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Dr Patricia Doyle PhD


Trump Can Ban ANY And ALL 'Refugees' With Diseases

Trump Is Legally, By Law, Permitted To Ban And Boot
Illegal Aliens On Mental And Physical Health Grounds

We Need A TOTAL Immigrant Shut Down

Outrage - Muslim Immigrants Get Medicaid From Day One In US

The High Cost Of Resettling Mideast Muslims In America

US Code Allows For Banning Refugees With Diseases

No One Talks Of Diseases Muslims & Hispanics Have

Trump To Allow Christian Refugees In?


When Trump Does Something Right, We Must
Back Him As With The EO Ban On Muslims

MERS CoV Still Spreading In Saudi Arabia

Diseases That Could Come To The US Via Muslims

Mum's The Word From Trump As Agencies Still Bring Muslims

Agencies Bringing America-Hating Muslims Into US

So Far, Trump Has Neither Said Nor Done ANYTHING About
The Muslim Invasion Or The Other 45 Million Illegals


Black African Migrants Surge Into US Ahead Of Jan 20

African Sleeping Sickness Now In Maryland

Another Whopper! - Chagas Disease Spread By 'Cardboard Boxes'

Cost Of Illegals - 13 MILLION Said To Have Latent TB In The US

World Map Of IQ Drop Due To Muslim Immigration, Others

More Proof TB Is In US Via 'Refugees' & Illegals

Surprise Surprise TB Cases On Increase in US

Leishmaniasis - What Americans Do Not Know

Rare, Deadly Parasitic Infection Rising In US


Researchers Find Prevalence Of Chagas In South TX

Why New Crohn’s Disease Vaccine Is A Mistake

MERS Still Spreading In Mideast

Mexico Helps Somali Terrorists Sneak Into America

WATCH - 1,000s Of Blacks - No Women (As Always)
Being Brought Over Mexican Border By...Catholics!

Ludicrous Efforts To Blame 'White Travelers'
For Foreign Diseases Brought Into The US

White Nose Syndrome Reaches WA, Heads Into Canada

NY Post - New York Can't Risk Taking 'Syrian Refugees'

US Christian Churches Being Turned Into Mosques!

Forced Muslim Resettlement In Dutchess County NY


Christian Madness In Poughkeepsie, NY - Christian-Hating Islam Forced On US

Border Agents Ordered To Release Diseased illegals Into US

Muslims Bringing Worldwide Diseases To US

Muslims Destroying Germany's Entire Health Care System

Muslims Bring Diphtheria Back To Denmark

List Of Parasites & Diseases Muslims Illegals Bring With Them

Germany Going Down - Muslim War On German People

Hillary's Muslims Vow To Make Raping White Women Legal

Now 'Democracy Now' Calls For Help With Haiti


New EBOLA Outbreak In Africa? Many CDC Secret Flights

What Do Black African 'Refugees' Have To Do With Syria? (Nothing)

On Soros Putting Half Billion Into The Muslim Invasion Of EU

Ads On Swedish TV Tell Citizens To Bow To Muslims

Hill-Bama Plan To Bring In 110,000 More Black 'Muslims' In 2017

AL Officials Test 540 Workers At Hyundai Plant For TB

Long Island Mumps Outbreak Grows To 36 Cases

Cologne Demonstrators Were Turks, Imagine The REST

Chagas Carrying Kissing Bug Seen in CA


Let 'Em Drown? 3,400 Muslims Pulled From Med

FDA Tells S FL To Stop Taking Blood Donations - Doyle

Eleven Muslims Found With ACTIVE TB Around Akron, OH

Ilegal Mexicans Bring Deadly Chagas To US Horses

Feminism And Liberal Racist Fraud Protecting Muslim Rapists

Obama's Refugees Flood America With Deadly Diseases

Seven Obama Muslims With ACTIVE TB Sent To Idaho

Al Qaeda Orders - Kill US Whites, Avoid Minorities

Muslim Rapes 4 Yr Old Boy In German Toilet Stall

Muslim Birth Rate Is Destroying Europe


Regarding Islam And Muslim RAPE GANGS

CO Studying WNV Nasty Cousin...Rift Valley Fever

Why Florida Is Being Hard Hit By Zika

Milwaukee Blacks Attack Whites - Rich Won't Give Us None

Black Savages Riot Burn Out Their Own Neighborhood

Imam & Asst, Shot - Muslims Blame Trump, Ignore Orlando

Why Rat Ryan Won't Get Trump Endorsement

BLM Thugs Push NYC Police Commissioner Bratton Out

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