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Where Are The Environmentalists As The Third World
Invasion Of America Accelerates?

By Dr Patricia Doyle PhD
Exclusive To

Hello, Jeff - The masses of Third Worlders heading to the US southern border will causer US resources to be depleted even more. It will also cause a strain on the environment...yet we never hear one word of this by environmentalists. They complain about corporations and pollution but not one word about illegals doubling and tripling the US population. Look at the photos of Los Angeles and other cities in California. They should be front and center on the environment and population issues.

With all the so-called environmentalists focusing on carbon emissions, one would think they would make the logical leap to how a rapid population increase will effect carbon releases.

We know Third World people are coming in by the hundreds of thousands, at minimum, per year. We also know that most of these illegals are of child bearing age and many of the women are already pregnant and ready to drop. So, take a million new illegals and over the following few years we could see that population double and triple. Whatever the actual number or illegals coming over the border each year, we can logically double or triple it.

With our already failing environment, we also have the sick and diseased illegals spreading terrible diseases to Polio, TB, AIDS, Adenovirus, Chagas and all sorts of bacterial diseases. They bring disease, a drain on the environment, and crime and all sorts of social and cultural problems.

What about the drain on state and federal welfare finances by taking in people who reproduce rapidly but refuse to work? There is a limit to how much in the way of taxes we can pay. We are neglecting our own people, our infrastructure and our entire culture.

Our roads have more potholes than roads in the Third World. Our bridges are crumbling like our roads. Our power infrastructure is in need of upgrade. We spend all our money on illegals and there is nothing left for American citizens. Our hospitals are also closing under the strain of infected and sick illegals. Financial burdens of the illegals and invaders are stressing our country to the point that our overall sanitation is falling apart. Even our drinking water supplies are being ignored and we are finding pathogens that we have not seen in decades.

At some point we must say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Does anyone else wonder what we will be leaving to our children? What about our schools, environment, hospitals and what about our farms? At some point in time the bubble bursts.

The illegals made their own countries into Third World hell. Like locusts, they ravaged their own countries and ate up the resources. They are now invading America and are doing what locusts do, reproducing and consuming all the resources...and then moving on to other areas to ravage.

What if California has a four year drought? What about water for the desert Southwest? What happens when we cannot afford to be so generous to illegal invaders? How will they react to not getting any more welfare? Answer - They will do what Third Worlders do...invade as many homes and steal as much as they can. And kill anyone who gets in the way.

I have not even mentioned the murders at the hands of illegals. Rapes like the one recently by at least 30 caravaners illegals. Border agents found the body of a 6 year old girl gang raped by 30 illegals headed to the US in that caravan which is now in Tijuana.

Why are we poisoning our country with these criminals who do nothing but deplete our environment, drain our financial resources and who hate America and Americans. Many are criminals and gang members. They show no respect for their own people or their own countries. The importing of Third World diseased criminals MUST, MUST STOP! Or there will be no America for our children to inherit.

If we keep allowing this invasion, some day there may be no recognizable America left. I would love to see my Great Granddaughters have the same America I had growing America of the late 40s and 50s.

We chose our immigrants very wisely and well for the last two centuries. We made sure they had the education and the talents to make a better America. I remember when America was the GREAT MELTING POT. A time when we brought good quality humanity from in the best of Nations...people who wanted to become AMERICANS. We even brought in over 10,000 of the best scientists and engineers from Germany at the War. We had stone masons and highway planners and doctors and nurses.

That is no longer the case. Now there is no emphasis on education, talent, job skills and no regard for the diseases being brought in by these people. There is no concern about the potential for these migrants to make a meaningful contribution to our country and our way of life. Not only are we taking in criminals, rapists and America-haters from the Mideast and Sub-Saharan Africa...but don't forget that most of these people also despise our people, our government, our history and our culture...everything about us...except the free welfare benefits they receive...for life!

Where are we going and what is our future when we see an American school Principle BAN anything to do with Christmas? This moron even banned the use of the two primary colors of and red! Children were actually ordered to not wear red and green clothing together when coming to school! Candy canes are banned as well. Why? Because they look like a 'J' and that can be interpreted as the first letter in the name 'Jesus'...which offends the Third World muslims that this government is allowing to be brought in here every day.

All American traditions are under attack and many are being banned. kkkkWe are allowing our own identity to be stolen from us.

It is time to stand up to this Third World tyranny and say NO MORE. Close the borders and deport the illegals, or America - like Europe - will be lost. Forever.

Thank you
Patty Doyle