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Hard Science Questioning Wisdom Of Using ANY
Tera Hertz Device On The Human Body


Dr Pierre Kory issues stern warning about the
Tera Hertz Wand - Start at 1:11:45 - Listen

Is The Magic Wand is a Death Ray? Hard Science
In PubMed Peer-Reviewed Paper - The Effect Of
Microwave Radiation On The Human Cell Genome

How Tera Hertz Waves Tear Apart DNA

Terahertz Radiation Can Disrupt Proteins in Living Cells

Cancer Stem Cells and Their Relation to Tumor Biology

Mammalian Stem Cells Reprogramming in Response to Terahertz Radiation

Terahertz 'Zaps' Alter Gene Activity in Stem Cells

Continuous Wave Irradiation at 0.1 Terahertz Facilitates Transmembrane Transport of Small Molecules