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Illegals Will Crash US Hospitals And
Our Entire Health Care System

And Then They Will Take Over The Entire Nation

By Dr Patricia Doyle PhD
Exclusive To

Hello Jeff - As you know, I am suffering from what appears to be a relapse of the Hepatitis A I barely survived last year. I am angry as hell that I have a migrant savage-caused disease. I didn't ask for it. I am doubly furious because the US government doesn't care about American citizens who get sick from the savages the UN and the US government itself are bringing in here, practically daily on charted flights or the 4,000-5,000 diseased illegals coming across our southern border every DAY.  

The Trump administration rushes to give free, full, lifetime medical, housing, food, and Social Security benefits to these off-the-street Stone Age Somalis, for example. However, people who are US citizens and catch diseases from these 'refugees' get absolutely zero from their own government. No free NOTHING. People like myself must stay home, ride it out...and hope.

I may just rip up my papers and claim 'undocumented' and 'afraid' status. As a US citizen, The only thing I would get is the CDC coming here to snoop through my cabinets and all my things. No thanks, I do not want to see any part of the government in my house or anywhere on my property. 

When they open the border to the sick - and that is what will happen in the next stampede - the hospitals in Southern California will eventually close their doors as many already have. Try and find an antibiotic in the area, the illegals and 'undocumented' will have them all. Pharmacies may end up broken into by savages who do not want to wait. 

The health care system in Southern California and Arizona will crash. The illegals will then move up the state of California, overrun a dying San Francisco, and then push up into Southern Oregon and on up into the Northwest.  All these health systems will crash and burn under the weight of countless thousands of sick illegals. Finally, the rest of the country will experience shortages of medications as overloaded hospitals will be forced to treat (for free) the African and Muslim Third Worlders the UN is flying in or the mostly Latinos who are flooding across the southern border.

Preppers may be the only ones with medication. Sure hope they have the ability to protect their supplies. 

IF Martial law is declared in the US - or in the area of the border - those areas may find government troops going through US citizens' property. Many will have to watch as the military finds and takes their supplies to dispense to the illegals.

Many smaller hospitals will probably remain closed permanently.  Citizen residents of rural areas may discover they have no hospitals at all and will have to travel over 100 miles or more to find medical help for which they will likely have to wait in line for 6-7 hours...watching illegals being seen and treated before them.  How could Americans in government have ever allowed this to happen?

Many, if not most, of the illegals in caravans are not coming here for a 'job'...they are sick and they are coming for free medical care and/or to drop their anchor babies. As word spreads, tens and then hundreds of thousands of migrants will head north to crash the US. 

We could easily end up with hundreds of thousands of illegals in the US for 'temporary' medical care. One problem is if they survive their often life-threatening diseases, they will be told the leave and return to their countries of origin. Unfortunately, most won't leave and will melt into their ethnic enclaves and not be seen again unless they end up murdering an American citizen via car crash our armed robbery, etc

They will be just like Obama's African Ebola immigrants. They were all supposed to leave when released from hospital...but they are all still here. When told to leave they say "NO!” The cowardly US government is too afraid to deport them because they are black.

IF you are a US citizen - no matter what race - good luck finding a hospital bed in the Southern California or Southern Arizona area.  Health facilities in Texas and New Mexico will also see an even bigger increase in an already overwhelming patient load, as will Florida, Louisiana and Alabama.  All beds will be filled by border caravaners or blacks and muslims flown in under the UN Refugee Resettlement Program.  There will be 'no room at the inn', so to speak, for American Citizens.

If I lived on the border of the desert Southwest, I would sit on my property fully-armed and ready to defend my family, property and my town and hospital and pharmacies.  The government won't.

The Tijuana health and political authorities want the savages gone.  So do the Mexican citizens of that city. My guess is we will see even more TB, AIDS, Cholera, Polio, Chagas and Adenovirus among the caravan and those to follow. Not to mention lice, scabies and all manner of skin issues and other infections. Remember, they chose to join the caravans and head north.  Remember, the ‘caravan' is a political device of misdirection while 4,000 to 5,000 other illegals a DAY make it over the border into the Promised Land.

We are not responsible for their health. They need to be deported and MSF can set up in their home countries and treat the migrants there.  As I have stated earlier, they are not migrants as they are not coming here to work. They are coming to be supported by US welfare and for FREE MEDICAL CARE...and to aid their countrymen who are already here in taking over the Southwest and then the entire US.

It is far, far past time to think about our own country and our own people. We need more patriots and more people to get up off the couch and shut off the TVs, put their smart phones down and look around...before America is gone. The first to go will be hospitals and pharmacies. America, think of your own people, your history and your culture. The terms 'America First' is the most important of all.