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Trump Sticks It To Us - UN 'Refugees' Continue To Pour In

By Patricia Doyle PhD
Exclusive To

Hello Jeff Here we go again, screwed over by Donald Trump one more time. The US is supposedly going to vet the growing numbers of illegals heading to the border for their Welfare checks and new cars.

The taxpayer gets the shaft once again. What happened to troops on the border and shoot to kill anyone coming into the US illegally. Maybe I should head for Mexico and come in. I could then get a newl walker with wheels.

Let us not forget that as we speak a CDC half million dollar flying BSL 4 aircraft is heading to the US from Senegal with plenty of Africans aboard and heading to the US for free medical care. They also will demand to stay in the US whern wre c ure them of whatever ailment they brought upon themselves and will get life long social security aqnd gfree housing anfd cars. I cannot afford a horse and buggy but all of these illegals keep coming and get free everything.

I will not vote for one Republican as they are just as bad as Obama bringing in savages and treating them to my tax dollars. I will vote Libertarian as a protest vote. Anyone but Trump and company.

More Chagas and how many other deadly diseases are headed to the US. Good luck taxpayers.

Frankly, I am now to the point of preferring anyone to Trump. The lies, both the direct kind and the lies of omission, are endless. Feckless Trump, who simply will NOT STOP the bringing in Black African and Mideast Arab Muslims...usually under cover of night via the UN Refugee Resettlement Program horror that he refuses to talk about or order stopped. Few talk about the program and even fewer know about it. Time to end the free ride for LIFE for them.

Let's kick the UN out of the US and lets end the US in NATO...NOW.