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Zionist Judge Backus And The NM Keystone Sheriffs

By Patricia Doyle PhD
Exclusive To

Hello Jeff - I am as angry as I can be over this case. I know why these savages got bail. Why they are released. They are not charged with terrorism or terrorism as a hate crime or even weapons charges. They are charged with child abuse. Can you believe it? What were the Keystone Cops of the Sheriff thinking and what is the DA thinking. They were plotting to have kids with automatic weapons shoot up schools and child abuse is the best they can do.

They do not care about school shootings as long as they can take guns from White Americans. That’s the bottom line national agenda.

This is the worst insanity to come along in the court system in some time. Child abuse takes this case to family court. So where is the outrage? Americans need to get off the couch and shut down the TV set forget about baseball or football or soccer and start yelling about this horror.

I am finding out more about this judge. Judge SARAH BACKUS is a Jewish democrat judge. Only a Bolshevik Jewish democrat judge would let these savages go free. Perish the thought that her constituents would think her a racist.

New Mexico Jewish 'Compound Judge' Has History Of Issuing Bail To Violent Offenders - Click Here


One of the main perps, a woman named Jany Leveille, is a black Haitian who is also mother of 6 of the children at the compound.

I can imagine how much welfare money she gets for 6 kids. They also found a body of a small boy thought to have been kidnapped in Georgia and who is a son of one of the perps.

200 people did call the courthouse to complain about this judge releasing these sub-animals. She also received death threats. So, at least some people are noticing what outrages she is doing from the bench.

Time to stop the ‘refugees' and 'asylum seeker' program. NGOs should be shut down and forbidden from importing Third World trash...who prime directive is to kill white Christian America.

There is nothing racist about demanding the importing of terrorists be stopped. It is simple self-preservation.

It has been years since the illegal black African and Mideast muslims have begun entering the US…mostly via the UN 'Refugee Resettlement Program.' Look closely at the photo of the compound and the black Muslim extremists who use it for a 'residence' … in reality a training camp for extremist terrorism teaching children how to shoot up schools using automatic weapons. Does anyone honestly still think these white-hating stone age savages will ever assimilate into US society?

These sub-animals have been living with 11 children and a minimum of 5 other adults plus the two in charge.
No toilets, no food or water in Taos, NM where it is triple digits in the shade. No baths, no place to wash hands either.

Obviously, they are using all of their American welfare and social security money to buy weapons, ammo and other items for open war and strife. They probably send a good amount of money home to Brooklyn NY to the leader's father...the Imam at the now famous Mosque where dad was an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombing and supporter of the blind Sheik. Hatreds and terrorism runs in the family.

The US needs to throw the UN out of the US and we need to separate ourselves from the UN completely. It has become an institution of hatred of the First World and a means to wipe out the West and Christianity.

The UN is a cheering section of African nations and it brought down white South Africa and helped make it into a Third World dump with a dying economy.

Black South Africa has caused famine in the country by killing off the white farmers who were growing their food for them. Very smart, eh? Now South Africa is seeing an increase in once-eradicated diseases because white doctors and nurses have all been fired.

The UN does white nations no good at all. Things will ONLY get better in Europe, North America and Australia when the illegals are all deported and we secure our borders. The best way to do that is to bring our military home from over 150 countries and deploy it on the borders with orders to shoot to kill any MAN, WOMAN OR CHILD who illegally crosses into the US. In the case of Europe, same thing, shoot to kill anyone trying to illegally enter. Sound cruel? It is the ONLY thing that will work. Illegals kill close to TWENTY American citizens a day here. Get it?

As for money. There should be NO more money or welfare or free ANYTHING for these invaders. Has this country become stark-raving insane?

With the UN in Africa, First World countries can opt to leave that organization. The West will be more prosperous for it as well.

If we continue to allow things to stay as they are, the West will have minority white populations. Do you want to live in a black stone age country?

A black African and Mideast muslim US is unthinkable. A country where muslim gangs roam the streets at night setting fires to houses and cars, raping, killing, stealing and taking us back to Pre-History. A country where shooting up schools and raping little children is just fine. That's what is facing us…right NOW.


Here's more on the bail and charges of child abuse that will probably be changed to child endangerment. My guess is they will not even be charged with a felony. Think of this case the next time there is a school shooting and we get more gun laws and restrictions on the books

Psycho Judge Orders Most NM Compound Defendants Freed