide - Listen

Jeff & Erica Khan - Anthony Patch Laid Out The
Entire Vax Genocide And Third Strand DNA Plan
Perfectly...7 Years Ago - Listen

Microsoft Brags It Can Program 'Complex Behaviors
Using DNA' And Confirms Third Strand DNA -

3rd Strand DNA - HOW IT'S DONE - No CRISPR Needed

Patents Prove Covid -19 Is A Created Virus
Dr. David Martin And Reiner Feullmich

Virus Isolation - Does The SARS-CoV2 Virus Exist?

Important - 'Delta Variant' & More Start At 1:05
Tenpenny, Madej, Merritt, Northrup, Palevsky
Latest Conversation And Updates, 7-24 - Watch

All Presidents Against Kill Shots Are Dying - Watch

Scientist Klassen Says Covid 'Vaccines' Producing
Symptoms Of Parkinsons And Other Catastrophic
Brain Diseases & Neurodegenerative Disorders

Klassen Publishes NEW Paper On Vax-Induced
'Prion Signals' Leading To Deadly Brain Diseases

Dr. David Martin - The Vax Is An 'Agent Of Death'
It Is Mass Murder, Planned Genocide - Watch At
Least The First Ten Minutes!

Prof Dr Sucharit Bhakdi Warns If You Get Both
Shots, Your Immune System turn On Your Own
Body And will End Up Taking You Out - Watch

Covid 19 Was Patented Before The 'Pandemic' Began

Shocking, Stunning List Of Patented Ingredients
In The Moderna Kill Shot - Note the Repeated Use
Of The Phrase '...Include...But Are Not Limited To'

Update - Uranium In The Vax ?? Two Key PrePrints
Vanish And Only Their Title-Author Credits Remain

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich - 'They are making so many
mistakes, we are close to a tipping point'

Chemo And Radiation In Moderna's Own Patent!

Confirmed - mRNA Released in Exosomes

Jeff & Erica Khan - Stunning New Revelations About
The Killer Vax, Shedding And Patents - Part 1

Jeff & Erica Khan - Stunning New Revelations About
The Killer Vax, Shedding And Patents - Part 2

Anthony Patch Foresaw A Synthetic Virus
Bioweapon To Get People To Demand A Vax
Which Contains A Hidden Third Strand Of DNA
Once Injected, Human DNA Instantly Changes
And Ability To Think Independently Vanishes
And People Become Hybrid Serfs Of The Elite

Dr. Richard Fleming MD - Shedding And When MRNA
Leaks Out Of Body Cells It Becomes PRIONS - Watch

Dr. Charles Morgan Speaks About psycho-neurobiology
DREADDS and war - Create A Cell Put It In The Body,
Remotely control How You Think And How You Act - Watch

Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich 9-7-21

Derrick Rossi - Reprogramming DNA...Magnetic
Nanoparticles, 5G, Self-Replicating RNA That
Produces A 3rd Strand In Our DNA

If You Have Been Vaxed You Are Now Owned
And Have No More Access To HUMAN RIGHTS
Supreme Court 2013 - Pathology vs Myriad Genetics

Canada Prohibits All Vaxed Pilots From Flying
The Corona Vax Is A 'Medical Trial' And Such
'Vaccinations' Ground All Vaxed Pilots

Government document instructs vaccine 'strike force'
teams how to clear buildings, violate trespass laws
and flag anti-vaxers for forced quarantines

Communism and Depopulation in America
10 Steps to Total Tyranny Using BioWeapons

Transmission Is REAL - Endless Reports Of Un-Vaxed
Being Ruined By Spike Proteins Being Shed By Vaxed
Second Hand Transmission Reported

Jeff & Erica Khan - Remarkable New Analysis Of
The Horizontal Transmission Of The Killer Spike
Protein And Other Possible Hidden Vax 'Ingredients'

Dr Roger Hodkinson And Reiner Fuelmich - Watch

The Verdict Is In - They're deliberately killing us
with the Covid 'vaccine' bioweapons

Professor Dolores Cahill says that mRNA vaccines
enhances illness and the disease - says 50%-100%
Of those Vaxed Will Die In months To years Ahead

Dr. Peter McCullough with Dr. Reiner Fuelmich
Critically-Important And Essential Information

Dr. Peter McCullough - Covid vaccines are killing
babies in the first trimester at an astonishing rate
It's an 'atrocity' to vaccinate expectant mothers

Tenpenny, Northrup On Shedding, Variants
And Post Injection Magnetism

Plandemic Film Stars Dr David Martin
and Dr Judy Mikovits Q&A Session - Watch

Nebulize, Sauna, Don't get booster shots
and You Can survive the two shot vaccine

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Talks To Whitney Webb

Dr. Peter McCullough - We Must Stop The Vax
It's Dangerous, It Doesn't Work, It's A Trap, It Is
Political...And It Is MASS MURDER

Heart inflammation happening all over the world
due to blood clotting caused by Covid Kill Shots
...This Is Life-Shortening Heart Damage But The
Shots Continue - This Is Sheer Genocide

The 'Inventor of mRNA Vaccines' Suspects The
Spike is Behind Childhood Heart Inflammation

WHY is the US military giving Pfizer vax to whites
& Moderna to everyone else? What do they know?

Jeff & Ericka Khan - 40,000 Cases Of Deadly
Black Mold Attacking Sinuses And Eyes In India
Coming Here Next?

Deadly Nano Aluminum Particles Are Put In The
Brain Via Covid Injections And Chemtrails - Results?
Alzheimers, Inflammation And Auto-Immune Diseases

Dr. Lee Merritt - We Are At War and that this is A
takedown of Western Civilization If not Humanity
...This Is Not By Accident - Myocarditis (66% Fatality
Rate), Bizarre Tumors, The Spike Transmission, The
S1 Subunit, Dr. Charles Lieber, Lab Made Contact
Genetic Poisoning, Fake Tests - Watch This Carefully

Dr Robert O. Young - Blood, Viruses & The 'Pandemic'

More Vaxxed People Are Acting Like Tranced
Zombies...Many Seem Mentally Debilitated

Nano Aluminum, Kill Shots, Zombies...
...And The End

Doctor of Neurology on Vax-Caused Brain
Clots And Strokes But They Show No Platelets
In Their blood! - Watch

FDA Cover-Up - They Knew About Deadly Vax
Side Effects In Advance - This Is Mass Murder

Scientist Found Deleted Coronavirus Sequences
...What That Means For SARS-CoV-2

Researchers Achieve Remote Control Hormone Release
Using Magnetic Nanoparticles - Stress-Inducing Cortisol
From Mice Adrenals Remotely Released Into Their Bodies
Are These Sorts Of Magnetic Nanoparticles In CV 'Vaccines'?

Russia - Covid Does Not Exist As A Virus!
First Country To Do Autopsies On Covid Dead

Magnetic Foods? Jeff Goes Searching
With A 12,000 Gauss Magnet

More nefarious uses of Magnetic Nanoparticles

New Covid BioWeapon Vax Reactions Website

Leaked Airline Documents Show Horrific
Details About Vaxxed Pilots - Start At 5:00

Encore - COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the
Very Real Risk of Prion Disease

Vaxxed people are being TRACKED in real time
With Nanotech Send-Receive Tech In Vax

Young Woman's Pfizer Jab Results - Blind, Deaf,
Throat Paralysis, Tremors - We Must Put A Stop
Who Knew EXACTLY What The VAX Would DO

Jimmy Dore Still suffering From Kill Shot
Two Months After Injection - Most Only
Get Worse And Worse - This Is Looking
Like The Global Crime Of The Century

Global Bioterrorism - Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
Interviews Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Michael Yeadon - 'I don't want people
to be afraid Of this virus…The Thing To Be
Terrified Of Is Your Government' - Watch

Jeff & Dr. Roger Hodkinson - Children Vaxxed,
Vile Fraud Fauci, Medical Ethics - Listen

More Lives Shattered By Spike Protein Kill Shots
The Vax 'Side Effects' Are Horrific And Life-Destroying
Genocide Is Well Underway - Whether Slow Or Fast

Magnets Sticking To Meat - Chicken & Beef

Jeff & Erica Khan - Stunning Overview Of The Spike
Protein Genocide Attack On Humanity - Part 1

Jeff & Erica Khan - Stunning Overview Of The Spike
Protein Genocide Attack On Humanity - Part 2

RFK Jr warns that Fauci And Gates are committing
mass genocide against humanity

Lab Tests Show DEADLY Germs Growing In Children's
Face Masks - See Clinical Test Findings - Unmask Kids!

Covid vaccines making men infertile
...And developing prostate cancer

Spike Proteins Enter The BRAIN Causing Inflammation Of
Lewy Bodies (Alzheimers) & Spongiform Encephalopathy
(Mad Cow Disease) In 5-6 Weeks In Animal Studies

Gas & Oil Execs Planning To Replace ALL Their
Vaxxed Employees in 3 Years - WATCH

Urgent Message From Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Magnetism-Magnetite Intentionally Added To Kill
Shots To Force mRNA Throughout The Entire Body

Paper - Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide NANO Particles

Watch - Spoons And Cell Phones - Mex TV
Show Goes Out To Debunk Magnetic Vax
Reactions - See What Happens...

Part 1 - Jeff And David Oates Reverse Speech Blow
The China-US BioWeapon Attack On America Wide
Open As The Chinese Ambassador Spills The Beans

Part 2 - Jeff And David Oates Reverse Speech Blow
The China-US BioWeapon Attack On America Wide
Open As The Chinese Ambassador Spills The Beans

PCR test Schwabs are Made In CHINA & Coated With
Ethylene Oxide - A Known, Deadly Carcinogen That
Can Also Change Your DNA - Govt Is Trying To Kill You

China's BioWar On America Has Been Long Planned
And Is Ramping Up All The Time - Read China's Own
2005 Statement About The BioWeapon War On America


Vaccine spike proteins are Communist Chinese
military bioweapons designed to kill

PCR test Schwabs are Made In CHINA & Coated With
Ethylene Oxide - A Known, Deadly Carcinogen That
Can Also Change Your DNA - Govt Is Trying To Kill You

China's BioWar On America Has Been Long Planned
And Is Ramping Up All The Time - Read China's Own
2005 Statement About The BioWeapon War On America

Vaccine spike proteins are Communist Chinese
military bioweapons designed to kill

Watch - Another Vaxxed Nurse Becomes A Magnet

More Very Bad Science News On The Spike Protein

Geert's new video - Mass Vax With 'Leaky'
Covid Injections Can Only Breed new, highly
Infectious Variants

Vaccines Offer No Protection and Cause
Mad Cow Disease In About 1.5 Years – GNEWS

mRNA Technology pioneer says Vaxxed People
Shed The Toxic, Pathogenic Spike Protein To All
Those around them - Twitter Deletes His Statement

Incredible 8 Minute Interview By Canadian Doctor
That The Pathogenic Spike Protein Gets In The Blood,
Heart, Brain, Liver, Bone Marrow - Spike Is The Killer

Deagel - 2020 BioWar and 2025 Depopulation
targets - See How White Western Countries Are
Clearly targeted and Hit Hardest With Depopulation

Jeff & Erica Khan - Analysis Of The Severe Dangers
Of Adenovirus 'Vaccine' Injections Resulting In Body
Spike Protein Overwhelm...And Transmission

Covid Shots are instruction sets for your body to
make toxic spike proteins that will wind up in your
spleen, where prion-like protein instructions will
be sent out, leading to neurodegenerative diseases

Jeff & Erica Khan - New In Covid Vax Crisis
From Severe Blood Damage And Worsening
Injuries To EMF Emitted From Injection Site

Covid Spike Protein Injections Spark Soaring
Worldwide Deaths Right After Kill Shots - Vid

Dr Peter McCullough, MD on the Kill Shot
Says he can't advise patients to take it - Vid

Covid 'Tests' Are Contaminated With
Hydrogels And Lithium

Gates 'Gene Drive' Files - Evidence for the
reason behind the 'CoVid' vax agenda....

Brilliant! Dr. Lee Merritt - The spike protein itself
can reproduce ALL the symptoms of Covid, You
Don't Even NEED Coronavirus - Look At It As A
BioWeapons Attack - It Is Self-Spreading - WATCH

A Final Warning To Humanity From Former Pfizer
VP And Chief Scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon - They're
Trying To Kill, They're Coming After You And Your
Family - You Don't Need Vax, Masks Or Lockdowns
And Variants Represent Absolutely NO Threat

Still Want To Take The Monstrous Kill Shot?
You Better Look At This And THINK - Here's
What We Know - Please Watch And SHARE

Coronavirus COVID-19, 5G 60 GHz Millimeter Wave,
Chemtrail-Spread Smart Dust & Vax-Delivered Digitized
RNA Are Launched And Coordinated to Shut Down a City
or Nation, To Commit Genocide Or Trigger An ELE

EMF Meter Held Over Injection Area And Shows
Man Is Emitting-Broadcasting Some Kind Of EMF

Man Gets Vaxxed - Now Every Bluetooth Electronic
Device Tries To Connect With His Body - Watch

Dr. Bhakdi - 'Parents are willingly allowing their children
to be killed if they allow them to have the Covid Vaccine'

Jeff & Erica Khan - Stunning Developments In Vax
Crisis - From Severe Blood Damage & Worsening
Injuries To EMF Being Emitted From Injection Site

Another Medical Professional Talks About The Salk
Study Which Makes It Clear The Spike Protein Is
The Killer - Not The Still Un-Isolated Coronavirus

Encore - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains How The
Kill Shots Will Begin To Depopulate In 3-6 Months

30 Yrs Ago, Dr. Robert Willner Accused
Anthony Fauci Of Genocide - Watch

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny About The Great Deception
96 Out Of 107 Pregnant Women Miscarried After
Taking The Kill Shot Vax - Watch

Why And How They Plan To Kill Seven Billion
By Dr. Vernon Coleman - Watch

New Gert Vanden Bossche Video Explaining How
The S Protein Causes The Immune System To Fail
Direct Spot begins at 9:40

Doctor Explains 'Vaccine Regret'...
There Will Be Much More About This Soon

How Spike Protein Interactions With Amylidogenic
Proteins Can Lead To Mad Cow Disease

Critically Important - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
20 Kinds Of Covid-19 Injection Injuries You
May Suffer Or Already Suffering From

19,000 Eye Disorders Following The Vax

Bombshell Salk Institute science paper reveals
the covid Spike Protein is what's causing deadly
blood clots...and it's in ALL the covid vaccines

The Shedding SPIKE PROTEINS To The
UnVaxxed Causes Neurodegeneration
& Increases Chances Of Prion Brain Disease

Dr. Lee Merritt - Forced Vaccines Are a Holocaust
Level Crime Against Humanity - Watch

Form for Employees Whose Employers Are
Requiring Covid-19 Injections

Form for Students Attending Colleges or Universities
Requiring Covid-19 Injections

Dr. Palevski - More Proof Of Covid vaccine shedding
Spike Proteins on unvaccinated people - Watch

A COVID Lifeline Is Being Severed (Mercola)
...The War On Ivermectin And Hydroxy

Former Naval Medical Doctor, Dr. Lee Merritt Says
Forced Vax Is A Holocaust Level Crime Against Humanity

Remember How 60 Minutes Exposed The Swine Flu
Vax Tragedy Of 1976 - Fraud Then, Fraud Now - Watch

How Did Claudia Stauber Know To Warn Us
About The Coming Pandemic And Vaccine
In September 2019 - (Strong Language)

READ - What All Women And Girls Need To Know
About The COVID Vaccines And The Spike Protein

The Covid Vaxxed Must Be Quarantined
Expert Doctor Group's Consensus Of Opinion

The spike protein is the bioweapon - Why vaxxed
people are making HEALTHY people sick - Pfizer
document admits vaccinated people shed Particles

NEW - Dr. Carrie Madej Explains The Satanic Attack On
Humanity - 'They' Will Kill Us ALL Unless WE Stop It

Jeff And Dr. Judy Mikovits - How We Got Here
And What To Do

Scientists Find The Exact 2 Step Process How
AstraZeneca Shots Cause Blood Clots

New Closeup Video Of Nose 'Schwabs' With Fibers

Dr. Vernon Coleman - A Syringe Full Of Death

Dr. Bhakdi - Covid Vaccines Will Decimate The World

Stay Away From The Vaxed - It's Official From Pfizer's
Own Documents - Read This

Supreme Court Rules Vaccine Makers have
legal rights to Covid Vax recipients DNA!

Clif High - Covid Kill Shot spongiform encephalopathy
discussion - Start At 32:00 Go To 46:00

The Vaxed Are Shedding Spike Proteins That
Attack Women's Reproductive Organs Among
Other Organs In The Body - Watch

'This Is Not A Vaccine, This is NOT A Vaccine'
'The Synthetic Spike Protein is a BioWeapon'
And Can Attach To Receptors All Over The Body

Clif High On Synthetic Spike Protein Shedding - Start Watching At 10:15

Nurse Warns Why The UnVaxed Need
To Stay Away From Vaxed People...Watch

Video Proof - Pfizer Vax Contains Highly-Organized
Nano BioMachinery 'Organisms' That are Injected Into
People - Watch The Little Round 'Cells' In The 'Machine'
Grow & Move 'Upward' And Then Enter A 'Tube'...

Clif High - More On Shedding & Contagious Vaccinosis

Clif High On mRNA - Extremely Bad News
From Mad Cow Prions To Female Cancers
And More...Wake-Up! -Watch

Mikovitz Latest...The CV mRNA Vax Is A
BioWeapon Killing Machine! - Watch

Women Complaining of Severe Menstrual
Disorders post COVID Injections – Even if
They Did Not Get the Shots - Transmission!

Dr Tenpenny And Dr. Lee Merritt - The Medical
Industry Has Now Been Fully-Weaponized

mRNA Vaccines May Trigger Mad Cow Prions
To Grow In Your Brain Leading To 'Zombie
Apocalypse' On The Streets Of America

Four Videos Prove Nano Fibers & Nano Tech
Have Been Put In The Test 'Schwabs' That Are
Shoved Up Peoples' Noses And Sinuses

WARNING - Man Proves Covid-19 Tests
Are Cancerous - This Is No Joke - Watch

Three Videos To Challenge The Un-Vaxed
And Your Friends And Loved Ones To Watch

Jeff & Cliff Mickelson - Morgellons Style Nano Fibers
In Covid Face Masks And Nasal Swab 'Test' Kits

Blue Chip Cardiologist Issues Dire Warning
...Experimental Vaccines are Ineffective and
Could Cause Mad Cow Disease (Death)

LOOK - Mask & Swab Morg-Type Nano Fibers Under
5600x Power Magnification - Doesn't Look Like Human Tech...

Six Videos Of Moving Nano Fibers In Face Masks
You Are Inhaling Them Or They Are Crawling Into You

Plandemic - Plans For 'Vaccine Passports' Were
In Place 20 Months Before COVID-19 Outbreaks

As Rense Said...Now Here's Johns Hopkins PROOF
PCR 'Test Swabs' Can (And Are) Being Used To Vax
Refusers...Any Kind Of Nanotech Or Drug Can Be
Implanted Via The Nasal Swab - Refuse The 'Tests'!

Ex Pfizer VP - 'Your government is lying to you in a
way that could lead to your death' - And The Lie Of
'Dangerous Variants' - There IS A Conspiracy That
May Cause Far More Carnage Than All 20th C Wars

Devvy - Covid 'Vaccines' Are Against Federal Law

World Shocked By SPARS 2025-2028 Document
Disease Horrors To Begin In 'Nearly A Year' After
Kill Shots Have Been Injected - Mental Retardation,
Mad Cow, Many Catastrophic, Deadly Diseases

Top Immunologist Bart Classen Sees MAD COW Prions,
Types 1 And 2 Diabetes And Many Other Disease States
Coming Out Of The Grave 'Peril' Of mRNA Injections

Dr. Bart Classen's Paper On The mRNA Prion Risk

Another Revelation Of The Coming SPARS
Pandemic - Watch

Watch - Dr Ryan Cole confirms Severe Danger Of
Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) Reactions
In Vax Kill Shots

Vaccine Refusal Text

Dr. Lorraine Day MD Wraps It ALL Up - From The
Covid Lie To Communism - Watch - Start At 3:50

WATCH - Video Proof Covid 'Test' Swabs Are Full
Of Nano Tech Which Will Likely Enter The Brain &
Full Body...And Then Deploy - Mass Genocide?

PCR - Test Swabs May Contain 'star-shaped
Microdevices' That Are Secretly Vaccinating
the 'vaccine Hesitant'

Erica Khan - How The Vax Will Make Your Immune
System Attack And Destroy Your Own Body - Listen

Dr. Vernon Coleman - Fighting For Our Lives Against
The Greatest, Deadly Hoax In Human History - Watch

Hideous Propaganda Vax Videos To Push People
To Take Their Kill Shots - Nauseating To Watch

EXTREMELY Slick And Evil Mind Control Cartoon To
Make Children WANT to take the Kill shot! - Watch

Dr Steven Hotze MD Exposes Deadly Fraud
Of Covid 19 'Vaccine' - Govt Is LYING To You

Dr Sherri Tenpenny Reveals The mRNA Vax Creates A
Rogue Spike Protein Antibody Which Attacks And Kills
28 Specific Human Body Tissue Cell Types - This Can
Lead To Mass Autoimmune Deaths - Start At 19:00

Geert Vanden Bossche - How The Curves Will Evolve!
The Impact Of Ongoing Mass Vaccination Campaigns
On Infection And Morbidity Rates

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains How The Corona Vax
Will Destroy You - Watch

URGENT...Italian Researchers - 'Vaccines' Won't Work
Because Covid-19 Is ALSO Entering & Replicating
Itself Inside Common Human Digestive BACTERIA

Dr Vernon Coleman - Covid 'Vaccines' Are Weapons Of
Mass Genocide And Could Wipe Out The Human Race

Geert Vanden Bossche - Former GAVI And Gates Fdn
Vaccine Creator Sounds Worldwide Warning About
The Covid 'Vaccine' - Humanity Is On The Line

Del Bigtree On TOP Virologist & Vax Scientist Bossche
Now Warning World To STOP The Kill Shots - He Sees
The Genocide Plans And The Catastrophe Ahead And
Explains HOW 'Vax' Will Destroy Your Immune System

CDC US Update - 1,524 DEAD 31,079 Injured After
Taking Experimental mRNA Kill Shot 'Vaccines'
Now Multiply Those Figures By At Least Double

vaccines Anywhere In The world! - Effort To Increase
The Vax Genocide Is Now at Maximum Push - Resist!

US Has Now given Over 100 Million mRNA Kill Shots
Mass Carnage Will Manifest Over The Next 1-3 Years

GOP Pro Kill Shot Lawmaker Demands Answers
on Vaccine Distribution slow down among military
(The plan Is Obviously to Kill off the US military)

COVID 'Vaccine' SHOCKER - Scientists at Sloan
Kettering Learn mRNA inactivates tumor suppressing
proteins...meaning it can promote cancer!

Proof There ARE different 'Vaccines' Made For Different
Races! Zambian Leader Finds Bottles Marked 'Not For
US In EU or USA' - Selective Genocide! - Watch

Essential Documentary - 'Once We Were The Living'

Huh? Pfizer revises ultra-cold storage for Vax
Suddenly Says It Doesn't Need - 94 Storage
And is stable at 'refrigerator temperatures'

Five Questions To Ask Your Friends
Who Plan To Get The Kill Shot

Masks don't work, are damaging health & being
used to control population - Top Doctors panel

Dire Warning From More Of The World's Top
Doctors Say The Covid Vax Is Dangerous And
the is NOT A Global Medical Pandemic - Watch

United Health Professionals Issue International
Alert Message about COVID-19

Jeff & Erica Khan
Deadly News On The 'Vaccine' & Virus

LOOK - CDC Hiding Information - 1,170 Are DEAD
Following COVID Injections - Wake Up…Or Die

Dr. Lee Merrit - Calls The Vax Weaponized Medicine
Probably A Binary BioWeapon Which Will Kill Most
People Via 'Antibody Dependent Enhancement'
When The Next 'Killer Virus' Released

WHO Says A New 'Disease X' will be worse Than
Covid - Will Appear Every Five Years And Kill Tens
Of Millions - How Do You Think They Know...?

J&J CEO Says Annual Covid Vaccine Will Be
Needed 'For Years' As MSM Warns Virus Will
'Circulate For Decades' - Fear Porn Greed

Disturbing Mask Worship Brainwashing - Watch

Covid Test Swab Fibers Are Clearly Morgellons
Nanotech Fibers That MOVE - Swabs Also Coated
With Smart Dust - The Vax Is A LETHAL Pathogen

Icke - Murder By Vax Evidence Mounts Daily - Watch

Clinical Lab Scientist - CV19 Is Fake - Wake Up America
1,500 Supposed Samples Of Covid Were ALL Influenza!

Once We Were The Living - Documentary

45 Yr Old Italian Doctor In Perfect Health Drops
DEAD After Pfizer Covid Shot, 39 Yr Old Nurse
And 42 Yr Old Surgical Tech Also DEAD

Watch - Guy uses very simple technique to prove
masks do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prevent The
spread of viruses

Dr. Faustus Now Says - I Wear Two Masks
'Nothing Wrong' with It

Mask Order Will Be 'Further Enforced'
by 'Federal Authorities' - CDC

Federal mask cops To Begin targeting
barefaced Americans - Worse Than USSR

Scientists Warn COVID is Reducing Fertility
Big Story - This may Have Been One Prime
Objective All Along

Moderna's COVID Vax Is causing A Number
Of bizarre side effects

WHO Adviser 85% Sure COVID Came from Lab

Study - Long-Term Mask Use May Contribute
To Advanced Stage Lung Cancer

Jeff And Erica Khan
Truth About The 'Vaccine' and Virus

Dr. Bhakti - The Vax Will Send You 'To Your Doom'
What Is Going On Is 'Absolute Nonsense' - Watch

How COVID-19 'Vaccines' May kill Millions - Anyone
With Inflammatory, Autoimmune Disease, Arthritis,
Is At HIGH Risk Of Dying From The mRNA 'Vaccines'

At Least 329 Deaths and 9,516 'Other Injuries'
in US Already Reported Following COVID Vax

Former Pfizer CEO DESTROYS The Covid LIE
The PCR Test Is 'Monstrously Unsuitable' - Watch

Watch - Potentially DEADLY Co2 In Masks - Severe
Warnings Range 2,000 To 5,000 PPM - Over 5,000
PPM Effects Include Cerebral Injury, Coma, & Death
Test Shows Nearly 10,000 PPM Co2 In ONE Mask!

Idiotic Doctor Tells NBC that Americans
Should Think About Wearing FOUR Masks
...Another Genocide Tentacle Reaching Out

'If You Are Not Wearing At Least Five Masks
...You Are A Killing Machine'

Fauci Wants Everyone To Double Mask
A Review Of This INSANITY Of This Crap

Lipid Nanoparticle Delivery Technology for mRNA
This Is Pure, Insidious Evil - It is NOT A Vaccine

UK Professor Who Warned WHO About COVID-19
Says 'Disease X' Pandemic (The SECOND Virus
We've Warned About) Is Just Around Corner

53 Reported DEAD In Gibraltar After Taking
The Pfizer mRNA Covid Death Vax - Coverup
In The US Of Deaths & Sides Effects Continues

Nursing home fires workers for refusing
COVID-19 'vaccination'

Dr. Dolores Cahill Explains How Coronavirus
'Vaccines' Kill People With mRNA

Dr. Lee Merrit Explains Deadly Dangers Of 'Vaccine'
And How 100% Of ALL Test Animals Died In Trials

RNA 'vaccine' really GMO implants That can
Easily Pass the Blood-Brain Barrier - What
Nano Machines Are being put in your Brain?

Enraged Doctor - Masks Are Killing You, Take 'em Off!

55 Americans Have Died Following COVID
Vaccination, Norway Deaths Rise To 29

Shimatsu - Covid Vox - a cure worse than the disease - Part 29

100s Of Social Media Horror Reports Of Reactions
To CV Vax, including Death - Stop Vid And Read These

Covid Vaccine Claims Yet Another Victim - 25 Yrs
As A Professional CNA After Moderna 'Vaccine'
Facebook Took This Video Off Her Page - WATCH

27 Yr Old Paralyzed By FLU Vax Warns Against
Anyone Taking The Covid 'Vaccine' - It's Not

What They Said About Lockdowns Before 2020

The New York Times Is Seriously Suggesting
That We Should Wear TWO MASKS at Once

Personal social distancing alarms and 'no jab, no job'
show that individual freedoms at work will be the
next victims of Covid

Dem Congressman Catches COVID After
Receiving 2nd Dose Of 'Vaccine'

CDC Admits At Least 96% Of All Alleged Deaths
'From Covid-19' Were WRONG - Watch

Pfizer Vax Was Designed In 'Just Few Hours' Says
BioNTech Co-founder - (Previously, the fastest Vax
ever developed took more than four years)

Moderna's '2-Day' Covid vaccine Gets
FDA approved for emergency use

Moderna's Vaccine Was Designed in 2 DAYS
by January 13 Of 2020 - Impossible...Madness

NOTE - CDC admits at least 96% of deaths
'from Covid19' were WRONG!

Another Group Of EU Doctors - 'THERE IS NO
PANDEMIC' And 94% Of PCR Tests Are FALSE
POSITIVES' - It Has All Been A LIE - 'It Is Just
Another Normal Flu-Like Virus' - WATCH

Why The PCR Test Is NOT FIT For This Pandemic
And Is Returning Up To A 94% FALSE POSITIVE Response

World Health Organization Says There Is 'NO EVIDENCE'
Covid-19 Vaccines Will Prevent Spread Of Disease...

WHO says there is 'no evidence' COVID vaccines
will prevent spread of disease...

Moderna Admits It mRNA Vaccine Is An
'operating system' designed to program humans
and hack their biological functions

Miami Doctor, 56, DEAD After Taking The Pfizer Vax
He was in perfect Health but Had ZERO PLATELETS
Left In His Blood At Time Of HIs Death! - NO VACCINES!

Norway - 2 People DEAD in Nursing Home Days
After Receiving Pfizer's Covid-19 Vaccine

Israel - 4 Dead and Hundreds Infected With COVID
After Receiving the Pfizer mRNA Vaccine

Real life study - Masked schoolchildren are
harmed physically, psychologically, behaviorally
and suffer from 24 distinct health issues

27 Yr Old Canadian Healthcare Worker Fainted
and Suffered Multiple Seizures, Had To Have CPR
After Taking Pfizer's COVID 'Vaccine'

Young Mexican Doctor Left paralyzed And having
Seizures Minutes After Taking Pfizer Vox

COVID Death Vax May Be Difficult to Avoid

US COVID vaccines are extremely hazardous
to human health

Covid Death Vax - Woman Goes IntoFull Body
Convulsions...even her tongue...after Moderna
'Vaccine' shot - Watch

Enraged Doctor - Masks Are Killing You, Take Them Off, NOW!

Israel - 4 Dead and Hundreds Infected With COVID
After Receiving the Pfizer mRNA Vaccine

Dr Eric A Nepute - 127 Dead, 40,000 adverse
vaccine effects Including 127 Deaths in The
US Already! - NO VAX!

27 Yr Old Canadian Healthcare Worker Fainted
and Suffered Multiple Seizures After Taking
Pfizer’s Death Vax

Dr. Pierre Capel Exposes Fallacy of COVID PCR Testing

Dr. Buttar On The Danger Of Face Masks - Watch

Another Death! Sonia Acevdo - Health Worker
Like Tiffany Dover - DIES 2 Days After Taking
Pfizer Covid Death Vax - Many More Will Die

WHO says there is 'no evidence' that COVID-19
vaccines will prevent spread of disease... so what
good are they?

Covid 'Vax' - We Are in the Middle of a Deadly Global
Experiment Using Injectable Bio-Electronic Nanotechnology

Moderna admits here that what they inject now
is an 'operating system'

Moderna Vax Side Effects Include 'Monsterism' - Watch

Fraud Fauci gets Fake Vax In Left Arm
...Feels Pain In His RIGHT Arm - Watch

Nashville RN Takes CV Vax - Now Left Half Of Her
Face Is Paralyzed - Listen To Her Warning To All
Americans...'They Do Not Care About Us...
Do NOT Take This Vaccination!' - WATCH

Dr. Wakefield warns 'This is not a Vax, it is an
irreversible genetic modification' - Vid

Nurse Tiffany Dover Is Dead Confirmed - Check For
Yourself On - Tiffany Collapsed Minutes
After Taking The Pfizer Vax On Live Video And Died
Soon Thereafter - Do NOT Take The Vax - Watch

Report Pfizer Vax Has Killed Tiffany Dover, The Young
Nurse Who Passed Out After Taking The Vax On Live TV
Mass Coverup Said Underway Don't Even Think About
Taking The Shot - Watch

Another New Study - 9 out of 10 COVID-19 deaths
could have been prevented if people had adequate
Vitamin D levels

A We Have Said From Last February, Vit D And
Other Daily Supplements Can Counter CV

Bill Gates Caught On Video Admitting Vaccine
Will Change Our DNA FOREVER

Did Medical Thug Fauci Just Admit He Lied About
Herd Immunity To Trick Americans Into Vaccine?

Another Group Of EU Doctors - 'THERE IS NO PANDEMIC'
And 94% Of PCR Tests Are FALSE POSITIVES' - It Has All
Been A LIE - 'It Is Just Another Normal Flu-Like Virus' - WATCH

Dr. Bhakdi With Ingraham - 'If You Go Along These Lines
(Take The Vaccine) You Are Going To Your DOOM' - Watch

Dr. Roger Hodkinson Chairman Of The Royal College Of
Physicians Latest To Expose Covid Hoax - Listen

David Icke - There IS No Virus, The Latest PROOF

Dr Lorraine Day MD Speaks On Israeli News Live About
The Virus Hoax And Much More - Watch

The Entire Story Of Johns Hopkins Dr. Genevieve
Briand's Shocking Research Showing No Appreciable
Age Group Death Increase From 2019-2020

Dr. Rashid Butter Discloses Canadian MP
Whistleblowers Who Reveal The PLAN
Just Ahead - Video Is Set To Start At 31:00

Veteran Russian GRU (Military Intel) Colonel
Says The Coronavirus Pandemic Is A Tool To
Increase World Control & Domination - Watch

Jeff & Dick Allgire - This Is A Transition...
We're Heading Into The Next World - Watch

Incredible Interview With Dr. Judy Mikovits PhD
Perhaps The Most Important Ever On Covid-19 

Dr Judy Mikovits PhD - Fauci's Worst Nightmare 

Why Pfizer's CV-19 Vax Requires Storage At -94F
...It Contains Varied 'Experimental' NANOTECH
Machines That Haven't Been Used In Vaccines
Before - They'll Change Your DNA, Control You
And Turn You Into A GMO

Why You Should Never Take Their 'Vaccine'
The Vaccines Are Worse Than Dr Mikovits Thought
Because Of The Disclosed Use Of A Nano Machine
'Carrier System' That Will Reprogram DNA And May Kill
50 Million Americans

Staggering Globalist Projection Of The State Of
America In 2020 And Then In 2025

Again, Here Is The PLAN For Canada As It Has
Been Created - The People Will Be Put Through
Hell Under The CV-19 Plandemic And Then Will
Be Offered Full Debt Forgiveness And UBI For
Taking The Vax And Can Never Own Property Again

Nine COVID Facts - A Pandemic Of Intense Fear
Mongering And Gross Ignorance

Why The PCR Test Is NOT FIT For This Pandemic
And Is Running A 94% FALSE POSITIVE Response

Test Positive For Covid? - Be Sure To Ask This... 

Court Rules Covid-19 Tests Are Up To 97%
Unreliable And Are Basically USELESS

Covid Nasal Test Swabs Are Probably Vaccinating
People Getting Tested - Swabs Target The Brain
This Is True Evil - Since The Tests Are 94% FALSE
Positives, Why Get Tested At All?

PhD Uses 18 Studies To Prove Masks  Don't Wo rk

Masks False Safety And Real Dangers - Part 1
Mask Particulate And Lung Vulnerability

Masks False Safety And Real Dangers - Part 2
Microbial Challenges From Masks

Masks False Safety And Real Dangers - Part 3
Hypoxia Hypercapnia And Physiological Effects

Masks False Safety And Real Dangers - Part 4
Masks Proven Neither Effective Nor Safe

Scientific Mask Studies Prove Masks Are
Dangerous And Harmful To The Brain
And Human Body

Face Masks Delete Individuality - They Break Human Will Without A
'Face' We Don't Exist As Independent Beings

The Astounding Physics Of N95 Masks - Watch

Anonymous Nurse Speaks Out - The RT-PCR Test
Is Totally Unreliable It Does Not Detect The Virus.

Beware The Covid PCR Test - Your Life Depends On It

PCR Tests For CV-19 Are Scientifically Meaningless

Inventor Of PCR Test Would Be First To Say It's
Not Fit For Diagnostic Purposes

Proof - COVID PCR Tests Scientifically Meaningless
Most Important Facts Of The Plandemic Summed Up

Ultimate Sickening Proof - Covid-19 Is BioGeoPolitical
Operation Planned To Force In The New World Order
This Is The Whole Op Exposed Text & Many Videos

Proof Fauci Is A Major Force Behind The CCP's
Creation Of SARS And Covid-19 Viruses And
Delaying Worldwide Attempts To Deal With It

New England Journal Of Medicine Promotes World
Communist Mandatory Vaccinations, Tells States
How To Force It On People

The World Communist Takeover Is Underway
Under The Guise Of The Coronavirus Plandemic

Likely Logical Timeline Of Events To Take Place From 9-20 To 1-20 Covering Vaccines, SCOTUS,
Election Day, Stock Markets, DomesticTerrorism
And Insurrection

What's Coming To America In Next Four Months
...And What To Do - Watch First 30 Minutes

Biblical Scenes Are Playing Out Before Our Eyes

Globalist Thug Fauci Wants Masks And Social
Distancing To Continue AFTER The Sheep Have
Been Injected With Death Vax Concoction

New England Journal Of Medicine Reports
That Even A Military-Enforced Quarantine
Can't Stop The Virus From Spreading

Five Part CV-19 - 5G Connectivity
Largest Global Coverup In History

Part 1 - 5G Revelation - How 60 Ghz Changes The
Electron Spin Of O2 And Blocks Your Hemoglobin
From Absorbing Oxygen And Feeding Your Body

Part 2 - 5G And The Great 60 Ghz Hoax

Part 3 - Electric Virology - Viruses Are Simply
Excretions Of A Toxic Cell

Part 4 - UN Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 - The NWO

Part 5 - The New World Order - Covid 19 Is Not True
It Prevents As High Altitude Severe Oxygen Deprivation

How 5G Causes Cell Poisoning And Toxicity

Is Coronavirus The Fraud Of Our Lifetime?
CDC Admits There Is NO EVIDENCE Of
CV-19 Infection In 131,000 'COVID Deaths'
Docs Are Paid To List Covid As Cause Of Death

CDC Admits It Doesn't Have The Covid-19 Virus - Listen

The Virus That Doesn't Exist - CDC Admits Virus
Has Never Been Isolated - The Root Fraud Exposed

Why Won't Bill Gates Wear A Mask? - He Obviously
Knows There Is No Reason To! Same With The Queen

How To Lawfully Decline A Vaccine & Other

Pharmaceutical Frauds (E.G. Masks And Tests)

Plandemic - The Film - Watch Here

Pandemic … See The Movie Here

Univ Of Alabama Reports 1368 Cases On 3 Campuses
...And Not A Single Hospitalization

Is The Pandemic Over? Doctors, Nurses And
Other Medical Employees Explain The Truth!

Dr. Vernon Coleman's Warning About Coronavirus ...The Biggest Fraud
In Human History - Watch

How A Simple But Fatal Math Mistake By US CV
'Experts' Caused The World To Panic And Order Lockdowns

Nearly 1,000 German Doctors Say Covid-19

Is A 100% Scam - Demand End To Lockdowns
And Mandatory Wearing Of Masks - WATCH
The Second Embedded Video On The Page

A Brave Italian Doctor's Warning To ALL People
Don't Get Tested, Refuse The Vax - 'Covid' Is The
Name Of The Plan Of Worldwide Mass Depopulation

Doctor Investigates The New Covid-19 Vaccine
Says 'It Frightens Me' - The Tech In The Vax Is
Here Now -Transhumanism Human 2.0? - Watch

The FDA Is Trying To Make N-Acetylcysteine Illegal
(NAC) Because It Apparently Stops Coronavirus

Selenium Supplementation In The Prevention Of Coronavirus Infections

Allicin C And The Coronavirus

Selenium And The Coronavirus

Why Face Masks Don't Work - According To SCIENCE

PCR Tests Said To Read ALL Coronaviruses
...Everyone Will Eventually Test Positive - Watch

Gates Is Telegraphing 'Pandemic Two' And That
'A Pathogen 'With A Higher Death Rate Would Be Picked'

Gates Threatens World With Deadlier 'Pandemic 2'

The Astounding Physics Of N95 Masks - Shows
'Open Side' Surgical Masks Are Useless - Watch

Most Important Video - High Ghana Official
Rejects And Exposes Bill Gates Deadly VAX Plan
For Africa - Says Coronavirus Is A Created HIV
'Hybrid' & More Deadly Viruses Ready To Release

2010 Rockefeller Foundation Report Described Whole Pandemic Op
EXACTLY - Watch Journalist Vox Read
And Prepare To Be STUNNED
- It's All A Planned OP

As We've Said - Your 'Government' Raped The Nation

Life Went On As Normal During The Killer
Pandemic Of 1969

Epidemiologist Wittkowski Slams CV Lockdowns
'We Could Open Right Up Again And Forget The
Whole Thing' - There Was No Reason For Any Of It

YouTube Censors Epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski
For Telling The Truth By Opposing Lockdown

Hidden Circuit Panel In Brand New 5G Tower Is
Labeled 'COV-19' - What The Hell Is Going On?
Will This Frequency Trigger A Seeded Virus In
Your Body? Or Cause An Outbreak? - Watch

Inside A New LED Streetlight - A 5G Weapon
System Being Installed In The UK And Here
With High Voltage Scanning Antenna - Watch

Rense Exclusive - Photo Proof Of Brand New
'Mobile Medical' (Door-To-Door) Trucks Already
Being Shipped To The Eastern US

HR6666 And Gates Patent 060606 (Nano Chip In Vax)
To Create Totalitarian One World Government Under The
Scam Of Fighting Coronavirus - Welcome To Planet Evil

Polly Documents How Fauci, Bill & Melinda Gates
And The Global 'Coronavirus Elite' Are Tied Together
Essential To See How World Is Run - Brilliant - Watch

Whitney - Sweden Is The Model

Aldous Huxley - How To Make The Masses Obedient
And 'Happy' - Watch Especially 12:00-21:00 (1958)

CA ER Doctor's Full Coronavirus Briefing
...Stunning Stats, Truths Emerge - Very Important - Watch

Tucker Blasts YouTube For Censoring Dr. Erickson's Video

Watch - Does FEMA Now Have Control Of America?
Pay Attention To Trump's Statement Analyzed And How
He Says To Pompeo 'You Should Have Let Us Know'...

Pentagon Orders US Military To Wear Face Coverings
Made From 'CLEAN T-SHIRTS' & Other Household Items

Top 12 Most Dangerous Surfaces To Touch

WATCH - Ex FEMA Management Planning Official
Reveals Plans To Crush Life And Liberty - A Ghastly
Overview Of The Forced Injection Of Global
Governance Into The World

Coronavirus Can Travel 27 Feet And Remain
Suspended In The Air For Hours - MI

WATCH - Doctor Talk About Coronavirus Genome

Showing It Was BioEngineered, How The Economy Is
Dying And Warns 'Prepare Now For 18 To 20 Months'
It Is Super SARS 2.0

Will The Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Permanently Alter DNA?
Limited Testing NOT ENOUGH - NO RNA Vaccine Has
Ever Been Approved For Use In Humans And Should be
Tested For 5-10 YEARS To Prove DNA Alteration Isn't
A BIG And Dangerous Problem - A Brilliant Overview

Pfizer's vaccine studies are based on FRAUD
and put lives in danger, warns former Pfizer VP

FDA Approves The Pfizer Covid Vax For Emergency
Use...Opening the Door For Widespread Distribution

Six Are Dead From Pfizer And Other Covid Vax

FDA Says 2 Participants In Pfizer COVID
Vaccine Trial Have Died

FDA Reports Four Have Suffered Facial Paralysis
From The Pfizer Vaccine

At Least Two Have Suffered Spinal Paralysis
From Covid Vax

Austrian lawmaker tests cola drink for Covid and
gets POSITIVE result - shows testing is 'worthless'

The FDA - Death, heart attacks, stroke, blood
disorders all possible side effects of COVID Vox

DANGER - Covid Vaccines Risk Making Women Infertile
The War On Western White Civilization Ramps Up


Robert F. Kennedy Jr warns - Don't take Covid-19
vaccine under ANY circumstances

Icke - All Who Take The Vaccine Will Be
Human Lab Rats - And Many May Die - Watch

Bombshell Cambridge Documents - Of All Positive
COVID Tests Of 9,000+ Students, 100% Were FALSE
POSITIVES - The PCR Pandemic Must STOP

Former Pfizer VP - 'No need for vaccines'
...'the pandemic is effectively over'

Why The PCR Test Is NOT FIT For This Pandemic
And Is Returning A 94% FALSE POSITIVE Response

Misuse of PCR Tests - Worst Crime Against
Humanity...Ever - Watch

Allergy risk on Pfizer jab after TWO patients fall ill
after V-Day rollout

Do not take Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine if you have a
'significant history of allergic reactions' - UK Warns

Moderna's Vaccine Was Designed in Under 2 DAYS
by January 13, 2020 - Impossible...Madness

Pfizer coronavirus vaccine warning - No breastfeeding
or getting pregnant after being immunized... it might
damage the child


Unexpected side effect? Australia scraps Covid-19 Vax
development after trials lead to false positives for HIV

Psychological Warfare Disguised as Pandemic Threat

Psycho NJ Lawmaker Wants Mandatory Covid Vax
For All Little Kids Without Exemption