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The Only Way To Defeat The New Polio Outbreak

By Dr Patricia Doyle PhD
Exclusive To

Hello Jeff - The article states that we cannot eradicate cWPV circulating - vaccine-derived wild polio virus - until we eradicate Wild Polio Virus. It is not the vaccine that will eradicate Polio, it is an improvement in sanitation and education on proper sanitary living such as good hand=washing after using the bathroom.

Hand washing before and after cooking is also essential.

In short, there must be a major improvement in sewage sanitation and clean drinking water. You do not wash clothes, dishes or urinate in or around the area of drinking water.

It is not vaccine that will end Polio but rather sanitation improvement and improvement in making third world people understand the need to sanitary living and improved sanitation and sewage infrastructure.

With that alone, cases of Polio will drop radically and we can achieve the goal of eradicating this horrible disease...just like we did in the 1950s.

Thank you,
Patty Doyle