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1,000s Of Hondurans Reach Tijuana And Demand Asylum

By Patricia Doyle PhD
Exclusive To

Hello Jeff - Wasn't the purpose of putting military on the US Southern Border to keep the thousands of Hondurans out of the US? Well, how are some of these people at the border and demanding asylum?

Trump is a traitor and should be held accountable. No welfare, social security or any benefits for these savages. Time for US citizens to protest and time to force sterilization to limit births. For all those so worried about Global Warming, here is the place to start. Limit population and start with those who have 10 or more children. IF they refuse to use birth control or be sterilized if they have more than 4 children, then deport them. These large families are using too much of our natural resources.

No more welfare, free housing, medical or any freebies. Time to end the gravy train, NOW.


Look at the photo and the amount of Third Worlders streaming to our border.