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The Invasion Is Bringing More And More
Deadly Disease Into The US - We're Toast

By Patricia Doyle PhD
Exclusive To

Hello Jeff.... Well another school is going to get Jewish 'sensitivity', brainwashing. Seems they found swastikas written on walls in the bathrooms of a school on Long the heart of MF 13 country. Bathrooms are the only place in the schools that have no cameras, Doesn't sound like students to me. Now because of the swastikas, the entire school has to take 'sensitivity training'...brainwashing.

In a couple of years, white Christians won't be allowed to go to public (government) schools (just like in South Africa) People think that the blacks and Muslims in the US will treat us as equals and treat us with respect. They have a lot to learn.

The Somali woman (FGM) who got into office in Minnesota is not going to Washington to represent white Christian Americans. I do not understand how a NON-CITIZEN refugee can run and get elected to the US Congress. We are giving the Country away and, like the Europeans, are expecting the savages will treat us as equals. We ARE South African Whites and we will go the way of the South African Whites. One day, soon, they and we will likely be relegated to the shadows...or be extinct.

The majority of 10,000 Third World bottom of the barrel 'refugees' (and Muslims) have been sleeping and camping outside in Central America and Mexico for months. Most are bound to have deadly Chagas. They will be bringing the Chagas parasites in their blood and when they arrive and live on the streets and in our homes and apartments, they will pass the parasites to local kissing bugs and other biting insects. And then there will soon be far more than the 300,000 the CDC admits are now infected.

Whites have no immunity to these diseases...and even measles, mumps chicken pox Diphtheria, Whooping cough can kill us. There is now a big outbreak of Yellow Fever in several countries of Sub Saharan Africa...such as Liberia, Nigeria, DR Congo, etc. How long before we see it in the US and Europe? The Trump administration will send these dregs north from the US border on buses, planes and trains all across the US...border-to-border and coast-to-coast.

They will not be getting any sort of serious health exams as that would 'insult' them. They won't be tested for HIV AIDS or Hepatitis A B, C and E. Leishmaniasis and Cholera, etc, won't be screened for either. Gosh, they might be insulted if we check their health. Nor will they be tested for TB, XDR TB, XDR TB or XXDR TB. They will come right into the US and infect us. This is just like what happened to Native Americans when white Europeans brought in Measles, Smallpox and Polio, etc. Everything I have stated is 100% factual.

Very few Americans know that there is a military coup going on in America. Trump is powerless. They have no idea.