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Dr. Ryan Cole's Images Showing How The Spike Protein
Decimates The Body's Major Organs And Circulatory System



Here is one of the endothelial cells that lines the inside of your blood vessels. Most of these cells have ACE2 receptors. On the left side, note the nice smooth lines. On the right side is what the Spike Protein from the vaccine, and those produced by your own body's cells, is doing to the mitochondria of the endothelial cells. The damages lead to clotting which can lead to strokes and heart attacks.


On the left side of the bottom two images below, note the healthy lung tissue. On the right side image, see how much purple there is? That's all inflammation. Why? The Spike Proteins from the vax have bound to the ACE2 receptors in the lung tissue cells. That has triggered the immune system to attack the Spike Proteins and the cells they have bound to which has led to a severe inflammatory response from the immune system attacking its own body. This is how your own immune system can kill you. Death by 'vaccine' causing your own body to permanently produce Spike Proteins which flood the body binding to every ACE2 receptor they can find from the heart and circulatory system to the brain. The immune system attacks and attacks until it virtually burns itself out. Then the organs and blood vessels are overwhelmed by the Spike Proteins and the body dies.

Don't forget that vaxed people are shedding the Spike Protein non-stop...and that is why the unvaxed are often sick after being in close contact with vaxed people.


Note all the dark red areas? These are brain cells and all the red doesn't belong there. The Spike Proteins from the vax are binding to the brain cells and this has resulted in another major organ inflammatory response. The body's own immune system, again, is attacking the Spike Proteins which causes the mass inflammation of the brain and the destruction of the spike-infested brain cells. Soon there will be cognitive impairment and non-stop brain damage with an obviously fatal outcome.


On the left hand side, see those blue arrows around the white? That's inflammation in the heart. That's not normal and has occurred after a shot. That is a Spike Protein landing there and that's your immune system attacking it and your own tissues. See the image on the right with the red arrows, that's the pericardium, the sac that surrounds your heart. That's inflammation and it doesn't belong there. Once you have heart damage the heart does not heal itself.

Left hand side. See all that grey in the middle, that's early scarring. Guess what, once a heart cell is damaged, it's damaged forever. It doesn't replace itself with another heart cell, it replaces itself with a scar.



See all that purple? That's inflammation and it doesn't belong there. Same story. The vax has genetically modified your body's cells to permanently produce nothing but Spike Protein around the clock. Here it has traveled to the liver and bound up with the ACE2 receptors in liver cells. The immune system realizes that, attacks, and the result is major liver damage and inflammation. Remember, the body has been genetically changed by the vax and is making so many Spike Proteins, they literally overwhelm every major organ system in the body, leading to the immune system attacking and destroying the spike infested cells and eventually the organs themselves.