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SF Forms Poop Patrols As Illegals Dump Feces, Urine On
City Streets Raising Threat Of Disease And Contagion

By Patricia Doyle PhD
Exclusive To

Hello Jeff - This is what illegals think of the US. America is an open toilet to them.
They are showing us what they think of our Country and what they think of us. They are rolling back our very civilization into Third and Fourth World filth.

I cannot imagine going to another Country and leaving my bodily excrement on their streets. I would go to a gas station or other shop and buy something then use their bathroom. These ‘people’ should be put in public works labor camps…given food and shelter and made to clean the streets and the city.

We give these subhumans everything, money, housing, schools, medical care, maternity care, etc and this is how they say thank you. They crap all over us. Literally.

They live in filth and then expect Americans to live and walk among their filth

It is time to look around and time to smell the roses. Oops, it ain't roses. Smell these refugees, 'asylum seekers' or illegals ...whatever you want to call them. They are crapping on our values, our heritage and our culture. They are telling is what they think of us in no uncertain terms.

So how's bbout we show them what we think of then by DEPORTING THEM TO THEIR HOME COUNTRIES. Let them fill their own streets with feces, vomit and urine!


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SF Forming Poop Patrols As Threat Of Disease
And Contagion Cover More Of The Streets