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Polio Cases Spread From Illegals Rise Dramatically
Almost 300 Cases And Soaring

By Patricia Doyle PhD
Exclusive To

The Fox News story below is a total CDC BS obfuscation.  

There are 200+ cases and 80 more confirmed which now totals nearly 300 cases of Polio.   It is 100% clear and certain that illegals brought the polio here.  
I believe it first showed up in 2014 after Obama let the so-called 'unaccompanied minors' come in.   It got worse around 2016 when we had an increase in illegals trying to get into the US before Trump  could get his legislation passed and cut immigration.

Because we now essentially have open borders...nearly 2,000 a day come in...we will see more and more Polio hitting American youngsters. 

I refuse to call it 'Polio-Like Illness' or 'Mystery Polio-Like illness' or AFM.   These are lies.  Why does the CDC try to hide what this devastating outbreak is?   It is what it is...POLIO...and it won't be the only tragic disease to hit us this year.  

When the savages invade during this military coup - and we are living under a military junta -  some of the deadly new (for us) diseases Americans will face are Polio, Cholera, Chagas.   Chagas is hitting us BIG TIME.  Probably over 90% of the illegals coming in are infected with Chagas.   Make no mistake, Chagas is fatal and there is no treatment for it.  

Thanks to Obama and now Trump, we Americans are also facing Whooping Cough, Diphtheria, TB and VERY-resistant MDR TB, Leprosy, Murine Typhus, Hepatitis A, B, C and E as well as Measles, Rubella, Mumps and Chickenpox.  

Our vaccines don't help as these are foreign strains and like the mutated Polio virus, they will evade our vaccines.  We are also seeing Malaria and worms, parasites and bacteria, etc, etc.   Influenza is also coming in and is not covered in this year's flu tax for those who rely on flu shots.  

Want more?  How about Yellow Fever, Zika Virus and Dengue Hemorrhagic plus the South American Hemorrhagic viruses like Bolivian Hemorrhagic Fever, etc.

Nearly 300 cases of Polio now, as I said, and these are the 'symptomatic' cases.   There are probably many more cases undiagnosed or asymptomatic.  Even if a person is asymptomatic, they can still transmit the Polio virus to others. 

In short, we are now living under a state of Military Coup.  And Trump can't do a thing about it.  If he tries, they will take him out.   Most governments throughout Latin America are also Military juntas.  We are now Third World and the same goes for our once free and democratic America.

Maybe an armed well-regulated militia can end the coup.  Let's not forget...whether or not you like Trump, he is the duly elected President.  I did not vote for anyone in the Pentagon.   

Thus is a democratic republic, one Nation Under GOD - not Allah -  with Liberty and Justice for all.


So, nearly 300 cases of Polio now and the CDC keeps lying and covering it up...  

Here is the CDC BS article from Fox News... cdc-investigates-over-200- cases-of-rare-poliolike- illness

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